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Handyman Muscle...Finale, added April 16th

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Awesome story! It'ts not clear if you intend to continue this or not, but I certainly hope you do. There's such a great set up, with a doc that has access to ultra-powerful steroids and an already huge muscle daddy looking to get bigger. Continued or not, this was incredible, as are all of your stories. 

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I don't even have to read your story to give it an instant like. There's never been one you've written that I wasn't totally crazy about.

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Part 2




When Doc woke up, he was in his bed. His head hurt, his neck hurt, his ass hurt. He basically hurt all over. He opened his eyes and saw Ruben standing at the side of the bed, looking down at him.


“Whoa,” said Doc. “How long have you been there?”


“Not that long. You’ve been out for awhile, so I explored the house a little.” He was eating a big chicken leg as he talked. The greasy skin made his lips shiny. “I got hungry. Your fridge is gonna need to be re-stocked.” He finished the leg and tossed it across the room. Then he wiped his hand across his huge chest and down his bulging gut. “I borrowed a pair of your workout pants. Hope you don’t mind.” He had on Doc’s favorite pair of Nike running pants. He liked to wear them around the house because they were loose and comfortable. But they fit Ruben like a second skin, stretched so tight over his huge legs that the nylon fabric looked like see-thru mesh. Doc could see the outline of his thick thigh veins bulging thru, and also his big package, which looked like a python shoved in his pants, just waiting to get out and create havoc.


“Oh, and your home gym is broken.”


“What?” asked the doc, rubbing his eyes as he woke up more. He had gotten a new, state of the art home gym about three months ago. It was very sturdy, had four lifting stations, and had set him back over 3000 dollars. The two big guys that delivered it had put it together for him.


“Yeah, the frame is all bent, and a bunch of the parts snapped off. I did manage to get a good pump from it before it fell apart though. Check out the quads.” Ruben slid Doc’s workout pants down over his massive glutes and quads. His python flopped out half hard and seemed to scan the room, looking for a victim.


“I bet these wheels are swollen over 35 inches right now,” Ruben said, turning his legs from side to side and flexing them. His sartorius muscles popped out at Doc like two ship ropes. He stared at Ruben’s rectus femoris, his tensor fasciae, his gracilis. Doc remembered them all from physiology class. But Ruben looked like a morphed version of those anatomy charts. Especially his vastus medialis, the “tear-drop” muscle that jutted out over 4 inches above Ruben’s knee cap. Doc reached out and groped it.  He guessed those thighs were over 36” from the feel of them.


As Ruben stepped out of the pants, he said, “That digital scale in your bathroom is broken, too. But before it cracked, it said I weighed 365. Guess I hadn’t weigh myself in awhile.” Then  he climbed onto the bed and swung one huge leg over top of Doc. His massive tree-trunk thighs straddled him on each side. He rubbed the chicken grease more evenly over his monstrous chest, then flexed both his arms. “Bet these bad boys are peaking up over 25”s now.” He kissed the top of both his huge arms, then smirked down at Doc. “You like this, Babe? How about a little tea bagging for your big man.” He brought himself up to his knees and swung his low-hanging sac across Doc’s lips.


“Jesus,” grunted Doc, his voice hoarse.


Ruben chuckled. “Nope, just me, Doc. I fucked you again while you were out, too, hope ya don’t mind.” Doc felt the hot satiny skin of the hot ball sac brushing his face, and it made his dick jump. How could he be horny when he was throbbing with pain all over? Then he remembered last year, when he’d gotten the chicken pox, had a 104 fever and itchy poxes covering his body, how he still managed to jack off repeatedly to youtube videos of huge muscle while he laid in bed, sick as a dog. He was hopelessly addicted to mass and power, and to prove it, he opened his mouth and let the 365lb muscle beast dip his sac in and out. How were his balls so big, after decades of steroids, Doc wondered. Most guys’ testes shrink up like raisins from being turned off so long. Ruben’s must still be gushing out test, despite the heavy use of gear.


Doc sucked and pulled on the satiny sac skin as the big handyman jerked himself off, grunting like a bull, as he lubed himself with his greasy hand. His free hand was up against the solid oak headboard, which was banging back and forth against the wall. His pre-cum flowed out of his big slit. It didn’t take long for Ruben to spray all over it, shot after shot, arching up even onto the wall. Sweat dripped off his nose and chin as he continued to jerk. He sat upright and pulled his big sac out of Doc’s mouth. He continued to milk himself, and let his hot paste drip down onto Doc’s face.


Doc licked off the cum that hit his lips and said, “How do you produce such prodigious quantities of ejaculate?”


Ruben snorted a laugh and leaned down and whispered “I like when you use big words, Doc. Turns me on.” Then he sucked on Doc’s earlobe. Doc groaned and put his hands on Ruben’s massive traps. He could feel the veins on them.


“Jesssus,” he said as he groped the granite hard neck muscle, getting goosebumps all over. “I just meant how you got so much cum?”


Ruben sat upright and gave Doc a look. “I knew what you meant, prick. You think I’m dumb? You think I’m dumb, don’t ya?” Then he gave Doc a little slap across the face.


“No no no,” stuttered Doc. Ruben slapped him again, harder this time. Doc, out of reflex, slapped him back. They looked at each other, both surprised.


“Ohhh, Doc. You feeling feisty, huh? You wanna fight? I’ll give you a fight.” Ruben grabbed him under his armpits and hoisted him up, then tossed him onto the floor. Ruben stood up and towered over him. “Let’s wrestle, sweet cakes, see who comes out on top.” Ruben interlocked the fingers on his hands and outstretched his arms, crunching his thick pecs slabs together like two cement pillows. He stretched his hands until his knuckles popped and cracked. Then he unlocked his fingers and shook out his big arms as he smirked down at Doc. Sweat was rolling off the big man. He reached over to Doc’s armoire and ripped off one of the oak doors. “This what I’m gonna do to you, SweetCakes.” Then he held the door out in front of him and snapped it in two like a wafer. The loud crack made the doc flinch back. “Fuck, I like breaking shit.” Ruben stacked the two pieces together, then brought his knee up and broke the pieces across it. He tossed the four broken pieces of wood against the far wall. “That gonna be you,” he said. His dick was sticking out straight. Pre-cum was hanging from his piss hole. He stepped toward Doc.


Doc reached under his bed and pulled out the baseball bat he kept there in case of intruders. Ruben grinned and flexed into a most-muscular pose. “Come hit me with it, boy,” he said, his massive upper torso bulging with rock hard thickness and veins. Doc stood up and limped over to him. He swung the bat into Ruben’s neck. The bat bounced back so hard it stung Doc’s hand. Ruben smirked. “You call that swing, Alice?” he said. “Try again.” Doc knew it had been a hesitant swing, he didn’t think he’d really have to hit him that hard, but that swing hadn’t even fazed him. Doc reared the bat back and swung again. But this time, Ruben reached out and snagged the bat mid-swing with his big left hand, stopping the bat cold with a loud thud.


“I can’t believe you’re hitting on me with a bat, Sugar,” said Ruben. He wrenched the bat out of Doc’s hands, hurting his wrists even more. He grabbed Doc’s jaw with his powerful right hand. He pushed Doc back against the wall.


“You feel these mandible-crushing fingers, Doc?” asked the big man as he squeezed hard on Doc’s jawline. Then he raised the bat overhead with his left hand. His 25” upper arm tightened and swelled, and veins popped out all over his 19” forearm. The bat looked like a toy in his hand. “God, I love breaking things,” he said again. He crushed down on the bat with his thick fingers until he cracked it in two like a breadstick. The two halves of the bat fell to the floor with a clatter. Ruben squeezed Doc’s jaw harder and slid him up the wall until they were face to face, Doc’s feet off the ground. He leaned into Doc’s ear and whispered “See, I can use big words, too, Sweetness.” Doc felt a shiver of lust throughout his whole body. The huge handyman’s baritone voice rippled thru Doc’s bones. He clung to Ruben’s thick forearm with both hands, trying to keep from choking out. Then Ruben sucked on his earlobe. Doc groaned with pleasure. Ruben sucked and sucked. Doc thought he might pass out. Then Ruben stopped sucking his lobe, moved his lips to Doc’s forehead and began kissing it. Ruben’s big hardon was pressed against Doc’s torso. It felt hard as a nightstick, only with twice the girth. Ruben lowered Doc to the floor, and the big dick slid up Doc’s body to his chest. Ruben let go of his jaw.


“Fuck,” groaned Doc.


“Yeah? You like that?”


“I like your voice,” said Doc.


Ruben laughed. “What you like about it?”


“It’s basso profundo,” Doc said, using the operatic term for the deepest of male voices.


“Aw, Doc. You and the big words again.” Ruben grabbed Doc’s cock and stroked it, his rough callouses scraping across the skin.


“Oh my god, fuck, I love you,” stammered Doc. And it was true. He’d never felt anything so profoundly overwhelming. He had deeply and completely fallen for the hot-headed, roid-raging brute that held him in his power.


Ruben leaned down and kissed Doc on the lips as he stroked his dick harder, pinning him to the wall with his tanked up size. Doc put his hands on Ruben’s soccer ball sized delt caps. Then Ruben slid him up the wall and went down on him.


“Holygeezus fkkkk,” groaned Doc. His eyes rolled back in his head. The big mass monster had a hot mouth on top of everything else. Even his tongue was muscular. He sucked him and sucked him, working his dick hard. Doc had reached nirvana. And he was deeply in love.


After he shot deep into Ruben’s hot mouth, Doc was drained, physically and emotionally. “I have to get some sleep,” he said, leaning his head on Ruben’s forehead. “I have to go to work in the morning.”


Ruben tossed him gently onto the bed, then said, “You want me to break both your legs so you have an excuse not to go in?”


“No, that’s okay,” laughed Doc, nervously. He hoped Ruben was kidding, but he wasn’t exactly sure.


“I can put you to sleep again, then,  like in the shower.” Ruben stood over there by the bed, his huge arms so massive, so strong. Doc ached to have them wrapped around his neck again.


“Okay,” said Doc. He sat up in the bed and turned his back to Ruben, who wrapped on big arm around Doc’s neck, then locked in the hold with his other hand. Doc breathed in the heavy musk coming off Ruben’s sweaty, roided arm.


“Say ‘night night’ , Baby Doc,” said Ruben as he compressed down on Doc’s neck. Doc felt the powerful arm squeezing into him. He felt himself fading out, slowly but surely. For a second, he began to panic, and he struggled a little, but then accepted the darkness creeping in on him. No wonder Michael Jackson had liked his Propofol to fall asleep. What a peaceful, peaceful feeling. This was probably no safer, in fact, it was probably more dangerous. But Doc didn’t care. He was in heaven.


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While I'm not the biggest fan of violence and threatening, I will say that the way Ruben did it made it feel like he wasn't really serious about hurting Doc, but it was still cool hearing about how big and strong Ruben was. I look forward to seeing more examples of his strength. 

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There is a secret about his past that Ruben is hiding and im sure teh Dr will want to find out.

This was an awesome follow up.

I hope tehre is so much more

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