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I’ve been working on a growth story and having fun with it. 

Ive got the overall story arch in my head and am putting it together slowly. 

Its going to have elements of growth, jealouat, competitions, and maybe many other elements. 

This story is intended for those 18+ or whatever the legal age is for your area. Anyone not fitting this category should cease reading.

- Part I -

My holiday break generally revolves around me eating too much, staying up late on the internet, and a lot of “me time.” It’s a great time to break from college for an introvert and recharge my social battery back at my parents house. 


As fate would have it this year’s break was going to be even better. My parents decided to part from the norm and take a tropical vacation to escape the cold confines of our small, northern-eastern town. The only downside is that my older brother was going to be at home with me. Well,  that’s if he ever stays at home and isn’t running around and staying at some girl’s house overnight only to come home and sleep off his hangover the next morning. 


He’s popular; tall, dark, and handsome; and built like a bodybuilder. How we’re related is a mystery to me. He’s only a year older than me too and up until about 13 we were pretty much the same build and height. But he quickly began to grow and pack on more muscle. Now at 19, he’s a brick house. Standing at 6’6” he sometimes has trouble with doorways and not just in height. His wide shoulders are mere inches from hitting the doorframe sides as he squeezes through. I on the other hand am 5’8” and only 125 lbs. 


Anyways, enough about him. Everyone always talks about him too much. 


So, I’m sitting in my room playing Super Mario Party with my favorite NPCs when my best friend Jay texts me that he’s in town for the break visiting his family. I invite him over as I realize how sad I look playing against a bunch of computer characters. I try cleaning up my sty of a room and head to the kitchen to get some junk food. My brother is standing in front of the fridge chugging a gallon of whole milk. 


“How’s it going Blake?” I casually say. It’s not that we’re distant or dislike each other. We don’t have much in common is all. He’s not a jock per se but enjoys spending time in the gym and hanging out with his wife social circle. I on the other hand would rather be alone or with my online friends. 


“What’s up Josh?” He says back to me as he wipes the stream of milk from his chin. “Still playing that game?” 


“Yeah. And Jay is coming over soon. Can you at least put on some shorts or sweatpants. No one else needs to see all that.” I smile. 


“Oh fuck.” Says Blake. “You know how it is. No point in putting on clothes when mom and dad are away.” He smirks innocently. Of course I don’t know how he feels. It’s not exactly like I’m as gifted as he is down there or in general. And on top of that I think I’m a late bloomer as I don’t really find girls attractive. 


“Haha. Yeah. I know.” I say trying to empathize. “But do it for me please.” 


“Ah. Ok. If you insist I’ll get decent.” He says as he absentmindedly grabs his junk.

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Part II


As I’m back in my room, I hear a knock at the door. It must be Jay I think and I boot downstairs hoping Blake is still in his room. As I turn the corner I see Jay talking to Blake, who of course is getting by with the bare minimum of my request to put pants on. He towers over Jay, filling out every inch of his grey sweats. 


I grab Jay’s arm and lead him back to my room as I yell back for Blake to have fun out tonight and that I’m not waiting up for him. 


As we get back to my room Jay throws his bag on the floor and flops onto the couch. “Damn. I think Blake gets bigger every time I see him.” He says. “Yeah. I guess.” I reply as I begin to blush with embarrassment. 


I grab my controller and throw Jay the spare. We fire up a game and start punching buttons. After a while Jay snaps out of his trance and says nonchalantly “imagine if the joystick was the size of your brother’s penis.” Flabbergasted, I say “it’s hard to imagine when you’ve never actually seen it.” 


“No way.” Says Jay. “There’s no way you too have lived together for this long and his...uhm...gift hasn’t popped out at least once.” 


“No. It hasn’t.” I say getting red. “All I’ve seen is bulge. And gross, he’s my brother.”


“What a shame. I wish I could bulge like that.” Says Jay as he subconsciously rubs his crotch. “How big do you think he is?”


“Who knows man. Maybe like 7 inches?” 


“Haha. Fat chance man. Mines close to that and is nowhere near that big of a bulge.” Says Jay as his bulge becomes more prominent. 


“I don’t know. Isn’t that like pretty big.” I say trying to focus on the video game at hand. 


“No man. I mean 7” is above average but by no means is it as big as that bulge suggests.”


“Oh.” I say putting down my controller. “I don’t really know much about these things.”


“I mean you two are related, right. Didn’t you inherent some of that at least.” Jay says to me. 


“Uhh. I don’t know.” I say quietly. “I’ve never measure.” 


“Wow. Really man? I thought every guy has done that at least once Says Jay. 


“No. I never had. I swear.” I reply. 


“Well alright then. We’re going to fix that tonight.” He says as he begins to unbutton his pants. 


“I don’t know about this.” I say. 


“It’s fine man. The guys in my frat back at school do it all the time.” He says as his pants fall to his ankles revealing a sizable bulge in his tight fitting briefs. “Go ahead. We’re friends man. Take off those pants.” 


“Uhm. Alright.” I say practically red as an apple as I pull my jeans down to my ankles revealing my oversized boxers. 


Jay reaches to his bag and grabs a ruler. “Why do you carry a ruler with you?” I ask. 


“You know. For science of course.” Jay replied with a grin. “Alright enough yapping.” He says as he pulls his underwear down revealing a long, thin penis nestled in a dense patch of hair. His balls hang down considerably low looking like oversized grapes in the loose skin. He places the ruler along the base of his pubic bone and lines the tip of his cock with the 6.5” mark on the ruler. 


“See man. 6.5” of Grade A beef.” He says as he grips the base of his cock tight. I’d never seen another penis before in my life. “It’s. It’s so big.” I say as I begin to blush. 


“No man. It’s a bit above average but far from big.” Says Jay. “Now your brother on the other hand...that’s huge. Let’s see how you stack up to the rest of the family.” 


“Uhh. Ok.” I say as I slide my boxers down to my ankles revealing my small, flaccid penis. 


“Come on man. There’s no shame in that.says Jay as he walks over to me with ruler in hand. He takes my cock and places it on top of the ruler. “2 inches isn’t bad for a softie. Not much compared to your brother though.” I gasp as no other person has touched my penis before. I barely even touch it myself except to pee and wash it. 


“I know. It’s why I’ve never been with anyone. That and I don’t really have a much of a sex drive.” I say shyly. 


“Well how about we see what it’s like when you’re a little more excited.” Jay says as he drops the ruler and grabs my penis. He begins pumping it with his thumb and index finger. I close my eyes and moan. “I’ve. I’ve never felt this pressure before.”


“You’ve never jerked off man?” Jay questions as he continues to jerk my penis until it’s fully hard and then he releases it. “Damn. You’re quite the grower.” Jay continues as he places the ruler on my penis. “6 inches man. And you said you never took this thing out for a test drive? Because I know I would.”


As Jay stares down at my cock my head is swimming in ecstasy clouding my judgement. “Uhh. No. I’ve only ever woken up with a boner or two in the morning. But they’ve never looked this big before.”


“Well congrats man. Your painfully average but this thing looks ridiculous on your thin frame.” Jay sets the ruler aside and places his throbbing cock next to mine. “See man. Look at that thing. That’s a respectable piece of meat between your legs.”


My eyes glance down to see my swollen shaft sitting next to Jays. It looks red and angry like it’s ready to bust any minute. Jay’s head is nestled against my groin giving of pleasant heat. I snap my attention to Jay’s face and see that he’s still transfixed on our cocks. 


“You ok man?” I ask. “Uh yeah.” He replies as he pries his gaze off our cocks. “I’m just happy to be the bigger man for once.” He smiles. 


With that, as if by fate or cosmic irony, I feel my cock head push against something warm and furry. Jays eyes betray him and show that he also feels something unexpected as we both shift our gaze back to our cocks. What’s staring back looks odd. 


My cock looks red and swollen. Almost like it’s angry. But what’s even stranger is that it’s buried in Jay’s ample pubes and that Jay’s cock head is bobbing around in space, not anchored to my groin anymore though our stances haven’t changed. 


Jay reaches down and grabs the ruler again, placing it beside my cock. “I guess you weren’t quite done growing yet.” He says coldly. “The ruler doesn’t lie and it says you’re 7.25” man.”


“Is. Is that good?” I say meekly looking back to him for reassurance. 


“It’s great man. That’s above average. And it means you’re really quite a grower.” He replies staring at me in the eyes with god familiar grin returned. “You mind if I take it for a spin?” He says as he grips the combined girth of our cocks in one hand. 


“Uhh. Sur...” I try to mutter as I fall to the floor and grab my crotch in pain. 


“Fuck. What’s wrong Josh?” Jay yells in panic. 


“My. My nuts. They’re on fire.” I yell. 


“Here let me see.” Says Jay concerned. He pushes my small hands away to reveal my tight sack with my two marbles inside. He cups them gently. “They look ok to...” his voice trails off.

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Part III


I lift my head enough to see Jay cupping my nuts in his large hand. My nuts look absolutely tiny in this situation.  But they appear to steadily be growing in his hand. The began as marbles but quickly grow to the size of grapes, swelling larger and larger and taking on the more masculine oval shape. 


Jay begins massaging them gently which relieves some of the pain but I feel a pressure building in my tight sack. The grapes have swollen to the size of extra large eggs but the nut sack hasn’t expanded to allow them freedom. It reminds me of a small water balloon with how tight my skin is around then. The pressure increases as my balls pack on more mass. I can feel them push my sack to it’s limits forcing it to stretch to the challenge. As the pain enters unbearable territory, I feel a wash of relief and my heavy nuts begin to sag. Finally. My ball bag has decided to compensate for my newly grown nuts. 


“Holy shit man.” Says Jay. “What happened. Your balls went from marbles to baseballs in no time. Did you get stung by a bee or something?” 


“Uhh. I don’t know.” I reply in a voice that doesn’t sound like my own. It’s much deeper and booms across the room. 


“Sounds like another thing just dropped.” Says Jay. 


I absentmindedly reach down and give my new my enhanced balls a scratch because they begin to itch. When my hand comes into contact with it I feel that it’s soft and covered in a light sprinkling of dark hairs, much different than the little thing I was working with before. “Yeah. Guess they have.” I reply with a new burst of confidence. 


“This is pretty weird man. You’re standing here with two baseball sized nuts that were like peas a second ago. Jay replies sounding a little jealous. 


“I don’t know what’s going on.” I say. “But man, does it feel amazing.” As if on cue, I feel a tightening sensation in my chest. Looking down I can make out that my oversized shirt looks to be pushed a little bit out around my pecs. Jay notices too as he drops the ruler and pokes me in the chest. “Feels nothing like bone, more like sinew.” He says with his eyes wide open. He then unexpectedly pulls my shirt overhead before I get a chance to say anything. 


As my shirt goes over my head I look down to see a respectable chest staring back at me that look like it was honed from a few years of gymnastics. Below the newly developing musculature of my chest are 6 clearly defined abdominal muscles. And more surprisingly they are covered in a dusting of hair that meanders from my bellybutton in a line to my growing pubic hair. 


“Fuck dude.” Says Jay. “You’re looking hot.” He attempts to now hide his erection that appears to have jumped up in size from being as hard as possible. 


“Uhh. Yeah bud. Looks like I just went through some kind of generous growth spurt.” I reply with a small grin that betrays a sense of fear as to why this is happening. 


I part my right hand from scratching my increasingly hairier groin to my face and feel a light sprinkling of hair forming above my lips. As I do I also feel a tightness on my arm which turns out to be a nice lump forming where a bicep goes. As I’m distracted with my upper body enhancements my legs begin to thicken as they pack on more muscle than I’ve ever had on my body to begin with. I only begin to notice when my nuts feel like they’re in a vice and I think they’re growing again but it’s just my rapidly disappearing thigh gap. 


“Shit Josh. You look like a seasoned track athlete with quads like that.” Jay repeats with a bit of a slacked jaw. “And your ass looks the part too.” He says as he gives it a light “good game” slap. “Fucking firm too man.”


“Thanks. Bud.” I say as I blush. 


“Anytime.” Says Jay. “And now that you got all this new meat you...uhh...wanna take it for a spin?” 


“What do you mean?” I reply knowing full well what he has in mind. 


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Part IV


“This is what I mean.” Jay says as he grips the base of my enhanced shaft again. He begins to pump with one hand and guides my hand to his hard on with the other. I feel the heat radiating off his raging erection that he’s been sporting for about half an hour now. 


We’re both beyond using words now as we’re both moaning in the throes of pleasure. As our efforts progress I fell a warm, wet feeling envelop my cock and lube up Jay’s nimble fingers. “What’s that wet stuff?” I ask innocently. 


“Dude. That’s your precum man.” He says as he kneads my cock harder. “It’s nature’s lube.”


“Whatever it is it feels so good.” I moan in response, throwing my head back. “Don’t stop. Please.” And with that Jay cups my balls again in one hand and gives them a firm tug. 


This feeling drives me wild. My sensitive nuts being toyed with as my new cock is being pumped. My mind clouds with a fog and a familiar pressure begins developing in my cock. I weakly open my eyes and catch my cock looking bigger than it was minutes ago. Though it might be a trick of the eye as my nuts make everything look small. 


“Dude. You’re growing again.” Gasps Jay as he let’s go of my throbbing cock. “You’ve got to see this!” He grabs the ruler from his bag again and places it next to my fattening meat. I cock my head down to see what’s unfolding before me. 


I can clearly see what he talking about as my blood pulses through me my cock lengthens and thickens, throbbing bigger. Each throb adds almost an eighth of an inch to my length. I grow from my sturdy 7” to 8” huge inches in eight blissful pulses. 


“Shit man. 8”‽ Most guys would kill for that.” Says Jay. “And it’s still growing too!” 


My cock grows to 8.5” of meat and thickens to larger than a can of Red Bull. Before it finally shows signs of slowing down. As it’s growth trails off I can see the head just reach below 9”. 


“Damn.” Says Jay. “Just shy of 9”.”


And as if on cue, the head of my cock that was once the same girth of the shaft flares outward and forms a thick, glistening, red mushroom head that caps off the length of my shaft.  


“Guess you had other ideas about that. 9.25” man. You’ve packing over 9” of cock dude.” Jay shouts this time as he begins to pump my cock, dropping his poor, slicked up ruler to the ground. 


As his hand reaches the head of my cock, after traveling from the base of my shaft I feel an unbearable pressure again building all along its length. “Shit. I don’t think I’m done yet.” I practically yell. 


But my cock doesn’t grow anymore. What happens is the most blissful, ecstatic feeling runs up from my toes to my head making me dizzy.


“Ah. Dude. You’re about to nut.” Says Jay. 


And with that, a fat wad of cum erupts from the slit of my cock and lands squarely on Jay’s chin covering it in a thick white sheet. Another shot launches from my cock through the air and lands on the other side of Jay. The next launch of cum goes every further landing on the wall behind him with an audible sploosh. But the fourth wad doesn’t go as far and definitely with lesser force, landing on Jay’s toned midsection. 


When that load of cum hits him his cock too begins unloading. He’s not a shooter but more of a dribble comes from his cock in long streams and land on the floor underneath him. 


After a few seconds we’re both spent and collapse to the floor together, our cocks still throbbing and waving around. 


“Shit man. That was the best orgasm I’ve ever had.” Moans Jay. 


“That was my first orgasm.” I say lustily. “So I guess it’s my best one too.” I smile. 


Jay leans over and gives my balls a squeeze. 


“Well. It definitely won’t be your last. And definitely not your last tonight.” He says. 


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Wickedly fun interaction between these two.  I love how Jay moved from jealous to epic fan-boy of our new and constantly growing narrator!

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Part V


“I think I’m gonna need a minute to catch my breath.” I heave still recovering from my expenditure. 


“Me too. Think I need a Gatorade and some protein.” Says Jay. 


“There’s some in the fridge.” I reply. “Put on some pants and we’ll go get some.” 


“No way dude. I’m still hard. This thing doesn’t bend to the whim of underwear.” Says Jay as he grabs the head and pulls it down. When he let’s go it bobs straight back up and hits his toned stomach. “And I don’t think you can pack that into any underwear in that state.” He says pointing to my cock. 


“Yeah. Guess you’re right. No pants it is.” I say as I get up and walk out the door. Jay following behind me. 


We raid the fridge and throw a frozen pizza in the oven as we chug bottles of Gatorade. “So, what do you think happened to you that caused you to...you know...grow?” Says Jay. 


“No idea man. Maybe it was some intense growth spurt? If that’s possible.” I reply. 


“Not sure man.” Says Jay. “But I know something. Gotta piss. Had to for a while but finally my dick decided to go down. Be right back.”


Jay walks out of the kitchen and heads to my bathroom, leaving m hanging. Well not hanging, my cock still hasn’t decided to go down. I sigh and pop the pizza out of the oven.


“Hell yeah. Pizza!” I hear from behind me. “That’s the best post sex food ever.” Says Blake as he swings the door open, swaggering into the kitchen. 


“Oh crap.” I whisper trying to conceal my raging hard on as I’m buck naked. 


“What’s up bro? Cut me a slice of that cheesy goodness.” Says Jay as he has his head in the fridge. I gingerly slide to the other side of the island trying to hide my cock and plot my escape without him noticing any of my changes. “Yeah. Of course.” I blurt out and remember my new deeper voice carries much louder and further than normal. 


“You don’t sound so good.” Blake says as he turns toward me. “But you look fucking ripped.” Are the next words out of his mouth. “Guess you’ve been hiding that growth spurt under all those baggy clothes. Not sure why you’re naked though.” He smiles. 


“Uhh. Yeah. Guess puberty finally got me.” I meek out. 


“Looks like it got you good man.” He says as he reaches to tear off a piece of pizza. In doing so he leans toward my side of the island and gets an up close look at my rock hard cock. “Looks like it got you really good!” He says louder. 


“Uhh. It’s just the angle man.” I try to lie. It’s obvious it’s a lie too. 


“Haha. Ok man. But there’s no denying our genetics.” He says as he grips his cock through his tight jeans. “Some things in life are unavoidable. Not that they should be avoided.”


“Oh...ok.” I grimace. 


“How bigs that thing gotten man?” Says Blake. 


“Uhm. 9 inches” I say. 


“Hell yeah bro. Got a donkey dick between them legs.” He says as he takes a bite of pizza. “Not as big as your big bro yet though.”


“Uhm. What?” I say. 


“You still got a few inches left to go before you’re on my level bud.” He says as he again grabs his obscene bulge through his jeans. “But you got most guys beat in the world.” 


“Really?” I reply. 


“Yeah bud.” Says Blake as he walks out of the kitchen. “Come back to me in a few inches and I’ll show you what an alpha male looks like.” His voice trails off and I hear a soft “hey Jay” as his door slams. 


“Oh dude. Your brother caught you out here?” He says to me rounding the kitchen corner. 


“Uhh. Yeah. He did.” I say taking a slice of pizza off the counter and biting into it.


“He see all of you?” He gestures up and down my body. 


“Yeah. I told him I’ve been hiding it all under my baggy clothes. I think he bought it.” 


“How’d you explain your new horse cock?” 


“He wasn’t too impressed with that. He told me to come back in a few inches if I wanted to see a real cock.” I reply. 


Jay chokes on his food. Once he’s recovered he asks “how fucking huge is he?” 


“No idea but I’ll tell you when I find out.” 


“I’m holding you to it.” Replies Jay. “Uhm. Dude. Is it the light or are you looking a little thin?”


I look down to see my chest looks a little less proud and a bit thinner. Upon inspecting the rest of my body I see that everything looks a little less bulging as it did earlier. 


“Uhh. Yeah. And I don’t feel so great.” I reply. 


Jay walks around the island to get a better look at me. “Looks like you’re finally going soft too. Thought we were going to have to go to the ER and get you drained for a hot minute.” 


I inspect my cock and see it looks less ridiculous and more manageable as it goes from sticking out at 90 degrees and the head droops toward the floor. I feel the heaviness from my nuts stop tugging down and I grab my sack. It’s smoother than before. The hair feels like it’s thinner and my sack feels tighter around my lighter nuts. 


As my inspection continues my body keeps dwindling in size and the rate increases. Before long my cock is completely soft. It doesn’t look as small as it did earlier when soft but it’s pathetic compared to my previous length and girth. My nuts returned to their

Small state but they kept their more

Developed oval shape and their sack seems to have kept some extra skin. 


My body looks devoid of the muscles it was sporting earlier. My chest looks again like that of a preteen but kept some of the shape.  My arms look gaunt again though. My track star legs returns to twigs and my thigh gap increases. Maybe that’s a blessing in disguise. They didn’t leave much room for my nuts before.  I did manage to keep most of my body hair though. Definitely not as dense as it was but it’s footprint kept the same. 


“I know I wouldn’t say it.” Says Jay. “But it feels good to be the big man again. I was getting some serous envy.” He says to me. 


“I guess it was a fluke man. A weird fluke but it was fun while it lasted.” I reply. 


“You don’t look as shrimpy as before though.” Says Jay. 


“Always Mister Positive.” I frown. “I was beginning to enjoy that feeling.”


“It’s going to be alright man.” Says Jay. “And I know that I said we’d go for round two tonight but I don’t think I can get it back up. I jerked off again in the bathroom. Your room smells like one big load in a locker room and those pheromones got me going.” 


“Yeah. I understand. I’m not horny anyways.” I say dejectedly, sad that my lusty feeling have waned. “Let’s hit the bed. It’s already 2:00 am anyways.”

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