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Workout With Superman


Ok, this is driving me insane now as I've always been proud of my ability to find things I want online.


I'm looking for a story which I know I read ages ago, which featured a guy who won a workout with Superman and through some sort of drink (I think), grew to match Superman lift for lift.


Something in the back of my mind says it was an edit of another story to change the central character from a woman to a man.


Help please!



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If the original author hunts me down I'm blaming Praisingsize for triggering this, ha ha - but here's a less jumbled version I edited myself: 

Weightlifting with Superman

What a ridiculous, yet fantastically popular promotion. The campaign was for charity, but that didn't matter to the thousands and thousands who entered. Everyone realised that there was no way they could lift what Superman was capable of, but the opportunity for some one on one gym time with the Man of Steel had turned this lottery into the biggest seller ever.

When the winner was announced, nobody was as surprised as Alexander. A recent high school graduate, Alexander (or Alex as he preferred) was certainly excited, especially as a bigtime weight lifter. And he was a big Superman fan too. A competitive football jock, he was in really good shape and had been recruited to play on the starting line of his college.

The excitement of winning was barely out of his system when the nervousness of lifting weights with the Man of Tomorrow settled in. Alex walked downstairs into his sister’s lab. A genius by any standard, Tammy preferred to stay out of the limelight and take on-line classes to supplement her high school work.

Tammy looked up at Alex from behind her beakers. "So, Alex, excited about your big day tomorrow?"

Alex blushed. "More anxious I guess. I mean, I lift weights and all, but Superman is the world’s greatest hero! I love lifting, but he’s really going to embarrass me. Why would Superman even want to lift weights with me?"

Tammy raised her eyebrows. "Well you seemed happy to enter and thrilled to win. Besides, haven't you been hitting the gym to get the proper lifting techniques down?"

Alex ran a hand through his short blonde hair nervously. His hazel eyes looked sad. He looked down at the ground. "Yeah, but I’ll never be able to lift as much as Superman, even with these muscles." He flexed his right arm and a baseball mound of muscle popped up. There was a reason he was his school’s resident heart throb. But he looked at his arm sadly.

Tammy felt for her brother. Telling him that Superman was stronger than everyone wasn't going to give him any comfort. She turned around and reached into her small refrigerator. "Well perhaps I can help you." She pulled out a vile which held 6 ounces of a light blue liquid. "I've been working on a formula to make people bigger and stronger. The problem is, I'm not sure how good it works. As a matter of fact, I'm not sure if it works at all."

Before she could continue, Alex glided over to her and snatched the vile out of her hand. "Of course, it will work! Everything you do works!” Tammy reached out to protest, but Alex quickly drank it down and handed her back the empty vile. Both stood still for a moment, unsure of what would happen next. Alex let out a large burp. "So, how long does this take anyway?"

Tammy gave him a sheepish look. "Um, a few hours at least I think. And you probably shouldn't have drunk the whole thing."

Alex sighed, ignoring the second statement. "A few hours? But the workout is tomorrow morning." He reached his arm out and flexed his bicep again with the same result. ”I’ll have to be 1,000 times bigger than this, or somehow get super strength if I’m to have a chance…” He shrugged his muscular shoulders “Oh well…”

Tammy continued to look at him warily, wondering if there was some type of triggering device she had overlooked. "Well there's nothing more you can do now. Why don't you go to bed? You've been saying how you wanted to feel your best."

Alex groaned. "Like I'm going to get any sleep tonight." But without any options, Alex turned around and headed for bed.

He tossed and turned all night, waiting for his sister’s mixture to take effect, but nothing happened.

He finally got up at 5:00 AM and slipped into the shower. He tried to relax as he washed his hair and shaved his body but was now thinking how all of the people at the gym would laugh at him. Superman was a hero, he wouldn't laugh at him, but Alex felt that he would quickly bore him. Alex dried himself off and pulled on the shorts that had been sent to him. They were cut like Superman's outfit to be comfortable, loose fitting workout shorts. He had been fitted after he won, but this was the first time He had put them on. His outfit was made of the same flexible, nearly indestructible material that Superman wore and was one of the prizes for winning. The shorts were a little baggy and perfect for working out, yet high enough to show off his muscled quarterback quads. He then pulled on the work-out shirt and wanted to hide.

It was an athletic sleeveless shirt that exposed his shoulders and fit snugly at his athletic waist. The problem was that Superman's famous S was centred on the top, right between his pecs. He looked hot but felt terrible.

"I'm no Superman!" He moaned. Shaking his head, he turned away from the mirror and grabbed some product. He spiked his short hair with some styling gel and finished getting ready. He walked down the stairs to his kitchen.

Tammy was there, munching on a bagel. "Wow, Alex, you look great! Are you ready for your big day?"

Alex's parents were there too and offered his similar encouragement. Alex faked his enthusiasm for his parents, ate some breakfast and walked out to the waiting limo with Tammy. The workout was semi-private, with just him, Superman, a camera crew and a few support personnel from the gym. The location was unknown, and the limousine was sent to take him to the private location.

Alex looked at Tammy. "I still don't feel any different and I look silly. Are you sure you gave me the right stuff?"

Tammy gave him weak smile. "Yeah, that was it. Look, even if it didn't work you have to relax. Just have fun. Nobody is there to judge you. Just have a good time with Superman. There aren't too many people who can."

Alex looked down at his gym shoes and gripped his workout bag tight. "OK, I'll try." He gave her a quick hug, suppressing a nervous sigh and turned towards the car. Alex got into the limo and before he knew it was at the gym and being escorted into a large room with weights and strange looking bars. Standing in the middle of it all was the imposing figure of Superman. Alex gasped. He looked bigger than he had thought. At 6 foot 4 with broad shoulders, hard muscles and slick black hair he presented a commanding presence. His large chest pushed out his S, letting everyone know who he was. He walked up to Alex and reached his hand out. Alex sighed as his hand nearly disappeared. His shake was firm, but to his relief, didn't break his bones.

Superman smiled at the athletic young man. "So Alexander, is there any type of workout you wanted to do? I brought some of my graviton bars and set them up to show you what I do."

Alex looked wide-eyed at his hero. "Um, we can do what you do, that would be OK." He tried to remember to keep breathing and was now nearly shaking.

If Superman noticed, he didn't let on. "OK. I'll start with some chest flies. I have two graviton bars set on a stand. All I have to do is press the setting from 1 to 1000, lift the bars off the stand and pull them just like a chest machine with cables.”

Alex looked on as he dialled up a 5.

The gym owner was standing next to him and leaned over. "That's 5 million pounds. For each bar."

Alex slumped over a little after hearing that. He felt lucky to do 100 pounds. He watched as Superman finished a set of ten. He then walked over to the equivalent machine.

Superman followed him to the weights and looked over at him. "What setting, Alexander?"

Alex tried to keep his composure. "Uh, 150 pounds I guess." He looked away as Superman suppressed a smile. He set himself, closed his eyes and pulled the cables in front of him.

Only the resistance he expected wasn't there. It was like he was pulling his arms against air. He opened his eyes and looked over at the weights. Sure enough, 150 pounds had been pulled up. He brought the weight back down and looked at his arms. They looked a little different, firmer, more toned. Alex lit up. Tammy's formula must have kicked in. He did a quick set of 10, released the grips and looked over at Superman. "Uh, that was just an easy warm-up weight. Could you move the pin down to 400 pounds?" He could hardly believe the words coming out of his mouth. 400 pounds. That was about all he could bench. He had been concerned about 150 pounds but knew that his sister wouldn't let him down.

Superman pursed his lips and nodded his head, clearly impressed that an athletic teen could lift that much.

They were both impressed when Alex did another set of 10 just as easily. This time he had felt a small satisfying tingle with each repetition. He liked the feeling and wanted more.

"I guess I'm feeling pretty strong today. Go ahead and max out the weight to 1000 pounds."

Now, Superman was really impressed but was also a bit wary. How was this teenager able to pull 1000 pounds with each arm? That all together weighed about the same as a car. Shrugging his shoulders, he set the weight and stepped back.

Alex once again pulled at the weights as though they were air. His chest bulged slightly under the strain, pushing against his shirt slightly. He quickly did 10 reps but was now a bit upset that he was hardly even getting a pump. The pleasurable tingling was only slightly stronger. His arms had gotten a little bigger but were still smaller than his bodybuilder friends’.

Realising the opportunity, he gave Superman a sharp smile. "I guess I forgot to mention how strong I really am. Do you mind if I try your bars?"

Superman stiffened. "Do you realise that each setting is one million pounds? That's 1000 times what you just lifted?"

But Alex wasn't paying attention. He quickly walked over his bars, set them for one, grinned really widely and gripped the bars. When he lifted them up, everyone in the gym let out an astonished gasp, including Alex. Only his gasp wasn't from surprise; it was from an overwhelming feeling that nearly drove him to orgasm. The pleasure flooded his body and as he tensed, his outfit groaned as his muscles surged bigger. His legs practically doubled in size in seconds with thick sinews as they leapt in muscle power to hold the gigantic weight, making his baggy workout shorts form-fitting.

His hard calves morphed into cantaloupe-sized, heart-shaped muscles. His thighs pressed out track-sprinter sized bulges, with clean separation, pushing the shorts up his side. His thick thighs tapered nicely into a thin waist that was quickly filled with an impressive array of muscular blocks. His arms grew out past fitness class, with his triceps pushing out small horseshoes. His back thickened and widened and his chest contracted into two impressive, sinewy mounds of muscle, pressing his pecs hard against the top, stretching the material out, outlining his muscular chest. In a matter of moments, Alex had morphed into a more muscular, hotter version of Superboy. Alex breathed deeply as the orgasmic feeling passed. He looked around at all of the open mouths and smiled. The tingling left him a bit light headed.

"What, like one million pounds is a lot!"

Everyone in the gym began to murmur, not expecting this young football player to quickly grow big muscles and lift one million pounds.

Alex shook his head to clear away the cobwebs, concentrated on the bars and pulled them forward, working his way through a set of 10 impossible repetitions. Smirking at the thought that he was doing chest flies with one million pounds in each hand, Alex held the bars at the apex, pressing more muscle into his now impressive chest with each downward movement. Finishing, he brought the bars back to their stands and took a step back.

Rubbing his hands around his newly developed muscles and feeling confident, powerful and sexy, he gave Superman, his hero, a dominating look. "Well, Superman, it looks like you've got some competition. Think you can keep up with a teenage jock?"

Superman stood his ground but brought his hand up to rub his chin. "Well, Alex, care to explain how you apparently suddenly have super strength?"

As Alex continued to massage his bulging biceps and admire his sexy abdominals, he smirked. "Well, this is a workout with Superman, isn't it? I just figured that meant you needed someone to work out with. Someone who could match your strength and push you a bit. Not disappointed, are you?”

Superman continued to give him a suspicious look. "No, not disappointed, just surprised. If you are new to your strength, perhaps I can help you become accustomed to your new powers."

Alex smiled. "That would be awesome! Let's see if I can lift some more first." He quickly moved the dial to 5, shot a cocky smile at superman and pulled the bars up again.

The murmurs continued. The producer rifled through the paperwork. There was no mention of this boy having super strength.

As Alex adjusted to the heavier weight, he let out a pleasurable grunt. He repeated another set of 10 presses, letting the intoxicating rush of power flow through his muscles. He stepped back and looked at Superman. "Does this mean I'm as strong as Superman?"

Superman frowned. This is not what he expected. He had expected a quick workout, to sign a few autographs and get on his way. Was this guy a Luthor plant?

He walked over to the machine and set it to 800. 800 million pounds with each arm! He gripped the bars, pulled them off the stand and pulled them forward. He struggled a bit as his chest blew up, but was able to squeeze out 5 reps.

"Now if you can do THAT, then you'll be as strong as Superman." The Man of Steel took a deep breath, and Alex couldn’t help but admire the striations easily visible underneath Superman’s costume.

Alex swaggered forward, exuding strength as Superman walked away. Alex looked up at him, adjusted his crotch and reached for the bars. As his arms reached out, his tight-fitting shirt lifted up, revealing a slight blonde happy trail and his bronze, muscular Apollo’s belt.

"Wow, Superman. You just pressed 800 million pounds. That sounds quite heavy. I think I'll give it a go though, you know, just to see if I can lift it." The tingling he felt running around his muscles was like alcohol and Viagra. His inhibitions were gone and his confidence was sky-high. He flexed his newly-acquired muscles as he held the bars. He slowly started pushing up against the impossibly heavy weight, causing his body to react once again with another power surge.

Previously unthinkable strength slowly built up and started coursing through his muscular jock physique. Muscles that would make any bodybuilder envious thickened and hardened. His 6-foot frame began to pulse with new muscular power, causing Alex to grunt with pleasure. Everyone else simply watched in anticipation as Alex continued to push up against the bars, straining his rippling muscles, but seeming to be unable to move bars that only Superman could hope to lift.

However, every attempt was greeted with another power rush and Alex was becoming addicted to the feeling. Sure, he could lower the setting and try to work up to this huge weight, but why bother? His body just kept getting stronger with every attempt; he could feel it. His muscles continued to bulge bigger and grow harder. As he continued to push up, the feeling of power flooding his body was liberating.

As Alex looked at the bars, he thought, "Am I really going to be able to lift this weight? Could I really become as strong as Superman, the strongest being in the universe?" Continuing to press against the bars, Alex's muscles tensed a little bigger every time he pushed up. His chest moved up and down with each breath, seeming to defy gravity and push out straight ahead, highlighting his pectoral striations and throwing the centre of the S on his t-shirt into shadow. His legs became more defined and his symmetrical abs bristled with might.

After several more attempts and rushes of power, Alex smirked as he was now able to shift the bar around on the stands. Surely, he couldn't have gotten this strong this fast?

He let out a small laugh at the possibility. A workout with Superman. And to think he was afraid of being embarrassed. Now his strength was growing so fast that he was on the verge of embarrassing Superman! This was turning out to be one incredible workout!

Finally feeling that his body had grown in power to actually move the bars, Alex reset his grip, adjusted his body quickly, gave Superman a ‘go-to-hell’ look, and then in one quick, impossible power move, pulled the bars off the stands, holding them above his head! The large sucking sound was the collective gasp of everyone in the room.

Alex smiled and began to laugh. "I've done it! I'm holding up 1.6 billion pounds! From 40 pounds to 1,600,000,000 pounds in minutes!" His sister’s formula worked better than even he could have thought. Her brother was now as strong as Superman! The strongest, most powerful man in the galaxy! Alex growled with pleasure as he received yet another shot of power. He let the warmth flow around his muscles and bit his lower lip.

His muscles expanded once again with dominating teenage muscle, this time even more dramatically. His brawn bunched up and pushed off of his body like small boulders against his frame. His handsome young face contradicted, yet complemented, his new massive muscles. His calves pulsed to softball sized balls of power, his thighs swelled up as big as any bodybuilder and then grew even bigger, pushing away from his body with huge straps of muscle power! The large taper from his thighs into his thin, vascular, muscled waist was even more striking now, as was the taper back out to his inflating lats and up to his mountainous shoulders. His chest enlarged with every breath, showing off his muscular pectorals which set snugly above his flexing eight pack. His arms twitched and flexed into perfect mounds of vast muscles with large, rippling triceps bulging hugely as he held the bars over his head with seemingly little effort.

It was now clear to everyone in the room that his muscles were as big as Superman's.

Alex smirked at the camera and back at his rival. "Well that didn't take long! After just a few attempts I'm now holding up the heaviest weights that the Man of Steel can press with his chest! Inexperienced Alex has 1.6 billion pounds in his hands! I'm the strongest, most powerful jock on earth! My body has been infused with near unlimited super power and strength! Nobody here saw THIS coming! I've got the strength of Superman in a young football jock package!" Still holding the weights, Alex looked down at his surging muscles. "And check out this bod. My muscles are as big as yours, Superman. Only my frame is smaller, making my muscles look even bigger on me! And check these awesome muscles out! They're perfectly shaped from the abs to the peaks. They flow around my frame into incredible, vascular bulges, rippling and hard, bristling with incredible power. Heck, my muscles look better than yours, Superman! They're better shaped and more defined! And I'm a young college football jock! Ha, I've got muscles as big as Superman with his strength to match. This is turning out to be one great workout! And speaking of workouts, didn't you struggle with five repetitions?"

Alex held the bars for a moment, looked up at them almost lazily and then started to push them forward. His muscles tensed and flowed as he brought his arms back and forth with seemingly little effort, counting each repetition. Alex's muscles continued to bulge menacingly, flexing bigger than Superman's muscles, bursting off of his body with strength and vigour, separation and density!

Alex completed 5 reps and stopped.

"So, if five repetitions make me as strong as Superman, what do THESE make me?" Alex winked at Superman and pulled the bars back down. Slowly. Deliberately. Showing off his super strength and burgeoning superiority for the camera and Superman. He completed a sixth repetition and did another repetition, and another. Each rep made him feel more confident. Each movement made him feel more powerful. He was the strongest, most powerful man on the planet. Stronger and more powerful than the Man of Steel! Alex set the bars back on their stands and smiled softly at Superman. "Gosh, Superman, didn't you say if I could press that weight 5 times that I'd be as strong as you? And I did 10 repetitions. I guess that makes me SSSSSSSTRRRRRRONGER than you." As he slowly mouthed the words ‘stronger', he bounced his muscled pecs, causing his shirt to strain. The pectoral striations lined the now-strained material and his swarthy, teenage nipples were almost visible.

"Like my chest Superman? Superboy looks a little kid compared to me now! Captain Marvel can't compete with this body! And check out my S – with my teen pecs of steel, my symbol is BIGGER than yours now!” He snorted arrogantly. “A workout with Superman? I've surpassed your power! I'm stronger than you now! It looks like you won a work-out with Super Alex, old man!"

Superman let out an "Uh". He was flabbergasted. Alex was right! The thought of being overpowered had always scared him. Yet, somehow, he was turned on by this overconfident punk’s amazing physique. And for the jock to have super-strength to match his was a dream come true. Up to this point, there was no person on earth who was in his strength range that could satisfy him sexually. Wonder Woman was a celibate Amazon with some weird Greek background. Supergirl was his 16-year-old cousin. And there was NO way he'd ever hook up with Power Girl. She was FAR too butch. And the thought of another man had never crossed his mind, until now. And Alex appeared to be strong enough to withstand his might. Powerful enough to stand up to his crushing embrace.

He swallowed hard. Alex certainly seemed willing. Every flex, every lift seemed to be done just for him. His mind reeled. Alex had become the woman he had always dreamed about.

With Superman standing like a statue, Alex suppressed a grin. He was blowing him away! How great was this work-out now!

"Well as fun as that was Superman, these muscles don't feel tired yet. I'll bet I can lift even MORE weight!" Looking at the camera, Alex followed up with a mischievous grin. "Let's find out, shall we? Superman, you really have won a workout with me! Now pay attention, Man of steel, I'll show you how to lift some real weights. Maybe someday, if you work out hard enough, you'll be as strong as me." Thrusting his chest out, he gave him a menacing grin. "And just maybe you'll have muscles like me too. I'm the one in this room who deserves to wear this S. The one here who is REALLY super! And the one here who is going to keep getting MORE super! I can feel the energy flowing around my body, infusing my muscles with even more strength, power and might!" Still smiling, Alex backed up from the bars and moved the dial up to 1000. 1 billion pounds for each bar! He was moving the weight to more than Superman could handle.

Superman went white with a bit of fear, but his excitement built. This handsome, cocky young man was quickly putting his super body to shame in both size and separation – and now Alex was looking to even exceed his strength! He watched on, not knowing whether he wanted the teenage stud to lift this weight or not.

Alex was burning up with desire, lust, and power. He reached down and pulled off his shoes and socks, tossing them to the side. He felt wild and nearly out of control as he stretched up, and then knotted his arms coming down, tensing his biceps into huge balls of writhing muscle and raising his top above his symmetrical abs with every breath.

Alex looked at Superman, placed his hands on his waist and bounced his pecs slowly for effect. "Mmmmmm. Think this chest can lift this mighty weight?" Alex snickered as Superman's jaw went back open. He gripped the bars and adjusted his hips. His smile widened and the room gasped again as he pushed the bars away from the stands and held them for a moment. "Check this out! I'm holding more weight than the mighty Superman can manage to lift! This football player IS stronger than Superman! I'm ripping away the mantle of the strongest being in the galaxy from you Superman! I'll be the one to save YOU! I'll bend things you can't hope to bend! I'll easily lift more than he can manage! Just think how this looks! Mighty Superman out-muscled and out-powered by a 19-year-old jock! And this weight feels EASY! There's more muscle and strength to come! Super Alex is just getting started!"

As he continued to gloat, the tingling continued. Alex held the bars, allowing his body to adjust to the weight. His legs added more layers of indestructible muscles, making them bigger than Superman's! His quads, hamstrings and calves danced and swelled as he pumped them back and forth in a mind-blowing, rhythmic display, shifting his weight up to his toes on one bare foot and then the other, enjoying the tingling and revelling in the attention. He twisted his abs and his thick, wickedly separated muscles cascaded around hypnotically. His arms pushed bigger, with more veiny, pulsing bulges. Alex then tensed his pecs and his monstrous chest expanded against his over-strained shirt. He chuckled. More than enough muscle to move this weight. More than enough strength to press out some chest flies. The world is in for a surprise! Super Alex is on the scene! Nodding his head at his own thoughts, Alex slowly cranked out another 10 reps, letting out loud manly grunts with every rep, pushing even more muscle into his chest each time, straining the top to the limit!

With incredible ease, he set the bars back and looked at Superman. "Is that the heaviest this thing can go? I'm hardly getting a pump." He flexed his chest and it pressed forward with mounds of magnificent muscles, bigger than Superman's, bigger than a heavyweight bodybuilder’s!

The shirt creaked under the pressure and started to rip up the sides lats as he infused his lats with more power and his chest was pushing 6 inches in front of his! His S was now stretched taught across his bulging chest, causing it to grow much bigger than Superman's S! His muscular pecs were almost fully exposed as the collar struggled to contain his growing mass. Alex looked down the front of his shirt, as he grabbed each pec with his hands. His hands couldn’t cover half of the muscular expanse.

Superman began to shake and a super hard-on rose to the occasion, pressing tight against his suit, looking to burst through!

Alex looked down at Superman and grinned with his pearly whites. "Oh, do you like my muscles Superman? Muscles that are bigger than yours. Muscles that are stronger than yours! Do you like the idea of being in the presence of a jock who is your superior in strength, muscle size and power? Well, since you seem to like my huge chest, check this out." Alex started to pump his chest up and down, one pectoral at time, never removing his gaze from the Man of Steel. Huge masses of ultra-powerful pectorals danced around with control better than any bodybuilder he had ever seen.

With each pump Superman got a glimpse of that powerful waist and a light-coloured happy trail. Alex’s shirt looked painted on and was ripping further under the incredible pressure applied against it.

"These dominating muscles are more powerful than yours, Superman! And ready to grow in power even more! And you call yourself Superman! Ha! You're no Superman to me! But I'm definitely a Super Man to you!"

Superman stared on and began to drool. He looked at him with X-Ray vision and was shocked to see how dense he had become. He had trouble seeing through him! What power did this young punk possess? He was a super-handsome, super-muscular, super-powerful teen! He was like an aesthetic Men’s Physique champion on super-steroids!

Alex smiled at Superman as he continued to pulse his pecs up and down, first the left then the right, then together, lifting each striated pectoral mound over 6 inches with each flex. His chest was bigger, harder and more powerful than Superman could have previously imagined, all of which was accentuated by his super-thin waist.

"Pretty impressive huh? Like this muscle control? Since I'm stronger than you now, it's only natural that my muscles grew bigger than yours too! You can't flex YOUR pecs like this! My super chest is so much bigger than the mighty Superman’s! And since I easily did those flies with more weight than you could handle, I'm obviously MUCH stronger than you."

Alex sauntered up to Superman, pulsing his muscles with the confidence of a teenager who knew he was the strongest being in the universe.

He leaned casually over, causing his calves to bunch hugely, and whispered into Superman's ear. "Want to see just how strong I am now? Want to rub your body against my indestructible muscles? Muscles that could easily over power you and bend you to my will?" Before Superman could react, Alex reached up and grabbed the back of his neck with his left hand and pulled his head down toward him, giving him a passionate kiss.

The Kryptonian hero tried to resist Alex, but quickly found that he couldn't. The football player really was stronger than him! Superman reached out and grabbed Alex’s thick forearm to pry it away, but his arm wouldn't move. He increased the pressure, but Alex only snickered and continued to kiss him. Superman brought his other hand up to his chest, but it felt like he was pushing against steel. Real steel. Superman’s muscles only jumped and bulged, but nothing else came out of his efforts. Alex wasn't just stronger than Superman; he was MUCH stronger than Superman! The hero was both alarmed and turned on at the same time. He had never dreamed that he could be dominated in this way! His taste, his scent, his muscles; everything about Alex was turning on Superman. He could no longer resist his urges and was pushing out an ever-increasing super hard on!

Alex released his lip-lock, gazed into Superman’s eyes and smirked at the Man of Steel’s stunned disbelief. "That was interesting. I really AM much stronger than you, aren't I? You tried to pull yourself away with both hands against my one and you couldn't! Could you feel my steel hard muscles? Muscles that can flex bigger and harder than yours? Want to feel what a REAL bicep feels like?"

Alex shot Superman a cocky grin, licked his lips, and flexed up his right arm into a huge ball of striated, perfectly shaped power.

Superman gasped at both the size and seemingly perfect shape.

His bicep was round, full, and peaked to perfection. The huge muscle flexed cleanly above the plane of his arm and towered over his shoulder, rising nearly half way up his thick forearm, glistening with a thin layer of sweat. Multiple thick blue veins wrapped their way up and around the peak, pumping hot teenage blood into the superhumanly dense fibres, highlighting his power and muscle superiority with every pulse.

Superman's mouth hung open and Alex laughed. "Go ahead, Superman, feel the power flowing through my mighty muscles, see if you can dent my teenage bicep. Run your fingers along my split, press against my peak. Squeeze as hard as you can. See if you can stand up to my might!"

Superman reached down with trembling hands and followed his instructions. He probed his bicep and as he gripped his peak, Alex flexed and un-flexed his bicep, causing it to rise and fall over 4 inches, spreading Superman's fingers apart, growing in size and power with every flex. Superman began to sweat; he was unable to penetrate his muscles, even bringing in his other hand in hopes of breaking through his mighty bicep! Superman gripped till his knuckles grew white.

With Superman still trying to penetrate the mighty biceps on Alex, the teenage stud sauntered over to the aerobic training platform. He stepped up, turned and positioned Superman so that Superman’s legs were dangling above the ground.

“Fly down. Test my strength!”

Out of both fear and admiration Superman did as he was told, his whole body flexing and straining in an effort to fly downward.

Alex’s arm moved down and back up as he toyed with Superman. "Now THAT'S a bicep! It's huge, rippling with power and still growing! I'm unstoppable! Uncontrollable! And my power is still welling inside me, waiting to get out. You think this is a big bicep, well watch THIS!" Alex continued to flex and unflex his incredible muscles and smiled.

Superman gazed in amazement as his hands, hands that could crush diamonds, began to separate. His entire suit was now a shade darker, drenched with sweat from his futile efforts.

The camera had zoomed in and the small group of people in the gym could only gasp in astonishment as Alex's bicep had grown from 22 inches to what had to be over 30 incredible inches around. And growing bigger, harder and stronger with every flex! His bicep continued to rise with every contraction, becoming bigger and harder by the second.

"Can't dent my muscles, can you? You can't even push into my bicep a little! My spectacular muscles contain more power than you can imagine! They're already harder than you can hope to penetrate! I'm bigger, stronger AND harder than you! I've outclassed you in every department! My super strength, super muscles and invulnerability put yours to shame! And check it out – every flex pushes my mighty bicep a little higher. Every time I tense my fist, my bicep gets a little harder. And stronger. And more powerful! My bicep is throbbing with unearthly power that is still increasing! Nobody else on earth has this much power at their disposal! My perfect, dominating bicep is bigger than any bodybuilder could ever hope to flex and it's harder than anything in the universe!" The muscular jock forced his bicep into one final, knee-weakening flex that pushed in up to 32 unthinkable inches around and nearly a foot tall.

Superman gave up and released his grip, his breath becoming shorter as his excitement grew, his abs rippling with every shallow gasp.

Alex smiled arrogantly, gave his bicep one final, dominating flex that weakened Superman's knees and released his flex. In one smooth movement, Alex reached out, pulled Superman closer and gave him a hug.

With his chest relaxed, Superman could feel Alex’s pecs compress his own indestructible pectorals. He could feel the warmth and erotic sensation that was separated only by their spandex. Superman placed his hands on Alex’s shoulders for support as the powerful teenager drew him in closer.

Alex grinned. "I've always wanted to meet you in person. I always wanted to know what it’d be like to have muscles as indestructible and strong as yours.”

Superman blushed.

Alex looked up and smiled. "Now it seems that I have the hard muscles and the powerful body. And I'm holding you in an indestructible, erotic embrace! You are completely under my power now, Superman!" Alex then flexed up his chest slowly, causing his muscle-laden pecs to rise up and press hard against Superman's chest. Smiling, Alex flexed and unflexed his chest, slowly pushing muscle against Superman, inflating his pecs into impenetrable mounds of muscle perfection. His pecs were soon filled with muscle, flowing into twin blocks of invulnerable power. As Alex continued to flex up his chest, slowly, impossibly, pushing harder into the previously indestructible chest of Superman.

Alex moaned with pleasure. "Mmmmm. You don't stand a chance against me. I could crush you now if I wanted! Imagine, having your chest caved in by the pecs of a teenager, to have your breath slowly taken away. To have your ribs bent one by one and slowly snapped against my super hard chest." Alex rhythmically tensed and relaxed his rippling pecs, causing Superman to groan during each flex as he rubbed his chest up and down his torso. Alex’s hard-on began to push against Superman’s, causing his own erection to grow further.

Oh, how he wanted him now, but he realised that Alex was going to control what happened from here on, only making his desire greater!

Alex brought his incredible muscled thigh upward and slowly rubbed it against Superman's hard-on, tensing his muscles to press hard against his member of steel, causing him to groan in both pleasure and pain. Smiling at his feeling of dominance, Alex released his grip, stood back for a moment and looked at Superman and poked his index finger into his chest. Superman grimaced.

"Well Superman, since I've maxed out your machine, how about you help me out."

Superman looked at him with aching desire. "Sure, Alex, whatever you want!"

Alex smiled. He now had Superman completely under his control. Time to press his advantage even further. "When I pull the bars off the pedestals, I want you to push up against me as I press down."

Superman's breath became shorter. Could he really continue to get stronger? If he were able to press him down, he would be over twice as strong as him. He shuddered at the thought and his erection throbbed and ached. Following Alex back to the machine, Superman waited for him to pull the bars off.

Alex chuckled at how light the weight felt now compared to just a few minutes ago. "Alright, Superman, push up with everything you've got. You and 2000 million pounds against the strongest guy in the universe! Let's see just how super I am!"

Superman slowly applied pressure upward and Alex felt the added weight. He grunted a bit as he tried to push down, but at the same time Superman was unable to push up any harder, keeping them at a deadlock.

This lasted for almost a minute. But during that minute Alex's expression slowly changed. His strained face became more relaxed. And his huge muscles solidified, tensed and slowly grew even bigger!

Superman's arms began to waver a bit and as he took his eyes off the bars he looked at Alex and gasped. The jock’s muscles practically crackled with intensity and hardness and his lips were curling into a smile.

"Ready to feel my dominating super strength, Superman?"

Superman gasped. He was pushing up with all of his formidable might, might that could move mountains, might that he had once used to power the moon itself from orbit. And yet, before he could say anything, he felt the bars start to move downward.

Alex chuckled. "2 trillion pounds AND the might of Superman are no match for me now! Can you feel it, Superman? Can you feel me overcome your power and still press more weight than you can even lift? Can you feel me become even stronger than before? Strong enough to push you and this incredible weight to the ground!"

Superman continued to push upward but he was losing! His arms were locked, but he was slowly, impossibly, being moved down!

"Do you feel it Superman? The overwhelming power contained in my body! The unlimited strength and power at my disposal! Unlimited muscle power and muscle size! I've got it all! Your strength is now nothing to me! I'm over twice as strong as you!" Alex increased the pressure and as the bars moved down, Superman was driven to one knee until he was staring right at Alex's mighty S. The symbol that let everyone know that he was Superman, but which now better belonged to Alex! Only his S was stretched to ridiculous proportions and he could hear the material groan and rip.

"Get a good look at what a real super-powered chest looks like Superman! My mighty muscles are exploding with size, density and superior strength!" As he continued to drive Superman further down, Alex's breathing got harder and the mighty S symbol ripped down the middle. He smiled and flexed his mighty pecs harder, popping the threads quickly, and with one final, awe-inspiring flex of his mighty chest, finally destroying the shirt, exposing the most ripped, muscle-filled, striated pecs Superman had ever seen! His chest was bigger than the strongest strongman and more muscular than a Mr. Olympia line-up! Alex let out a lustful sigh as he continued to drive Superman down.

The Man of Steel’s arms finally gave as Alex pressed the bars down to Superman’s chest.

"You are no match for me Superman! I've reached your strength limit. Then I passed your strength limit! Now I'm easily more than TWICE as strong as you! Just think about it, Superman! Naked, pulsing teen-age muscles that possess over twice your strength are flexing and surging forward right in front of you, getting bigger and stronger every passing moment, crackling with energy, bulging with might! My muscles are rippling with indestructible, unrelenting power! I now have the ability to crush you if I so desired. No weight is too heavy for me to lift. Every one of my muscles can flex to unthinkable degrees into perfectly-shaped, gigantic indestructible mounds of rippling, throbbing muscular power."

Superman's breath got shorter and he released his grip on the bars and fell weakly to the ground. His super-member spasmed as he could no longer control his desire. His pre-ejaculate cum was leaking through his tights.

Alex laughed as he placed the bars back on the rack and stepped towards the Man of Steel. Reaching down, he gripped Superman’s tights and ripped them off, fully exposing his dripping, erect shaft. The sheer size and girth of his swollen member would have impressed most people, but Alex only sneered.

"Hahaha. I thought you were a SUPER MAN!” He placed his index finger on the side of his shorts and easily ripped them away from his body, exposing a much larger, thicker shaft than Superman’s. “And I’ve always been this size. Think about it Superman: this hot jock stud has always had you beat where it counts!!”

Superman had never felt so inferior.

Alex leaned down and roughly pushed Superman to the ground.

"Sex with Superman. I never thought I’d be willing, but this sexual power needs an outlet." Alex chuckled with lust and dominance. "And now you are completely under MY control Superman! I think we've already established who has the power around here!" Alex leaned over and placed his strong hands on Superman's shoulders, pinning him to the ground. Arms, flexing, he pulled Superman’s legs above his head, leaning against his legs, and slowly slipped his titanium-hard shaft into Superman’s waiting ass, stretching it beyond what Nature had intended. Grinning, Alex began to thrust powerfully back and forth.

Within moments, Superman had come hard. Alex laughed at how quickly Superman had ejaculated, but continued to ride him harder, causing Superman to groan in both pleasure and pain. With a few more thrusts, he exploded inside the Man of Steel, causing Superman to cum a second time!

The Kryptonian was spent and weakly tried to push Alex off, but the super-jock only smiled back at him. "Oh, come on, Superman, is that all you've got? I guess only one of us is really a Superman, huh? I’m at the peak of my sexual virility!!" Alex continued to grind into Superman, kissing him roughly, flexing his giant pecs and rubbing them down Superman's torso. His massive thighs pulled him closer and he thrust harshly, pounding his powerful body against Superman's previously indestructible frame, pushing his thick, swollen cock deeper inside.

His overwhelming strength and power was more than Superman could handle and the Man of Steel quickly became hard again.

Alex smiled as he saw him become erect once more and continued his powerful movements until he came again into the hero’s stretched-out ass, groaning with pleasure. Superman could feel the copious amounts of hot teen jock cum fill his insides.

The cameras had continued to roll, but neither Alex nor Superman cared.

They both let out along sigh as Alex finally pulled out and stood back up.

Superman rubbed his shoulder as the naked, super-powered, super-muscular teenager smiled down at him. His blue eyes sparkled, his pearly whites sparkled, and his strong jawline accented his bulging shoulders, traps and pectorals.

Alex reached his hand out and Superman gripped it. He smiled at the fact that his hand was now much bigger than the hero’s.

With Superman now standing erect, Alex licked his lips. He placed his hands on his hips, spread his big feet apart and flexed up his magnificent muscular body into Superman’s classic superhero pose. His calves bunched hugely, clearly seen from the front, his thighs solidified into large separated blocks that hung ominously with dramatic muscle power. The massive thighs narrowed dramatically to his muscle-laden, insanely-separated abdominals and back out to a huge, barn-door-breaking set of lats that spread out to an incredible width. His chest pressed out with twin volleyball-sized mounds of rippling might. Every breath sent them up near his chin and his swarthy nubs were now as big as half dollars. His shoulders and traps rose up with large mounds of muscle, surrounding and contrasting his handsome, teenage features and innocent smile.

He was a naked, hyper-muscular, super-sexy, ultra-powerful young jock and Superman's breath was becoming shallow once again in both admiration and desire.

Alex's smile curled up as he noticed Superman's eyes get wider. He quickly broke his dream with a short statement: "Hit me."

Superman took a step back. He hadn't expected this. "Wh-what?"

"Hit me. Let's see just how powerful my body is. Give me your best shot, right in the solar plexus."

"I can't hit a kid."

Alex laughed. "I'm no kid. I'm your superior in every way. I'm a Super Man. I'm Super Alex. Don't worry, I know you can't hurt me. I just want to prove it to you."

Superman rubbed his sore shoulder again. He had sure proved to be everything he had dreamed about and then some. But did he really want to acknowledge that this cocky teen was his better in every way?

Alex tapped his foot. "Come on Superman, either hit me or I'll start hitting you. I'm guessing that won't turn out any better for you."

Superman gulped. He really did want to continue to please him. Letting out another painful sigh he reached back and slammed his fist into his stomach with a loud ‘thwack'.

Alex smiled. "Come on Superman, I know you can punch harder than that! I barely felt anything.”

Gritting his teeth the Man of Steel reached back and hit him harder with the same results.

Alex giggled. "Again!"

Superman moved closer and began putting all of weight into his punches, pounding on Alex's stomach with punches that would capsize a battleship. The punches echoed off the walls with deep booming explosions, shaking the walls. Even as he picked up the pace, Alex continued to smile, never moving from his spot, accepting all of his incredible punches. Superman was beginning to get worn out from the boxing workout.

"Mmmmmm,” Alex moaned. “Your love taps feel so wonderful. I wonder what would happen if I actually flexed?"

Superman looked up into his eyes with surprise and his next punch confirmed that the jock’s statement was true. The dull thuds against his abdominals were replaced with a loud crack as Superman's fist rammed up against Alex's super-hard clenched stomach! Superman pulled his arm back quickly. "Ahhhh!" He rubbed his hand in pain, wondering if he broken anything.

Alex simply laughed." Well I guess that proves just how much more powerful I am! Super Alex is stronger, bigger and harder than Superman!" Alex continued to smile at Superman as the super-hero rubbed the bruised knuckles of his sore hand. The teenager looked back at the stunned camera crew that had continued to tape the entire series of events. "Looks like you guys are getting more than just a weight workout video." Smirking, Alex grabbed Superman's good hand and dragged him over towards another bar.

Superman made sure to follow quickly, not willing to continue to demonstrate to the watching people that the young stud really was that much stronger.

Reaching another, larger looking machine, Alex looked up at Superman. "Is this the bar with the heaviest weights?"

Superman sputtered out a "Yes."

Alex released his grip on Superman and walked over to the settings. This one had a top reading of 1,000,000. Superman used it for dead lifts. The settings could go thousands of times more than he could lift. This bar was the master, allowing for even more resistance, although that had never been necessary. After Superman explained everything, Alex nodded his head, smiled and moaned with anticipation.

"Mmmmmm. This looks like it might be enough to satisfy these super muscles. What's your best lift Superman?"

Superman pushed his chest out. "About 10,000 million pounds."

Alex smiled at him and chuckled. "Well then I'm sure that's not enough for THIS super body anymore! My mighty superman muscles feel energized! Let's try something a little bigger shall we?" Alex dialled in 50,000, made sure Superman saw the setting, winked at him and walked up to the bar.

Superman dropped his pose and felt silly for thinking anything could impress Alex.

"Hmmm,” the football player pondered, looking down at the weight. “Five times your best lift. Five times more weight than Superman can lift. Well don't worry Superman, this looks like a job for Super Alex!" Bending down, his tight, naked, tanned glutes flexing, he then gripped the bar and looked into the camera and then over to Superman. Was he really five times as strong as Superman now? Could he really lift this colossal weight? Letting out a deep breath, Alex pulled against the bar and was able to bring it up to his muscular thighs in one clean movement!

Superman gasped. Great Rao! This was five times more than he could lift and Alex had pulled the weight up casually.

Alex chuckled at the dumbfounded Man of Steel. "Yeah, this weight is enough to get me started again. Looks like my super JOCK muscles are about to put your super MAN muscles to shame! It looks like you’re no longer the strongest man on earth."

Everyone was shocked. Five times stronger than Superman! Inconceivable!

But Alex only continued to smile. "So, this is five times as much as you can dead lift huh? That would make me five times as strong as you." Tensing his mighty muscles, Alex narrowed his eyes. "Then what does THIS make me?" In a continued inexplicable display of power, Alex gave Superman a sly smile and slowly, inexorably, pulled the incredible weight up to his chest! He wasn't just lifting the weight, he was CURLING the weight! Alex sang out his declaration: "So Superman, what's your best curl?"

Superman gasped. "Uh, 500 million pounds."

Alex laughed. "Well look at me. I'm easily curling 100 times that little weight. I guess that makes me at least 100 times stronger than you now! Not five times as strong as you, not ten times as strong as, not even 50 times as strong as you, but ONE! HUNDRED! TIMES! STRONGER than the mighty Superman!" Alex chortled with pleasure as he continued to methodically curl the incredible weight up and down, up and down, up and down, causing his biceps to bulge bigger than twin melons with every curl.

Veins started to snake their way around his biceps, feeding his seemingly unlimited strength. Each muscle fibre was on dramatic, bulging display, showcasing his impossible muscle power and rippling, monstrous muscle-size!

Alex licked his tongue slowly around his lips as he continued to curl the bar with ease. "Oh yeah, baby. This feels SSSSSSOOOOOO good! This is more weight than you can even lift Superman, and I'm curling it! And look at my muscles! They're SOOOOOOO much bigger than yours now, aren't they? Bigger, stronger, sexier! One hundred times more powerful. Guess this makes me Super Duper Alex! Take notes, Superman; you'll never see anyone with this much muscle and power! Watch my form. It's perfect. No leaning forward, no rocking. I'm lifting this weight with just my arms!” He snorted, his handsome face contorting into a smirk. “A workout with Superman! Ha! Your work-out isn't even a warm-up for me now! These muscles are way too powerful for that now! And speaking of muscles, let's check them out again!"

Tiring of the weight that now seemed nearly insignificant, Alex put the bar down, looked back at the camera and slowly flexed up his biceps. Arms bigger than he could have ever imagined before began forming into astounding, perfectly-shaped masses. As he brought his fists upward his mighty biceps rose bigger and bigger, and the peak pushed higher and higher! The skin stretched audibly as two of the largest biceps ever flexed formed into small mountains atop his mighty arms. As his fist reached vertical, his gigantic biceps ballooned into twin mounds with perfectly shaped peaks nearly as big as his wrists!

"Ha! And you thought your biceps were big! THESE are REAL biceps, Superman! Big, hard, super strong biceps!" Alex tensed his right arm harder and the peak rose up even higher! He relaxed his right arm and flexed his left arm, causing the same incredible muscle pumping action.

He continued to repeat the action as the camera zoomed in. His peak jumped over nine inches with every flex!

Alex looked back at Superman. "Kind of makes you feel like a little boy, doesn't it? These muscles put yours to shame in both size and power! Of course, my strength puts yours to shame too." Releasing his bicep flex he looked back at the bar he had just curled and back at Superman. "So, think I can lift any more than that? This was supposed to be a workout with Superman and now all you can do is watch a teenager destroy all of your records. I wouldn't want to disappoint the fans. Those fans who thought you were the mightiest being on earth. My muscles are all bulging bigger than yours. My lifts are crushing your best lifts! Let's show your fans just who in this room deserves to be called super! So what was that, 50,000 million pounds?"

Revelling in his power, feeling more confident than ever, Alex stalked back to the machine and dialled in 500,000!

"How about 10 times bigger still? 500,000 million pounds! If I can curl THIS, that would make me one THOUSAND times stronger than you! Power even Superman never dreamed of having, power to move continents!" Alex slowly walked back to the weight. He looked at Superman who was once again taken aback.

Alex had just increased the weight ten times bigger! Who was this guy? Superman wondered. His breath got short as the teenager bent down to pull the weight off the stand, flexing his rippling, naked glutes back and forth as his ass added more muscles and his thighs swelled with super dense ropes of pure power. How could he continue to grow muscles like that right before his eyes? Muscles with unparalleled strength and density?

"Think I can lift this much weight? Imagine, having not just the strength of Superman, but the strength of one THOUSAND Supermen! All contained in one muscle-bulging football jock!" He looked up at Superman and pulled against the bar.

It came off the rest, causing Alex to moan, but he was doing it! He was lifting the bar! Alex grunted a little as he continued to pull against the hereto-unmovable weight, finally bringing the bar up to his bulging thighs.

Superman's hard-on was growing bigger once again. The young stud was now lifting 500 times what he could and he feared he wasn't done with this weight. The fact that the TV crew were in the room no longer concerned the Man of Steel. His mind was reeling. He had looked for someone close enough to his power to have passionate sex without having to concern himself about hurting them. Now this teen was moving so far past his might that he worried about himself. But this only made him want Alex more. He grunted as his hard-on grew and became almost painful.

Alex looked at Superman and nodded his head with satisfaction. He was continuing to turn the hero on with incredible displays of strength and muscle-bulging routines. Alex smiled broadly. "Oh yeah, feel the burn. More weight than you could ever move! Weight to test REAL super muscles! Ha-ha-ha. This weight is 1000 times what you can curl! Think I can curl it? Think these super powerful teen muscles can keep getting stronger? And bigger?”

Before Superman could answer, Alex’s arms bulged with newfound size and density as he slowly brought the weight up and held it. His arms were shaking a bit and his face looked strained, but instead of yelling out in pain, he yelled out in pleasure.

"Oh, oh, OH!" His hips thrust forward a bit as the intoxicating tingling saturated his being. He was getting multiple orgasms from his incredible strength. His entire body shook with satisfaction and power! Alex brought the bar back down, let out a pleasurable sigh and brought the weight back up.

Just the sight made Superman cum hard again.

His biceps exploded even bigger! Easily twice Superman's size! Each rep brought another squeal of pleasure from both Alex and the Man of Steel. Once again, he slowly brought the weight up and down, exploding his musculature off the scale with each repetition!

After 20 repetitions he brought the weight down. "That was FANTASTIC! I'm a muscle-bulging, super-strong, teen muscle machine! Ha! You think you've got big, powerful arms? Check out THESE guns! I've got so much power contained in my muscles now that they feel on fire! You thought my muscles were big before? You ain't seen nothing yet!" With that, Alex flexed his arms up into a double bicep pose that rocked the gym. Never in the history of the galaxy had so much raw power and bulging muscle might been brought to bear.

His biceps soared up to 60 inches in seconds! His biceps were two feet tall from just bringing his arms up!

Superman gasped.

Alex merely laughed, looking at the Kryptonian’s rising hard-on. "If that impressed you Superman, then this ought to make you cum where you stand!" Alex then flexed down, unleashing all of his super muscle power. His biceps exploded upward to 70 inches, 80 inches, 90 inches, to 100 inches around! With two more quick flexed they rose up to 120 inches in circumference! His biceps were now over four feet tall! His chest pushed out nearly two feet in front of him with layers of super dense, ripped pectorals! His legs were bigger than tree trunks! His back flared out away from his narrow, muscle filled waist like two muscular wings. His bulging, striated super chest pressed out with incredible thick size and pulsing, striated muscle density.

Alex growled like a lion. "So, Superman, think you can stand up this much power? Do you think I'm done yet? Do you think I can lift more? How about flex up bigger muscles? Can this get any hotter? You call yourself Superman. Well you're no Superman to me! I've got more power in one arm than you've got in your entire body!"

Alex released his flex and his muscles reduced back down, but they were still much bigger than Superman's. He walked over to the machine and set it to 5,000,000. Five TRILLION pounds. Ten times bigger again!

"Guess this is as high as this machine can go. Might as well try and lift it. After all, this is a work-out with Superman, even if Superman is no longer you." Every muscle now danced and flexed hugely.

Superman was reeling. Alex had increased the weight 10 times AGAIN!

The muscular jock slowly walked up to the weight. He looked at Superman, who no longer cared about exposing his huge hard-on.

This much power and raw sex appeal was almost more than he could handle. He shuddered a little as Alex winked at him, gripped the bar with ONE hand, and curled his fingers around the bar one at a time.

"Who needs two arms for this weight? Certainly not Super Alex!" Alex pulled the bar up slowly. He was lifting up a trillion pounds with one hand! This put him over 10,000 times stronger than Superman! He began to shudder with excitement. Alex bit his lower lip as the power play sent waves of ecstasy all over his body. He glanced at Superman and sent him a cocky smile. "Well if you thought that was a powerful display, just watch this." He pulled the 5 trillion pound weight up and then began CURLING the bar.

His magnificent bicep bulged up into a boulder of pure power.

"Ha! This is 50,000 times what you can curl with one arm? Shows you who has the power around here doesn't it? Strength, muscle and raw sexual attitude! Just call me Super Alex, the most powerful being in the galaxy!" Alex continued to curl the weight and continued to moan with pleasure at each apex.

Superman was breathing heavy, completely taken in by this mega-powerful man nineteen-year-old stud.

After 20 repetitions, Alex switched arms and did another 20."Well that proves I'm now 50,000 times stronger than you, but let's see if I can prove to you just how strong I REALLY am! My monstrous power is FLOODING my body! Just watch the monitor! I'm going Super on your ass!" Alex gripped the bar with both arms and began to press against it, slowly bending the bar!

Superman couldn't believe his eyes. The power to do that was unthinkable! He looked over at the readings and they began to increase at an alarming rate as Alex was applying trillions of pounds of pressure against the machine! The readings pushed to 2 million, then 4 million, then 8 million, then 10 million!

Alex grinned as he felt his muscles exert nearly infinite power. "How's THAT for power Superman! I'm now 100,000 times stronger than you! And that only took a few seconds! My body is fuelled with unlimited might! Unlimited potential! Bet you thought that 10 million tons was a lot, huh? Sorry to let you know that I'm not done yet! My muscles have more super power than this! I'm going to dwarf your so called super-strength! I'm going to dwarf the power of the entire planet! You're witnessing the birth of a GOD! A muscle bulging, super ultra-powerful SUPER GOD!"

As Alex continued to bend and twist the bar, the reading jumped again! The results on the machine quickly reached 20 million pounds! He had doubled the pressure, leaping in power to unthinkable heights! Grunting, Alex continued to bear down on the bar and the readings continued to increase! The machine soon reached 30 million, then 40 million, on to 50 million! Alex laughed as his muscles took on a super sheen!

"Look at those reading Superman! I'm now 500,000 times stronger than you! I have God-like super powers! Yours are a joke compared to ME! Super Alex is being born! The power to move entire PLANETS is at my disposal! The more I strain, the stronger I get! There is no limit to my power! My strength is unlimited! Unfathomable! You couldn’t even spot me if you wanted. Your power is now insignificant!!"

The entire room was glowing from the energy discharging from the graviton machine and it was soon shooting out sparks! Alex ignored the snapping and popping from the machine as he twisted the bar in two and began pulling it into a pretzel! The machine reached 100 million as he was now applying pressure 1,000,000 times greater than Superman! All of his muscles were now flexed to incredible proportions! And he still wasn't done! With the might of1 million Supermen, Alex pushed the bar into a ball and placed it between his forearm and bicep and flexed down.

"Ha! I'm 1 million times stronger than the Man of Steel! ONE MILLION! I guess that make me the Man of Titanium! This graviton field can't stop my muscles! Nothing can stand up against the might of Super Alex!"

The power of a black hole was now being exerted against Alex and it STILL wasn't enough!

As he flexed down against the ball, his mighty forearm crashed into his monumental bicep and he applied pressure previously thought impossible! The machine blasted up to 500 million as his bicep and forearm ground into the graviton ball! His arm shook as his bicep soared up over 140 inches around as the reading moved to 1 BILLION! One million, billion pounds!

Alex's body shook with orgasmic supremacy as he felt ultimate power flow through his body. "YES! I'm now 100 MILLION times stronger than you Superman. If you're 100 million times stronger than a normal man, that makes me a Super Man for a Superman! I'M A SUPREME GOD!" Still smiling, Alex tensed his cosmic powered muscles once again and pressed the ball against his monumental forearm! With one final flex the ball flattened down to nothing and the machine exploded! Debris rained down, but Superman and Alex ignored the fall-out. Alex released his flex, looked at Superman and licked his lips. He glanced down at Superman’s throbbing hard-on and smiled. "Why don't you come on over here Superman? I know you want to feel my MUSCLES." Alex brought his bicep up and flexed it into a gigantic wall of bicep glory, 200 inches around and 8 feet tall!

Superman, pulled in by both fear and the desire to touch and probe the mountains of muscle on this ultra powerful teen, stepped forward and began rubbing the towering biceps as they surged up to nine feet tall! He tried to squeeze them, but they were harder than any substance he had ever felt! Superman began to kiss and suck them, submitting to Alex's unrelenting power.

Alex moaned with satisfaction. His bicep was bigger than Superman was!

The Man of Steel floated up and hugged the peak hard, rubbing his chest, arms and legs around his mountain of muscle! His erection pressed against Alex’s bicep with both pain and delight.

Alex's breathing got harder and his nipples pressed forward once again atop his monumental pectoral muscles.

He let out a lustful sigh. "Oh yeah baby! Get a load of my super chest. Move down and kiss these mounds of muscle!" He flexed them harder, injecting more impenetrable muscle into his swollen, sinewy chest!

Superman did as he was told and moved down, kissing, licking and sucking the beach-ball sized, infinitely hard, striated pecs. He reached Alex’s nipples and licked them hard, and Alex tingled with desire.

The teen jock released his flex, grabbed Superman by his top and casually flung him to the ground.

Superman crashed down hard, creating a small crater. He moaned as he shook his head. Nobody had ever been able to do THAT before.

Before he could move, Alex thrust forward and used his gigantic piss slit as a vagina for Superman, swallowing The Man of Steel’s thick cock inside his own much huger one. Only Supes wasn't steel to Alex. The pleasure the Kryptonian received soon turned into pain as Alex began to flex his super-strong Kegel muscles, creating a hard sucking against Superman’s member. Superman shot a load into Alex who smiled down at his play toy. He came again and again as Alex continued to flex up and down. The gym rocked from the super sex.

The crew ran from the gym as the building collapse around them and still Alex pushed harder, crushing Superman ten feet into the ground, shaking the entire city.

Superman was in ecstasy and death throes. Never had he experienced such pleasure and such pain.

Alex's muscles bulged to gargantuan proportions. He was flexing his muscles up to over THREE TIMES his size! He gripped Superman's arms and broke them both, his godcock sucking on the hero’s own member harder and faster.

Superman muffled a scream as he continued to be driven further down into the earth. With one last thrust, Superman ejaculated everything he had, his super power, his muscles, everything was pushed into Alex who screamed with pleasure!

The jock’s power was now MULTIPIED with Superman’s! He was now 100 million times stronger than before! He was now a COSMIC POWERED GOD! Pulling his swollen, veiny mega-cock off Superman’s, Alex smirked down at the Men of Steel’s useless husk. He flexed his biceps and they exploded upward with the power of an entire GALAXY! His biceps quickly climbed to 6500 inches around, then 8000 inches around, 10,000 inches around. Alex felt primordial power rip throughout his body and quickly course into the biceps of this previously teen, 6-foot-tall, 19-year-old star-struck Superman fan! How long could this continue? Alex's biceps were over 400 feet tall and still growing!

They continued their impossible climb as they reached 11,000 inches around, 12,000 inches around! 1000 feet around! 500 feet tall! Alex was drunk with power, overcome with nearly uncontrollable energy. He continued to laugh as his bicep pushed up to 13,000 inches, then 14,000 inches, up to 15,000 inches!

Alex yelled out. "More! More! MORE! MOOOOOOOORE!" Raw elemental power blasted into his monumental biceps pushing them higher and harder. 16,000 inches, to 18,000 inches to 20,000 inches. 2,000 inches for every second! 152 mind blowing feet! 76 feet in height every moment! His biceps were 760 feet tall and GROWING. Bigger than the Statue of Liberty. They soared up to 22,000 feet, 24,000 feet, 27,000 feet, 31,000 feet, 36,000 feet in moments! 3000 feet around! 1500 feet tall! Taller than the Sears Tower! 38,000 inches, 40,000 inches! Alex tilted his head back as all of the raw power was unleashed into the biggest biceps ever conceived! They were taller than any building on earth and growing bigger every second and at a fast rate! 50,000 inches around, 60,000 inches around! 5000 feet! 2500 feet tall and growing at an ever increasing rate! 80,000 inches around, 100,000 inches around, 120,000 inches around! 5000 feet tall! Alex let out a primal scream and flexed harder! His biceps soared for the mountain tops! 150,000 inches around 200,000 inches around, 300,000 inches around, 400,000 inches around!


Alex finally let out a breath as he pulled himself back together. He looked up with his super vision to see how high his bicep peaks were.

"HA! 52,146 feet tall! But not quite tall enough! Time to break the outer atmosphere!" With full control of his immeasurable powers, Alex re-tensed his biceps and watched them soar even higher! 1.4 million inches around, 1.6 million inches around, 1.8 million inches around, 2 MILLION INCHES IN MOMENTS! His biceps expanded so quickly that they broke the sound barrier as his peaks reached the upper atmosphere! WITH ONE FINAL UNIVERSE-SMASHING FLEX, HIS ULTRA-POWERFUL BICEPS EXPLODED UP TO 2.4 MILLION INCHES AROUND AND ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND FEET TALL! HIS BICEPS WERE 19 MILES HIGH!

As his breathing settled down, Alex was finally satisfied and released his flex so his biceps could begin their incredible descent. He hummed with satisfaction as all the power unleashed into his biceps was slowly pulled back. His body, glowing hot from the power, began to dull back down.

He stood naked in a 50 foot crater, looked around at the endless destruction he had caused so effortlessly, and laughed.

"This planet is not even a match for my powers now." He reached down and pushed, titling the entire earth one way and then the next, creating earthquakes and floods. The entire earth was nothing but a beachball to him now! He laughed again and floated upward. The God Alex then flew away, quickly escaping the earth's atmosphere. He took off toward a distant star, looking for adventure.

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I know the original, the author of the story is one of my very favorite female muscle authors on the web, GBM. His girl made the Earth her bitch, pushing it away from her like it was a beach ball, that always stuck with me. I remember reading the male version some time ago, but when I tried looking it up, I couldn't find anything. But I swear to you, if there is a version of it out there, I will find it and post it.

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I saved a copy of this story before the old site closed down. Can't post ot at the moment as I'm at work and posting this through my cell. It will need formatting but I can look into postong it tonight unless the original author/poster gets to it before I do.

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I have a copy of the story; it's from an unnamed author. I don't know what the policy is regarding posting other people's stories (Moderators, please help me out here!) but if I get the go-ahead I'm happy to post forthwith. 

The original's kind of jumbled, formatting-wise, so I've cleaned it up a bit. (Again, I REALLY don't want to be treading on any toes here!)

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I'm a big supporter of giving an original author credit for his work when his stories are re-posted on this forum by somebody else. Since this story was originally posted over 10 years ago, this author may not be a member of our forum anymore. If he is, then we would love to hear from him!

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1 hour ago, Scriptboy said:

I'm a big supporter of giving an original author credit for his work when his stories are re-posted on this forum by somebody else. Since this story was originally posted over 10 years ago, this author may not be a member of our forum anymore. If he is, then we would love to hear from him!

Thanks SB; I was majorly leery of posting and editing another guy's work. You summed up my attitude perfectly (and kinda made me feel relieved; it's always nice when a Moderator has your back!)

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Believe it or not, I had a copy of the email from the Yahoo Group where this story was originally posted. The author's name was "catbatbom900900." I'm pretty sure he was also on our site, although I'm not sure if his name was exactly the same. Anyway, as you can see, he himself had converted the story from a female overpowering Superman.  I saw that story too, a million years ago, but I have no clue as if it was on the same group or somewhere else, nor do I know who the original, original author was. 


From: "catbatbom900900" <[email protected]>
To: <[email protected]>
Subject: [SupermanEroticStories] Weightlifting with Superman
Date: Friday, October 27, 2006 10:28 PM

***Ok so i worked insanely hard in changing this story to a 
male/male form from the female/male for it was originally. It was 
surprisingly really hard to do. It's a muscle growth story, so i 
hope you guys like it and that's about it :P***


Also, thanks to goremeridan for the vastly more readable version. It's so much better than the text version I have. 

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