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Lower Back Injury Help

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Hey dudes,

So...a few days ago I was trying for a PR on Overhead Press.

Went a little too heavy and wasn't bracing my core enough (part of an overall problem I need to address, strengthening my lagging core)...and pulled a muscle in my lower back, only on the right side. 

The pain isn't terrible, I'm just stiff and lifting anything more than 15lbs causes some discomfort. 

Do any of you have any tips to help myself heal? I'm taking a break from training for the week... I feel that its the right thing to do.

Any stretches or movements I should be doing or avoiding to help heal? 

Thanks for any and all help guys :)


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Yeah, go see a sports injury guy. I know some in NYC and LA if you happen to be in either. It may be something pretty innocuous, but regardless they should be able to help speed your recovery.

Other than that, ice for the first couple days, then apply heat. Maybe take an ibuprofen. Perhaps do soft tissue massage on surrounding areas, depending on the nature of the injury and your skill at that. But that all depends on what happened, and I can't tell from here. Also, glute activation and soft tissue on the glutes. A lacrosse ball works well.

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***IF*** it's a pull, you want to first reduce pain and swelling via ice, and also calm the tissue down while it heals. Right now everything in the area is freaking out, so anything you can massage in the area will be a plus, EXCEPT for the site of the injury, which it's best to stay away from lest you increase the swelling or damage the tissue further, unless you REALLY know what you're doing (i.e. you're a trained professional or have received guidance from one). But getting the muscle in question to "let go" is a plus to allow it to heal better and also to reduce chance of reinjury, so anything that takes the load off, like activating glutes so the lower back doesn't have to work hard, should be a benefit.

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