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5 hours ago, crushme99 said:

SUPER WORK (again).  Aw man, it is great to see your writing once again.  Thanks so much for being back with us.

Thanks for the feedback, matie! :D Although I never stopped writing! I've been working on this for the past few months! Feels good to finally get it out there! ^_^

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2 hours ago, Ozymandias said:

Superb work thus far! Looking forward to seeing the rest :)

Thanks, mate! I'm glad you're liking it so far! It probably takes a few chapters to get into it's stride so I hope people stick with it. 

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1 hour ago, muscleaddict said:

Thanks, mate! I'm glad you're liking it so far! It probably takes a few chapters to get into it's stride so I hope people stick with it. 

Well, it's definitely hit its stride.  Thanks for writing and sharing it!

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20 hours ago, Built22 said:

loving this story

hope theres more to come!!

Glad you're enjoying it, matie! And yes - lots more to come! This is just the beginning! 

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19 hours ago, anormorph said:

Well, it's definitely hit its stride.  Thanks for writing and sharing it!

Thanks for the feedback! Well if anything I'd definitely say the best is yet to come. ?

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18 hours ago, Tobias said:

Loving the dialogue in Noah’s head. Almost able to see AJ through Noah’s eyes.

Thanks for commenting, matie! I do this with quite a few of my stories and always think it's a fun way to get inside the characters heads and see what their really thinking versus what they actually say and do! :D

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Here's the first illustration for the story, as explained in the first post! It was done by an amazing illustrator who goes by the name of "Reeddune"! He has an Instagram here if anyone wants to see more of his work. He's done one more, and there may be more if he has the time to do them! ?


And the next part of the story is here...


“Ready for your induction, mate?”

An almost crippling shyness crept over me as I looked up at AJ Jones. It was something I hadn’t felt the Friday before when we’d bumped into each other at Tesco. Maybe it was the fact that since then I’d shot a load into my undies over a picture of him blasting a front lat spread on stage in his shiny, lime green posers.

“Oh, hi!” I said with a tone of surprise.

I was almost certain that I was blushing. And God, was I nervous. But I also couldn’t help feeling an almost overwhelmingly giddy rush at seeing Little Denton’s only junior competitive bodybuilder again.

“Yeah - I work here too!” he replied. “Typical Little Denton You can’t go anywhere without seeing someone you know! Have you finished filling out your form?”

I handed it over to him as he sat down in the chair next to mine. Sitting so close to AJ, it felt like my whole body had turned to mush and I was about to melt into the chair. I literally couldn’t suppress my smile from the buzz I was feeling at being in the presence of a man so ridiculously fucking huge and hot.

His body was just fucking insane. His upper arms were literally twice the size of mine. Even his forearms were bigger than the average lad’s. Thick and strong looking, completely hairless and with a number of extremely hot, modestly thick veins running underneath his gorgeously smooth skin.

The size of his shoulders was extraordinary too. Bulging out either side of his frame, stretching out the sleeves of his black t-shirt (possibly both tighter and hotter than his Tesco’s shirt). And his chest. Fucking hell! I swear he could have balanced a glass on it.

As he studied the form, I also couldn’t noticing just how absurdly fucking cute he was. Much more so than in his pictures, or even when we’d bumped into each other the week before. Is it possible to someone to get cuter in just five days? He was so fucking masculine but still charmingly boyish, with his cute little button nose, slightly sticky out ears and blemish free skin. Even his thick, bull neck and freshly cut, nicely styled hair were turning me on.

Everything about AJ just radiated a hotness. So much so that I began to swell. Fuck! Trying to hide a semi in your jeans in the middle of a Tesco’s is relatively easy, but sitting next to a bodybuilder in a fairly intimate manner wearing nothing but baggy tracksuit bottoms with no one else around prevents a considerably tougher challenge. I crossed my wrists together and buried my hands in my crotch to try and conceal it, hoping and praying it went down by the time we actually had to stand up.

“Oh wow, you still live at Hayes Avenue!” said the hottest lad I’d ever seen in my entire fucking life.


“Do you still have the big swing set at the bottom of your garden?”

“Yeah!” I replied, grinning. It felt incredibly surreal to be discussing the contents of the garden of the house I’d always lived in with someone whose biceps were THAT obscenely huge. But then, AJ had been in that garden countless times when we were younger. And with it, I also felt this amazing buzz at discussing something so personal with a guy who, on occasion, strutted around a bodybuilding stage, flexing his shredded mass and pulling funny faces as he tugged on the straps of his shiny, lime green posing trunks.

“How about you?” I asked. “Do you still live at Pickford Road?”

AJ informed me that his family had moved house a few years before. He still lived about a fifteen minute walk from my parents’ house, but now in the opposite direction. I pictured the area he lived in and suddenly started to wonder what AJ’s bedroom looked like. Did he have pictures of bodybuilders on the wall? And just where in that room did he keep his posing trunk collection? FUCK! I pressed my wrists down harder on my crotch. My erection definitely WASN’T going down.

“OK, improve fitness level…” AJ was reading from my form. He then suddenly pursed his lip and pulled a face. “Ooooh. Mate! It says here you wanna build muscle?”

My stomach suddenly twisted with nerves. I had no idea what AJ was about to say next.

“Sorry, mate, but I might have to get one of the other guys to help you out there. I’m afraid I don’t know much about that!”


And suddenly he was beaming at me cheekily, and I was laughing in response at probably the funniest and most outrageous thing he could have said, while simultaneously being reminded of just how funny AJ was.

I couldn’t believe he actually just referenced the fact that he was a mini muscle bull of a bodybuilder. And I couldn’t help veering my eyes down, once more, to those enormous upper arms and wondering what it would be like to watch them explode and flex before my eyes.

I was suddenly dying to ask him just when and how the hell he’d transformed into such a beast, but I didn’t quite have the nerve. I twisted my face up, instead. “Hmmm. Yeah - aren’t gym instructors supposed to at least look like they go to the gym?” I raised one eyebrow and looked him and down.

AJ laughed in response. “What, and be one of those big, muscly, bodybuilder guys? EURGH! No thanks! I mean … GROSS!”

I laughed and blushed simultaneously, partly at indulging in friendly banter with AJ about how big he was, but also partly just because he’d just said the word “bodybuilder” out loud. If only he knew just how much of an interest I had in the world of huge, freaky muscle. And just how many bodybuilders, professional or otherwise, I could name.

“So, today is just about signing you up, and running through the machines with you. I take it you’ve been to a gym before?”

As he asked the question, his eyes veered to the exposed part of my regular sized, none freakishly muscular right upper arm, which made me feel incredible self conscious. “Yeah!” I sheepishly replied.

“OK, so it’ll be more just familiarising you with the machines. Make sure you’re using them properly. There’s a few other things to go through at the end too. But then you’ll be all set.”

As we headed towards the gym, hard on gone but in very dangerous risk of returning at any given moment, AJ made the most absurd comment. “I feel like a midget next to you!”

I grinned in response, while thinking how utterly ridiculous it was that someone like AJ was comparing himself unfavourably to me. Because, yes, I had a few inches of height on him, but he was about five times cuter and about a hundred times more muscular than I was. He had the kind of body that made grown men cum in their pants just at the mere thought of it.

As we climbed the stairs to the gym, I was able to get my first decent glimpse of AJ from the back that day and FUCK, I could actually see his pumped lats bulging underneath his stretched t-shirt, which had “Little Denton Leisure Centre” written across the back. His waist was impressively small too. And underneath that, sticking out and covered up by his nicely filled out tracksuit bottoms was his big, round, munchable bottom. It was possibly the hottest rear view of anyone I’d ever seen and I was suddenly panicking because my dick was starting to swell once again.

Luckily the gym was packed, which completely killed my semi. AJ talked me through every machine and it was probably the hottest demonstration of anything I’d ever witnessed. It also gave me the perfect opportunity to marvel at the bulging muscle hiding underneath his gym clothes.

I watched his quads bulge at the leg curl, his chest squeeze together at the pec dec, and best of all, I watched his biceps erupt and swell in the bicep curl machine. Even just being next to AJ was absurdly hot. And gave me a rush like no other. He was unequivocally the hottest and biggest lad in the gym. In fact, no one else even came close. And I felt like the luckiest person in the room because I was with him. And because I get to be so close up to that ridiculously developed, bodybuilding stage worthy body.

“You know, I’ve seen your mum in Tesco’s a few times. I’ve said hi, but I’m not sure if she recognises me!”

Exiting the gym, AJ and I were walking back down to the reception area.

“Hmmm. It must be the hair!” I said, referring to AJ’s joke in Tesco the week before.

He giggled. This really, cute little giggle, which, somehow, didn’t quite match with his incredibly masculine appearance. “Hey, how’s your sister, Kayleigh, these days?”

“Yeah, she’s good! She’s a nurse now. She lives in Bristol.”

My sister absolutely adored AJ when we were friends. My mum too, in fact.

“I think you’d have a bit of a shock if you saw her now though. She’s erm … a little alternative. Loads of tattoos! Which my parents love,” I said sarcastically, rolling my eyes.

“Think she’d be shocked if she saw me?” AJ asked with a cheeky grin.

“Ummm … yeah! Just a bit!” I couldn’t help but blush when I said it. I was beginning to get the impression that AJ got a bit of a kick out of the fact he’d transformed himself into a monster. Which both excited me, and somehow made him even hotter.

We sat back down in the reception area. “As shocked as you were last week?” AJ quipped.

The question surprised me. I guess shocked is one way of describing how I’d felt when I’d come to face to face with a competitive bodybuilder bulging out of his work uniform, who also happened to have been one of my best friends at school.

I suddenly felt a surge of bravery, so I took the plunge and asked the question I’d be dying to earlier. “So, erm … how did you - ? I mean, when did you …” but AJ interrupted me.

“Stop being able to walk through a doorway without having to turn sideways?”


I released a short, loud laugh. “Well, I was gonna say when did you start going to the gym, but …” I replied.

AJ did his cute little giggle again. “Erm. I think it was around Year 11. Do you remember Andy?”

My heart suddenly expanded. “Yeah!” I replied. Did I remember Andy? It was such an absurd question that I almost wanted to laugh. Andy was AJ’s mum’s motorbike riding boyfriend. He was built like a brick shit house, had a head so bald it would make any boiled egg look hairy and was almost always walking around wearing leather biker gear.

I can still hear the creaking noise of his leather trousers whenever he’d walk through the house and I can still most definitely picture his big, meaty thighs and thick, round arse bulging underneath the material. Andy was like Little Denton’s very own answer to The Rock, the reason I realised I was gay, and possibly the sole purpose why I now have a thing for muscular men, bald heads and leather gear.

“Well, he took me to a gym called Scorpio’s. I’m not sure if you’ve heard of it?”

I’d absolutely heard of Scoprio’s. It was a gym about five miles North of Little Denton with a reputation for being the kind of serious, hardcore gym inhabited by bodybuilders and guys on steroids. I couldn’t help being amused at the image of small, skinny sixteen year old AJ Jones going to a place like that, being surrounded by a bunch of meat monsters.

“I know it’s got a bit of a reputation but there’s a great group of lads in there. It wasn’t ‘till I left school that I really got into it, though. I guess I just kinda caught the bug. I remember seeing these huge, shredded lads, some of them just a few years older than me and I just really wanted to be like them! A couple of them, Andy’s mates, kinda took me under their wings and, well … three years later and I was competing in a bodybuilding show!”

I suddenly remembered the pictures of AJ competing in his shiny, lime green posers from his Facebook profile and quickly placed my hands over my crotch again.

“How many, ummm … shows have you done?” My heart was pounding as I asked the question. I was actually conversing with a genuine bodybuilder about competing in shows.

“Three so far! My last one was a few months ago. The pictures on my Facebook profile - they’re from this year’s show!” he said, grinning.

I blushed at the mention of the Facebook pictures, one of which I’d creamed off to just last week.

“Did they freak you a little?” he asked, with an almost devilish smirk.

“NO!” I replied. “I mean - it’s not something you see every day, but, I was more wowed than freaked out. I mean - I know it takes a huge amount of work and dedication to get to that level.”

“It does!” he said nodding, looking surprised and impressed. “Most people don’t really think about that. They just think I look like a freak. Which I do! I mean, that’s kinda the look I was going for.”

And then I really did start to swell. Fucking HELL!

“It’s a pretty awesome look!” I said.

Oh God. You did NOT just say that.

AJ looked surprised, but he was grinning. I felt a surge of panic. Why would a guy like me who hadn’t been to the gym for a year think that bodybuilders looked good? Maybe because I was a raging homosexual who regularly dumped loads into my undies while watching YouTube videos of shredded bodybuilders like AJ flexing their outrageously developed muscles.

“Maybe I should take you to Scorpio’s!”

Oh my fucking GOD!

“We’ll get you shredded in no time, Noah!”

Hell fucking YES, AJ. Take me Scorpio's. Make me huge. Get me shredded. Turn me into a freak so I can stand on stage next to you and pull up the straps of my shiny, lime green posing trunks (just like yours!) as I show off my ripped slabs of crazily conditioned muscle and a crowd of adoring non-muscle freaks cheer and shout at the freakshow before them. FUCK YEAH!

“OK, mate, so it’s £14.99 a month and you can cancel any time, which I guess you’ll be doing when you go back to uni?” It was, apparently back down to the business of signing up to the gym.

“There’s one other thing we do here which I need to tell you about. It might sound like a sales plug but hear me out! We offer personal training sessions at £25 per session. I know it’s expensive, but when you sign up you get the option of having a session half price, with no obligation to have another one. It’s totally up to you, but if you wanna build muscle, you might actually benefit from having one. And the trainer’s here know what they’re talking about. Especially the one who’s a bodybuilder!” He then cocked his head and did this cheesy, but totally adorable grin that seemed to fill half of his face.

“Hmmmm,” I said. I wasn’t hugely interested at first, until the moment he revealed he was one of the trainer’s, and then I was suddenly extremely excited at the prospect of spending another hour in the company of the impossibly hot, mini muscle beast sitting next to me.

“Do I pick the trainer?” I asked.

“Yep!” he replied. Then he did the cocked head, big cheesy grin face again and pointed to himself with both fingers and I laughed out loud.

“OK! Training session sounds good. I want the guy over there on reception!”

His mouth fell open slightly then he grinned. “OK, but you’ll never get abs with that guy. Or biceps as big as these.”

Pant pant fucking pant!!

“OK, I have a slot free this Friday at 10?” AJ said. “You did want me, yeah?” he adorably then added.

“Yeah!” I said, laughing. “Friday sounds good.”

“Awesome!” he replied, with his biggest grin yet.

And my whole body felt like it was about to burst with excitement. Because on Friday morning I would get to see AJ Jones again. Gorgeous, cute, funny, huge AJ Jones. Maybe the summer wasn’t going to be so boring after all.

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