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m/m My Dad's Boy Is A Big Boy

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Part 2



The family jet was really comfortable for me. I was amazed by the silk purple carpet, the open mini bar, and even the 5 star cuisine inside that I was allowed to enjoy. Dad was a very rugged man, preferring the most simplistic things in life.


When I was younger, my big dad preferred to have a simple and peaceful home for his sons. We never had money troubles thanks to my dad's deal with the scientific community but Jeff and I never asked for much. My graduation from high school was one of the very few times my dad came dressed in a full suit, tailored to fit his 8 foot tall body and 900+ pounds of stone hard muscle. For dad to have bought a personal jet topped with all of these extravagant accessories, he must have been rolling in money (which meant a pretty big pool of money for such a big man).


As I left the jet, the sun shined down on all 6 feet and 3 inches of my body. By no standard did I grow up a small man in the eyes of my peers. A star linebacker in my college football team, I was best known as 'The Lawnmower' from having mowed down the enemy team with all 230 pounds of me. Of course, it was hard to look big when your dad was a walking phenomenon. I

remember receiving my award in high school football as the best player. People looked up to me as an idol and role model for their kids as I took my reward and raised it like a trophy in the name of my high school career. That was, until my dad stood to clap for me. My dad had been sitting in the back of the room, watching with pride from the back as I received my award,

but he couldn't hide himself any longer as he stood above all the other parents and students, his big hands clapping up thunderstorms with their loud collisions.


After that, he became the talk of the school. "Did you see Johm's dad?" someone would ask. "Yeah, that dude is HUGE!" someone would answer with enthusiasm. It got kind of irritating after a while till I graduated and left for a big university all the way on the other side of the country.


A limo came to pick me up from the airport. I hadn't heard from my brother or dad in 3 years so I'd assumed that they'd come and see me at the airport. I could understand why dad was coming, since he'd basically be the equivalent of a celebrity in a book store, but why didn't Jeff come to get me atleast? I decided that I'd ignore questions like these with a quick drink from the mini bar inside the limo. Whatever my dad had bought, he must have been determined to give his 21 year old kid a good time. Jeff had sent me a message saying that Dad had also bought a new house to go with his new paycheck, far into the outskirts of our hometown. I felt a lot of childhood memories flooding back as we cruised through the town. Kids were playing in the parks and sidewalks and the people as a whole seemed to be in a peaceful state.

I smiled a bit as I felt the safety of being home again, stopping the shot glass of expensive wine an inch from my lips for a moment. That didn't stop me from drinking the shot, of course. Just as we reached the last hill before we reached our destination, a text came from my little brother. 'How's the view?' the text asked me as he went over the hill. I looked over the front seat and my eyes bulged out of my head.


A massive mansion the size of a mall stood in the center of an enormous collection of gardens, mazes, and well shaped statues of greek gods. The building was like the 8th wonder of the world. How could dad possibly afford all of this, I wondered as the driver curved around a large fountain in front of the house, coming to a halt at the entrance.


The entrance to the large mansion was two extremely tall wooden doors that looked like a man on 10 foot stills could walk through with no trouble." Your luggage be put in your room for you shortly, sir" said the driver as I got out. " Thanks, man" I said, not accustomed to hearing someone call me sir. I reluctantly walked up to the wooden doors, seconds from knocking, when I felt something move beneath my feet. My brow furrowed as I thought I'd imagined it and kept moving forward. A little button was placed in the wall beside the door to work as a doorbell. A loud chime rang as I pressed it, a sing song like ring echoing around me.


At first, there was no response at all. Then there was the sound of a door slamming open and a running along marble floor before a momentary silence. Slowly, the door opened and my I swore my jaw dropped at what I saw. My view was level with an enormous chest wearing the tightest white wife beater. Hair escaped the confines of the stretching shirt, thick black hair covering the enormous chest. My eyes slowly moved up to see the face of an enormous man that appeared to own these huge pecs. My throat was dry as I recognized the face.


"Dad?" I asked as I looked past the thick black beard and big, handsome face of the giant in front of me. I harty laugh came from the large man as he heard my response, shaking me to the core. " Are you ok, Johny?" he said with a deep and powerful voice. " It's me, Jeff." he said as he put familiarly shaped glasses on his face.


The strangest thing happened to me in that moment. I'd always been straight as an arrow but the sight before me was testing the balance. I quickly pulled myself together as I tried to distract the new man my brother had become. " Jeff?" I said, trying to say something. Jeff had never been a very small child but he'd never been so massive. Jeff was a soon to be doctor with reccomendations from the most prostigious schools in the world and was billingual in many languages but he still had been keeping a good and firm body since before I left for college, standing at 6'1 and sitting at 194 pounds of soaking wet, lean muscle. The man before me was much bigger and much better looking as he owned a strong chin, full lips, a rugged jaw line, and even the best looking brow. He must have been been over 7 feet tall and wide enough to fill musch of my vision with his mass. " You never answered my text, J; How's the view?" he said, aiming his amazingly blue eyes into mine, almost touching my soul. Only one thing came to my mind at this question.


" Massive...."


Jeff smiled as he moved his massive shape out of the way and moved his arm into the house. "Good to hear. You coming inside?" he asked. He had no idea how close he'd found me out as I walked with a bit of an awkward motion before moving regularly. He didn't seem to notice, thank god. The inside of the house was as big as the outside. Paintings of obvious quality covered

the walls and were lighted by the skylight above. Expensive tables and chairs were placed around the room. A silky red carpet covered the path from the front door to the stairs leading up to the upper rooms and well designed, tall archways led to more rooms along the 1st floor. I was beside myself at all there was in this one building.


Everything, including Jeff, was enormous in this building." I know its a lot to take in but Dad hopes you'll still feel at home here with your family" Jeff

said, throwing a heavy arm around me neck and pulling me into a one armed hug, pressing me into his enormous, hairy pit as he looked upon the view. I shook a bit at the scent of his manly scent, the strange thing that happened at the door happening again in my pants. I was shaky at the knees but the enormous arm was holding my body in my place as though I weighed nothing.

" Well let's go get you to your room, big guy" he said as he loosened his arm around me but still laid it over my shoulders, pulling me forward and up the stairs to the second floor, forcing me to move a little more quickly to keep up with the long strides of his long, muscular legs that were testing the restraint of his jeans as much as an ungodly, round mass pushed outward between them. I couldn't keep my eyes off of it.


When we turned the corner to the long hallways of the 2nd floor, my cock stirred at what laid before me. The rooms were clearly inhabited by some kind of large beast as different parts of clothing were along the hallway. Torn shirts and underwear were thrown across the floor. A strong, masculine odor came from the hallway that was almost more than I could take, the red

carpeting matching some of the red shirts or red boxers and briefs. Many of the articles of clothing were very large, clearly made to try and contain a large man but couldn't do the job. " Shit! Sorry, J, I was supposed to clean up the room before you got here but I couldn't finish in time." he said, scratching the back of his head in frustration.


An enormous, veined bicep formed from the action, the enormous trap of my enormous brother testing the confines of the wifebeater. "It's alright, you know I'm a slob, too" I said in confort, trying to pull my eyes from the big bicep in my brother's arm but failing miserably. He smiled down at me with the whitest smile I'd ever seen and I nearly melted where I stood. "Thanks, bro!" he said as he grabbed be and took me with him to the end of the hallway. The door at the end of the hallway appeared to lead to a different kind of room than the rest. A modest drawer and wall lamp were placed beside the door as if to emphasize that someone else was supposed to be in the room. " Dad said he didn't want to overwhelm you with everything at once so he decided to set a small room for you" he said, opening the door and crouching to get into the room.


I followed and I was granted the sight of the perfect room. An enormous bed stood at the opposite side of the room, meters away. An opened door led to an enormous bathroom made with what looked like porcelain and marble. The room I stood in looked like its own living room as a sofa was placed in front of a wide screen tv inside the wall. A large, silver fridge stood to the side of the bed and a fire place across from that lay quiet. No words came from my mouth. A window looking out to the front of the house lit the room and the table sitting below it.


" I hope its alright. We tried to find bigger furniture but there was no way they could fit it into one room" Jeff said, his voice falling down to my ears to be heard. I shook my head without looking away from the furniture. " It's perfect. Really" I said sincerely as I walked in and fed my eyes with the amazing decoration. Jeff towered by the front door of the room, his enormous chest level with the top of the opening. " Pop said he wanted to see you

once you got settled in" he saidm using his personal nickname for dad as he turned to the door and bent down to exit. I went out with him a bit more quickly than I wanted to reveal. " I'm settled" I said quickly, following my large brother down to the hall. " Wow, you miss him that much huh?" he said as we turned the corner and entered the garden in the back of the house. The gravel road crunched under my brother's massive weight like it was bubble wrap, leaving faint footsteps in it.


As we entered the forest in the back of the house, I felt my feet tickle a bit as we passed the closely standing trees. " Where's Dad?" I asked as I tripped over a branch but kept going along the path. The tickling at my feet had gotten stronger as we seemed to close in on a destination. Jeff smiled a little at the mention of dad's location. " Oh, he's busy working in the junk yard" he said as the forest began to clear. Why would dad be at a junk yard this far from the house, I wondered. The light of the clearing in front of us blinded me for a moment before I saw the 'junk yard' laid before me. Broken cars and

types of weights were placed in very tall piles, shaking as the quakes beneath our feet became stronger. I nervously walked toward the yard with my brother and had to grab his enormous forearm to continue standing. The close we came to the yard, the more I realized how big the weights and cars were. Clearly, they were made for giants as I saw weights that would normally be a single ton for powerlifters were piled upon each other in different sizes from 10 to 100 tons per weight. What kind of man could have use for such weight, I wondered as I clung tightly to my brother. " Dad didn't want to damage the mansion so he brought the yard all the way over here" Jeff said knowingly, smiling at the desperate grasp of his 'big' brother. When we turned the final corner, I was beside myself as I smell the most powerful smell I'd ever experienced enter my nose, slowly going stronger. At first, it smelled like a gym full of jocks working out but then, as we came closer, it started to become less like jock musk and more like pure testosterone. My cock jumped and then laid firm against my waistband as the smell

entered my system.


From where we stood, I could see a tall pile of what looked like train cars piled on top of each other, moving up and down like a machine was lifting them. I could feel my body getting pulled in by the power of the smell in the air, making me keep up with my large brother.


When we passed the corner, I felt my heart beat out of place. A behemoth of enormous proportion lay beneath the tall pile of train cars that looked like a pile of muscle and hair, bench pressing it quickly up and down. "Pop, he's home" Jeff called to the pile. A large head of dark hair turned and looked right at me, a burly beard covering the face of perhaps the most handsome man one could lay eyes on. " SQUIRT!" came a thunder-filled voice as the behemoth sat up and set the tall pile of train cars aside as if they weren't 20 train cars topping each other. The giant was only sitting up and he appeared to have rival height to me standing up. But he clearly wanted a better advantage as he stood and rocketed up and up and up into the air.


My blue eyes were wide but that didn't take away any of my body's energy to fire a huge load onto my stomach beneath my shirt. I nearly fell before a quick collection of shaking moved the earth before an enormous hand covered my bicep like a thick sleeve. " You ok, Squirt?" a loud voice called down to me as I pulled myself up. I looked from two enormous boot covered feet up to two enormous calves that riveled my waist in size. I went up higher and caught two enormous thighs that tested a pair of tight white shorts that didn't even make it half way down the enormous hairy legs. My mouth went dry as an enormous bulge bulged between the two monoliths like an extra large medicine ball.


I pulled my vision higher as the giant stood to full high, the bulge only 6 inches from my face and filling my thoughts with its power. An 8 pack that looked harder than diamond stood above the bulge like a cobblestone path and went up to the giant's chest. My eyes were glued to the enormous chest above that as the giant's chest breathed in and out, filling the ceiling of my vision and helping the torso define the definition of the phrase 'barrel chested'. Two enormous arms stood out from the pillar of a body and bulged along with it, an obvious pump pushing through the tight white tanktop that didn't reach the bottom set of the giant's abs. A large remotely human head with a pretty face looked down on me with the most beautiful eyes and hottest facial structure I'd ever seen, making my body sweat and overheat from just the presence of it. " Did you miss your dear ol' dad, sport?" the giant roared down to me with his deep voice. I almost wasn't able to speak to the giant but one word did escape my dry throat.


"D...dad?!" I asked before getting shaky in the knees and falling to the ground, my shirt soaking through with a growing wet stain.

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