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femdom Nadia, Alpha Teen Female

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It was a sunny warm late afternoon in August. James Ramsbottom found himself standing in the parking lot belonging to Westwood Fitness in San Delgado, California. He wore clothing fit for a gym; a bright teal T-shirt, blue shorts, tube socks and bright white Nike sneakers. Looking at himself in a reflection was always a bit like love at first sight. Catching himself reflected upon a window of a Ford Bronco he ran a hand through his wavy blonde locks making certain it was perfect. 'A-prime beefcake,' he thought to himself.

James was on the prowl. Today could've spent the afternoon lounging at his favorite sport club named Killearny but he was in search of someone he had heard so much about from friends. What he had heard not only peaked his curiosity but his other head down below as well. This someone was a girl, only 18 as it turned out, and was quite a sight to behold. One friend had mentioned that she was a real freak. Whether she was in the sheets or not he forgot to ask. This girl was presumably working out inside this very gym. James actual reasons for his visit had to do with adding this supposed dynamo to his stable of young women who had already fallen for his charm, good looks, libido, and prodigious sexual organ that swung under his sweatpants. Do it before Chad, Chuck, Brandon, or any other member of his circle tagged her. 'In and out bag and tag,' he thought to himself. He mused that getting women into bed was becoming easier nearly to a point of it ceasing to be a challenge. The girl in the gym would be no different after all she was only 18. If she wanted to see a freak he'd show his power wand between his legs.

Mr. Ramsbottom's circle of fellow alpha male friends nicknamed themselves the Aqua Velvas a bit tongue in cheek to be sure. They dressed and walked to impress the fairer sex. They all had the swagger, the euro sports cars, the Aspen Winter condos that screamed wealth even if it came from Mommy and Daddy. It worked. Women fell for their charm. You could spot an Aqua Velva on the streets or in a club by what and who they wore. A virtual litany of Italian fashion lined the closets of it's members. Not only Italian clothing but Polo, Izod, Jordache, Guess, Ralph Lauren, and Burberry to name a few.

Her name was Nadia Niculescu. Nadia lived in a fine neighborhood ten-minute drive from Westwood. She had happily married parents who were both doctors at Stanford University Hospital, and she had a younger brother named Alex. Both Alex and she were less than a week from becoming a freshman and senior respectively at San Delgado High School. According to James’ friends Nadia also had a huge breasted raven haired BFF named Sonia Savich. He looked to add Sonia to his list of conquests too.

James did a quick visual sweep of the parking lot to see if he could spot either one of Nadia’s two means of daily transportation. Depending on the weather and whether or not she had to drive her little brother to school she often drove a car or rode a motorcycle. In this case she drove her car, and there it was. A black '69 Big Boss Mustang. James chuckled as he walked up to it shaking his head. A girl who drives a car like this must be 100% bad ass and a freak between the sheets. As for the car her Mustang was an extension of Nadia herself. Loud, big, brash, powerful, and full of business. He shook his head as he peered through the glass window and saw that the interior needed a cleaning. ‘Messy girl’, James thought to himself. He hated messy women. He loved discipline in his girlfriends. Neat, orderly, on time, and willing to take his orders on command. He caught his image reflected off of the glass. James let out a sigh and thought to himself, ‘No wonder the chicks go wild.’ Mighty fine indeed after all he was built and incredibly strong there was no argument there. The T-shirt he wore was stretched out, his shoulders, arms, and forearms were well developed. From top to bottom he was the perfect image of physical fitness. He checked to see that his perfectly coiffed dark hair was in place. He smiled at his male model looks and winked. James was certain that Nadia would instantly find him scorching hot. How could she not?

He opened the doors to Westwood and took in the interior space which was quite spacious. The entire building broken into three large sections. The largest of which were the free weight and adjoining Nautilus rooms. There was a slightly smaller space reserved for hard impact step aerobics classes, one of which was in session. The walls were painted light gray, with neon lights accents spread about to break up the monotony of gray. The interior design allowed for a multitude of floor to ceiling mirrors. The carpeting was a slightly darker tone of warm gray. There were steel framed posters of male and female hard bodies hanging along the front lobby and rear hallway leading all the way to the locker rooms at the back of the gym. Near the locker rooms were several saunas, whirlpools and one Olympic sized indoor swimming pool.

James approached the front desk in the lobby as “One Night in Bangkok” by Murray Head Music began to play through the overhead speakers. A buff guy behind the front counter wearing a name tag that read Chase looked up at James and asked, “Hi there, need any help?”

“Ah, do you have a membership form?” James asked.

“Yep, sure do. Here you go,” he handed James a clipboard before adding, “We can give you a day pass in the meantime. What’s your name?”

“The name’s James,” he said.

Chase wrote up a day pass and gave it to him. “Chase you mind if I take this form with me and fill it out later?”, James asked after all he wasn‘t here to join but to bang one of its female members.

“Hey, no sweat just fill it out when you have time,” he replied as the desk phone rang.

“Where did you used to work out?” Chase asked after he finished helping the caller.

“Oh, ah Gold’s. You know down in Venice,” James lied.

“Awesome. Yeah, I love Venice Beach, pretty rad place,” Chase said.

“Say, uh is Nadia here?” he inquired.

“Bennings or Nicu….Nicul…”, Chase said appearing to have some difficulty pronouncing her last name.

“Uh, Niculescu.”

“I can never say her last name. Yeah, she’s in the weight room. You want me to point her out or go get her?”

“Nah, I’ll go and find her it’s no problem man,” James smiled heading off knowing from the descriptions given to him by his friends would suffice.

As he did so James passed several full length mirrors. This time he didn't stop to admire himself as he was on the prowl for his new prey. There would be time for self-indulgence later. James crossed the threshold into the weight room. It was crowded and even from his vantage point there was a bit of difficulty picking Nadia out. The song “Shout” by Tears for Fears came on. James really hated that tune. For an instant he thought he spotted her near the other side of the huge room. Was that her? There were so many other patrons it was hard to tell. James was told she had chestnut reddish brown hair cut in a short pixie style with one side slightly longer than the other. His target had brown eyes, and was at least 5’11”. His friend's words 'She's a freak, built like a tank' sounded off in his head.

He maneuvered around others as he descended into the maze of equipment racks, dumb bells, barbells, weights, sweat and grunts. He expertly maneuvered avoiding two ‘roid kings. James then looked to his right. His jaw dropped. There she was! He simply couldn’t believe my eyes. She looked stunning and incredibly powerful. 'Fuck me she is a tank' James literally had to catch his breath. It’s one thing to imagine someone from a description but to actually see them up close is entirely different. She exuded a scorching sexuality that was different than anything he'd encountered before.

Nadia was performing squats with several muscle-heads hanging around her like a pack of vultures. She was doing a hell of a lot of weight from the looks of it, well over 675 lbs. Despite the incredible weight she did them with a sense of ease her motions incredibly fluid. She wore black spandex shorts and a red OP T-shirt cut off at the midriff with sleeves and collar removed. She had a red bandana wrapped around her head acting as a sweatband and wore a pair of red Reebok sneakers to top off the ensemble.

From James’ vantage point Nadia had an insanely over-developed V-shaped back that tapered to a small waist. Her traps and deltoids were just massive. Shoulders that made up of segmented muscle striated in bands that reminded James of a cluster of bananas. Her legs and ass looked as if they were straining to burst out of that spandex. Nadia’s huge quads looked like they could crush coconuts and those big diamond shaped calves would make male bodybuilders green with envy. ‘Jesus I can’t believe this a chick, and a teen at that!’

James wasn't expecting Nadia to look like this. She was far beyond anything he'd ever imagined. He had seen from magazines, articles that featured a few women who had achieved some impressive muscle size and physical strength. There was the famous Mary Logan a Scottish immigrant living in Chicago who amazed audiences in the 1890s with near super human strength. With her stunning beauty and physique Mary lifted wagons, pulled teams of oxen and boxcars with a disturbing sense of ease. Then there was Madamoiselle Emelie Guingand who in 1913 was photographed hoisting a French Army 75 mm artillery piece over her. James' mind recounted the feats of Yulia Kachaturova a Soviet blonde beauty who bested the French woman by lifting a tractor over her head in 1940. Yulia's cute smile not showing a hint of strain. These women were legends and as such a legend is something that existed in the past. James never expected to some face to face with a modern day legend. Not here in San Delgado California. Yet there she was.

She was just finishing a set when James looked to her reflection in the mirror as he approached her workout station. Muscle-head #1, her official spotter apparently said something to Nadia that made her smile. In fact all the other guys hanging around her were making fools of themselves trying to get her attention, lauding over her. It turned his stomach to see guys act like that. As he came closer James’ eyes and hers made contact in the mirror. The gaze lasted less than a fraction of a second yet it caused James to stop in his tracks. Those dark smoky eyes of hers appeared to bore right through him. As he walked behind her the spotter gave James a sideways look that wasn’t too friendly. James wasn’t moved by his gaze. ‘Know your place limp dick.’

He felt a bit dumb retracing his steps to perform a second pass. As James did so he caught her looking at him in the reflection as she was about to start her last reps. His dick twitched. James figured Nadia would be finishing up soon. He looked around the remaining parts of the weight room before leaving to check out the rest of Westwood.

While he waited he caught glimpse of a woman who reminded him of one Cameron Feagin. Cameron was a young woman in her early 20s who was passed around various members of the Aqua Velvas like some VCR tape. An aspiring actress she was fooled into sleeping with James and his friends who did their own style of acting by making her think they had contacts with various Hollywood agents. Cameron was stunning, desperate, and fortunately for James quite naive. Then one day in Tijuana he spiked her drink like many of his friends often did with girls. She had a severe reaction, foamed at the mouth and died. James panicked and rang a friend who in turn knew of someone in the Mexican underworld. For five thousand dollars this Mexican placed Cameron's body in the trunk of his car and drove off with promises to bury the body somewhere. James' only reaction after a while was the bitterness towards Cameron for dying and to his drug dealer friend who told him the spike was “the shit”. Yeah the spike 'Was shit' he thought.

Suddenly there was movement out of the corner of his eye. Nadia approached. His heart rate increased as she walked near James to get a drink of water from a fountain. ‘I can’t wait to get this one into the sack. She'll be in my black book in a category all by herself’. When she got within a few feet of him, those eyes of hers suddenly locked onto his. James could’ve sworn there was a super charged bolt of lust that flashed between the two. He licked his lips.

“Hi,” she said.

“Hey there,” James answered straightening himself out to appear taller.

She wasn’t wearing a bra. James sized up her breasts to be a bit more than a handful. His cock twitched. Her nipples were quite pronounced as if she was already turned on. He slobbered over her exposed midriff that revealed a set of abs that resembled silver ingots.

Shit she’s something else,’ he thought.

“You must be new. I’ve never seen you here before,” Nadia remarked as she removed the red bandana from her head.

“Yeah, I just moved up from L.A. I wanted to find a gym and chose this one.”

“Well I’m sure you’ll like it here,” Nadia replied.

'Love her eyes,'

“I know I will,” he smiled.

“Work hard, play hard that’s my motto. All the gym members here are totally serious about gettin’ their bods in shape. You should fit in really well.”

“Well looking at you I’d say you definitely work hard, very hard. You’re unbelievable,” said James.

“I play hard too.”

“That I have no doubt. You need a play partner?” he asked with a sly grin.

“Kinda depends on a few things,” Nadia replied her eyes checking him over.

“Oh, like what?”, he asked.

“Whether you’re the type that really gets me off. You know the kind of guy that lives in my fantasies.”

“Was I in your last fantasy?” James grinned.

A slight smile broke across her face and she said, “Hmmm, the stud in my fantasy had a great big cock and a pair of balls the size of lemons that he kept bragging about,” Nadia said putting her hands on her hips and looking straight into my eyes.

Damn look at those delts and biceps!’

“Is that right? Well look no further I’m your man.”

“You think you’re my fantasy dude?” she smirked.

“I might be,” he replied.

“Really?” she chuckled in a manner that revealed she thought otherwise.

Before James could say anything she stepped forward and put a hand down the front of his sweatpants, her gaze never broke from his. A devilish smile soon appeared across her face. He got an instant hard-on. “Oh, hey jeez wait uh, let‘s go somewhere private,” he said.

Her hand stroked his organ and balls, massaging them before pulling her hand out from his sweatpants. She smelled her fingers, a flash of lust appeared in her eyes. She grunted softly, “Yeah, you might be right stud. I think we did have a session the other day.”

Overcome with lust he blurted out seemingly out of control, “I gotta pound you deep with my big dick.”

“Mmmm, that’s more like it. Well then Mr. Big Dick let’s see what you’ve got. Haul it out and pound it for me”, she cooed.

“Uh, right here right now?” he asked incredulously.

“I love to see a guy pound his own meat. Are you game? I so want to see those balls bounce while you jack off,” she cooed.

James looked around and despite both being in a hidden nook well away from the public eye, doing something like this was something he tried to avoid. She didn’t seem to care one bit.

“Maybe you’re not the stud from my fantasy. Sounds like you’re a fuckin’ wuss,” she smirked.

“Yea? Well maybe it’s too big and you’re simply afraid,” James blurted out.

She laughed, “Haul it out pal.”

“Nah, you better do it,” he shot back.

She still had that smirk on her face as she slowly got on her knees and pulled his sweatpants down to his knees. She grunted as she saw James’ turgid cum cannon spring up. The thing was getting fatter by the second. Veins stood out like roads on a map along the entire thick shaft. The energy James felt as it pointed skyward never failed to send a wave of power through him. James had always thought he could ram his cock through armor plate. He looked down on Nadia and upon seeing her kneeling down before him his slight case of anxiety he had earlier left him.

“Fuckin’ suck it now,” he hissed.

She looked up at him as if she was about to say something subservient as most women did to him but instead her dark eyes glowered back, “I don’t think you get how this works stud, you’re my toy.”

She grabbed his cock and rammed it into her mouth and down her throat in a mere three seconds. Her deepthroating skills were beyond anything he’d ever experienced with the vast majority of the thousands he‘d fucked in his twisted sex crazed life. Up and down, up and down, up and down she went glazing his shaft with spittle. The blow job was heaven and he wished it would last longer but James already felt the urge to splurge. She sensed it and each time he was about to blow Nadia pulled on his ball sack preventing relief. In a matter of two minutes he went from dominant to dominated. She yanked on the ball sack and squeezed gently, “Who’s in charge fuckwit?”

Pain and pleasure hit his nerves at once making James groan. She did it again this time harder, “Answer you fuck.”

“You,” he grunted.

“What was that?” she squeezed.

“Ow, shit,” James winced.

“That’s not an answer,” she shot back.

Her offensive against his cock and balls continued unabated. Pressed up against a wall he was now receiving more pain than pleasure as his lower abdominals were cramping from the need to release the tsunami of seed.

“You are, y-you’re in charge,” he stammered wishing he could cum.

“Mmmm? Want me to stop?” she asked.

“P-please,” he asked nearly begging.

She grunted, “Fuck that boy-toy.” By now his balls were turning a shade of cobalt blue and the cock head a tint of violet. He was literally squirming to get away at which point she stood up. One hand stretching and massaging his ball sack to prevent the impending explosion. She used a forearm to push James back against the wall, her face only inches from his.

“Don’t squirm wuss, you’ll only make it more painful,” Nadia said pressing harder into his chest.

“Ah, shit please I gotta blow,” he spluttered.

“You wanna blow your big wad huh stud,” she whispered.

“Y-yes, p-please,” he grimaced as her arm press was starting to affect his breathing making him wonder just how strong this girl truly was.

“Want me to make it all better, make the pain go away?” she said quietly.

The pain and general discomfort he was undergoing was in fact getting a bit more extreme. She was enjoying every minute. She was clearly in charge and she made him know that. James had no doubt she must've made other guys feel the same. His anxiety came back this time full force. His legs felt weak. He wondered if Nadia even had a steady boyfriend. She most likely went through guys like a hot knife through butter. Hell, she probably collected them, made them do whatever she wanted. Being faced with her incredibly muscled physique, strength, height, and beauty Nadia was intimidating. She knew it of course and therefore used that to get what she desired. James suddenly realized he was being bested by his counterpart of a sorts.

“You’re gonna eat your own cum dumbfuck,” she sneered.


Before he even had time to fully register what she had demanded she grabbed the back of his head and forced James to double over while holding his balls and cock in the other. His neck and back muscles protested by causing the Alpha male to yell out briefly. Before he knew it his own cock was rammed into his very own mouth. She held James in a semi balled up position and growled, “Eat it slave,” as she helped to release the torrent of jizz held back for so long. It shot into his mouth and throat, rope after rope of hot seed blasted forth. The stuff was coming out of the corners of his mouth and nose. She laughed. James felt as if his own jaw was about to break from the size of his bloated cock. He was beginning to gag and tried to pull his head back but her forceful hand kept his head locked onto his own meat. James’ back muscles began to burn from the pain.

“Yeah, that’s it stud eat it. Oh, yeah like that,” she smiled.

She held him folded over as James was forced to eat his own seed. He'd finally stopped cumming but she held him in that position for a short while berating him in a hushed tone of how inferior he was compared to her. Finally, Nadia gripped his hair and yanked his mouth from the softening cock. James made a gasping sound trying to inhale as much air as possible. His face was a red mess, tears ran down his ruddy cheeks cum plastered over his square jaw and dimpled chin.

“You look like shit faggot. You should get yourself cleaned up,” she snickered.

His head was spinning and his muscled limbs felt heavy as if they were made of concrete. His growing anxiety forced him to blurt out, “You bitch, you’re really fucking crazy.” Her sly smile disappeared, and her dark sultry eyes began to glower in anger. She grabbed his aching crotch squeezed hard making him yelp in pain. She single-handedly hoisted 225lb James off the ground, “Yeah, you do need a wash.” James knew he was in for it and tried to reach for her throat. She sneered and struck him in the solar plexus with a punch that made him see all the stars in the Milky Way. All of the air within him left his lungs like some airplane cabin suffering a decompression at 35,000 feet. She threw him over one of her broad shoulders walked down the hall and kick in the door to the hot tub. With one foot she kicked the machine on making the water effervesce in a cavalcade of bubbles. Like a sack of garbage, she threw the now demoted Beta male in the water. He gasped for air as thrashed about attempting to recover from the aching sensation in his gut. He wiped the hair and water away from his “dreamy” blue eyes and there she stood. Her hands upon her hips looking down at him as if he truly was subservient. Even now he was in awe how her gym outfit conformed to her outrageous body.

“I own your ass. You’re gonna learn like everyone else that I run the roost. Capiche? Soon you’ll worship the very ground I walk on,” she said in a tone that yielded an overwhelming sense of self-assuredness.

“Do your parents know what you’re like? Do they know what you do, how you act?” he demanded.

She smiled and replied, “I’m an A student, a loving helpful dutiful daughter to my parents and supportive protective sibling to my younger brother. Do they know how I treat scum like yourself? No, of course not.”

“Well maybe I ought to tell them,” James replied back to her.

“Hmmm, that would be a poor choice bucko. I’d bury your ass if you did, and I do mean bury,” she smiled her eyes boring holes through him.

“Okay missy,” he’d had enough of her attitude and scraped what little pride he had left.

“Missy? What decade are you in?”, she laughed.

James scrambled out of the hot tub, his self-esteem nearly shot. The idea of being challenged by a girl was more than he could bear. If news got out of this episode no woman would ever want to be seen with him ever again. The “Superstud” James Ramsbottom would forever live in shame. He had to do something. “You look pissed,” she said as he fumbled his way over to her.

“You’re damn right I am,” he barked.

“Shhhhh, calm down little man. Don’t spaz out. I see you still haven’t learned. Therefore, I’ll have to be much firmer with you,” Nadia said in a calm voice that only served to agitate him more.

The light and shadow played games across her incredible musculature. Nadia's back looked like some geographical relief map of valleys and rolling hills of raw muscle. He couldn’t help feeling a tiny resurgence of lust down below. ‘I’ll rape this mouthy bitch raw,’ he thought to himself.

“I’ll be the one who’s firm. Just assume the position and take it like the whore you are,” he demanded.

“A whore? How about an introduction first. Why don’t you say hello to my Enforcers,” Nadia answered.

“Your what?”

“My Enforcers,” she reiterated doing a double bicep pose.

Fuck me’, James was astonished even a little frightened by her physique. Her arms were truly huge and those lats of hers, by God! He guessed the size of her guns to be around 23 inches (at least) in diameter with biceps that actually sported a double peak. The vasculature wrapped around steely forearms and bicep muscle like cables. He gulped.

She wobbled a huge glute before tensing the muscle that revealed segmented musculature, “And these are my glorious Pythons.” Nadia was a complete package with attitude to boot.

“I think you need to lay off the juice honey.”

Nadia laughed, “You think I take that stuff? No way Jose. What you see is all me pal. Just me, myself, and my killer genes.”

“Yeah, sure whatever you say. Your genetics alone are responsible for all that muscle and your feminine charm,” he snorted.

“I'm a great person once you get to know me, I mean as long as you stay on my good side that is, “ Nadia replied.

“Oh, I bet you're all sugar and spice bitch.”

“Isn't that what you like in a girl? For her to be innocent, sweet, and submissive or do you like them to be dominant like me? Maybe you don't have a preference. You just see what flips your griddle and go for it,” Nadia said fawning an air of innocence.

“Take a fucking guess,” James said grabbing a towel to dry off.

“Did you get all your own cum off?” she snickered.

“We aren't done here,” he muttered.

“You know I bet you're a sub. You act like Mr. Dominant but secretly you love to be the receiver. Am I right? Now what would be your hottest fantasy? Lemme think for a sec.”

“I can guess your story honey. A guy you really liked once said you were the lamest lay he'd ever had. That dashed your dreamy dream of skipping off into the sunset hand in hand with him. So you swore to yourself you'd punish every guy you'd meet especially those like myself who are confident in who we are. Guys like me are a reminder of that one that got away.”

Nadia laughed clapping her hands together, “Wow! Is that what you think? Do yourself a favor and never become a psychologist, you truly suck.”

James’ mouth was dry and he wiped water from his face. He’d have to seriously take her on if he was to recover any sense of self-worth. He’d never live this down if he lost. Whatever happened next he’d make up one hell of a story later for his friends.

“Okay b-bitch whatever, your t-times up. I’m g-gonna kick your ass and f-fuck you r-raw,” he said.

She snickered in response which caused her cobble stone abs to tighten and her breasts to jiggle. Nadia imitated his speech, “Oh r-really y-you’re gonna k-kick my ass? For sure. It's time you got on all fours and kissed my feet worm.”

Nadia gave him an open handed slap to his face. The sound reverberated throughout the room and gym. Her hand struck his face and made a sound similar to a bullwhip cracking. The impact caused the male stud to lean hard over. Something brilliant white flew from his mouth and skittered across the tiled floor. James thought he was about to lose his balance and fall over. The entire left side of his face burned something fierce but that wasn't the only sensation that that made warning bells go off in his head. For some reason the vision from his left eye was suddenly blurred. No, correct that he had no vision from that eye period.


“What the fuck!? Shit I-I can't see out of my fucking left eye. Shit!”, he exclaimed.

“I think you lost something else bozo. Better look in the mirror,” Nadia chuckled.

He staggered over to one nearby and was shocked by what he saw. Half of his face was beet red and one of his famed pearly white teeth had a problem. A guaranteed public image problem, “You fuckin' bitch! You knocked the cap off of one my front teeth. Fuck!” He saw her in the mirror's reflection standing behind him hands on her hips with a big grin across her face.

“I think it went over there somewhere, “Nadia nodded.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!”

James got on his hands and knees to look for his prized cap on the floor and blubbered, “Where is it?”

“Jeez stop spazzing out. I didn't even hit you that hard,” she said.

“I-I think you detached my retina too. Shit!”

“Gotta admit there are times I don't know my own strength,“ Nadia shrugged.

“There it is!”, he cried out as he spotted the lone tooth cap hiding in a corner.

James tried to examine it and went back to the mirror. What would his fellow Aqua Velvas think of him looking like this? A tear welled up in his eye and he sniffled. James stomped his foot in frustration like a petulant child, “No, no, no! I look like crap dammit!”

“Are you crying? Holy shit you are! Oh my god you're such a fucking fag! What a freakin' pussy. I was about to say that I'm not done with you here but now I'd actually feel bad beating you to a pulp. I give you permission to leave. Really just get the fuck out of my sight you freak.”

He turned to her and for split second thought about rushing her before making the wise decision to cut and run. His face all red he replied, “This isn't over bitch and you know it!”

She could only giggle at the Beta male with the fucked up tooth trying to make threats, “Hey bud, you better hope I don't see you again because if I do I guarantee I'll turn you into my very own meat puppet.”

A member of Nadia's fan club was nearly bowled over by James who staggered out from the whirlpool room muttering to himself about how he was going to 'kill the bitch'. He was followed by Nadia herself who slowly sauntered back to the weight-room. The fan club groupie just shook his head and said to her, “Nadia you're such a heart breaker, or should I say neck breaker.”

She smiled back and replied, “You know it.”




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While this forum is considered male muscle growth, I have always been straight myself and have been interested in female muscle more than male muscle, though I still love the male muscle stories that have been posted here a great deal, it's good to see that I'm not the only one who also loves female muscle stories. Great stuff, I would love to see how big and strong Nadia is up close, and I would have no problem assuming the beta male role in her presence. She's awesome! Somehow I can see her bending down and deadlifting the front of that bus. 

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Hmmmmmm shit, this was hot! Would love now to see superhuman Emil come to town and fuck Nadia senseless. Probably destroying the gym in the process...

A nice confrontation with an even stronger or equally strong man would be very, very hot. With the “musclemen” in the gym that would come between them paying the ultime price... when gods fuck, you better keep at large.

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Hadn't thought of that. Hmmm, that might be worth looking into. 

I'm desperately looking to commission someone to do Emil. Having a visual like what was done for Nadia, is important in my opinion. Emil is a character that deserves to have more than one illustration done. Finding that particular artist is difficult. I'd do it myself but having the time to do it is in question. I find that I can write a few minutes here whereas doing an illustration or a painting requires a lot more prep and clean-up time.

9 hours ago, portamivia said:

Hmmmmmm shit, this was hot! Would love now to see superhuman Emil come to town and fuck Nadia senseless. Probably destroying the gym in the process...

A nice confrontation with an even stronger or equally strong man would be very, very hot. With the “musclemen” in the gym that would come between them paying the ultime price... when gods fuck, you better keep at large.


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Wow! Great pics, what an insanely strong woman! Definitely would love to see more of her strength, in both story and picture form! 

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This was a chapter from a continuing story regarding Nadia and her BFF Sonia. Nadia and Sonia each have "pet" names for one another. Sonia calls Nadia "Cookie" and Nadia calls Sonia "Sony". This chapter I've attached is taken out of context or backround information as a lot has happened up to this point. Anyhow this bit is one of the first fights I've written involving the two San Delgado High Seniors. The original story takes place in 1985 as that's when I was a Senior in High School. Always good to write about places and times you have experienced as it adds more realism.

In this chapter Nadia and Sonia go up against a whole motor bike gang named The Maulers.

Oskar Fiesler began his business in the late 60s after having moved from West Germany. He had once been in the German Wehrmacht during the Second World War. His love for motorcycles began while serving with the Gross Deutschland Division in a reconnaissance battalion. Practically his entire service was on the Eastern Front against the Soviets. Anyone who worked or visited “Fiesler’s Moto-World” soon became acquainted with his stories while serving on that dreaded front. For Oskar’s employees including Nadia they knew all about his tales, some humorous others quite frightening. Oskar had seen quite a lot and experienced everything a human being was capable of during his tour of duty.

His experiences dealing with unpleasant or irate customers should come as no problem for the war veteran unless the customer was a member of a biker gang like the Hell’s Angels or Maulers. Sometimes one or more gang members would pull up in front of his business, which sat at the end of a dead end, saunter inside and act as if they owned the place. It didn’t happen very often and rarely repeated especially if Oskar confronted the miscreants with his MP-40 machine pistol. That and the inevitable call to the CHP would suffice enough to make the gang members leave. Oskar’s business had been broken into occasionally and even firebombed once (the perpetrator was a Mauler who got caught after a 10-mile chase by the CHP). Despite these events Fiesler’s business continued unabated.

When Sonia and Nadia drove up they could tell it was going to be one of those days when they spied a dozen or so Digger and Shovelhead bikes parked in front. “Cookie check out all those bikes,” Sonia noted. After parking her Mustang they both got out and walked across the dirt parking lot to the business entrance.

Right off they heard the muffled sounds of someone shouting inside. Just then two bearded bikers came out of a side entrance laughing and cursing apparently about something that had occurred moments before. Both looked like the prototypical biker; scruffy, bearded, and out of shape.

As both girls walked by one of the two men made a comment about the girls, while the other said something regarding Sonia’s heaving chest. The girls ignored them both. When they walked inside there was some argument involving large biker who looked like a duplicate of the ones outside except bigger and bit more in shape. This man was pointing fingers and arguing with Oskar and an employee named Will both of whom Nadia knew. Some of the bikers were milling around the floor looking at all of the motorbikes on display.

The little bell above the front door dinged as it closed, momentarily breaking up the argument. Everyone quickly turned to see who had entered. The big guy quickly resumed his tirade while the other members of his gang kept staring at the girls. Will came over with a mixed look of relief and exasperation upon his face. “Will what the fuck is goin’ on?” Nadia asked.

“They’re the Maulers. The guy mouthing off to Oskar is named Tree, or something like that, “ he said in a low voice.

“Tree?” Sonia snickered.

“The guy thinks he should be owed a discount for a whole goddamn engine,” Will frowned.

“Hey employee, yeah you! You fuckin’ better not be talkin’ about me over there!” Tree said his voice booming through the rafters his eyes boring through Will.

“That guy’s gotta be almost 7 feet tall,” Sonia quietly remarked.

One of Tree’s crew a stocky bald guy wearing sunglasses nicknamed Barrel, who coincidentally was shaped like one, stroked his signature handlebar moustache as he ambled nearby to the three. Barrel pretended to look at merchandise while seemingly positioning himself between the trio and the front door blocking their exit.

“So what’s it gonna be Oskar?! I deserve at least 50% discount on account of sending a lot of fuckin’ business your way last year my man. I think you owe me,” Tree stated.

Poor Oskar barely 5’ 9” with slight build seemed to lean back every time the gang’s leader said something. “Look I cannot give you or anyone a discount on any part unless you have some sort of legitimate documentation from the manufacturer,” Oskar replied in his heavily accented English.

Tree placed his hands on his hips before motioning to a gang member who looked like he belonged to ZZ Top, “T-Bone go in the back and see if there’s a fuckin’ 1340 with my name on it.”

T-Bone walked to the back of the shop where the workshop was located. “Nein! No! I am sorry but you will have to leave. I am calling zee Polizei!” Oskar yelled out as he attempted to follow T-Bone to the back. Several other gang members followed Oskar.

“I’m callin’ the cops fuck this,” Will said.

“Yeah, you better” Nadia replied.

“Uh, Cookie I’d do something like really soon,” Sonia frowned sizing up the situation.

Nadia took a step in Tree’s direction but was cut off by Barrel who said in a voice who’s vocal chords had seen too many cigarettes and hard liquor, “I’d stay where you are honey,” Barrel straightened out his leather vest festooned with Mauler badges, nametag, and the requisite Mauler burnt orange dyed collar as if to show off his authority. The overall shape of his head and neck looked curiously like that of a bullet. His sunglasses appeared fused to his sun baked skin.

“Is that right?” Nadia replied taking off her leather jacket and handing it to her friend.

Neither of the girls could tell where his eyes were focused exactly, but all bets said his vision was trained first on Nadia‘s insanely developed 23 inch arms. She nicknamed them her “Enforcers”. Her bulbous segmented deltoids gave one the impression of a cluster of bananas crowning a potent package of volatile biceps and triceps. Veins threaded down from the shoulders to her forearms that were like bands of steel wrapped in tight skin.

Her entire torso was akin to armor plate. The Def Leppard logo on the T-shirt was pulled laterally by length and depth by an impossible chest divided by a canyon of muscle topped with pert F cup breasts. Her trapezoid muscles framed her beautiful face. The jaw dropping wide back that was pinched by a small waist before once again flaring into glutes of raw power. Her jeans stretched to their limit not only by her mouth-watering ass and thighs but incredibly impressive diamond shaped calves. It was as if the muscle wanted to force it’s way out from it’s denim bondage.

Nadia stepped closer to Barrel so that she was less than a foot away. Both were practically the same height at 5’10” so they were eyeball to eyeball. A sly smile came across her lips and one hand went through her boyish short styled chestnut hair. Barrel’s eyes narrowed as he tried to process what Nadia was thinking. Before he could do much processing her left hand rose up in line with his chest and snapped into the form of a fist. In a move made famous by Bruce Lee, the San Delgado High Senior struck Barrel square in his sternum with a one-inch punch. With a twist of the hips, her left shoulder shot forward that produced an explosive strike that landed with a resounding thump against Barrel’s 260lb frame.

Nadia’s first strike was so powerful that it sent her opponent flying back several feet on his back. His sunglasses were sent twirling through the air as his body slide across the linoleum floor hitting Tree’s lower right leg. Barrel gasped for breath spittle flew from his mouth as he flayed around on the ground like a fish out of water, “Ack, aaah gahhhh!” Barrel gripped his chest as if he was suffering a major heart attack. His body was racked with a desperate need to breath, to somehow get oxygen into a system that was suddenly paralyzed.

Tree’s attention towards his crew’s attempts to get into the repair facility at the back of the shop was immediately and suddenly interrupted by his friend’s body striking him in the leg. “Goddammit all to hell Barrel what the fuck are you doin‘?!” he thundered. Tree suddenly looked up from his squirming friend to see Nadia slowly approaching him with a determined look written on her face.

“Get the hell out of here and don’t ever come back,” Nadia said her smoky dark eyes boring holes through him.

“Wha? I ain’t got a beef with you,” he said his face all screwed up trying to comprehend the unexpected situation.

“You got a problem with Oskar, then you got a problem with me,” Nadia replied.

“Huh? Man this ain’t no joke. Take your big titty friend and get outta here or I’ll ruin your fuckin’ day missy!”

“Listen fuckwit, you have no idea who you’re screwin’ with,” Nadia’s anger began to well up.

Tree turned to face her as she approached, his focus now squarely on the muscled upstart who dared interrupt his business. “Man are you fuckin’ crazy!? Are you tellin’ me that you and I should fuckin’ fight!?” he frowned looking at both girls.

“No,” she answered.

“Well what then!?” he thundered his face getting red with beads of sweat rolling down his bearded face.

ALL of you,….against this!” Nadia replied flexing both biceps that produced two huge double peaked warheads.

The shoulder seam ripped from the incredible volume of muscle. The sound of material giving away reinforced Nadia’s determination, and placed a bit of doubt in Tree’s. He had never seen any female this muscular even the ones who appeared in the bodybuilding magazines. This girl put them to shame. She was ballsy and from what she did to Barrel, strong as sin. Fucking women’s lib he thought, it wasn’t like the good old days when a woman could be cowed with a loud voice and firm hand. Even the ballsy chick’s huge breasted brunette friend had a fierce independent look across her stunning face.

Tree aka Arthur Wimpole, was the son of Lawrence and Bettina Wimpole founders of “Stems” a large chain of florist shops across the Western States of the U.S. and British Columbia. Tree initially shared the family estate worth nearly 50 million dollars with a sister. In the beginning with $220,000 at his disposal Arthur Wimpole didn’t have a job unless one considered being a loser leader of a misfit gang of motor heads known as The Maulers as such. Tree’s sister Judy who was the parents obvious choice to run the business after their retirement. Once she assumed the position of CEO she promptly cut her brother out of the estate. She deemed her hairy big sibling to be lacking any common sense, not to mention decent morals to be worthy or capable of having anything remotely to do with Stems. Her lawyers thought so too.

By the time of the brother sister split Tree was already riding somewhere out there with the Maulers using his initial $220,000 to fuel his nomad motorhead existence buying anything from new duds for his gang, fuel, booze, women, weapons, and drugs. The money officially ran out in ‘81. Since then he and the Maulers fueled their bikes and desires by selling dope, offering protection services, and pimping prostitutes throughout several states. While their acts of lawlessness were widespread geographically, their main hub was Fresno.

The Maulers for their part were a motley bunch having been first formed in 1971 by two thugs named Terry Nelson and Dax Williams. In 1976 both founder and co-founder died. Terry in a prison riot, which was thought to be a planned hit by a rival gang, and Dax in a traffic accident while attempting to flee a pursuing El Dorado County Sheriff. Struck by both deaths the Maulers were in bad shape and nearly disbanded. For several years the outfit was run by a sloth named Mutt aka. Bill Oswald who did little to improve the sad reputation of the Maulers as the bottom rung on the ladder for motor gangs.

That changed in 1979 when Mutt, in one of his rare moments of daring action decided to rob a bank in Red Bluff, California. His decision to do was brought up by a bank employee who’s uncle was in the gang, so he offered to help Mutt. Mutt took five other riders with him including Tree. The bank heist was relative success pulling in 22,000 dollars but in the ensuing firefight that followed with a bank guard and Red Bluff Police, Mutt and one other were killed. Police and Tehama County Sheriffs gave chase to the three remaining bikers. During the chase, the senior ranking Mauler lost control of his bike took a turn too fast crashed and was killed. That left just Tree and another biker named Rust to take the money and run. That they did.

With darkness approaching Rust and Tree decided to hide out off the back roads. They found a old barn to do so. The place looked abandoned but it wasn’t. An owner who lived in a similar looking old house not far away had seen strange lights coming from within the barn. Being dark and by himself the owner phoned police who arrived with two Sheriff units not long after. The fugitives were caught, but not captured. There was a shootout resulting in two police injured. Tree opened fire as did Rust. One deputy was struck in the face with wood splinters from a fence post, the other in the knee by a shot fired by Tree. Because of the dark Rust was able to sneak up and jump the two uninjured troopers with the hopers of taking their revolvers for he had long since run out of ammunition for his own .45 auto. Rust was unsuccessful and was quickly taken down. While both troopers struggled with him on the ground a booming voice sounded behind them. The Sheriff deputies looked behind them to see a giant bearded man well over 6’8” outstretch his arms, and grab both with a pair of giant hands. The deputies used batons but to no avail, every strike seemed to make the giant angrier. Tree manhandled the troopers beating them within an inch of their lives before both got on their bikes and bugged out.

By the time Tree and Rust caught up with the rest of the Maulers, Tree was a hero and the gang shot up in the ranks of the respected. With unanimous approval the story of Tree’s exploits helped propel him to the leadership spot. That had been one hell of a year. But that fame and glory lasted only so long before rival gangs like the Hells Angels, the Mongrels, the Viceroys moved in and squeezed the Fresno bunch out. It had been a long slow decline for Tree and his gang.

Now Tree found himself in a motorbike shop confronted by two teenage girls with one threatening to take on a dozen bikers from his crew including himself. This particular girl had the muscles and fighting spirit of some warrior goddess from the dark ancient times. Despite that she was still a girl and Tree didn’t fancy himself to be the type to hit girls. Mouthy broads yes, but not girls no matter how brash they were. This one however, had put Barrel on his ass. He wasn’t sure how she did it but she accomplished a feat no man had ever done. Tree had seen Barrel take punishment in fights and still remain standing to finish his opponent off. Even when he was pissed drunk he always won. Tree figured this chick knew some sort of freaky Kung Fu. Couple that with the huge muscles and she apparently could give a wallop. Regardless if this girl was going down it wouldn’t be by his hands. “Hey you flunkies get your asses over here right fuckin‘ now!” he bellowed out to those outside and in the repair shop.

A stampede of worn boot-heels on linoleum sounded and a flurry of activity came around. A thin tall curiously clean shaven biker named Needles wearing a black leather flying cap complete with aviator goggles approached their giant of a boss first. “Tree what’s goin’ on man?” he asked in bewilderment adjusting his black gloves. Needles and half a dozen other members saw Barrel on the ground slowly trying to pick himself off the floor. They all wondered who the huge breasted brunette and muscled red haired girl were. Certainly they weren’t responsible for Barrel being on the ground and causing Tree to yell out in the manner he did they all thought. One of the two bikers whom the girls had passed outside earlier came running inside, “Hey boss I hear sirens way in the distance man. Could be cops comin’ here pronto. I say we split.”

“Tree why‘s Barrel on his ass?” a fat biker named Mud asked.

“She put him there,” he pointed to Nadia.

“She what? She’s just a fuckin’ chick! Come on we got a haul out in the shop. Let’s take it and bust outta here!” Mud said looking at Sonia’s figure.

“The polizei are on zee vay, so I suggest to you menschen please leave now!” Oskar said running in from the repair shop out of breath.

A bearded long haired tattooed thug named Thing stuck his leg out just as Oskar rushed by causing him to fall face first. Thing who chewed a giant wad of chewing tobacco just smiled and spat some juice on Oskar’s back. Someone then pushed Will and he fell back onto a display of helmets causing the whole thing to crash down scattering helmets across the floor causing the a couple bikers to cackle with amusement.

“Who’s the steroid queen?” Mud asked sticking his nose into the air motioning to Nadia.

“I don’t take steroids fat-ass. This is all me, just like all that disgusting blubber is all you.”, she smiled.

Mud got a mean look across his chubby face, muttered something to himself and walked over to give the mouthy girl a good slap. As he moved his attempts to hike his belt over the massive bear belly failed. Mud suddenly rushed his 310 lb obese body hoping to crash into the teenage upstart. He began to throw punches with his stubby arms but those chunky fists found only air. Nadia easily dodged and blocked Mud’s throws. As she did so she found an opening and countered a blistering right cross against his upper right jaw and lower temple. The blow sounded like a heavy wet thud which sent Mud careening off to his right, his enormous body weight crashing into a new 4 wheeler on display. He squealed and thrashed around on the floor in pain.

“Fucking bitch! Gonna kick your fuckin‘ ass! C‘mere!” growled Thing as he rushed Nadia.

Thing was nearly 6’4” and weighed close to 295 lbs. He was given his nickname because of his long hair and beard that kept most of his facial features hidden, thus if you saw him he looked like a thing covered with blonde hair. His real name was Randolph Wright. Randolph had no bones about striking or beating women, in fact he was a serial rapist. To him a woman was a mere plaything, a vessel for procreation nothing more. Where his hatred for women came from is up for debate but it may have come from two incidents.

The first occurred around age 10 when Randolph was in 4th grade. He had gotten a bunch of his friends to raid and wreck a female classmate’s clubhouse. Their mission accomplished they were suddenly beset upon by four girls. The boys would’ve gotten away relatively unscathed other than a few scratches if it were not for Angela Gunn. Angela had every boy in her elementary school under her thumb, for two reasons; her looks and strength. Quite a powerful combination and it showed when she descended upon Randolph’s wrecking crew. Angela took on all 6 boys and had them rolling on the ground in pain. Randolph got a fat lip, bloody nose, chipped tooth, black-eye, his shirt torn buttons ripped off, and one missing sneaker. Angela didn’t have a scratch.

The second occurred in high school when Randolph decided it was time to go to second base with his date Zoe Kettering. They sat side by side in the front seat of his 1950 Chevy Fastback watching the film “Tarantula” at the drive-in movies. Of course he wasn’t watching the giant fake Tarantula rather he was leering at the giant breasts of Ms. Kettering swell under her sweater. Randolph wasn’t the Thing back then, instead he was a clean cut kid who played on the football team and at that very moment he desperately wanted to see what made every guy in the school go ga-ga over his date; Zoe’s boobs. Randolph managed to get his hand under her sweater when she asked for him to unzip his trousers and show her the goods. He did and the first thing to come out of her mouth was a snicker followed by a laugh. By the following Monday the news had spread throughout the school about he-man Mr. Football Randolph Wright’s tiny pecker. Randolph never lived that down and never forgot.


“C’mere you fuckin’ bitch!” Thing raved as he threw himself forward towards the girls.

Nadia caught him with a roundhouse kick to the side of his head. The impact was enough to make him see some stars and he nearly lost his balance. Thing continued his vision a bit blurred. Nadia made his vision go all fuzzy with a palm thrust to his nose breaking it. Thing screamed in pain and began to bleed profusely.

Two bikers tried to take Nadia by surprise from behind but Sonia gave full warning, “Cookie look out behind you!” Sonia reached down and picked up two Arai helmets that had come from the wrecked display. She threw one which barely missed one of the gang members, throwing him off balance. With the remaining helmet firmly in hand Sonia swung it and with all her might brought it down upon the other biker’s skull. He screamed, “Aaagh!” and went down on his knees whimpering. His hands covered a nasty gash caused by Sonia’s blow which began to bleed quite badly. The first gang member thrown off balance by Sonia’s earlier near miss quickly received a nasty surprise when she hurled a bright red

Shoei helmet striking him on the nose and mouth with enough force to be heard, “Shit!” he yelled out in pain as he fell backward, his lip split and one tooth missing.

Holding his hand under his nose with blood pooling in his palm, Thing seethed with rage his eyes wild for revenge. He hurled a motorcycle exhaust tube at his powerful nemesis which missed it’s target striking a fellow biker instead. With the memories of Nadine and Zoe resurfacing in his mind Thing came at Nadia with the intent of doing as much harm as possible. He threw a right cross which she dodged and then a second. Nadine quickly grabbed his forearm, dipped her knees and with her other hand grabbed him by his belt buckle. With a surge of superhuman strength flowing through her, Nadia lifted his body over her head causing her shirt to rip in the back and chest.

Sonia who was no stranger to Nadia’s feats of strength was amazed at this newest demonstration. Her BFF was actually holding Thing aloft, with one hand! “What the fuck?” Tree muttered at the sight as he took one step back. Despite Thing trying to wrest his way out of her grip he was wholly unsuccessful. “Holy shit man,” remarked Needles as he started to make a break for the door.

“Nodoby can fuckin‘ beat me. Shit, I’ll waste all you monkeys. I’m fuckin’ bulletproof!”, Nadia growled as she hurtled Thing into a cluster of bikers trying to haul ass out the side entrance. Their bodies colliding creating a knot of cursing, yelling, groaning bikers as they attempted to wrestle themselves free and get to their bikes outside.

“Who’s next!? How about it Tree? Just me and you,” said Nadia as she picked up an Arai off the floor and held it between her hands. She began to walk towards him.

“Tree man, let’s go dude! The cops are gonna be here any minute!” yelled a gang member.

“Y-yeah I’m comin’”, Tree looked back at him before turning to face the girl, “You and I got unfinished business missy!”

“Anytime anyplace bucko. Oh, Tree?”, Nadia said as he was almost out the door, “When we meet again this is gonna be your fuckin’ head,” Nadia said with a sneer as she crushed the helmet between her palms as if it were made of rice paper.

Tree just stumbled out, confusion and a fear written across his face as Stump pulled him by the arm to his motorbike. There was the deep throaty roar of Harley’s starting up and racing off as The Maulers left with their collective tails between their legs. Will, Oskar, and Sonia were amazed at the spectacle. “I don’t sink zey vill be back anytime soon eh Kameraden? Danke Nadia and Sonia, danke,” said Oskar as the first police car pulled into the dirt parking lot.





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Nadia's size not to mention physical strength has gradually gone up since I first wrote about her in 2010. Nadia 2018 is a far more massive and strong than her 2010 self. She's virtually unstoppable at this point. 

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Yeah, I think I might have read that story someplace else, possibly Deviant art, I enjoyed it though, but I also enjoy that she's far stronger now. Would love to see that gone into, the bus lifting pic was very nice, it seemed easy to her, as if she could lift up something much heavier without too much trouble. The only problem is incorporating it into a story and having it make sense. 

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Exactly. I need to create a scenario where she would have to lift something like a bus. I have two possible ones. One involves a summer trip with her family to a tropical island. She helps a tourist bus that is stuck on a muddy road. she offers help to the driver and lifts the back of the bus out of the rut/hole. The other scenario takes place at a strength contest. However instead of a bus she pulls or lifts a DC-8 airliner weighing about 290,000- 300,000 lbs. 

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