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Inch in a Day Arm Workout?

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Just wondering if anyone has actually tried this, and, if they have, what the results were?


I did it or something like it once years ago, but I don't remember seeing any results. I've always wondered if I just did it wrong somehow. And a 5-hour workout was such a commitment I never wanted to do it again...

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So, does that mean I can get 60 inch biceps if I do the routine 60 days in a row?  That would be awesome!  Just kidding, of course.   I didn't read the whole article since it was one of those multi-page articles chock-full of ads which takes forever to load, but I'm guessing that the "inch a day" claim might actually be referring to the muscle pump you might get from working your biceps for 5 hours.   However, of course, that pump will go down in due course but it might be fun to try it for a long period just to see what happens (and to see just how big a pump I could get from it).   By the way, really nice  (and big)  bicep muscle in your pic - you must be doing something right.   :)  

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It's just getting a sick pump. Your mileage may vary depending on genetics and how big it is already. I can gain an inch during a particularly good workout, and it doesn't take 5 hours. It's gone in a day or so.

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