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ABS (by powerfulbodies)

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NOTE: I am NOT the author! All credit goes to powerfulbodies.tumblr.com, who has given me permission to post this story here. The title was my choice; the original story didn't have a title and I didn't want to leave it empty.


He had started small, like everyone.  Regular workouts at the gym, lifting heavy, sucking down protein shakes.

Within a few weeks he learned two important things.

First, his body had an uncanny knack for building lean mass.  In this short time, he was already nearing the size of some of the bigger guys at the gym.

Second, and most critically – he fucking loved it.  He would spend hours in the mirror flexing, entranced by his full pecs, his burgeoning biceps, the sweep of his thighs, and most critically – the solid six-pack he’d gained.  Lean, sculpted muscle ran down to the beginnings of an Adonis belt.

He redoubled his efforts at the gym.  He liifted heavier.  He ate more calories.

In the next few months he exploded with mass.  He’d walked in looking like a physique competitor, and waddled out looking like the largest of heavyweight bodybuilders.  His bull-neck was disappearing under mountainous traps.  His quads bristled with mass.

His vein-riddled eight-pack was his pride and joy.  He would flex his abs for hours, vacuum-rolling them and crunching down on them hard, feeling an almost sexual pleasure as he watched them move with every breath.

His cock was growing with the rest of him.  He could fuck anyone he wanted – and did. Many of his lovers couldn’t tell if they preferred his huge, pumped, veiny abs, or his huge, pumped, veiny muscle cock.

But it wasn’t enough.  He needed more.

His lifts down at the local gym began to attract crowds.  He had far eclipsed everyone else in size and strength, but if anything his growth was accelerating.  With every rep, he seemed to swell even larger, right in front of stupefied onlookers.

He was monstrously thick by now.  His pecs covered his chin and stretched several feet deep, with thick, long, suckable, ultra-sensitive nipples as long as some men’s dicks.  His traps had fully eclipsed his neck, and with each breath they seemed to mount higher, threatening his ears.  His thighs were pure slabs of mass.  With each step he took, the floor shook.  His entire body seemed to pulse, creak, groan, and grow with every breath.

His abs had mutated into a twisted 16-pack, bulging with impossible muscle, heaving and undulating with every tiny movement.  Veins encrusted their freakishly-ripped surface.  His waist was far thicker than most men’s full torsos, yet looked tiny against the jaw-dropping spread of his lats and sweep of his thighs.

He wasn’t nearly big enough.

At a certain point he outgrew the weights at the gym.  He moved on to lifting cars and construction equipment at junkyards, but these soon proved no match for his all-powerful, always-swelling musculature.  But his body was beginning to betray him.

His arms, thicker than barrels, had grown so massive that bending them was almost impossible.  His thighs were so thick he had adopted a sort of shuffling gait:  quads that massive could barely move.  Front to back, he was thicker than he was tall.  There was no fat on his body any longer – only titanic beef, covered in a frenzy of veins.

Walking – shifting his weight – breathing – became a massive workout worthy of an Olympic champion.  He felt his body constantly swelling to even more freakish, muscle-bound heights – a sensation far more pleasurable than fucking any lover.

One evening he shambled over to the mirror, groaning as every step added inches to his thighs.  He peeked out over the monolith of his pecs, to see his reflection.

Hidden in his pecs’ shadow was his freakishly-ripped waist, with each individual abdominal muscle bigger than a human head.  Veins thicker than a normal bodybuilder’s arms criss-crossed their surface.  His serratus bulged freakishly, looking like abs of their own.  He defied human biology.  He was too much.

And yet he still wasn’t enough.

With herculean effort, he raised his gigantic arms over his head.  His arms and shoulders swelled dangerously, and he moaned at the mind-blowing sensation of his unstoppable growth.

He crunched down on his abs, hard.  They swelled and shifted, gaining new definition. Before his eyes, his 16-pack swelled larger, and his impossible, beyond anatomy-chart musculature grew into a 32-pack.

His abdominal mass ballooned outward crazily, and his muscles brushed the aching head of his swollen baseball-bat muscle dick with an almost comical delicacy. For days, his arms had been far too thick to touch his giant cock. His own sheer bulk, combined with the sensation of the stimulation, was too much for him.  He almost came.

He clenched down on the muscles of his dick, holding back on the brink of orgasm.  With the impossible effort of holding back a bathtub’s worth of cum, his dick swelled thicker before his eyes.

He released his flex, and admired the ungodly, freakish musculature of his ultra ripped abs.  His giant dick pulsed, eager for another loving caress from his inhuman mass.

He lowered his arms and leaned down, watching as his abs and shoulders grew even thicker. Time for the most aptly-named of all poses – the most muscular.

He inhaled sharply, focused, and entered the pose. His abs flexed harder than they had in his life –

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