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The Symbiote War - Chapter 14

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Hello everyone!  

My apologies for the loooonnnngggg delay.  Life has been busy - and this sort of writing is challenging.  Much thanks to everyone for being so very kind and supportive.  And very special thanks to Xyggurat for pushing (gently) and also for being the inspiration for this story in the first place - you really should read Xyggurat's "The Roommate" series.

If you haven't ready Chapters 1 through 13 - here are links:

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Chapter 11 is on page 3 of the previous thread.

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Chapter 13 is on page 5 of the previous thread.

And finally... Here is chapter 14.


Chapter 14:   Sunday – Caught!

It’s Sunday morning and I’m leaving Mark’s apartment with all the feelz; the warm fuzzies from having spent the night cuddling with this hot boy, exuberance at this budding relationship, amazement from having met such a wonderful man, but then also trepidation of what’s waiting for me – not just with Shawn, but with my future.   Will there ever be an end to this growth ability?   Would I want this to end?

Because it’s Sunday morning, I know Shawn will be in the gym.   So I head back to our dorm room to shower and make plans for the day.

As I open the door, the first thing that hits me is the air.   It’s hot and musky-sweet smelling (more musky than sweet).   That catches me off-guard and I hesitate with the door half opened.   But then a meaty arm reaches through the opening, grabs my wrist, and before I can even gasp, pulls me in.

“Hey Little Buddy!   Where’ve you been?”  

Shawn’s body is radiating heat, his hand on my wrist is warm…and potentially crushing the bones in my wrist.

I’m staring at his massive chest.   He’s shirtless, his pecs look pumped and swollen – red and sweaty – and the striations are criss-crossed with veins.   So fucking hot!   I would totally be enjoying this if only the bones in my wrist would stop complaining.

“Shawn, you’re breaking my wrist.”  

“Sorry buddy.”   As he finishes pulling me into the room he lets go of my wrist as he closes the door.   “I’m still getting used to being this strong.”   He tosses out that line casually, as if it isn’t the weirdest, sexiest, freakiest, hottest fucking thing ever.

“Shouldn’t you be in the gym on a Sunday morning?” 

“I spent the whole day there yesterday, when I wasn’t looking for you.   Where have you been hiding?”

I certainly don’t want to share my secret hiding spot, so I try to re-direct the conversation.   “Why would you be looking for me?   And again, shouldn’t you be in the gym?”   Ok, admittedly that was not my best re-direction work.   In my defense, I was caught off-guard by Shawn being in the room, and I’m having trouble concentrating with these slabs of delicious pec meat heaving in my face.

“Yeah I’ve been waiting here for you to come back.   I’ve been passing the time doing body-weight exercises, but they’re not really a challenge anymore.   I’m waiting for you so that I can get back to the gym.   I spent the whole day there yesterday – and after getting a boost from you Friday night and yesterday morning, it was a fucking amazing gym day.   I blew through all my personal bests on every exercise.   I can’t describe how much of a turn-on it is to be this strong and be able to throw around so much weight!”

He doesn’t really have to try.   Just listening to him talk about being so strong has me hard as a rock.   I’m beginning to perceive a problem…

“Shawn…”   I try to start some sort of argument to try and extract myself from this situation.

“I want another day like that.   I want another day full of blowing through all my PB’s.   And you’re going to help me with that.”

My balls churn at the thought.   “Shawn…”   I swear I’m trying to come up with some sort of argument, but my brain is not helping me here – maybe because all my blood is somewhere else…

In a bit of a surprise move, Shawn picks me up.   He’s hugging me tight and carrying me over to the bed.   Part of me is screaming.   But my hands are clamped on his striated deltoids and I’m already grinding my boner into his chest.   So obviously, part of me is revelling in this sexy beast.

Shawn throws me down on my bed and immediately he’s on top of me – taking off my clothes.   Not only am I not trying to resist, I’m actually helping to get my clothes off.   Shawn kicks off his shorts, freeing his cock to swing like a pendulum – a big, thick pendulum that I want to put in my mouth.   He’s holding himself over me with one arm and caressing my boner with a big meaty hand.   I am already leaking.   My hands are everywhere; trying to dent his biceps, exploring the crevasse between his pecs, reaching down to grab hold of his muscle-y bubble-butt, and stroking his hot cock.   He lowers himself down onto me, his hot pecs pressing firmly into mine.   And I can feel our cocks grinding together between our abs – and I can tell that his is bigger, harder, and hotter than mine.   It’s all too much, my balls churn and I’m over the edge.   I can feel the cum rocketing from my cock – slicking up the space between our bodies – our abs and cocks now gliding smoothly from the lubrication.

I’m locked in orgasm, but Shawn is still thrusting on top of me.   I can feel his growth – his pecs are pushing into mine, his body widens and lengthens, his hard cock takes up more space between us, pushing harder into my abs and crawling farther up my chest.   And as this is happening, I can feel the lubrication disappearing as my cum is soaked up into his body – until we’re left dry humping again.

“Oh fuck yeah!”   Shawn breathes.   “Corrigan, you are amazing.”   He pushes himself up a bit and so I get a better look at his body.   His arms look like pillars of marble.   The striations of muscle in his shoulders ripple as they fight for space under his skin.   His pecs are larger than they were before, and from this angle, I get a glorious view of his bulging abs and obliques – at least what’s not being obscured by his cock.   His cock is sticking up between us and it’s beyond belief – thick and meaty and wrapped in veins.   I’m drooling.

Shawn can see the lust in my eyes, and responds with a cute smile and a gleam in his eye.   “One more dose before the gym.”  

“But I just came!”  

“I’ve got that covered.”

“You’ve what?!”

“Drink this.”   And before I can even register a stunned expression, Shawn has plastic juice bottle up to my lips.   I’m instantly reaching up to get this out of my face, but Shawn easily holds my hands at bay.   “Drink this nicely, this doesn’t have to get unpleasant.”   There’s no contest – I can’t even fight my way past one of his arms.   I drink.

“What was that?”  

“It turns out that one of the advantages of being a muscle stud is that people will do anything for a feel.   I caught a pharmacist lusting after me in the gym yesterday.   He was more than happy to help me out, and I convinced him to get me a little something.   I don’t think this drug is actually on the legal market, but it’s supposed to be quite effective – a little something to help me get a second dose without having to wait for your refractory period to end.”

I can feel myself getting flushed.   Maybe it’s just embarrassment.   Maybe it’s the drug.   Maybe it’s just me being turned on by this muscle stud kneeling over me with his boner on my abs?

And in less than a minute, I have my answer.   I can feel the “flush” intensifying and centering on my cock – my boner feels as if it’s a beating heart.   I don’t think I’ve ever been this hard in my whole life.

“What the hell did you give me?”

“No idea.   But clearly it’s working.”   Shawn gives my boner a squeeze.   A tiny drop of pre-cum forms on the tip.   “You’re such a sexy little fucker.”

“Ummm…. Thanks?”

Shawn leans in and pops my boner in his mouth.   His mouth is warm – my cock is on fire.   He’s sucking hard – I can see the muscles in his neck flexing.   I run my hands through his hair, over his muscular traps, and clamp on to the striations in his massive deltoids.  

“Unnnggg…”   His vacuuming on my boner is so intense it’s both ecstasy and agony.   I can feel his shoulders widening, the already hard muscles pushing against my hands.   Shawn reaches up and cups my balls in his hand – gently kneading.   It’s all too much – my climax is coming from somewhere deep inside me and I can feel it slowly building in intensity.   It starts at the base of my penis, my balls clench up, my cock expands in anticipation.   Shawn can feel that I’m about to cum, he clenches a little tighter on my balls and jams my cock deeper down his throat.   And with that, it’s an explosion.   I’ve never had such a climax, my cock felt like an out-of-control firehose.   Shawn eagerly did his best to take it all.   At the end I was completely spent, but even though my balls were drained, my cock was still throbbing as if it couldn’t help but continue to try and give up more.

Shawn slowly pulls back, my still hard erection is now visible, it looks swollen.   But I have no time for that, it’s Shawn that’s stealing the show.   Standing up straight, I can see growth everywhere.   His physical…presence is filling the room.   His head is inching toward the ceiling, resting on top of a spectacular mountain of traps.   His deltoid muscles stand out impressively, looking as if they are fighting for space with his chest.   All of this is framed by the massive wide V of his back and the cobblestones of his obliques.   Shawn’s quads are so wide that he’s standing in that bodybuilder stance where he has to have his legs slightly spread.   And that cock!   Shawn clearly has a semi, but it’s thick as my wrist, and even draped over his impressive balls it is slowly inching down closer to his knees.

“It’s been a while.   Let’s do this.”   He throws a tape measure at me.

I am unable to process all of this; it’s too much to take in.   I am exhausted, and my mind is spinning so fast in so many directions that it’s standing still.   I am in awe of Shawn’s body; this “god of muscle” is standing before me, and all I want to do is spend eternity worshiping.   My formerly smaller roommate is now towering over me, and all I can see is hard, rippling muscle in every direction – and I am both turned on and frightened.   Not necessarily frightened of Shawn, but frightened by how much I want to give him more growth.   What have I become?

Fortunately, Shawn is oblivious to my whirlwind of thoughts.   “Let’s start with height.   The world feels different from up here.”

I pull on my underwear before we get going – but no time for anything more – Shawn is too eager.   As I’m trying to unravel the tape measure, I realize that there’s no way I’m going to be able to measure something that tall – I can reach up there, but I can’t actually see the mark on the tape measure.   I grab my rickety collapsible metal study chair from my desk – it wobbles a bit as I climb up to reach Shawn’s head.   “It looks as if you’ve hit six feet and two inches according to the tape measure.”  

“Almost a whole foot taller!   No wonder everything looks so different.   Let’s move to chest.”

I can’t reach around his chest, so I wrap the tape measure around his waist. 

“32 inches.”  

Shawn flexes his abs – it looks as if a brick wall just exploded under his skin – the ridges of the abdominals and obliques stand out sharply.   I re-measure his waist.  

“Still 32 inches.”   But there’s not an ounce of fat anywhere – it’s all solid muscle.   

And then with some effort, I shimmy/slide the tape up to his chest.   Shawn stands at attention and flexes his chest and back – I almost drop the tape.  

“58 inches!   That’s thick.”   And to paraphrase a meme: I’m not drooling! You’re drooling!

I wrap the tape measure around his thigh – it’s thick and I can feel the striations in the muscle moving around under his skin.   “30-inch thighs!”

Shawn’s not fully hard, but he definitely has more than just a semi.   The tape measure shows 14 inches, with 10 inches of girth.

“And now my biceps.”   Shawn raises his right arm – keeping it straight out from his body.   I wrap the tape measure around the bicep – he’s not flexing, but the arm is already impressively thick.   I can see veins running along the bicep and connecting to a roadmap in his forearms.   Shawn flexes his bicep.   I just want to lick it.

“Are you gonna measure that?”   Shawn’s amused.

“Oh yeah, sure.”   I grasp one end of the tape measure and pull the other end: “22 fucking inches.”

“Excellent.   This is fucking amazing!   I need to go throw some serious weight around.”

“Shawn, I don’t think the gym’s going to have enough weights to challenge you.”

“We’ll see about that.”   He seems pleased and amused and has a bit of a far-off look in his eye.

“But after the gym, I’m going to want another round with you.   But you seem to keep disappearing on me.”


He’s looking around the room – and fixates on my rickety metal study chair.   “This will do.”   Shawn picks up the chair and proceeds to rip it apart with his bare hands.  

“Shawn!   That’s my chair!”

“I want you here when I get back.   And so…   Get on the bed.”   I hesitate, wondering if I can make a run for it.   But I’m just in my underwear, I haven’t had time to get dressed.   “I’m being nice here, giving you the opportunity to have a comfortable place.   Or, we can do this in a less comfortable spot.”

Realizing that I’m not getting out of the room, I climb onto my bed.   Shawn easily manipulates the metal frame into a makeshift set of rings.   “Reach up, I’m tying you to the bedframe.”   He wraps one of the rings around the bedframe and then around my wrist – initially getting it uncomfortably tight, but he sees the look of pain run across my face and adjusts the metal ring so that it’s tight but not pinching.   He does the same with the other ring.   I am now lying on my back with one arm tied to each bedpost.   In any other circumstance, this would be insanely hot.   People would pay money for this!   But for some reason, I can’t seem to appreciate that right now.  

“Shawn.   You can’t tie me up against my will.   This isn’t right, and you know it.”

“Listen little buddy.   I need you to be here.   And if you would just stop running away, I wouldn’t have to do this.   Besides, I am going to go and blow through my lifts and pump these muscles to their max – and then me and my sweaty, pumped muscles are going to come right back here and rescue you.”

Ok.   Ok!   I admit it.   I’m turned on.   Even my spent dick stirred at the thought of Shawn coming back sweaty and pumped.

Shawn struggles to put on his workout clothes.   Nothing fits and everything looks ridiculous on his gigantic frame.   He settles on a muscle shirt that hides nothing and a pair of basketball shorts that now look like spandex.   And nothing is capable of hiding his massive package.

“I’ll be back.   You wait here little buddy.”   Shawn gives me a wink and a smile that somehow, in spite of the fact that he’s just tied me up, still manages to give me butterflies.   I can hear him lock the door from the other side.

I’m alone.



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