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I find this topic interesting and like helping people with it!

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Hey everyone - not sure if this is the right place to put this but..

I'll try to keep this short as possible but basically I studied many,many medical subjects pertaining to bodybuilding / muscles / whatever my entire life and know a LOT about "it" (endocrinology,neurology,neurochemistry,physiology/exercise/metabolism)  and enjoy seeing people using my techniques and getting results! I'm not a professional bodybuilder ( but have worked with some!!) or anything but I have a great physique, I'm 22, 6'4, 230-260 and always lean.. probably will get bigger in the future sometime.

I really enjoy my theories and strategies playing out how I intend them to and also it's cool to get people the results and have them be happy, lol. In some ways, I make scientific theories become fact which is awesome... so feel free to message me with any question regarding bodybuilding, muscle growth, fat loss, overall health, chemicals.. anything and everything. Not sure if I should post my skype here but I can use that or kik if preferred too.

Btw - some people think I charge money or something but no this is all just 100% me wanting to help people! Donations are cool but I just enjoy the science of all these things alot.

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Hi @lolsam1888 

Welcome to the forum!

I saw your postings and they are very interesting!

If you have any questions about where to post something, please don't hesitate to ask any one of our forum staff members!

We can also move or hide any of your posts in case something is misplaced, so no worries!

Again, welcome aboard. 

--Scriptboy, Forum Senior Administrator


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