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Something Experimental, Part 2 (by powerfulbodies)

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NOTE: I am NOT the author! All credit goes to powerfulbodies.tumblr.com, who has given me permission to post this story here. The title was my choice; the original story didn't have a title and I didn't want to leave it empty.


She awoke on her bed, in a pile of drywall pieces, covered in plaster dust.  Every inch of her was sore.  Her pussy thrummed occasionally in her post-orgasmic glow, and every little twitch felt like a miniature orgasm all over again.

Marissa closed her eyes and thought back.  Her boyfriend Kai, inhumanly muscular, continuing to grow, pounding her overstretched cunt with a cock over a meter long.  It shouldn’t have been possible...

She opened her eyes, sat up, and stared blankly as she tried to process some new information:

First:  a huge pool of sexual juices had poured from her pussy while she slept, leaving her bed sopping wet.  The room reeked of sex.  She imagined what she’d missed:  Kai, as big as a truck, letting out a low bestial roar as he came.  Jet after jet of superpowered cum fired out of his throbbing, cannon-like cock with a force that should have ripped her in half...

She found herself fingering herself at the thought.  Her eyes rolled back into her head.  She shivered, hungry for that impossible dick.  But she blinked away her lust and refocused:

Second:  despite everything, the room was still mostly intact.  His shoulders, swelling larger with more and more beef, had begun to press into the room’s opposite walls when she finally passed out.  The walls were cracked, the ceiling nearly fully sundered... but the room was whole.

Curiously, all doors and windows were intact.  Yet her boyfriend Kai was nowhere to be seen.

Third, and the thing that took her most by surprise...

She was bigger. Definitely.  She’d grown at least a few inches taller, and far heavier:  her body felt heavier, but not uncomfortably so.  Her thighs were heavy with the luscious curves of muscle.  Her delts were capped, and her six-pack abs rippled with every breath.  Her physique was that of a fitness model – but her full breasts, riding high on her budding pecs, belonged on a porn star.

She touched the juices puddled below her, and brought them to her nose – then her lips, to taste.  Not quite cum, she thought...

A warmth seemed to blossom in her chest.  She felt her body creak larger, thicker, heavier, taller.  She took a full handful of the juices, and licked it off of her hands – and she watched as her quadriceps flared larger, thickening with imposing muscle.  She smeared the rest of it onto her creamy, full breasts and shivered as they approached the size of her head.

Her pussy grew slick at the pleasure of her growth.  She had no logical explanation for how any of this could have happened, but she knew why it NEEDED to happen:  something in her boyfriend’s jizz made her grow, so she could take more cock and survive the fucking of a lifetime.

And a new thought occurred to her:  if this little bit of growth felt this good... then how had Kai’s dramatic, impossible growth felt?

She was getting flustered all over again.  She’d never known she had such a hunger for muscle and dick, but with a super-stud like Kai fucking her, how could she resist?  She wanted more growth – but the puddle wasn’t going anywhere, and she had something else to worry about right now.

She had to find him.  She had to get fucked half to death, all over again.  She was insatiable; it might kill her; she didn’t care.

“Kai?” she called.  “K-Kai?”

She waited, and she felt the floor of her apartment tremble.  “Babe?” Kai called from the next room.  His voice was different – a full octave lower than his usual.

She saw him round the corner and come down the hall toward her bedroom, gloriously nude.  A moan escaped her; one hand slipped between her legs to rub desperately at her swollen clit, while the other brushed at her hard nipple.

He had shrunk down to a more reasonable size.  But reasonable was relative:  he was an overmuscled monster, bigger than any bodybuilder. He was barely pushing fitting down the hallway.  Her lust-addled mind grasped futilely at numbers:  seven and a half feet tall, maybe.  Four hundred pounds?  She had no concept of what weight or size meant, at this kind of scale.  His pecs were so massive and swollen they had long-since eclipsed his chin.  He had no neck, only giant rippling traps.  His abs were as big and as hard as cinderblocks, and the crevices between them were inches deep.  His massive, winglike lats pushed out arms thicker than telephone poles. Barrel-sized thighs pulsed with power.  His calves were as thick around as a normal man’s waist.

His cock, semi-flaccid, began to harden at the sight of her.  Here, too, she grasped at numbers:  eighteen inches, maybe?  Thicker than a man’s arm, to be sure.  That dick belonged on a horse, not a human.  His balls were heavy, huge, and no doubt loaded with growth-inducing cum.

She fell to her knees and whimpered, overwhelmed with desire.  “Marissa,” Kai rumbled.  His face was boyishly handsome still, and his smile was teasing.  He bent over slightly and brought his arms down hard, into a most muscular pose.

His traps threatened to swallow his ears.  His throbbing pecs thickened to the point where they rivaled Marissa’s rack.  His brutally peaked biceps were the size of bowling balls.  His cock was dribbling that magic pre-cum non-stop.

He was a monster, a wall of pure muscle mass that a Mr. Olympia contestant could only dream of.  He towered over her where she knelt, and she rubbed her clit furiously, gaping at him.  “Holy shit,” she whispered.  “Holy shit.”

His cock stood, huge and purple and angry, and the puddle of pre-cum it was producing was enough you could slip and fall on it.  “You look... you look incredible, babe.”  He released the flex, and a massive hand went to rub at his erection, but even he couldn’t wrap one hand all the way around its girth.  “Jesus, you’re stacked as hell.”

“I need you to fuck me, Kai,” Marissa whimpered.  “I need you to cum inside me again.”  Her hand left her pussy just long enough to help her lie back on the floor – legs spread, presenting herself to him like an animal in heat.

“I didn’t cum that time, babe,” he groaned.  Every muscle in his body was tense, his lust barely restrained.

“You didn’t...” Marissa’s eyes widened.  She sighed, laughed, whined, all at once. She felt like she was going mad; it was all too much for her.  Those gallons of growth-inducing liquid on her bed – that was just his pre-cum.  From his battering ram of a cock.  Leaking out of her overfucked pussy. Yes.  Of course.

She scrambled to her knees and crawled toward her muscle god boyfriend.  She reached out and touched his dick with both hands.  She couldn’t get her hands around even half its circumference.  Marissa let out another fluttering, terrified, delighted laugh, and she started to rub his iron-hard length, lubing him up with the residual pussy juice on her hands.

As her natural lubricant made contact with his skin, he moaned as his pectorals creaked even larger, threatening to hide his mouth.  He widened his stance as his thickening thighs pressed even further apart.  Kai’s mighty, power-packed back widened, inch by inch.  If he grew much more like this, he’d get stuck in this hallway – or, more likely, he’d completely destroy it.

Marissa’s eyes were brimming with tears as she watched him grow, right before his eyes.  “I need you... I need you bigger.  Bigger than before.  Never stop growing.  Please.  Fuck me again...”

“I almost destroyed your apartment, babe,” Kai rumbled.

“Outside,” she whimpered.  “Please.”

He moved to touch his palms to the hallway, but couldn’t.  He was simply too broad to lift his arms.  “We’ll get arrested –”

“Nobody’s gonna arrest you when you’re ten tons of muscle,” Marissa whispered.

“I might break you.”

“I don’t care.  Grow as big as you want.  I’m yours.”

He looked down at her hungrily, lips parted, and in a split-second he made his decision.

“Let’s go,” Kai said.

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