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A gift to remember

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Ok, so, first story…. I’ve been thinking about writing one of my own for a while but haven’t had the guts to do it until now. I apologize if there are errors in syntaxes, at school teachers don’t really specialize on cursing or sexual interaction.


Part 1

Well, it all first started pretty simple, when you think about it, most things usually do. First things first, name´s Christian, Chris for friends (if any). I’m a med student, top student but average in other aspects: 5’9’’, not athletic but not slim, hairy and I love it, and…. gay. However, schedules don’t really help my love life, nor my physique. That’s really frustrating since I’m attracted to muscular guys, but an average guy doesn’t attract much attention. I do get an occasional hook up, usually guys who are into hairy guys, but not anyone I yearn for. Then came one fateful afternoon.


I got a call from an old friend. I was actually taken aback at first, and really tempted not to answer at first. You see, Jim, who I had once considered my best friend, hadn’t called me for at least 5 years. So, I was really surprised to hear his voice when I picked up the phone:


-Hey Chris! What’s up man!

-Well, life goes on you know? But I doubt you can notice that…

-Come on, I know I’ve been a bad friend…

-You can say that again

-Jeez, I forget how ironic you can be when you’re mad.

-Jim, anything else you wanna talk about besides my sarcasm? It’s already annoying having you talking to me as if it was yesterday when we last saw each other, but, it’s been 5 years. Five fucking years Jim! Where were you when I needed you the most?!

-Easy man, I know I deserve this and more…


-Let me talk, just as you tell other people

-Fine – I hate when I’m stuck with my own morality – What do you want?

-As I was saying before Mr. Resentful interrupted me, don’t say a word Chris –damn, he’s still got that ability to know when I will protest even before I try–, I know I’ve probably been the worst of friends. And I wanna make it up to you, or at least try.

-Go on…

-I know you’re a fan from Scheherazade’s stories. So, when I travelled to the Middle East…

-You didn´t even leave the country! Filming a documentary in a Moorish building doesn’t count…

-Shut up and listen man, you’ll make me loose the point. As I was saying before I was rudely interrupted -he said this with a playful smirk while I could only turn my eyes on him-, in my journey I found a picturesque scenery for my film. As I was about to enter a local café, my attention was drawn to an old woman who was selling junk in the street. At first, I thought it would be the classical useless stuff and when I was about to leave, the old woman asked me:

-Looking for something in particular young man?

-Not really, I’m just filming here, and all this scenery reminded me of a friend.

-Oh, I see. Good friend of yours?

-Him? Absolutely! Me, well I’ve neglected a little -that’s when I almost killed him with my eyes-, …fine, I’ve neglected a lot our friendship. Would you let me continue instead of enjoying this “I am totally right” moment??!!

-Sorry -I said with a malicious smile. I won’t deny I was enjoying where this was going.

After clearing his throat, he continued: …and when I saw you I thought you might have something my friend would like. He’s a fan of the One Thousand Nights, maybe I could find an “I’m sorry present” for him.

-Are you really sorry young man?

-I truly am, I know actions speak louder than words, and I’ve really been inactive. That’s my major problem, and the main reason I want to do something to make it up to him!


At this point, I wouldn’t have cared if he got me something or not, his speech was heartbreaking, at least from my point of view.


-Interesting. I may have something that fits him. What can you tell me about your friend? It will make it easier to find the right choice.

-Well, Chris is a really nice guy. Always taking care of people and, as he says, “trying to make people see their true potential”. I don’t know how he manages that though. But, as a matter of fact he’s been hurt for that same reason several times, as people don’t appreciate him. They take him for granted, just as I did… -I’ve got to admit Chris, I told her that with a lot of remorse, but let me continue-

-Have you ever read Mardrus’ version of Scheherazade?

-Nope, probably Chris has.

-No wonder why this place reminded you of him. Well, as a matter of fact, it is said that Mardrus’ version is actually pretty accurate, as Scheherazade did live among us a long time ago. Obviously, he made changes to the story and he never found out everything -that’s when she got out this little box-. May I present you the magic ring that once belonged Scheherazade. You won’t find this story anywhere, as only Scheherazade, in her wisdom, kept many secrets from the world. As you know, Scheherazade was a young woman who told stories every night to her king, as she wished to save the women in her kingdom, as the king married a new wife every night and executed her in the morning as a punishment for his first wife, the late queen, who had cheated on him. The detail that no one has ever talked about is this magic ring. It is said, that Scheherazade asked the magic ring for a solution to stop the executions. As a result, she acquired the knowledge to tell amazing stories and devised the well-known plan.

-Wow! Does it really work?

-Of course, young man. There’s a requirement though: the person who attempts to use the ring must acquire it fair and square, have a pure heart and have a strong will. If not, the ring will lose its power forever.

-Incredible! That would be an awesome gift! Can it really do that? But how?

-Have a strong will, think about what your heart desires and it will come true. But if it doesn’t, it was a very nice story, wasn’t it? So, if you’re interested, it would be $20.00 young man.


-And that’s how I got your gift!

-Ok…… I’m not really sure about it though. Besides, how are you sure it will fit?

-Oh come on, you are the person with the strongest will I know. You never gave up, not after all the troubles you’ve had: mean classmates, that crazy girl that stalked you, …the loss of your parents. Come on man! At least try it on! It’s blue…. Your favorite color…


That was the moment when I opened the little box he was giving me. It contained a silver ring with a blue stone, a sapphire maybe, or at least intended to be one. It had writings all over it, seemingly in Arabic. It looked nice, and I couldn’t name it, but I felt a connection to the ring. Wait a minute, a connection?! What was I thinking?! It was a weird moment, but then I tried it on. To my surprise it was the perfect size, just as if it was custom made.


-See? I told you it would fit. Are you going to wish something?

-The only thing I wish right now is that you and I go out and have some fun.


The evening wasn’t remarkable: movies, dinner, a few beers. By the end of the night Jim had completely forgotten about the magical ring stuff. I, on the other hand, was giving it a serious thought from time to time. I’m not going to lie, as an avid reader of course I has read Mardrus’ version of the One Thousand and One Nights, or The One Thousand Nights and One Night to be more precise. It was a very interesting approach to a classic tale. But if it was true, there were a few things I had really given a thought to wish for if a chance like this would appear.


I found myself arriving home thinking about this. The bright side of being an orphan is that you have all the place for yourself. Don’t get me wrong, I practically raised all by myself. Both my parents worked, so I was left alone at home after school. I learnt how to spend time by myself, even though I really cherished the time with my parents. When they both died at the accident, well, it was as if they had permanently gone to work. I do miss them, but I was already used to be alone before they died.


When I arrived home, I hurried to leave all my stuff I had. Still with the ring in my hand, I went to my room in front of the full-body mirror I have. One of my biggest and wildest dreams is to be a muscular guy, a pretty muscular guy. However, I don’t want to lose control or get permanently too big I can’t go back a little. So, a while ago I had came up with a plan: if I ever got the chance to wish for something, it would be to have the power to alter my body in any way I want, as well other people’s bodies with a little bonus: I decide who gets to know a change has taken place, that is if I wish to get as big as Craig Golias I would be able to do so and everyone around me would think I had always been that big, unless I wished otherwise.


With that in mind, I closed my eyes and thought: if your power is real (and I really want to believe it is) please grant my wish: to be able to change my body and anyone’s body for that matter in any way I want just by thinking it but apart from me, no one can remember the changes ever occurred, and only if I want, certain people will notice the changes. At first nothing happened, but then, there was a bright blue glow coming from the ring. I could only think: Yes! Finally! Something nice has happened!




Part 2


I couldn’t believe it. There were so many things going in my mind: first of all, did I really have a strong will and a pure heart? Apparently so, as for the glow the ring gave a few moments ago, its magic had worked. Believe me, people mess up with your mind when they try to hurt you. That moment really cheered me up, I wasn’t the bastard I had been led to believe. Secondly, oh my, I can’t wait to try my powers! Where shall I begin?


My first goal: be 7 feet tall. But how was I supposed to do it? The powers didn’t come with an instruction manual. Think Christian, think…. That’s it! Think! I started to think how amazing it would be to be 7ft tall, to be able to look above most people’s head. That’s when I felt it: I felt how my balance was changing and saw the floor from a higher view. And oh reality, my mirror wasn’t 7ft tall, I would miss everything! Unless… I wish the walls of my room had big mirror each covering them. A blue smoke appeared, and my wish came true. This was easy, maybe it would be useful to do other stuff…. In the meantime.


Now I could see myself from every angle. Ok, let’s start. 5% fat…. Wow, so that’s why everyone at the gym said I had the shape for bodybuilding, let’s take advantage of that. But some other things first: full beard, no scars on the face, baritone voice, shoulder-length hair and more hair in the chest and in my treasure trail. By the way, full clothes on, though now my t-shirt and pants seemed small. To think I’m not half from done…


Ok, let’s make it to size 48 without putting muscle, just bone structure. Now, a ten pack…. Oh yes that feels good, a brick wall. More shredded… yes, totally loving to feel the grooves between my abs. now, remain all the way long with a 30in waist. Mmmmm loose jeans…. Not for long. Bubble butt, bigger, that’s it (oh yes, I can be a total bottom) and able to take any dick but at the same time, as tight as possible. Now the front: 12in soft and 8in wide, also in a soft state, proportional when fully erect. Ops, on my way to find out which proportions will be. Focus, focus, pomegranate-size balls, able to produce a gallon of cum with orgasm. Oh my it’s getting harder to focus but I can make it.


Before I completely loose it: I wish this ring fits me no matter the physical changes I go through. With that checked, where were we? Oh yes, restraining jeans. Tree trunks, so big it gets difficult to get my ankles together. All the leg muscles de….. oh yes….. defined, sartorius muscle visible, diamond cut… ugh calves Rrrrriiiippp, there go jeans. I’ll get of my shoes for this one: feet size 15.


Wow, new balance, I almost fell down. Impressive, if I may say so. Well taking the whole picture it looks ridiculous: pieces of jeans hanging for their lives to two impressive tree trunks, a bubble butt with boxers that now look like a thong and a big cock begging for release. All of this attached to a skinny broad-shouldered torso. Best for last.


But first things first: cock release. So much pre, I shall resist the urge to drink it… that give me an idea, but for later. Now, big pecs, bigger, that they block my view, perfect. A glass can rest over them, and my shirt’s neck is so stretched it now gives a sexy view of the shelf I now own. Back. Big, awesome back, that puts any pro bodybuilder to shame. Big lats, as wings, that force me to have a permanent 45 degree angle. Talking of which: big biceps, 24in arms for starters, with triceps resembling hooves. Big hands, long fine fingers, able to manipulate a scalpel, but also able to crush anything I want. Also, smooth fingertips but a callous palm, to be intimidating at a hand-shake but capable of caressing a lover.


Rrriiipp. That’s when I lost it: so much power, so much strength, so manly, I had to cum. The best and biggest orgasm ever, it felt like a thousand of a regular orgasm and that still feels short to describe. I could only feel myself flexing and cumming. My instructions were accurate: I was cumming about a gallon after every orgasm, it took about 50 shots to finish each orgasm. What I never took in consideration was that I tend to have 4 or 5 orgasms. It was a mess, a really manly mess.


That’s when I had an idea: I wish for my cum to be nutritious, for anyone who drinks cannot starve by only drinking my cum. I want it to be delicious for everyone and, at the moment I desire, my cum will act as the best aphrodisiac ever.


Well, right now I have a lot of cum to drink/clean. But I can also pump it directly from the source to my mouth. It’s gonna be a long night. Imagine how awesome this is going to be when I have sex and use my new powers. I can’t wait, but I’m also hungry. Bon appetit!




Well, here’s my story for the time being. Hope you guys like it and have as much fun reading it as I had writing it. I hope to continue it soon. My exams area near so I’ll try to make time for writing. It’s my first story and my first post ever in this forum. I’m a little nervous about it. Any feedback will be appreciated!

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Very well written

Your use of dashes to indicate changes in speakers worked well - except - when your narrator veered into stream of consciousness thinking.  Maybe that part could be in italic text to distinguish it? 

The descriptions of growth were very sexy, as you included what they meant - e.g. a big muscle butt meant you could take anyone..... Personally I loved the "sexy pec shelf". 

Very good, especially for your first effort!


Good luck on exams!

HIT those blue books! 




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Thank you for your support! It's really motivating. I'm probably writing again before the weekend, around Thursday or Friday. I just need to finish a paper for tomorrow, a final and then I'll start getting worried again about my graduation exams on July 😖

2 hours ago, Mdlftr said:

when your narrator veered into stream of consciousness thinking.  Maybe that part could be in italic text to distinguish it? 

Could you tell me where please? That part was even a little confusing to write. Sometimes you have very well defined an idea..... but when you implement it doesn't really result as you pictured it 😅

It's awesome to see people liked it, thank you very much!

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Just as promised, Friday has ended, but I’ve brought you the next part of A gift to remember. It’s nice to see people liked it, specially after a rough day. Enjoy! (Any mistake done, I blame the iPad and my lack of sleep  :P)

Part 3

So, now I’m the 7ft tall masculine hunk of my dreams… now what to do? My cum was totally delicious, and with a little help from the ring I got everything clean again. With that taken care of, what shall I do now? I’m totally horny, but also want to talk to Jim about this. Besides, as far as I know I now possess an all-powerful ring… man I sometimes hate my own morality code. I’ll think about how to help other people after having a little fun first. Also, a 17in hard-rock cock is a little distracting at the moment.

Let’s see… Grindr, here it is. Now, who do I want to come over? Decisions, decisions, who do I want to fuck with? First question, top or bottom? …I have an idea, where is he? After looking through several conversations here he is, Kevin: hot latino guy, copper skin, dominant, and the possibility to turn that 5’3’’ lean guy into a beefcake. This is gonna be fun.

-Hey there!
-What’s up man? Want more cock?
-Maybe… just relaxing here at home and bored
-Yeah right, you’re a total man-whore you know that?
-Me? Yes, why shall I deny it. But you liked it, didn’t you?
-Yes dude, it was totally awesome to fuck you

-I’m still challenging you to hold yourself from cumming as long as you can while having your cock in my ass… and repeat at least 2 or 3 times
-Little bitch, you don’t want me to be merciful, do you?
-You’d be surprised…
(and will be hehe) Want to come over or not?
-Can I make you moan again by getting my cock inside you ass with just one thrust?
-You promise to cum inside me?

Now the awful wait before fucking begins, I just hope he comes. In the meantime, I’ll check my wardrobe. Hmf, the boxers don’t go up past my knees… right now a little impractical, but it’s getting me turned on. What a moron: I wish all my clothing fits comfortably and skin-tight. Now, before I get too excited, I’m taking off the ring and keep it in a safe place. Except from Jim, I don´t want anyone else to know about it. Also, I don’t want to depend a lot on it.

Before he arrives, let’s get dressed. Wow, this magic is amazing, it barely goes up, but it doesn’t rip. So soft and tight. Now jeans…. As usual, these things are more difficult than they seem. I can barely get my feet inside the jeans, and my cock doesn’t get enough room at the front. Cool, I’ve always wanted to squeeze my cock through the leg of a trouser. That thought had a side effect when I pulled up the zipper: a python started crawling through my leg.

Now the t-shirt: god, the cloth fibers are hanging on for their dear life to my pecs, delts and bis. Wow, even the v-neck looks hot, all the way down showing my hairy chest. At last but not least, just for a little fun, a jacket. As I suspected, arms barely fit and it doesn’t go past my pecs. I was about to start jerking off myself when the doorbell rang.

-Come in! It’s open!
-Chris? You sound different… are you ok?
-Just a “little” different, I hope you’re not too surprised.
-Why would I be sur… whoa! Who the hell are you and what did you do to Chris, you behemoth!?!
-Kev, relax for a moment…-I said while I grabbed his shoulder, I could sware I saw a hard-on in his pants- look at me carefully 
-Chris?!? But how?! -This is going to be fun, but I don’t want to break his mind-
-Let’s not worry about that right now, come on and kiss me

That’s when I planted my lips on his. No one h ever complained about my kisses, it’s exactly the opposite. Everyone wants more. It’s just about going a little deep, and a lot of passion. Like I always say, try to do an endoscopy with your mouth. However, this process wasn’t easy being 7ft tall and crouching to 5ft. Also, I want him to remember the whole process, but I don’t want to go too fast, at least not at the beginning.

While he started to put his arms around my bull-neck, I tried to concentrate to make him taller at a slow pace. I say try because I was starting to get lost in those almond eyes that looked at me with lust and desire. I slowly started to straighten up my body as his got bigger.

-Man, I really enjoyed that kiss. I’m getting you undressed stud. But what….. I’m looking you in the eye now?!
-Kev, relax and enjoy. You always wanted this, didn’t you? -he just nodded- Then leave logic behind and tell me what is your desire.
-I want a blowjob, to face-fuck you and try to chalk you with my cock.
-Your wish is my command.

By the way, I can be a cock-driven slut when I want to, and right now all I crave is cock, big, fat delicious cock. I got on my knees and got started. I heard a little moaning, but I also had other plans…. While I was sucking cock I started to picture it bigger and wider. It felt great to accommodate such a big mushroom in my mouth. At the same time the moaning coming from Kev got louder, I was going well. I decided that, for the moment, I would leave him at the 15in mark. That’s when he started to be the dominant Kev I like: he grabbed my head and pushed it all the way in. I almost chalked but took it, I could only feel it making its way toward my esophagus.

-Yet this big but still a professional cock sucker. We’re not done yet you know? I’m breeding you until I’m satisfied.
Yeap, dominant Kev was getting over rational Kevin. I’m not complaining though. Just making adaptations to get all that cock and being able to breathe, suck and enjoy. You’d think in all this process I left Kev a tall skinny pole? Absolutely not.

When I felt his cock stopped getting longer, I gave him a bubble butt I could easily grab. That only got him more excited, gotta hurry. Now, big balls the size of pomegranates able to produce one or two gallons of sweet cum with each orgasm. Not sooner had I thought of that when I felt the warm cum going down my throat at an accelerated pace.

-I’m not done yet Chris, you became the hottest guy I’ve ever seen, now you get all the cum I can give you.

He came again and again. I could only feel my belly growing. I guess I have a roid-gut now, or should I say a cum-gut hehe? I don’t know how long we were like that, but at some point he pulled out. That’s when stood up and started kissing him, getting all messy with the cum. After a few kisses, he pushed me against the wall, grabbed my by the neck gently but firmly at the same time and said: “Time to open those legs for me stud".

No sooner said than done, we were on my bed, I was on my back with my legs wide open giving Kevin a perfect view of my hole.
-I didn’t think it was possible, but it looks tighter than the last time, ready Chris?
He hadn’t even finished the sentence when I felt all his monstrous cock all the way inside me, I could only squeak in pain an start moaning in pleasure.
-Oh yes! So fucking tight! Such a big ass with such a tight hole! You like it? -I was drooling and could only nod in approval- I asked if you liked it! -and with that question he pushed himself all the way in, until all of his cock was engulfed by my ass and I was starting to see stars. All what came out of my mouth was a loud moan- That’s more like it Chris, moan for me!

Here’s when my plan comes to life and Kevin’s body begins to change: a perfect V-shape, with lots so wide he has to make a 45-degree with his arms too, delts like cannonballs, to continue only with powerful arms that are at least 30in wide. That magnificent torso has to be attached to a 28in waist, just o be continued by tree-trunks that have a 20in cock right in the middle. That’s right, I said 20in while he is still inside me. I cannot describe how amazing it felt a growing cock in my ass. Also, Kevin’s pounding became stronger with every new change. What began as a lamp-post fucking a muscle beast had turned into two muscle beasts fucking like animals.

Now it was my turn to get some fun. I started moving my hips to get his cock even deeper, if that was even possible, grabbed the back of his head and started kissing him until, after a few minutes I got the response I was looking for:

-Chris, I don’t know how you fucking do it, but I wanna cum. You have such a grant ass and use it so well, that I don’t want this to end… Please Chris, a little long…… Ah fucking bastard! I’m cumming!!!
Still got it, a few moves and gripping at the right moment to milk a top. The warm cum started to flow inside me and my gut just got bigger. I could see the ten-pack going further. After a long time, Kev finally finished.

-Dude, you do it every time. I can’t last long inside you! Your ass is incredible!
-Tell me something I don’t know Kev…. You know I like to milk tops with my ass.
-But who says I’m done with you?
-I’m not saying that by any chance. Ready for round 2?
-Of course man! Just do me a favor, get all that cum out of your ass and let me see it.

I got on my belly and gave Kevin a perfect view of my ass. I started taking out all that cum. All I could hear was Kev moaning and encouraging me to continue. I turned around a little and saw Kevin jerking off furiously. I resumed my task and suddenly felt the full weight of Kevin on my back at the same time I felt full again. I let out a long loud moan.

-Bastard, couldn’t resist shoving all the way…. agh… right….agh…… in, could you?
-You know what I like. And now that I’m as big as you, you’re mine, you know that? -he said while grabbing my hair and pushing deeper into my ass. I was shivering with all that pleasure. I also gripped his cock as hard as I could- Oh, Chris wants to play dirty?

He grabbed my shoulders and started pounding my ass again, in and out, all the way out, only to get it all back in at a fast pace. I was drooling, almost totally gone from an overwhelming pleasure. He turned me around and, while still fucking me, engulf my cock. That’s when I lost it: I started cumming. Stream after stream down Kevin’s throat. He was now getting a gut attached to yah small waist. I also began to feel the warm cum inside my ass.

I lost track of time. And before I knew it, I fell asleep still impaled with a huge cock. Best sex ever, and it’s just the beginning….



That’s it for now guys, I’m probably getting more plot for the next time, specially what will Chris do besides having sex and be top next time (not that I would complain if I were in his place). Maybe I'll get him to talk to his crushes and try to make a move on one of them. Hope you enjoyed and see you next time!

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