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Worship Session, Accident part 3, resolution

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Last Chapter guys.  It's been a journey for me as well as the characters.  As always, let me know what you think.


It’s been 2 weeks since everyone was rescued from Shawn and Ron.  Some made out better than others, but we all were shaken to the core. 

Jay is still on edge, feeling he did not do enough to protect everyone.  I’ve tried to ease his nerves and soothe him, but he is stubborn and has been distant.  He spends hours at the gym just working out.  He visited Cam and Ming in the hospital every day and pledged to make sure they fully recover.  I asked him to speak to someone for help, but he keeps shrugging it off.

Eddie and the twins holed up for the first week.  He took them to a place he has in the mountains and wouldn’t let anyone contact them, save their parents.  He did sent a couple photos showing they were alive and ok.  Ian’s bruises were fading.  When they came back, the twins moved in with Eddie. He insisted.  He said, nothing like this would ever happen to them again.

Ty and Davey had a very rough time.  Davey is back in therapy and back on meds to help with his anxiety and depression.  He is sullen and quiet most of the time.  He’s back at his job part-time until he can fully recover.  Ty and Tommy had a discussion with his boss and explained what happened and why it was important for Davey to be at work.  His boss was skeptical at first, but when Tommy showed him the police report and some photos, he quickly understood and agreed to the request.

Ty has thrown himself into work at the gym.  He is there 12 to 14 hours a day, almost like he is there to stay away from Davey, but I know it is something deeper.  He needs to work through his part in all this.  Did he do enough, soon enough, to protect Davey and the others?  I’ve seen him and Jay have quiet intense conversations.  When I approach they stop talking.  I let it go, because I have a feeling I know what it is about.

Ty talked to Paulo like he promised and offered him a job at the gym and a partial partnership.  Paulo is very grateful and needs to think it over. 

Ty also caught a raft of shit from Tommy for not contacting him when we found out where Ron and Shawn were holding everyone.  Ty explained the situation and let it drop.  Ron, Shawn, and the others were arrested and thrown in jail.  The judge refused them bail due to the severity of the abuse they inflected.  They are awaiting trial.  We all gave our statements.  Listening to Cam and Ming tell their story was heartbreaking.

Cam and Ming.  Where to begin?   They were both in the hospital for over a week and when they got out, they stayed with Paulo at his insistence.  He cared for them like an over protective older brother.  Their external scars are slowly fading, but the internal ones will take some time to heal.  Since they’ve been home, we’ve gone over every night for dinner.  Some nights are better than others. 

Cam is doing better than Ming.  He is walking around and cracking some jokes.  He wants to get back to work even though he has a broken nose and three cracked ribs.  The swelling around his eyes is about half of what it was.  His bleach blonde hair is growing out and his dark brown roots are coming through.  He’s undecided if he’s going to bleach his hair again or let it go.  I voted for him to bleach it.  Ming was uninterested in the conversation.

Ming is taking longer.  His physical wounds are slowly healing.  He can walk, but the abuse Ash and Shawn inflicted with the dildo caused some internal damage which will take another few weeks to heal.  The emotional ones, well, Cam says Ming no longer sleeps a full night.  Also, he will get up in the middle of the night, go into the Living room and sleep on the sofa. He won’t say why. I am planning on having lunch with him next week to talk about things and to see what’s up. 

Stu and Kenny disappeared for a while as well.  They headed to the beach house to recover. Ty talked them every day and told them to take as long as they need.  Kenny will still have a job.


Jay and I are slowly getting back into a routine.  We are heading to my parents for the weekend.  It’s been a while since we’ve seen them and they want to see me in person to make sure I’m okay.

It’s a 5 hour drive to their place.  I take the first shift.  We leave nice and early on a Thursday morning.  The cast will be on my left arm for another week or so.  I checked with the doctors and they saw no issues with me driving for long stretches of time.  I just need to make sure I don’t get fatigued. 

We’re on the turnpike and Jay is quiet and his face has a blank look on it.  He’s just staring out the front window or the side window.  His left hand is on my right thigh.  It’s just resting there, no gentle squeezes or playfulness.  I put my right hand on top of it and gently stroke it.  Nothing.  I move my hand to the back of his neck and softly play with the short hairs there.  This always gets a response of some sort.  Usually his dick comes to full attention within minutes.  Other times he will get just as playful and use his hands to grope me, making me hard as well.  Now, nothing happens.

I move my hand to his left bicep and wrap my hand around it, coaxing him to flex.  Nothing.  I turn the volume down on the radio. 

“Jay,” I start softly, “It’s not your fault.  It’s not Davey’s fault either.  Those guys were just assholes looking for revenge.  The abuse Cam and Ming took was not your fault.”  I glance over to him and see a tear roll down his cheek.  Fuck, this is bad.  I put my hand on his thigh and squeeze.  I know I am not able to dent his muscles, but I am praying he feels my concern and love for him and that he knows he is not going thru this alone.  He moves his hand from my thigh and puts it on top of mine.  The barest of squeezes comes thru his fingers.  It’s a start. 

I remember back to the night when they saved everyone, then returned to the apartment.  Everyone was in shock, but Jay was especially troubled.  Ty filled me in with some of the details, and after I spoke with Eddie and Paulo, I got the whole picture as to what Jay did to Bull, Ron, and Shawn and his emotional breakdown afterwards. The violence he unleashed on those guys was what he felt they deserved, if not more, but the toll it took on him emotionally, due to seeing Ming in his battered state, became too much.  I’m glad he did not get a chance to see Cam until the next day.  At least Cam had a chance to rest up.  Jay still broke down and cried in the room.  Cam held up better than I did.  He told Jay the abuse he took was not his fault and he knows he did everything he could to rescue them as soon as possible.  Jay said someone should have been with them when they went back to their place to get their stuff.  Cam gently said it was impossible to know Shawn and Ash knew where they lived, so how could they have predicted they’d be taken. Jay still felt responsible and became even quieter after that.

We pull over for a pit stop and to switch driving.  I ask Jay if he wants anything from inside and he barely nods no.  I go in, hit the bathroom, and grab some junk food.  I come back out to the SUV and Jay is not there.  The door is open, but he is nowhere to be seen.  I close the door and start to scan the parking lot.  Nothing.  I pull out my phone and call him.  I hear his phone ringing in the car.  I start to wander around the rest stop, knowing he is here someplace.  After about 10 minutes of searching between cars and trucks and checking inside again, I see him behind a picnic table, facing the woods, just staring.  I see dried tears on his face.  I sit down next to him and put his left hand into mine.  I lean against his bicep and softly rub my head against it. 

He sniffles.  I hug him tighter.  He starts to get choked up and I hear him start to sob.  I switch positions and get into his lap.  He is facing downward.  I lift his chin and stare into his blue eyes.  There is such sadness and pain.  The whites are all red from tears and emotion.  I move in close and kiss him on the forehead.  I then put our foreheads together and whisper, “I am here for you Jay, just as you’ve always been there for me, so many times.”  The dam bursts.  Tears come pouring out of his eyes. He wraps his arms around my back and gently squeezes.  I wrap my arms around his back, lift my forehead off his, and pull him as close to me as possible.  His head is on my chest and tears are still spilling out.  My shirt is getting soaked, but I don’t care.  I continue to hug him.  He is holding on to me as if his life depended on it.  I don’t let go.  I join in and let my pain and anger come thru and start to cry as well.  Tears stream down my face and sting my cheeks.  The memories of what Shawn, Bull, and Ash did to me 4 years ago come back and are crystal clear.  The abuse they did to me is nothing compared to what they did to Ming and Cam, but the pain of getting thru it afterwards is all too similar.  Jay was there for me, and now I am here for him. 

His tears ease up for a few minutes, but neither of us move.  It then starts again.  He sobs and then lets his emotions take over.  What Jay has endured for the past few weeks has been intense.  Keeping it all to himself, pushing it out of the way so that he could lead us to saving everyone.  Never thinking of himself or his own well-being. 

The tear subside again. I release him and he does the same.  I lean back, away from his head.  He is breathing deeply and heavily.  I put both hands on the sides of his head and pull him in for a kiss.  He tentatively kisses me back.  Our lips touch.  There is a spark, moisture, tenderness, love passes between us.  I look back into his blue eyes and they are returning to normal.  They are still red and puffy from the outpouring of emotion, but the sparkle is coming back. 

He pulls my close again, and whispers, “Thank you curly.  You are my life and my reason for living.”

“You are mine too.”  I respond. I reach up and wipe away his tears.  He leans back in and kisses me some more.  I feel him hug me just a bit harder and his hands rub up and down my back. 

We sit for another 5 minutes, just relaxing.  Me on his lap, playing with the hair on the back of his neck.  Him rubbing my back and playing with my curls.  His breathing returns to normal, deep and heavy.

No words pass between us, but we both know the conversation is not over.  It will be brought up again, and piece by piece it will be dealt with.  He’s taken his first steps at realizing he’s not responsible. 

“Are you ready to go?  Mom and Dad will be waiting for us.  Also, my brothers will be wanting you to show off.  I’m sure they’ve tightened some screws as best they could or nailed a few chairs to the floor.”

Jay leans back and smiles at me again.  “I love your family.  They’ve made me feel welcome since the first time we met.  Not sure where you came from?”  I punch him in the chest and he laughs.  He stands up, putting his hands under my butt and carries me back to the SUV.  He jumps in the driver’s seat and we continue.  He’s better for the second half.  Cracking jokes, squeezing my thigh, running his fingers thru my curls.  I lean over and kiss him on his cheek.  He smiles and musses my hair.  I laugh. I start to play with his neck hairs again and this time I get the desired reaction.  “Careful buddy, we don’t have time for another pit stop.”

“Um, I think we do.  They’re not expecting us until 3.  It’s only 11 now.  Plenty of time.” I leer at him in a way which is pretty much illegal in many states.  He moves his hand from my thigh to my junk and starts to massage me through my shorts.  I lean my head back and sigh.  He snakes a few fingers down my shorts and gets ahold of my unit and starts a slow jerking action.  “There’s a pull off area in about 2 miles.”

“How do you know that?” He asks in an unbelieving tone.

“I’m a man with intimate knowledge of this area.”  I wink at him.  We ride on for about a minute and a half and there’s the sign for the pull off.  “Ahem…”

“Fine.  You win, but we need to be quick about this, for many reasons, as I’m sure you’re all too aware.”

I let out a raucous laugh and Jay laughs as well.

We pull over.  There are no other cars in the area.  We wait for a break in the traffic and then hightail it to the edge and dip down into the woods and brush. It’s not easy to hide a 6’3” 250 lb. blonde hulk, but we manage to get out of sight.  We slip behind some larger trees and I slip off my shorts.  Boner is ready and raring to go. Jay seductively lowers his shorts.  They’re half way down when I grab them and jerk them the rest of the way.  “Remember big guy, ‘no time’, ‘consequences’?”  I say with a snarky voice. He looks at me with a huge grin on his face.  He puts both hands the sides of my face and hauls me in for a sloppy kiss.  Drool and spit are everywhere.  My face and chest, his fingers, hands, and arms.  I take ahold of his dick and start to slowly yank on it.  He does the same to me.  He pushes my backwards to a tree. I am pinned against it and a sharp piece of bark pokes my back.  I yelp in pain.  Jay releases me somewhat and I move forward. 


I pull a tube of lube from the shorts on the ground and grease up my hole. “Like you wouldn’t believe. Bring it muscles.”

He reaches down, puts his hands under my ass, and hefts me up, granting easier access to my hole. I position the tip of his dick at my hole.  I relax and slide down.  I hum, he sighs.  “I’ve missed you Max.”  I lean forward and kiss his pecs and nibble on his tits.  He arches his head back and lets out a roar the likes of which I have not heard in years.  He grabs my hips and starts to vigorously bounce me up and down. 

I grasp at his forearms to steady myself. “Whoa there stud.  No need to blow your load in a few quick pumps.  ‘Being quick about it’ doesn’t mean being done in 30 seconds” I massage his arms and calm him down.  He slows his motion and gets into a nice steady pace. 

We’re about 5 minutes in and we hear a cop car siren coming.  It gets louder and louder.  Jay starts to look around, like we’re guilty of something.  Well, having sex in a pull off area might be illegal, but as far as we know, no one saw us leave our car or has seen us through the trees.  He slows his motion and is ready to drop me and pull on his shorts if the cops stop.  The siren is deafening at this point, but they speed on by.  The sound recedes into the distance over the next 2 minutes.  Jay relaxes and then picks up the pace.  I grab my dick with my right hand and start a serious tugging movement.  He bounces me a few more times, then pushes me down and holds me there.  He shuts his eyes and leans his head back. I feel his dick increase in girth and then he explodes into me.  I shudder at the experience.  I do a few quick, savage jerks and blast his abs and chest with my load.   I reach out for his arm and grab at his bicep to steady myself.   He just stands there like a statue, all be it a fucking hot muscular statue, but a statue just the same.

He glances down at me and asks, “You good curly?”  I nod yes and he lowers himself so I can dislodge him.  I pull out 2 gym towels and we clean up as best we can.  We toss our clothes back on and head back to the SUV.  We get in and continue the trip, laughing about the fun we just had. 

We arrive at mom and dads.  They’re waiting for us.  I grew up in a small town, as John Mellencamp like to sing about, where everyone knows everyone.  Roads are for kids to bike on, front yards are for them to play on and everyone looks out for each other.  The neighbors and neighborhood have not changed much.  There are a few more younger families now, but the older folks are still there as well.  I had so many ‘neighborhood grandparents’ growing up, when my actual ones came over, we didn’t know how to act around each other.  My neighborhood grandparents invited me in for cookies and milk, sat on the front steps with my parents enjoying a beer on a hot summer night, or brought over pot luck dinners in the winter.  My real grandparent’s area just a bit high strung.  Oh, they love my brothers and me, but they are just a bit distant, as if they know we are closer to our neighborhood grandparents than them.

We go in and there are hugs and kisses all around.  Mom eyes Jay up and down a few times and says he has lost weight and is practically withering away to nothing.  I roll my eyes.  Jay leans over, kisses my mom on the cheek, and says ‘Thank you.’  She looks at me and says I’ve added a few pounds and that I should watch what I eat.  She winks at Jay.  He winks back.  I feel a conspiracy happening.  Mom excuses herself and goes back into the kitchen to get some snacks and drinks.  We offer to help, but she waves us off, telling us to go sit down and relax. 

Dad takes over.  He leads us into the family room, sits us down and asks if everything is ok. Always to the point. He would say, why beat around the bush when everyone knows what’s up.  He explains he wants to get this out of the way before my brothers get home from school.  He says they know something happened, but they have not told them everything. 

My brothers are much younger than I am.  Roman is 17 and Schaefer is 15.  My parents had me soon after they graduated college.  They realized how hard it was to raise a kid at 22 and decided to wait to have more kids until they were settled and stable.  

Mom comes into the room with a tray full of snacks and drinks.  We dig in and explain everything that happened.  More tears are shed, from everyone, including my dad.  When we finish explaining, he gets up, walks over to Jay and hugs him deeply.  Jay blushes, retreats into himself, and humbly says ‘Thank you”. Mom excuses herself again and goes upstairs.  Dad looks at me, I nod, and follow her. 

She’s in my old room, which still has my bed in it.  She’s fussing around, smoothing out the already smooth bedspread.  I poke my head in and ask, “You ok?” 

She turns, quickly nods and turns away. 

“Mom, we’re fine.”

“Jay is still troubled about it, isn’t he?”  I stare at her.  “I can see it in his eyes and the way you look at him.” Mothers always know. “Don’t lie to me Max, I know you too well and I am beginning to know Jay like a 4th son.”  I sigh and sit on the bed and pat the spot next to me.

“See this cast?” I wave my arm at her. “Those guys caused this to happen, as we said.  From the moment Jay found out who did it, he did everything he could to protect me and our friends.  I think it was too much for him.  Everything spiraled out of control so quickly, he couldn’t keep up.  When they finally got to the house and he saw Ming,” I lower my voice, “It was bad mom, really bad.”  She stares at me.  “We don’t like to talk too much about it, but Ming and Cam are lucky to be alive.  If they had been held for another day or two, they’d probably be dead.”  Mom grabs my right arm in a vice grip.  I continue. “He went on a rampage in that house.  He caused some serious harm to those guys and after it was done, he was emotionally spent. Our friend Paulo says Jay just broke down and lost it.”  Mom is nodding and looking at the door as if someone is going to walk in on us.  “We are making progress and he is getting better.  I think this trip will be a big help.”  She nods again.  “Please do not make a big deal out of this.  Just treat him as you normally do.  He loves when you fawn over him and Ro and Shae get him to show off.  He may act like he hates showing off, but he does enjoy making other people happy.”

Mom gets up and says, “Ok” with a resoluteness in her voice which tells me the subject is closed and nothing more will be said about it.  “Let’s go back downstairs.”

She leads off and we rejoin dad and Jay.  Dad is explaining the subtle ways to kiss a cue ball to get the slightest English on it to make a shot.  Jay is captivated.  Mom clears her throat and dad stops, “Ok, before Roman and Schaefer get home, we need to figure out what we’re telling them.  We’re not lying to them, but they don’t need to know the gory details, understood.”  We all nod yes, as if we had another option.

The boys get home about an hour later, both with their lacrosse equipment in their bags. Ro is a defensive specialist and has several long sticks.  Shae is offensive and has the short sticks.  He’s also going to be the bruiser on the team.  At 15, he’s already my height and weight.  He’s putting on some muscle along with the weight.  He’s looking good and I tell him as much.  He’s also got the same curly hair as I do.  He pulls it back into a ponytail.  I’ve told him if he does a man-bun, we’re going to have issues.  He laughs it off.  Ro is my height as well, but not as heavy.  He is lean and wiry and likes to keep his hair at crew cut length. They both have bruises on their arms and legs.  Jay sees this and stiffens for a moment.  I wrap my arm around his and ask them how practice was. They say it was fine.  There’s a game tomorrow night and ask if we’re going to come.  Jay responds, “Of course.  We drove 5 hours just to watch you guys play.”  He’s got a big grin on his face. 

Mom announces, “Dinner in 10, get cleaned up.  And I mean all of you.”  She eyes Jay and I as well as Ro and Shae.  Dinner in an Italian household, wonder what it could be?  Yup, homemade pasta, homemade gravy (or red sauce to everyone else), and homemade meatballs.  There’s also soup, salad, bread, wine, and homemade cannoli’s for dessert.  I’m surprised I don’t weight 300 pounds with how she feeds us.

Dinner has always been a time when we talk about stuff and tonight is no different.  I lead off and explain in very general terms what happened and why I have a broken arm.  Mom and dad are eyeing up the boys and making sure they understand what happened and reassuring them Jay and I are fine. 

We get through dinner and Jay insists he and I do the dishes.  Mom puts up a fight, but dad puts his hand on her arm and she relents.  Ro and Shae go do their homework, but not before securing a promise from Jay for some workout tips.  Jay washes and I dry, as best I can with the cast on. We bump hips and slash water at each other.  I slap at his ass with the drying towel.  He blows soap bubbles into my hair.  Mom yells in that it doesn’t sound like the dishes are getting clean.  I look at Jay and he gives me the big eye, ‘uh-oh’ look.  We both laugh as quietly as we can.

We get it done and Ro and Shae are in the basement waiting for us.  Once they showed an interest in sports, Dad put in a small gym with some equipment he bought on EBay. He explained to them they’d need to get tough and strong if they wanted to succeed in a physical sport like lacrosse.  They understood and took to the weights very easily.  Shae more so than Ro. 

I pull Jay aside and quietly ask him not to show off too much, like he normally does.  He winks at me and musses my hair. He turns to face them and in a deep commanding voice asks, “Ok gentlemen, what are we doing tonight?”

Ro responds, “Bench presses.”  I roll my eyes.  Of course.

“Let’s get to it.” Jay says easily.  “Let’s start with nice easy warm up weight of 225.”  My brothers look at him with mouths agape, but he continues, “10 reps with hands normal width apart, 30 second rest, then another 10 with a wide grip.” 

Dad chuckles and walks up the steps, “You kids have at it.  Just don’t strain yourself too much.  You have your game tomorrow.”  Jay winks at him and smiles.

“Ok, who’s up first?  Jay asks looking from Ro to Shae then breaks into a big grin.  “Gotcha.”  The panic leaves their eyes.  “Ok guys, if you want to work chest, yes flat bench press is great, but remember there are over 80 different exercises you can do.  You need to remember to work the whole chest area, not just the pecs.” He is pointing to different areas as he speaks.  “Flat bench is great as you can move the most weight.  Try spreading your hands a bit and it will work parts of the outer chest.  Or, try dumbbell presses.  These are different than using a bar as the dumbbells are independent of each other and you will feel all the little stabilizer muscles working. You don’t need to do both bar and dumbbell, they are just about the same exercise.  Maybe Ro does one and Shae does the other.  That way you’re both working chest at the same time, but are not getting in each other’s way.” They nod.  Jay asks, “What is your normal warm-up weight?”

Shae responds, “95 lbs.”

“Ok, load up the bar.”  Shae throws some 25 on it and Jay slips onto the bench.  “Ok, notice where my hands are, about shoulder width apart, with thumbs wrapped around.  When I lift the weight off the support, it should curl into the palm of my hand, as such.  Now, slowly lower the weight.  Remember, the push up part is not the only part of the exercise, slowly lowering it activates just as many muscles.  A quick decline and you’re wasting half an exercise.  Watch.”  And he quickly drops the weight then slowly pushes it up.  Next he slowly lowers it, twitching his pecs to exaggerate the result.  I grin internally.  He then slowly lifts the bar and reracks it.  Both guys nod. 

“Ok, Shae, you’re up.  Ro, you spot him.”  Shae slips onto the bench and positions his hands.  Jay studies everything from a close position and nods ok.  Shae lifts the bar off and slowly lowers it.  He then pushes it back up.  “Nice.  Now do 9 more just like that.”  Shae pushes out the rest of the set.  He slows on the final one, but Ro is there to help with the weight.  “OK, nice set.  Remember when you’re the spotter, you need to encourage the other guy.  Your main job is to make sure he does not drop the weight back onto himself, but the secondary job is to encourage him.  Ro, on his last rep, when he’s slowing down, just a few words of encouragement will bolster the lifter into trying to get the weight up.  You don’t need to shout or be obscene, just something easy like, ‘you got this’ or ‘come on, last one’.  It shows you’re paying attention.” Ro nods.  “Ok Ro, your turn.” Ro slides onto the bench and positions his hands.  Jay makes a minor adjustment and nods.  Ro lifts the bar and starts the set.  He gets to 8 and starts to slow.  Jay pokes Shae and he leans over Ro and says, “2 more bro, you got this.”  Ro pushes out the final two reps.  Jay nods to both.  He spends the next hour working thru exercises and explanations. 

Mom yells down 10 minutes and everyone, Jay included, knows what that means.  Ro and Shae look at each other and grow quiet.  I glance from them to Jay knowing what they want, but seeing how they are too embarrassed to ask.  I speak up, “Jay, what’s the most you’ve benched?”

He eyes me up, sees me slyly wink, and knows why I’m asking.  “495.” He says flatly. ”But seeing as you don’t have 11 plates here, it would be kind of tough to get it…unless we improvised.” The boys look excited. “Max, you’re about 165, right?” I nod. “Shae, you look to be about the same, but let me make sure.”  He walks over puts his hands under Shae’s armpits and easily lifts him up.  Shae grins from ear to ear. “Yeah, 165.  Ro, you look a bit lighter.” He lifts him up and says, “About 155?”  Ro nods and is also smiling.  “Ok, so we have 485 right there.  Now the task will be to distribute the weight evenly on the bar.”  Jay thinks for a minute and says. “Max, I need you to sit out.  I want you to be spot me and watch your brothers, so I’ll only be lifting 375.  Ro, on my left, Shae on my right.  Ro, we need to add 10lbs to your side.  Grab a free weight.  Here’s how it’s going to work.  Listen carefully. Me on the bench.  Once I’m set, Ro, on my left, grab the end of the bar with your hands and lift your legs toward the middle.  At the same time, Shae does the same but from the other side. Please try to do this together so the bar does not become unbalanced. Max, you need to steady them and make sure they don’t fall off.”  Everyone nods. 

Jay slides under the bar, secures his hands and pulls the bar down, firmly onto the supports.  “Ok, now.”  Ro and Shae get onto their sides, lock their hands onto the bar and carefully lift their legs toward the middle.  I shift feet and calves around so Jay is not bumped in the head and his hands are free. I let him know everyone is set.  He counts down, “Three, two, one.” And he simply lifts the bar up.  He’s barely straining.  His chest puffs out, he takes a deep breath and slowly lowers the bar to his chest.  He rests it there for a good long second and then slowly pushes it up.  I look into his eyes, and he winks at me.  I blow him a kiss and he returns it.  He proceeds to do twenty reps with ease.  By the 15th, Ro and Shae are moving their hands to keep their grip.  I tap Jay on the shoulder and he knows to wrap it up.  He reracks and holds the bar securely to the supports while the boys get off.  Once they’re down, he stands up, pulls off his shirt and does a most muscular for them.  They are awed.  “And this my friends is what working out can do for you.”

We hear the door open and dad takes two steps down and says, “Ro, Shae, it’s time.”  Both guys head up the steps.  Dad stops them and says, “I think you have something to say to Jay, don’t you?”

Ro walks back down and shakes Jay’s hand, “Thanks for the tips Jay and the demonstration.”  Shae follows suit. 

The guys leave and dad comes back down.  “Thank you Jay, your help and tips mean a lot to them, even if they don’t know how to say Thank you properly.”

“It’s fine sir.  I know their hearts are in the right place.  If they ever need help or encouragement, they can always Skype me.”  Dad pats him on the shoulder and walks back up. 

“Put your shirt on before you come up.  Last thing I need is my wife seeing a muscle guy like you walking around the house shirtless.”  He laughs as he leaves and shuts the door.  I walk over to him and grope his chest.  He flexes and turns it to granite.

“Thank you.” I say to him.  I lean up and kiss him tenderly.

He smiles, pulls me closer, and kisses me back.  We straighten up the area, Jay throws his shirt back on and we head up.  We spend another 10 minutes talking to mom and dad then head to bed.  Yeah, no sex, sorry.  Small house with paper thin walls. 

Next day, Jay and I head out to see some sights.  We go to the local world famous botanical gardens and wander around.  Jay is amazed and grateful for the experience.  We then hit the local art museum which is basically dedicated to the local artist’s family, given that he, his father, his son, and several of his siblings are well known artists.

Around 3 we head over to the high school for the lacrosse game.  Ro wears number 15 and Shae is in 52. Mom and dad meet us there and we small talk waiting for the game to start.  A number of people recognize me from my time at the school and walk over to say hi.  I introduce Jay and some gawk, some leer, some are just overwhelmed.  Jay takes it all in and smoothly eases the situation.  “I’m his personal bodyguard.  You know those high maintenance Hollywood types.”  He winks at people and they relax a bit. 

“I will get you back, you know that?” 

“Why do you think I’m doing it Curly?”  He leans over and kisses me on the cheek.

The game starts and we are entertained watching Ro and Shae show off their moves.  Not sure if this is how they play regularly or if they’re putting extra effort because Jay and I are here. They each take a couple hard hits from the opposing team, which will lead to a few more bruises.  Jay winces at every hit and I feel it. I hug him to let him know it is okay.  The game ends and we win 9 to 6. 

We gather back at the house and have a celebratory dinner.  A good time is had by all.  Ro and Shae do have bruises forming on their arms and legs.  They talk about them as war wounds.  Jay gets unsettled and excuses himself.  I follow and we walk down the front walk to the roadside, out of earshot of the house. 

He sits down and I ask, “You ok Jay?”

“I will be, just give me a minute.”

I stand behind him and put my arms on his shoulders and gently work the knotted muscles.  He reaches a hand up and pulls me around to the front.  I sit in his lap.  We put our foreheads together and just sit in the silence.  A solid minute goes by.  I let him release first.  He looks up into my eyes and runs his fingers thru my hair.  He quietly says, “If it had been you, I don’t know what I would have done.  I think I would have killed them and that scares me.”  I pull him close and hug his head.  “It really does.”

“But you didn’t kill anyone and Ming and Cam will be fine.  Jay, please, you need to stop beating yourself up.  Nobody holds you responsible for anything, except saving our friends.  Look at me.” I lift his chin.  “I know you love me and you know I love you, right?” He nods, “Then our world is ok.  Fine, we hit a pothole, but we recovered and are getting back to it.” He stares at me, the sadness has returned to his eyes.  I quietly, but sternly say, “Ming and Cam will…be…fine…” then relax my tone, “You need to relax and watch it happen.  Don’t keep that image of Ming in the basement here,” I touch his head. “Or you will never recover here.” I touch his heart, “And I want my Jay back.”  I kiss him on the forehead. We sit for another minute.  I get up and pat him on the shoulder. “Take your time, but please come back to me.”  I walk inside. 

Jay appears 2 minutes later.  I can tell he cried some more.  I walk over to him and hug him.  He hugs me back. 

Dad appears with 3 beers from Victory Brewing.  Jay hesitates, but takes it.  We walk back outside and sit on the front porch and clink bottles.  He starts talking, “Ro and Shae are young and exuberant. Oh to have their innocence again.” He glances over to me and continues, “Max was a hellion at that age.  You remember don’t you Max?”  I nod yes. “Can you imagine me and his mom with Max at 15 or 16 and two toddlers?  There were times we wanted to throw all three kids out the front door and lock it, just so we’d have some peace and quiet.  But we stayed the path and took it a day at a time.  It was rough at times, but I think we did a pretty good job with them.  What do you think Jay?  Max turn out ok?”

Jay looks me in the eyes, puts his hand in my curls and responds, “Yes sir, he turned out just fine.” 

Dad gets up walks to the door, opens it, turns and says, “And so will you.  Just give it time.” 

“Thank you sir.”  Jay says softly. We are staring into each other’s eyes and I see the sparkle come back.   

Ro and Shae come out with sodas and sit with us.  It’s a Friday night so curfew is a bit later, plus I’m back in town, so mom is being flexible.  Ro pulls a walnut out of his pocket.  I think to myself, ‘here we go.’  He tosses it to Jay who catches it and looks at it and tosses it back to him.  “It’s a walnut, I’ve seen them before.” I laugh out loud.  Ro turns red. Jay waves to Ro to toss it back over.  Ro does.  Jay catches it again and turns so both guys can see his arm.  He places the walnut the crux of his of elbow and squeezes. It takes about 10 seconds, but the nut audibly cracks.  Jay relaxes his arm and pulls the meat out of the shell.  He dusts the shell off his arm.  “What else boys?  I know there has to be more.”  Shae produces an apple.  Jay smirks, “Too easy, toss it over.”  He puts the apple in his palm and slowly closes his fingers.  This would be a non-event in our place, but I know he wants to show off.  He flexes his bicep and forearm muscles and the apple disintegrates under the pressure.  The juices flow out between his fingers and the palm of his hand.  He wipes his hand in the grass and looks at my brothers, smiles, and says, “That the best you got?  Come on guys, give me a challenge.”  Shae runs back into the house and Ro goes toward the garage. 

“You sure about this Jay?” 

He leans over and kisses me.  “Yes, I’m having fun and your brothers are good kids.  I want them to have something to talk about with their friends.”  I rub his bicep which he flexes for me. 

Ro comes around the corner of the house, see Jay’s bicep fully flexed and stops in his tracks.  “Damn.” Is all he says. 

“Um, language mister.” I say back to him, “but yes, it is impressive so I’ll let it slide.”  I pat the bicep which Jay keeps flexed until Shae returns and has the same reaction. 

“Ok boys, what do you have for me?”  Ro hands him a tennis ball.  Jay puts in the palm of his hand and crushes it.  There is a loud pop when it explodes.  Shae hands him a frozen water bottle they would normally take to practice.  Jay raises an eyebrow.  Shae says they have plenty of others.  Jay puts one hand on each end and starts to smash it like a trash compactor would.  His t-shirt is now wet and clinging to his chest.  His pecs and abs come into relief and he slowly twitches his muscles for my benefit.  I’m excited and need to subtly shift positions so my growing erection doesn’t draw attention.  Next, Ro hands him a 4 foot iron rod which is ½ inch thick.  Jay eyes it up and asks, “Does your father know you took this?  I don’t want you to get in trouble.”

Ro pleadingly responds, “Max tell him how much junk dad has in the garage. He’ll never miss this.”  Jay looks at me and I nod in agreement.  Jay stands up, flexes his arm, puffs out his chest, glances at the boys, and says, “Ready?”  As they’re nodding he easily twists the bar into a loop.  He holds it up and Ro takes it and tries to bend it back.  It won’t budge.  “Here, let me help.” Jay says.  He takes the bar and twists it again and now there are two loops in it.  “Oops, didn’t mean to do that.” He says with a sly grin.  He hands the bar back to Ro.  My erection is growing.  He’s just playing with me as well as the boys. He knows I won’t be able to jerk off while we stay here. 

“Ok, time for one last show, and then you kids need to go to bed. Both of you stand up and stand next to each other.” I know where this is headed, so I subtly cross my lets.  They will be amazed and speechless. Jay moves into position in front of them and grabs their belt buckles.  “Use my shoulders to stabilize yourselves” They nod.  Jay bends at the knees, gets a firm grip, and stands up, straightening his arms, and pushing both kids over his head.  Their feet are dangling and they put their hands on his head and shoulders.  Both of them say “Whoa” at the same time.  Jay lowers them so his arms are at 90 degrees, his biceps not even flexed, then he presses them up again.  Now, they are both laughing.  My erection is full on and I cannot stand up without causing a scene.  Jay very slowly brings them down.  Now he flexes his biceps to their full extent, just to show off.  He is getting a kick out of this as well, as evidenced by his ear to ear grin.  He sets them down and brings them in for a brotherly hug.  They hug him back and come over to me and do the same. 

Shae says to me, “Your boyfriend is great.”

“Yeah, he’s a keeper.”  I look to Jay and wink.

Ro adds, “The guys on the team won’t believe what he did.”

“You do have the bar he twisted.” I say casually.  They both grab for the bar and Ro gets it first.

Dad appears at the door and says, “Ro, Shae, it’s time.”  Ro and Shae hug us once more and disappear into the house.  Dad steps out, hands us two more beers and asks, “How was the show?”  Jay blushes. Dad says, “Jay, it is fine.  Those boys think the world of you and Max.  Now they have goals with regards to working out and putting on some muscle.  Be prepared for more Skype calls than what you intended.”

“Yes, sir.  I’m glad they had fun and I’m sorry if I overstepped any boundaries with the other stuff.” 

Dad waves him off.  “Jay, it’s not often we get a 250 pound, 6’3” muscle man in the house.  I’m fine with it as long as no one got hurt.” He steps back into the house and turns off the lights.  “Remember to lock up when you come in.” And he’s gone.

I look into Jay’s eyes in the fading light and run my hand over his cheek.  Crickets are chirping. Lightening bugs are flittering around us.  I hear an owl in the distance.  I sit in his lap and snuggle in.  He wraps his arms around me and puts his chin on top of my head.  I feel safe.  We sit like this for 10 minutes or so.  His breathing becomes heavy and deep. I put my hand on his chest and feel his heartbeat.  It feels normal.  I pat him and he releases me.  We get up and walk into the house. 

We spend most of Saturday with Ro and Shae.  We go to the high school fields and toss the football around.  They try to show Jay how to play lacrosse, but he doesn’t seem to get it. 

We see a few of the really large truck tires that guys flip as part of their exercise routine.  Jay makes a bet with the boys.  If he can lift one over his head, they have to do one hundred push-ups each.  My brain is screaming ‘sucker bet’, but I stay quiet and don’t let me face give anything away.  Ro and Shae talk in hushed and clipped tones for a few seconds and come back with a counter offer.  If Jay can lift and carry the tire over his head for one lap around the track, they will each do 150 push-ups. Jay eyes them up and say deal.  Everyone shakes on it. 

Jay sheds his shirt, flexes his chest and arms, just to show off.  He squats down in front of the tire and eyes it up.  He lifts it upright and rolls it around looking for the best spot to grip it.  He’s found it.  He squats back down, pulls the tire over him, and grunts while pressing it overhead and standing up.  Shoulder muscles bulge, chest is heaving, and his legs look like tree trunks.  He winks at the boys and starts off around the track.  Every once in a while he will stop, press the tire up and down a few times, then continue on. Ro and Shae follow him closely, and pepper him with questions – is it heavy, how hard is it to keep it from wobbling around, could you carry two?  I see what their tactic is, distract him and maybe he’ll drop it.  Not likely, but the boys are pretty good, wonder where they got that from?

Jay’s about half way around the track and casually says, “You boys may want to get ready to do the push-ups.  150 each is quite a lot.  It may tire you out.” 

Shae responds, “Nay, we normally do 200 at practice every day, so it’ll be easy.” Boom, and there it is.  The sucker bet was on Jay, not them. 

Jay stops, turns to them, with the tire still overhead and says, “Excuse me?”

Ro responds, “Yeah, coach told us they would help strengthen our chest and shoulders.  So we do about 200 or 250 a day, depending on how hard practice is.”  He casually adds, “If you had asked, we would have mentioned it.  Max knew about it too.”  Jay turns to me, with the tire still overhead, and I nod yes to him and shrug my shoulders. 

He feigns anger and tosses the tire about 10 feet away.  The boys are dumbfounded and Jay uses the opportunity to rush them and corral them into a two man bear hug.  He pulls their bodies to his and gently lifts them off the ground while gnashing his teeth and growling.  The guys are roaring with laughter. Each one is grabbing onto the bicep they are trapped in.  I stand back and watch thinking, been there, done that.  After about a minute he starts to jog toward the bleachers with them still in the bear hug.  He takes the steps two at a time and gets to the top and maneuvers both guys over the safety railing.  “This is what I do to guys who sucker bet me…” and he loosens the bear hug grip just enough so they slip and inch or two down his chest.  They both grab his biceps harder.  Now it’s his turn to laugh.  He pulls them back over the railing and sets them down.  Everyone is laughing and sweating at the same time.  “I know exactly where you guys get your sense of humor.”  He is looking directly at me.

“What can I say?  They learned from the best.”

Jay walks down to me, pulls me in for a hug, and says, “Yes they did.”

Shae shouts out, “Come on guys, no PDAs here.” I look up to him and then back to Jay and haul him in for a sloppy, drool filled kiss.  When we’re done, I wipe my checks on my sleeve and stare back up at Shae.  He’s just shaking his head and laughing.

We put the tire back where we found it, collect Jay’s shirt and the rest of our stuff and head home.  I ask Ro and Shae not to mention being dangled over the railing as we all know how mom will react, even though they were completely safe in Jay’s grip.  They understand and agree.

Last night in town means another homemade dinner.  Lots of food, good times, and good talk. We make it an early night as we need to get on the road in the morning to get home. 

Sunday morning brings a hearty breakfast.  Jay says he’s cheated on his diet for the next month and will be eating lettuce and carrots for quite a while.  Mom shrugs it off and says, “You’re allowed to enjoy some home cooked meals once in a while.  This time, they happened to be in one weekend.  You need to enjoy food Jay, just look at Max, he certainly does.”  She looks over at me and cracks a wicked smile. 

“Thanks mom.  Always appreciate it.”

“Oh, my baby.”  She comes over and smothers me with kisses and pinches my cheeks.  “My baby is all grown up now.  Can’t take a few jabs from momma?” 

I kiss her on the cheek and say, “Love you too mom.”

We stand in front of the SUV, hugs and kisses all around.  Ro and Shae are especially grateful for the workout routines Jay put together for them.  He lets them know he wants regular updates on their progress so he can adjust each of their workouts, and if they have questions, he’s only a Skype call away.

We pile in and take off.  I lean over to Jay and say, “Thank you.  They really love everything you did for them this weekend.”  I give him a peek on the cheek. 

He runs his right hand thru my curls and says, “No, thank you.”


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This has been a lovelu ride and teh stories pf this verse are all awesome.Thanks man for this journey

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This was amazing! I wish that you would consider do many many more chapters please ??????

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Totally awesome!!

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Really, truly, a great story from start to finish.  Thanks for the hard work of writing characters who came to life in this story.  I hope you no  longer worry about posting stories--many of the rest of us look forward to anything you decide to write and share.  Thanks again for a great ride with Curly, Jay and all the rest!

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I need me a Jay.  Just saying.  Thanks for a great story.  Such wonderful writing.  

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10 minutes ago, londonboy said:

I need me a Jay.  Just saying.  Thanks for a great story.  Such wonderful writing.  

Yeah, I need me a Jay too. Maybe one of the guys you post can fit the bill, :)

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