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Hi, everyone! Sorry about the delay. I was focusing on finishing some games I've been holding off and working on those same novel projects. This one was a bit rushed, so it might not be very good, but I hope it's still enjoyable. If anyone has any comments, suggestions, or constructive criticism to help me edit or write better, no matter how subjective, I'm very open. Thanks!




Froy helped me pack up my things as we finished up work. I asked him earlier if he could come with me to the gym to check up on Marcus, and he said yes almost instantly. He didn’t have anything else to do at home, so he might as well. My mind was still in disarray, thinking about how Wes grew right in front of me and didn’t notice a thing.

Most of the office had already wrapped up and gone home an hour ago, so there weren't many left at their desks. Even then, we were all packing up already. I often checked on the glass door to see if Wes had already left, but until the very last moment Froy and I were in the office, he never left the floor, much less his own office. Of course, how could he leave? He was completely naked except for his underwear. He was still aware enough to know leaving naked was going to catch some eyes. He was probably waiting for the office to empty out, giving Froy and I more of a reason to head out as soon as possible.

Marcus had asked me to come over to the gym after work, so that was the first place I planned on heading out to. I had to see it for sure—if Marcus really did grow an inch.

The local gym that granted us memberships as a work benefit was down a few streets, the same distance it took to walk down to the bar.

Froy accompanied me. I told him he didn’t need to if his mother needed him, but he insisted in joining me in case something bad happened. I appreciated the intention, but he could’ve put a little more effort in that excuse. It was dangerous how much time we spent together. Word traveled around quick about how Marcus had called him my little puppy, and now, that’s all he ever was to anyone.

After dropping off my things at the car, we began heading down to the gym. It had been far too long for no one to have noticed the meteor crash, and it worried me how only the four of us knew about it. For the longest time, I didn’t think the meteor affected anyone else but us… directly, anyway. As we walked down the street, Froy and I saw something that stuck out like a sore thumb in the blur of city normality.

“What the fuck is that?” I asked.

“Oh, wow,” Froy said.

Down the street by the intersection were several trucks, driving down to the wet market. Every single one of them was loaded with gigantic fishes, ranging from as small as a dog to bigger than the driver.

Both of us were scared shitless. We paced up to the trucks that got caught in the traffic of rush hour and examined the fishes in the cargo. Some of them were fishes I’d never seen before in the market or on any menu before. I wasn’t even sure if they were edible. Some of them looked familiar, as if I had them in a fishbowl when I was younger.

I reached out my hand to touch one of them when they began flouncing, causing the entire truck to shake. The driver rolled down his window and glared at us.

“Hey! What the fuck do you think you’re doing?! Don’t mess up the fish unless you’re gonna pay for ‘em!” he said.

“What are they? I’ve never seen them before in my life,” I said.

“Don’t be stupid, of course you have. Don’t you recognize them? There should be a goldfish somewhere back there.”

“A goldfish?!”

“Yeah, freshwater fishes. They’re supposed to be as big as my thumb, but someone found these big-ass fish floating dead in the lake, so we decided to sell ‘em.”

“How did they get so big?”

“Hell if I know, man. We don’t do the thinkin’ ‘round here. We just bring the fishes. So stop scaring ‘em!” The man rolled his window back up, obviously trying to escape the conversation.

“Maybe it was the meteor, sir,” Froy said. “I remember we washed off the slime in the river. I think that’s why the fish are so big.”

I looked at him in shock. “But these are a thousand times bigger than they’re supposed to be. What if you get this big?”

“I… I don’t know, sir.”

He looked away, pursing his lip somewhat. It seemed like he had something he wanted to say but didn’t want me to hear. His face reddened just a tint too.

We waited for the trucks hauling the Goliath fishes to finish driving down the street before resuming our walk over to the gym. It was too much of a spectacle to let pass off. Just the thought of wondering what the meteor could do to living things scared me a bit. It was extraterrestrial and probably wasn't supposed to interact with our kind. Who knows what miracles could be discovered if scientists got hold of it?

By the time we got to the gym, the sun had already fallen and rush hour traffic had settled in.

Froy opened the door for me as we headed inside, and immediately, I was overwhelmed by the sudden change in surroundings.

There were men everywhere of various shapes and races; some were massive and near immobile, and some were young teens trying to emulate their favorites. I was sure there were some vlogger fitness gurus that were here too. The gym was so spacious that it was near impossible to find anyone with all the mirrors and equipment in my field of view.

The smell took a while to get used to too.

“Do you see him?” I asked.

Froy shook his head. “No, sir.”

We stood by the entrance, trying to find Marcus among the sea of men laid before my eyes like a buffet—a buffet where I was forced to starve. Marcus hadn’t grown so much that he stuck out here like a sore thumb. Some men were even as tall as the doorways. In the office, sure Marcus was an anomaly, but here, he was normal.

“Excuse me? Did you need something, sir?” a voice asked.

I turned around and saw a man at the front desk calling me over. If the members were five-star meals, the poor man standing here in front of me was the compost. Poor thing.

“Oh, yes, uh, do you know how to find a member here? We're employees at Haley & Bennett's.”

“Yes, sir, we have a computerized system here. Just give me the name, and I’ll tell you everything you’ll need to know.”

“Okay then, try Marcus Fringe.”

He began typing on his computer, mouthing the syllables as he typed. “Okay, sir, he’s in right now. According to his trainer’s program, he should be near the back doing back right now.”

“Oh, great, thanks.”

“No problem, sir.”

I took Froy and led him over through the equipment until we got close to the back. It wasn’t surprising that both of us were absolutely dazed. There were gorgeous, muscular men all around us, spilling their sweat on us, flexing and grunting within reach of our hands. It was impossible to breathe properly. Any clean air was overtaken by the sheer musk. Froy was completely silent, as was I.

When we got to the back, a familiar voice cried out near the back, accompanying the ear-shattering clanging of a machine.

“Come on, Marcus, just two more reps!”

There on the lat pulldown machine was Marcus in a wifebeater, lifting what looked like the entire fucking machine: 225 pounds. He looked even bigger and more toned than he did this morning. As he pulled down the bar, every muscle on his back and his arms seemed to strain and harden as he flexed. From where I stood behind him, I couldn’t even recognize him.

The Marcus I knew would never have been able to lift all this, much less look like this. The man completing his last few reps in front of me looked like he spent his life at the gym, perfecting his diet and sculpting the perfect body. That’s how it would look like to anyone.

Of course, we knew the truth.

As he finished his last rep, channeling every last bit of strength he had left, every single one of his muscles seemed to inhale and swell up ever so slightly. As if his body had just taken a breathe. When he finished, he released the bar in an instant. His body didn’t seem to swell back down, keeping the pump from that last rep. He shook his muscled arms and shoulders and jolted up from the seat, letting out a massive warcry.

He turned around and high-fived the man I could only guess was his trainer. The man was a few inches taller than Marcus, 6'4" probably, and far more muscled, but he looked like he was in his mid-40’s and had been working on his body for decades—not a week.

“Yeah, you’re doing really fucking well for a first-timer! Man, if I had your genes at that age, I would’ve never left the gym.”

Marcus laughed. “Well, I’m here now, right? Time to see how big I can get!”

“Are you sure you’ve never worked out before? It sounds impossible that you were already this big without ever lifting a weight before in your life. And you were a model!”

“Yeah, yeah, I’m not kidding! I—”  He turned his head around and saw Froy and I standing at the side watching him.  “Hey, look who’s here!”

He swaggered up to us, filling our noses with his hot musk. It almost seemed like his body was literally steaming. I could barely collect my thoughts before he wrapped his arms around us and pressed us against his sweaty chest. His bicep pushed against my neck, suffocating me almost.

“Thanks for coming, guys! I wanted to show you something.”

He let go and stood up straight in front of us, resting his arms to his side, showing off just how broad his V-shape was.

I looked up and confirmed it. He was definitely an inch taller than Froy now—an inch taller and twice as muscled, if not more.

“See? I grew an inch! Can you believe it?” He raised a hand up, highlighting his bicep, and compared heights with Froy.

I could see on Froy’s face that he wasn’t used to having someone like Marcus be taller than him. His face was beet red, and it didn’t look like he was even breathing. I had to say something.

“Are you just gonna stand there and stare at me, Dory? No sassy quips?” he asked.

“I’m just trying to take it in.”

“There’s a whole lot of me to take in, huh?”


“Don’t worry, there’s still a whole lot more of me to come.”

Then his trainer spoke, eyeing me intimately. “Hey, aren’t you gonna introduce me?” he asked.

Marcus stepped back in surprise, lost in himself. “Ah, sorry, Fonz,” he said. “Dory, Froy, this is Fonz, my trainer. Fonz, this is Dory and Froy, co-workers at my office.”

The man stepped forward with a smile, reaching out a hand to shake.

"Hi, Dory, Froy."

I slowly lifted mine, and he grabbed it with a vice-like grip, crushing my hand so much that it was going numb. His size wasn’t just for show. He could break Marcus apart if he wanted to. His arms seemed to be twice as big as Marcus’, making them four times as big as mine. Fuck.

“Nice to meet you two,” he said. “Are either of you signing up for a membership?”

Froy and I shook our heads to his disappointment.

“That’s a shame.” He turned to Froy. “You look like you’ve got the potential to get as big as your friend here.”

“Yeah, Froy,” Marcus said. “Don’t you wanna get as big as me?”

Froy remained silent, shrinking down and slinking up behind me.

“How big are you now, anyway?” I asked.

“Fonz said my arms were 17 inches last time we checked. I think my legs were 26 inches? And I think my chest was 53 inches? Was that right?”

Fonz nodded. “Yeah. Kinda freaky since you’re standing here telling me you’ve never gone to the gym before.”

Marcus laughed and shrugged. “What can I say? Genetics.”

“Whatever you say, man. Come on, let’s go to the lockers. You’re done for the day,” Fonz said.

“Sure thing,” Marcus said. “You guys wanna go out for dinner later?”

“I’m G,” I said.

“What about you, puppy?”

“Okay, sir.”

“Great!” He patted Froy’s head. “Good thing you’re obedient.”

Marcus and Fonz waded through the gym and disappeared up the stairs. Froy and I walked over to the front desk and sat at a couch... a small couch... it was a loveseat. It was a bit of a tight fit, but we managed to squeeze together. Very closely. Other men and women passed by us, giving us strange glances and staring at us as if we just crucified the baby Jesus.

Froy had his head lowered and was tinkering with his fingers. He really did seem like a puppy. Not a word left his mouth while we waited, and it seemed like it was going to stay that way unless I said something. So, I did.

“So, uh, how are you?”

He looked me in the eyes. “Uh, fine, sir.”

“Are you okay? You’re being really quiet. More than usual.”

“I’m just thinking about something, sir. I’m okay.”

“What is it?”

“It’s okay, sir. It’s nothing important.”

“Come on, tell me. Tell me, or I'll give you a bad rating.”

He rolled his eyes and sighed. “I was just thinking about how Sir Marcus keeps calling me your puppy.”

“What about it? I thought you didn’t mind being called my puppy.”

“I… I do, sir. Just because I’m quiet doesn’t mean I like being called a puppy.”

“You’ll have to talk to Marcus about that. He’s the only one who calls you that.”

“Could, uh, you do it, sir? I’m too scared to talk to him.”

“He’s not gonna beat you up. Marcus is a cool dude, He’ll get it. If you wanna stop being called a puppy, you’re gonna have to assert yourself more. Being shy in a workplace is an easy way to become the butt of everyone’s jokes. I would know.”

Froy lowered his head in defeat. “Okay, sir. I’ll try. Is it okay if I go talk to him now?”

“That too. You don’t have to ask for my permission for things like this, Froy. Just because you’re an intern doesn’t mean you have to act like an intern. At our office, we already see you as a regular even though it’s only been a week. You blend in well. If you wanna go talk to Marcus, then just say so. It’s not like I have any reason to stop you.”

He raised his head and stood up. “Okay, sir. Thank you, sir.” Froy headed towards the stairs leading to the locker room upstairs.

I waited at the front desk for a good twenty minutes, waiting for Marcus and Froy to emerge from the locker room. Strangely enough, neither did. I was sure no one took this long to change clothes. Even if Marcus took a shower, it shouldn’t have taken this long. I got worried. I began wondering if something happened to them.

As I was getting up, Marcus’ trainer emerged from the locker room on the ground floor. He stood outside the door, looking around for something—or someone. As soon as he locked eyes with me, he began walking up. I didn’t know what he wanted from me, but I knew I had nothing to give.

He tried sitting down next to me on the loveseat but ended up standing because of his width.

“So, you just here waiting for Marcus?” he asked me.

“Yeah, where is he? And where’s Froy?”

“Marcus is taking a shower upstairs. The locker room on the ground floor is reserved for premiums and employees. The twink is upstairs too, sitting outside his shower like—”

“A dog?”

“Yeah, a puppy. So you all work together right?”

“Yeah, HR at Haley and Bennet’s. Why? Did you want something?”

“Nothing, really.” His eyes turned to me, no longer with the friendly twinkle, and now more with a devious stare. “So... you got a girlfriend?”

“No, I’m single. And gay.”

His eyebrows shot up. “‘Gay’? Cool, man. So am I.”

I began getting uncomfortable with the conversation. It didn’t seem like he was leading up to a conversation about salaries. His questions were unnatural, and his tone seemed impatient.

“Y’know, I’ve been eyeing you since you first showed up a while ago. You’re pretty cute for an office worker. And I have a thing for small dudes.”

“I appreciate the interest, but I’m not interested.”

He leaned in closer, sticking out his hand to grasp my chin. A meaty, calloused finger tapped my nose, wetting it with what I could only assume to be sweat.

"Oh, come on, I don't bite."

I was frozen in fear. Our eyes were locked together for all the wrong reasons, and I could tell something was about to go wrong. I wanted to move, but I couldn’t. The fear of what might happen to me paralyzed me.

Then I began to smell something coming from my nose.

It wasn’t anything I ever smelled before, and I began to lose sobriety as everything around me began to go hazy. I couldn’t see straight. I couldn’t think straight. I couldn’t even hear straight. All the saliva in my mouth had dried, leaving me thirsty and dry. Was I drugged? In public? In front of the security cameras?

“Why don’t you come with me for a sec, I think you could use a shower. I’ll even let you use mine just so you don’t interrupt your friends upstairs.”

He gripped my arm and tossed me up from the seat in an instant. I could barely walk straight. I felt so trapped. As Fonz led me through the gym to the locker room, I looked into the eyes of anyone passing by, hoping that they would help me, to see that I was in trouble. No voice left my mouth as I tried to scream. It was hopeless. My entire being apart from my consciousness was completely numb.

Fonz led me into empty locker room, closing the door behind him.

He stripped off his sweaty workout gear until he was left only in a pair of briefs and a shirt. I sat down at a bench as he turned on one of the showers at the far end. When he came back, he raised me up by an arm and stripped me down until I was naked. I wanted to cry.

“You’re even smaller than I thought!”  he exclaimed. “But it's fine You won’t be needing your little wiener anyway.”

He brought me to the shower and tossed me against the wall. Under the water, the foul smell that filled my nose began to wash off my face. I was regaining consciousness, but to no use. Fonz grabbed me by the mouth and held his massive paw over my face, not allowing me to breathe or scream.

“Stop fighting, you’re going to enjoy this.”

I tried breaking loose, but Fonz was nearly a foot taller than I was and thrice as muscled. He held me down like a sheep for slaughter.

“Don’t worry, I’ll show you what a real man feels like.” He shoved a calloused finger up my ass, causing me intense pain as I struggled against it. “Just relax, man. It won’t take long.”

He pulled down his underwear and took his finger out of my ass. I could feel a warm hunk of flesh tapping against my ass cheeks, and there was no doubt in my mind what it was. The water running down my head and back was lukewarm, but my entire mind and body were numb with cold. I needed help. As much as I mumbled, it didn’t seem like anyone was going to come in the locker room any time soon.

I clenched my ass as I felt his throbbing head poke against me. Whatever it took to prolong his entry, I was going to take it. Anything.

“Stop fighting! Just let me fuck you already!”

As he crushed my neck, I let out a yell.

The locker room door creaked open, but it didn’t seem like whoever came in knew what was happening. For all they knew, I could’ve just seen a cockroach. As long as the door was closed, no one was going to know what was happening to me.

Then I heard a voice. “Sir? Are you here?”

I mumbled as loud as I could. I had to get his attention.

“Fuck…!” Fonz uttered.

The shower door swung open, and both of us turned to see Froy standing there in full shock.

He saw tears in my eyes and a hand around my mouth and immediately pieced the puzzle together. Thank god. He grabbed Fonz’s shoulders and tried prying him off my pathetic form.

“Get the fuck off of me, you fucking kid!” Fonz struggled. “Ah, what—what’s going on, what are you doing to me?”

Froy was a few inches shorter than Fonz and just had enough meat on his bones to not appear skinny. Yet somehow, he was holding his own. Against the big mammoth that was Fonz, it almost seemed like they were equal in power.

Suddenly, Fonz’s grip loosened immensely, allowing me to free myself and fall out of the shower at Froy’s feet. I looked up and saw that Froy’s hands were still planted on Fonz’s shoulders. He wasn’t letting go. What was happening? Why wasn’t Fonz resisting? Instead of fighting back, his entire body seemed to be weakening, limping.

As I got up and stepped back, I began witnessing the impossible.

Almost out of a fever dream, Fonz’s great form began to diminish. His ballooned-up muscles deflated as if the air was escaping from inside him. It was an unbelievable sight. In the midst of Marcus and Wes growing out of nowhere, here was the first person to actually shrink right in front of me… and at the hands of Froy. His wet shirt loosened and began to droop as his pecs sunk back into his ribs. His bulges and peaks on his arms and legs tightened up and shriveled all around his body.

“What-what’s happening?” Fonz asked.

Froy, on the other hand, was experiencing the opposite.

“I don’t know—ungh—sir!”

“What’s happening to you?” I asked.

“I don’t know, sir!”

I stood a few feet away from what was happening, but every event was unfolding as if I stood an inch away from them.

Just like Fonz’s, Froy’s own body began to change, albeit far milder. If Fonz’s diminishment was happening at a bullet’s pace, Froy’s own body was actually growing—not shrinking—at a snail’s pace. It was a shocking development to say the least. As Fonz lost several inches in height, Froy gained one or two. It wasn’t long before Fonz’s head sunk down below Froy’s, his eyes and mine getting closer and closer.

“What the fuck is happening to me?!” Fonz asked.

Fonz was nothing like the man he was a minute ago. Standing in front of me was a 5’9” stick of a man. Fonz was nothing. He had lost everything.  Any appeal he might have had before was gone now, replaced by a great disdain and disgust for his character.

Froy’s changes were far less dramatic, but they were still very noticeable. As Fonz shrunk and his sizeable muscles disappeared into thin air, it was almost as if Froy had stolen them. Froy’s muscles grew faintly, but with every five pounds Fonz lost, Froy gained one—and Fonz had a lot to lose.

Froy let go of Fonz’s drained body, causing his weak form to fall on the floor. “What, what is this?” Froy asked me.

Froy’s biceps began to inflate, becoming sizable peaks, stretching out his black shirt’s sleeves and pulling them up to his shoulders. His plump pecs began to jut further outwards, tugging at his shirt. His upper body was that of an athlete’s, not bodybuilder big, but big enough to fit in with a varsity team. In fact, he resembled Marcus from last week right before his date. He was still skinny enough that his increased musculature was heavily accentuated, showing off every vein and cut on his new body.

As he examined his new biceps, every stretch and movement his arms made, his pecs, biceps, and triceps all seemed to jump out of his flesh, flexing. His shirt struggled containing it all. As his chest and shoulders demanded for more, his Adonis’ Belt revealed itself.

“Sir, what’s happening to me?” he asked. “My clothes are getting too tight!”

“You—you just stole Fonz’s muscles, or some of them anyway. I think. Shit.”

His skin-tight slacks stretched and pulled as they held in Froy’s thickening legs. I could even hear threads snapping and tearing. The growth stopped when Froy’s quads tore through the fabric, revealing his hairless thighs underneath. What were once slacks were now capris.

In my complete distraction, I never even noticed his bulge. Fuck, what a bulge it was.

It looked like he was stuffing a fucking cucumber. The zipper creaked as it was forced to slide down his pants, revealing an obscenely packed set of briefs. Froy didn’t even look the least bit affected by it either. Was it always like this? Was this just him getting aroused?

“What did you do to me?!” Fonz yelled, getting up from the ground, getting used to his diminished form.

Froy stood up over us both, standing an inch taller than he just was, now being 6’2”, same as Marcus. I was only 5’7” and Fonz was now just 5’8.5”, so Froy looked very big. We looked like undersized adults while he looked like an oversized teen.

“I… I didn’t know that would happen…” Froy said.

“The meteor did do something to you.”

“Meteor?” Fonz asked.

“None of your business, asshole.”

Fonz grumbled and tried walking up to punch me but stumbled. Froy stepped past him and held my hand. We locked eyes and he smiled at me, shifting his gaze between my eyes and my lips.

“Sir, could we go? I don’t think we should be here anymore.”

“Yeah, we should go. We need to make sure no one knows about what happened here.”

“But sir, what about him?”

“There aren’t any cameras in the locker room, don’t worry. Besides, who would believe a word he said? No one’s going to believe anyone who says they got their muscles stolen. Marcus is just gonna have to get a new trainer—and gym.”

“Okay, sir.” He walked with me out of the lockers as fast as we could, my shorter legs struggling to keep up with his pace. “I hope you’re okay. I didn’t know where you were when Marcus and I went back down, so I went around the whole gym.”

“Thanks, I’m fine. Fonz drugged me or something. It’s a good thing you came.”

“It’s okay, sir. I’m used to protecting you.” He chuckled.

“But fuck, we need to really talk about this meteor shit seriously. Let’s find Marcus and get out of here already.”

We both headed to the front desk where Marcus was flirting with a cleaning lady his age. Neither of us wanted to stop him, so we waited. By the time he got the girl’s number, he hustled over to us and laughed, cheering over his triumph. His victory was short-lived, however. The inch in height he’d gained over Froy was gone. With both of the boys being 6’2”, I looked like a dwarf.

“Whoa, when’d you grow an inch?” Marcus asked Froy. “And since when were you so muscular? Your clothes don’t even fit right anymore.”

“We need to talk, Marcus.”

“What about? If it’s about the water dispenser, I swear it wasn’t me this time.”

“What? No, I meant something else. Let’s just go before Fonz catches us.”


“Let’s go!”

“Okay, okay! You don’t have to yell, man!”

The three of us left the gym as fast as we could, briskly pacing down the street at the speed of light. I had to be the one leading otherwise I’d be sprinting while Froy and Marcus would be walking.

I asked Froy and Marcus where they wanted to eat, and since Froy gave his usual “I’m okay with anything,” we had to go with Marcus’ choice: Steak Streak. It was his favorite restaurant for all the varieties of cooked beef they had. It was also our trio of power’s usual rest stop after bar nights.

We entered the restaurant, and all eyes were on us—or more specifically, on Froy and Marcus. While Marcus relished in the attention, Froy stuck close to me, trying to hide. He looked ridiculous. To anyone, it would’ve looked like a tree hiding behind a blade of grass. If anything, he stuck out even more than Marcus.

Once we sat at a table, Marcus spread out his legs and rested his arms on the adjacent seats, giving off a sigh of relief. Froy sat next to me as usual, minding his own business.

“So what did you wanna talk about, Dory babe? Is Wes giving me a promotion? ‘Cuz I definitely deserve one already.”

“No, it’s about the meteor.”

“Oh? What about it? What’s new? I already know I’m growing bigger, so there’s no need to point that out.”

“Yeah, well, it’s affecting Froy now too.”


“Yeah. We discovered he could kinda, drain someone’s size.”

“Oh? I’ve heard of muscle theft stories online, but I never knew that shit could actually happen in real life. Are you sure?”

“It’s true, sir.”

“Ah, there. He speaks,” Marcus said. “So come on, Froy, tell me: how’d you know you could steal people’s size?”

Froy turned to me for approval, and I gave him a nod of assurance. “Uh, I was looking for sir around the gym, but I couldn’t find him, so I checked the locker room on the ground floor. When I went inside, I heard him scream, so I checked out the showers. Your trainer was trying to rape him, I think. When I tried pulling him off, he started shrinking. I let go, but he kept getting smaller anyway. Then I noticed I was also getting bigger a little.”

“What, Fonz? Fonz was trying to…?”

I nodded.

Marcus’ look of intrigue quickly shifted to that of pure anger. He looked just about ready to start a fight with the world with how he was slamming his fists and grinding his teeth. He was furious.

“I’m gonna kill him! What the fuck, I didn’t know he was that kinda person. Sorry, Dory.”

“No, it’s fine. It’s over, and I don’t wanna bring it up anymore. Right now, I’m more concerned about you and Wes.”

“What? Why us?”

“The three of you were all affected by the meteor, but Froy is the only one who can actually control his growth. Wes grows when he drinks his own cum, but even then he doesn’t even notice himself growing and thinks everything’s normal—”

“Wes is growing too?”

“What?” Froy asked. “Sir Wes too…?”

“Yeah, he grows when he drinks cum. I thought you two knew about this?”

“What the fuck, I didn’t know about that. I haven’t seen him in a week! I thought I was the only one growing in the office. Is that why you asked for my tic-tacs? How big is he now?”

“Yeah. Last time I saw him today, he was like 5’11” and really, really big. Like, he literally burst through his clothes in front of me, and he didn’t even notice.”

“Holy shit. That’s something I have to see tomorrow. Good thing I don’t have to drink cum.” He laughed. “Is it ‘cuz he came in his pants that night of the meteor, you think?”

“Yeah, probably. Maybe it was that tic-tac you gave him. Maybe when he swallowed the slime shit, there was some chemical reaction or something. Anyway, Marcus. Here’s what I’m worried about: Froy and Wes, kinda, both have control over their growth, but do you?”

Marcus rubbed his chin and thought to himself. “Hmm… no, I don’t think so. I’m not doing anything. I’m just growing non-stop.”

“Aren’t you worried about getting too big?”

“No, why? The bigger, the better, right? Plus, I’m tired of being small. When I’m tall, everyone looks up to see me. Everyone wants me to fuck them too, you know?  I have all this power over people, and I fucking love it. I love being big. I love growing big.”

Marcus sniggered and raised up his arms and began flexing for us, showing off his pumped peaks and smooth muscles. Passing waiters and waitresses had their eyes glued to him. I’m sure he knew people were staring, but he didn’t care. All attention was good attention to Marcus.  All he cared about now was growing. He didn’t care how big he would get. At the moment, there was no way we could stop his growth. He was only going to keep growing bigger and bigger.

“I’m gonna be as big as a god someday.”


“Yeah, you heard me. If I keep growing bigger, I might even get to hold you in my hand someday. Wouldn’t that be cool?”

“It’s definitely something, Marcus.”

“And you,” he said, pointing at Froy. “I know you can shrink me down and steal my muscles, so you better fucking not do anything like that, got it?”

Froy was caught by surprise, having disappeared from the conversation thus far. I don’t think he even planned on stealing Marcus’ size.

“Y-yes, sir! Sorry, sir.”

“So you got your new muscles from Fonz?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good. When I see him again, I’ll make sure he regrets trying to do anything to you.” Marcus admired his flexed bicep. “Oh, I know! Why don't we plan another bar night?”

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On 6/25/2018 at 7:19 AM, dredlifter said:

The only thing I'm confused about is the tic-tacs.  I don't understand the significance and I don't recall any clues or anything from the first two chapters.  Also, in this latest chapter Marcus says he made them?  I hope we find out!

Ah, the tic-tacs first appeared in the first part near the end, where they're on the road to Wes' condo. Marcus gives one to Wes as a joke, causing him to wet himself and stop the car in the middle of the road, allowing them to witness the meteor. I hope this helps!

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Right when I thought this story couldn’t get hotter, you introduce a size theft aspect. So damn good.

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Now only oen is elft to know wha si gign to happen to him after the meteor crash.

Thanks amn for the update.

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