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Evan, the making of an Amerasian god, Part 11

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Todd got out of bed, clad in just his briefs. He felt more energetic and stronger than he had in years. He pulled on a pair of running shorts, and they felt much tighter over his legs than he remembered. He couldn’t even get his shoulders into his favorite t-shirt, so he just tossed it aside and pulled on some running shoes. He was only vaguely aware of the new power and size of his body.


The previous few days were both fuzzy and crystal clear at the same time. He clearly remembered his encounter with Evan, but all previous memories of his life seemed to have faded. He started to methodically lumber about his room, packing up some items. Books he was intending to read, an old guitar he used to play, the suits he used to wear for work, even his family photos and a box of mementos from college. These talismans from his past now made no sense to Todd, not since his hypnotic conversation with Evan. He gathered them all in a box and carried them out to the street.


Except for thoughts of Evan, and a hunger for his cum, Todd’s mind was a total blank. He dumped his possessions on the curb, and looked down the street. Loitering on the corner was Miguel, a local thug who had mugged Todd a few months earlier. Miguel stood 6’2” and about 240lbs of solid muscle. He was wearing a thin tank top that not only showed off his intimidating muscle, but also the tattoos he received in prison. He was clearly trying to send a message: This is my turf.


Remembering how roughed up he was after the mugging, Todd felt a rage rising inside himself. He inhaled, steeled his core and started to run down the street. He moved remarkably fast, but by the time he got to Miguel, his rage was erupting.


He ran up behind the thug, and without even calling out his name, punched him hard in the back of his skull. The impact was so hard, the thug was knocked about eight feet in the air before landing face down on the pavement. After catching his breath, he rolled over and looked up Todd.


“Get up, bitch.” Todd said in a low but terrifying tone. Miguel could see he was seething with rage, so he stood up quickly.


“What the fuck was that for?” he asked, not recognizing the man he mugged a few months ago.


But Todd was beyond conversation. He backhanded the thug hard, then spun around and caught him before he fell again. Todd now had him from behind in a headlock. He wrapped his immense bicep around the thug’s neck and slowly started to tighten his grip.


“Don’t you remember me, bitch?” Todd said derisively. “I’m the faggot you roughed up a few months ago.” Miguel was gasping for air as he pulled on Todd’s forearm trying to loosen his grip, but Todd just kept tightening it like a cobra. Todd inhaled deep, and then pushed out his chest, lifting the thug off the ground, and even more power. Miguel was close to passing out, but Todd didn’t relent.


Miguel was starting to black out. Todd’s bicep was cutting off all his oxygen, and the blood was rushing away from his head.


To his dick.


Todd looked down and saw the thug’s dick stiffening up. He laughed hard and said, “So I guess you enjoy a bit of rough play, huh faggot?”


At that moment, Evan pulled up in the SUV. He calmly got out of the truck and surveyed the situation. He looked deep into Todd’s eyes and could see the rage in him.


“Enjoying that new power, Todd?” asked Evan, oblivious to the gasping thug.


“Let me end this, Evan,” said Todd, nodding to Miguel. Evan didn’t have to say a word, he looked at Todd.


And just like that, Todd dropped the thug on the ground, then squatted down next to him, and whispered into his hear. “You see that guy?” he said, pointing to Evan. “I’m his bitch. And now, you’re mine. And this is my neighborhood. Don’t make me angry ever again bitch, because you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.”


Todd stood up and caught his reflection in the SUV. At that moment, he finally became fully self-aware: thanks to Evan’s cum, Todd now stood 6’6” tall. He lingered on his image as he heard Evan say: “315lbs of pure muscle Todd.”


Evan walked towards Todd, and placed his hand on Todd’s shoulder. Todd’s massive chest was slowly rising, and Evan knew that he had only temporarily tamped down his rage.


Practically frothing at the mouth, and his massive new body covered in a sheen of sweat, Todd looked up at Evan.


“That’s a lot of power my cum just pumped into your muscle fiber, Todd. I didn’t want to trigger the transformation until I knew you could handle it.”


“Yes Evan, I can.”


“You’re my savage beast now Todd, I hope you realize what that means.”


Anything for you Evan,” he said breathlessly. He nodded at Miguel, who was still on the ground. “Let me show you. I’ll end him.”


“No, Evan, but now I know your devotion to me is unquestioned.” He poked a finger into Todd’s thick chest. “You are my creation, and my savage beast, understood?”


“Yes, Evan,” said Todd. Then looking down at Miguel, he growled, “You’re mine now.” And Miguel immediately blew a massive load of cum in his sweat pants. He watched in awe as a shirtless Todd got into the driver’s seat of the SUV.


“Now let’s get back to the shop, we have a lot of work to do,” said Evan.

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Oh Man this keeps getting better and better

 Evan changed Todd completely and now like Evans Said he is a beast

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