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This is something I started working on today and thought I'd put it out there to see if anyone took to it. It's about a bodybuilding show with a difference and  will just be a very short story if I get round to finishing it. Apologies if it's a little rough! ^_^


“Here, buddie. Take this.”

I reached out my right bronzed hand and Blake Woods popped a blue diamond shaped pill into the palm.

I looked up at him in confusion. The left side of his mouth was curled into a devilish smirk.

“I’m not saying you’ll need it. But it might help ... ease any nerves.”

I looked at the mysterious pill and gulped. I’d come this far. What did I have left to lose? I popped the pill into my mouth and swallowed hard.

“So, Luke King, are you nervous?” the staggeringly muscular male specimen standing in front of me asked.

God YES. More nervous than I’ve been in my bloody life.

“A little,” I lied.

“You’ll be fine, bud,” Blake reassured me. His sickeningly handsome face softened, and there was genuine warmth in his expression.

“Just think of it as a regular show. Don’t feel pressured or obliged to do anything you don’t want to.”

I dutifully nodded at the muscle monster before me. Blake Woods. Twenty five years old and one of the biggest muscle freaks on the planet. His tits were humungous, his quads were obscene and all six of his abs seemed to be exploding through his belly in an attempt to escape.

“You can just stand on stage and hit some poses if you like. And if you get bored, or you feel uncomfortable, just leave.”

I wasn’t sure whether it was because a man as huge and God-like as Blake was being so nice to me, or whether his words were actually reassuring me, but I was starting to feel considerably more relaxed about the rather unique show I’d anxiously agreed to take part in.

“Saying that, Luke,” he continued. “I, for one, would be sorry to see you leave.”

Something fluttered in my chest. Was there any small hope that Blake Woods was flirting with me, or was he just this nice to everyone?

“There’s erm ... just one thing left to do before we hit the stage,” Blake said.

I was a little perplexed, but when he raised both eyebrows and signalled down to the one item of clothing I was wearing, a pair of impossibly shiny, blue posing trunks, I knew exactly what he meant.

“As awesome as they are, dude,” he began, “you’ve gotta lose the posing trunks.”

Oh God. There’s no going back now.

“I’ll show you mine if you show me yours,” he said, cheekily grinning. He then shook his head and released a short laugh.

“God, that was cheesy!” he added. “Sorry, bud. Maybe I’m a bit nervous too.”

300 pounds All American muscle monster and obscenely cocky poser extraordinaire Blake Woods nervous? FUCK OFF!

I looked down at his brilliantly purple posers. It wasn’t just his muscles that were big. Blake was fucking packing. Hands down he had the biggest bulge of any current pro bodybuilder, and I was about to see it in all its naked, trunk free glory.

Blushing through my bronzed competition tan, I nervously reached for the straps of my bright blue trunks. As I peeled them down my mammoth sized, vein plastered quads, my dick escaped the confines of the trunk material for Blake, and everyone else in the room to see. I was a lot harder than I thought I was, and suddenly exposed, I seemed to be getting harder by the second.

Blake, who was still notably wearing his trunks, had a mischievous smirk on his face as he admired my increasingly growing hard on.

“I’m not sure you needed that pill after all!” he teasingly exclaimed, still grinning at me. He reached down and whipped off his own posers, all the time his eyes were fixed on mine.

If this isn’t flirting then I have no idea what the fuck is.

I couldn’t keep from turning my gaze down for long, and when I did, my eyeballs almost popped straight clean out of my skull and on to the pump room floor. Whoever said bodybuilders have small dicks had clearly never seen Blake Woods naked. Pointing right at me was the thickest, hardest cock I think I’d ever bared witness to. No wonder he always looks like he’s shoved something down the front of his posing trunks. Little Blake? Not so bleedin’ little! Not fucking little at all in fact.

I couldn’t seem to tear my eyes away from his enormously thick, juddering cock. It wasn’t just the size and thickness that was impressive. The shape of it was magnificent too. So many of those muscle worshippers and admirers out there in the world who lost their loads to pictures and videos of Blake Woods on a regular bases, and they’d never, ever know that he was also the proud owner of the most perfect shaped and beautifully sized cock.

From somewhere, I found enough bravery to make a flirty joke with the now fully naked, competition conditioned muscle bull before me.

“You don’t look so nervous there either, mate!”

Blake’s mouth curled into a devastatingly gorgeous grin in response. Before he had the chance to reply, a loud voice filled the pump room.

“OK, guys, two minutes before it’s time to hit the stage.”

My stomach suddenly tightened with nerves and I managed to tear myself away from the huge, gorgeous, fully naked muscle bull before me to glance around the room.

Four other well known bodybuilders of various size, age and nationality filled up the pump room. Standing around, pumping up, and preparing themselves to head out on stage. It might not have been the most unusual sight if it weren’t for one small factor; every single bodybuilder was now completely naked.

A few meters from where Blake and I were stood, 212 class pro bodybuilder Anth “The Tank” Tucker was pumping up his insatiably huge, balloon-like pecs. Almost as wide as he was tall, Anth’s entire, bull-like body looked like it was about to burst at any given moment.

Brutally sized biceps, blocky abs which distended from his ever growing roid gut and an ass so magnificently big it left the room ten seconds after he did, were all much loved features on this phenomenally size, late thirty-something American bodybuilder.

Just a short distance from Anth, stood German muscle daddy Jörg Roth was with his hands on his hips, his naked glutes looking even bigger than they did when they were half covered with posers, talking to young Canadian bodybuilder Cody Watson.

It was unique pairing. Jörg’s tank-like physique was bursting with deliriously thick, solid beef, while Cody’s leaner, six foot frame was packed with gorgeously shredded muscle, not least of all his infamous stomach muscles, which included six of the most insanely shredded and beautifully abs in bodybuilding.

Jörg’s masculine, handsome looks, smouldering eyes and devastatingly sexy smirk made him one of the most popular muscle daddies on the planet. Meanwhile, with his ridiculously gorgeous, boyish looks, Cody has earned himself a legion of muscle obsessed fans. Most bodybuilding fans would trip over themselves to be anywhere near either, or most probably both, of these two contrasting muscle freaks.

And completing the line up was infamous Australian muscle beast Ritchie “2 Guns” Lee, who was applying a last minute spot of oil into his freakishly shredded quads and tight as fuck, tummy popping abdominals. His semi hard cock sticking out in front of him for the whole room to see. The more he rubbed oil into his muscles, the harder his cock seemed to become.

Even though Ritchie Lee’s biceps weren’t flexed, I could still see exactly why they’d earned him his nickname. Both upper arms were ridiculously thick and bulged to an almost laughable degree. I couldn’t wait to see them flexed and blown up in all their freakish glory on stage.

It wasn’t just his inhuman sized guns that Ritchie was famous for either. He was known for his loud, extroverted personality, and even louder stage presence. Not only did Ritchie pose in the craziest, cockiest and most animated manner, but he had a habit of loudly shouting and bellowing out with practically every pose he hit.

Every single bodybuilder in the room was in incredible, jaw dropping condition, but looking around, it suddenly occurred to me that, behind my All American monster of a muscle mate Blake Woods, I was the second biggest bodybuilder in the line up.

“You OK there, buddie?” Blake asked, putting his large sized hand on the side of my obscenely huge right upper arm.

“I think so. I mean, yeah,” I replied.

“You’ll be fine,” he assured me. “Just think of it as a regular bodybuilding show.”

But it’s not. It’s not a normal bodybuilding show at all.

One of the guys working at the show, the only average sized, and clothed man in the room suddenly made an announcement to the six naked muscle freaks before him.

“OK, guys. It’s showtime!”

All of the magnificent bodybuilders started to walk towards the stage like a herd of docile bulls being herded into a ring and my stomach suddenly flipped with fear.

Blake Woods ushered me to follow him, and my fellow muscle freaks. “Stick with me, Luke,” he adorably said as I nervously took my first steps towards the stage.

Now there’s an offer.

As I trailer behind Blake, I almost gasped at the rear image of his physique. I’d literally never seen a back as monstrously wide as his. Pound upon pound of thick, superhuman mass spilled out from his frame. And then there was his ginormous sized ass, which looked big enough to feed a small third world country for a month. The sight of Blake’s excessive sized bum meat cause my exposed, hard cock to fiercely jolt and judder.

My stomach was doing somersaults and I tried to think about what Blake had advised me earlier. “Just think of it as a regular bodybuilding show.” “Don’t feel pressured or obliged to do anything you don’t want to.”

But I DO want to, Blake. I want to do EVERYTHING that I’ve heard happens at this show. Everything I’ve heard and MORE.

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As always, MuscleAddictUK, you write muscle stories that are actually HOT, WORTH READING and WORTH SAVING! Which is really rare! Smart, fantasized takes on real bodybuilders. Love your stuff!!! (and your blog) - a fan for years.

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3 hours ago, joeysilverado said:

As always, MuscleAddictUK, you write muscle stories that are actually HOT, WORTH READING and WORTH SAVING! Which is really rare! Smart, fantasized takes on real bodybuilders. Love your stuff!!! (and your blog) - a fan for years.

Wow!! What do I say to this?? Thanks for those awesome words mate! ^_^ It's always great to get this kind of feedback and I'm glad you enjoy my stuff so much mate! :D

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Everything you write is super-hot and boner-inducing!  :P  Thanks so much for this new one....look forward to more of it.

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