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I kind of wound up writing a book, but given the premise of the story, it kind of had to go long.  I however hope you enjoy it. - Frank

The Cruise by F_R_Eaky


"You're only going on this trip because I called you plain and simple."


Ethan Olson paused at the bottom of the gangplank, recalling some of the last words his boyfriend, Noah Hansen, said to him before he boarded the plane for Athens, Greece.  Having met in college their sophomore year at frat party where Noah was working the crowd and Ethan was pretty much a wall flower, somehow sparks flew, and the pair really did seem to love each other completely, totally, and even moved into an apartment together their Senior year.  But where as one, Noah, seemed more energetic and active being slightly tall at 6 '1", athletic with a soccer/rugby kind of build, outgoing personality, and mischievous puppy dog brown eyes, hidden under a bouncy mop of rich, burnt umber colored hair with sun kissed highlights, the other, Ethan, was a quieter, shier, man with a body a bit shorter, average height at 5 '9", and a soft average build, just before crossing over into being slightly pudgy, with pale, almost olive colored eyes that he kept downward, dark, drab brown hair, both of which were lacking in vibrancy and saturation.


Some joking around at their friend Mark's birthday party led to the more manly Noah, scoffingly  picking up the flamboyant Mark's latest top woman's magazine and reading through the test to see who the outgoing person is in one's relationship.  He of course pretty much knew and therefore answered all the questions for Ethan, and when Ethan protested a bit, stated, "Honey, I know you.  You're as plain as untoasted milk-toast.  You're quiet and simple, but I love you, anyway."


It wasn't that true of a statement.  Truth of the matter was Noah liked to try new things.  He didn't enjoy, appreciate, or participate in them all, but he was willing to explore, but still he was a bit more vanilla than any exotic flavor in his living habits.  Still, Ethan on the other had grew up in a very conservative home all quiet and subdued, daily schedules, things planned, not a lot of spice - even on the food.  And although out in college, it was still a well kept secret from Mom and Dad as, of course, the lifestyle was considered taboo. In college Ethan didn't get out that much, and he certainly didn't get to know the wilder side of the LGBTQ community, with the exception of Noah, who was pretty much a low key country bumpkin compared to most, but at least he'd been out to let go and explore.  It was this that was the problem.  Noah was always trying to get Ethan to join in on new things, positions, fairs, getaways, music, clubs, but Ethan focused solely on his studies... well....that and his boyfriend who flexing for him and jokingly held him down and slowly screwed him until Ethan thought his brains would explode, or tickling him until he thought he'd piss his pants.

And so with the announcement from Noah's lips that Ethan was plain and simple, Ethan began to wonder if he wasn't enough for Noah.  If Noah was dissatisfied with him as a boyfriend, a lover, a partner, especially when it came to sex.  Ethan wasn't tiny, came in just over average at 6 inches erect, but Noah wasn't much larger at 6.5 inches.  However the last few weeks they seemed to be kind of drifting apart.  They had arguments over the incident, whether Ethan was or was not too much of a stick in the mud, and then lately it seemed for no reason at all. 


Both of them at twenty-three years old had recently graduated from college with their Bachelor's degree.  Noah was continuing on with his master's courses, while Ethan chose to tackle a master's degree later and had taken a job with a very prestigious local company, and as such had already earned by this time a two-week vacation.  When a notification from Human Resources announcing his need to schedule vacation time came across his desk at the same time as an ad for a gay Mediterranean cruise, and after another morning row before work with Noah, Ethan decided he had had enough.  The stress of getting everything done for graduation, searching for a job, starting and being the new man at a job, the arguments, cold shoulders, and heavy quietness with Noah at home... ... ... it was too much and he needed to relieve the stress.  Get away from it all.  He didn't even think.  He grabbed the phone called the number and booked the cruise.  Single bed.  Knowing that Noah couldn't take time off from classes to go with him.  He would show Noah.  He could be spontaneous.  He could do things on his own.  He would have fun.  He would explore!  He would...


"Ay Dios Mio!  What is the matter chico?  You're standing at the bottom of the runway looking up at the ship like you're Kate Winslet looking at the Titanic.  Chu loco?  Whachu standin' here for anyway?  The ship doesn't board for another two hours?"


Ethan turned to face the person speaking to him.   It was an exceptionally beautiful,  slim and curvy, black, Latino woman, albeit an exceptionally tall one who towered over Ethan by a good foot.  Looking at her up and down he noticed she had her ebony hair up in a huge beehive hairdo, and wore clothes that were one, very form fitting, two, extremely stereotypical of Latin fashion, colors, and makeup, and three, barely contained her breasts that were so ample, one almost swore they were blown up with air.


Suddenly there was a loud sound, like an operatic soprano just belting out a high note attempting to break glass.  Ethan's eyes looked past the towering black woman to see a slightly less tall, slightly tanned woman with blond hair, hat, sunglasses, and clothes that portrayed a cross between New York chic and Broadway.


"Cacao!  Quit being so brazen with this young man.... Hmmmm fine young man he is too.  A tad short, but I'm sure he could find some leading rolls somewhere."

"Like chour bedroom?  Back off miss thang! Chu have no business messing with this pollo.  And I waz simply trying to get chkim to move outta da way, so back off puta!"

"Puta!  Bitch, you are such a baldracca."


"Baldracca!  Baldracca?  Bish you ain't even Italian.  ¡chinga tu madre!"


"I am one-hundred percent pure Italian."

"Oh, chez.  Chou're pure all right..... pure as New York, snow!....  After the cars have driven on it..... and the dogs have pooped in it..... and los chicos have written sus nombres...."

"Guuurl! you gonna get a heel right up your...."

Ethan stood there watching the bickering bitch fest unfolding in front of him when the realization came upon him... "Adam's apples.  They're men..... dressed exceedingly like women....but way too gaudy...."  He stilled his thumping heart and slowed his breathing down.  "Drag queens.  I've just met my first drag queens.  It's alright.  New experience.  Sure they are fine....hmmmmm will learn from this more about gay life....and.....yeah."

"LA-dieeeeeees!  Cacao, Cadence.  Oy vez!  Can you not see you're scaring this poor chicken?  He's been struck dumb in fear."


"More like he's been struck in awe at my presence.  Not my fault anyway, Hazel.  Talk to this perra here.  She's the one that started so hot and rude against him.  Couldn't just simply ask for him to move.  Gotta go in hot, foaming at the mouth."

"I go in hot because I am hot!" SNAP! "Cacao Caliente de Malaviscos, and you know he was looking at me because everyone wants a taste..."

"Oy vey iz mir!  Save it for the introductions when we're on, Cacao.  Look, bubele, come here to Momma Hazel." and Hazel who was closer to Ethan's height, although taller due to heels, with a gigantic, bulbous bouffant of grey hair, electric blue eye-shadow, and a frumpy frock that was all in blue & white with a baby blue cardigan sweater on,  What's your name, hon?"


"Ethan....from Eitan, and good Jewish name like all my brothers and cousins had, unlike the one momma gave me! FEH!  Now, you don't worry about these two.  Their growls are enormous, but they have such small bites they might as well have no teeth.  Now if you're heading on this cruise, we're going to be part of the staff; the ones with class mind you.  We serve as hostesses and kind of like the event directors.  Is this your first time on one of these cruises, dear?"


"Well that's wonderful.  Now, let me point out, the passengers' entrance is over there.  The gang plank that runs into the pop up pergola.  They'll be opening up in about an 'owah and forty-five minutes.  We'll be greeting you once everyone is on board.  If you need anything or feel lawst during the trip, you come to one of us, okay?"


And after Ethan gave a few small nods, Hazel turned and waved her hands barking commands at Cacao and Cadence.  "Every year they bring me on to keep the peace between you two detrimental divas.  Gevalt!"


"But mamma! chee started it..."


"Cacao, no!  I did nawt get my mornin' cawffee today, I am not in the mood.  I am wearing a Stahr of David necklace with many sharp points.  Don't make me stuff it up your chawc'late ass!  UP! up Up UP UP UP UP!"


And the trio left Ethan to go to the passengers' boarding area and wait.




It didn't seem that long until boarding time to Ethan.  Once again he got lost in thought as he looked up at the gigantic cruise ship, the Queen Amphitrite, owned by Poseidon's Pride cruise line.  Surrounding the ship's name on the sides and underneath were a merman and mermaid, presumably portraying Amphitrite and Poseidon, their glittery pink and teal tails shimmering in the sun.


Up the gang plank, into doors, down the elevators, and through the corridors, Ethan took a little longer than most navigating the maze of the ship to get to his room, a single cabin he paid extra for, that was small, and was located on one of the lowest levels of the ship before reaching staff, storage, and engine rooms, and had only a tiny portal window, the view of which was primarily covered with a lifeboat.


He unpacked his clothes, took a shower, and decided upon a nap before the evening's Welcoming & Mixer Party.  When it was time for that he put on a simple t-shirt, some khakis, and some olive colored boat shoes and headed up to the pool deck, which had been decorated with multi-colored streamers, lights, and a DJ booth.  He paused a good long while before heading into the main part of the deck.  There were so many men...in the hundreds.....all like him....gay.  Yet even though he had that in common with them, he felt...small.  So many men were tall, very tall, or built, chiseled, hung.  They were tall and built.  If not tall and built they were very tall.  If not tall at all they were built.  If neither tall nor built, they were hung.  On the rare occasion some were all three. And then there were the ones he knew to be called bears, either fairly muscled or pleasantly plump but covered in a great amount of hair.  Men were on deck, in lounge chairs, in the pool, on the sides, some dressed casually, some shirtless, some in swim trunks or board shorts, some in speedos, and some were even nude. He felt unimpressive and most assuredly plain.


After the welcoming and introductions, he listened to the ship's schedule that was briefly run through by the trio of drag queens he met earlier: Hazel Tov, Cadence Alcoda, and Cacao Caliente de Malaviscos, plus the addition of Luca, a 6' 4", dirty blond haired, blue eyed, and well chiseled man who wore a pair of tight broad shorts, white boat shoes, and a sash that read "Mr. Eros Cruise 2017".   Ethan then tried to mingle with a glass of iced tea, and small step dancing off in a corner.  It seemed, however, wherever he went, the crowd seemed to shift, shutting him out and leaving him alone.  Guys were walking past him and greeting old returning friends with bright smiles, firm handshakes, passionate kisses, or groping hands.  They did the same to new friends as well, after coming up and whispering in their ear.  Everyone made a connection except Ethan.

Sighing he walked over to one of the side rails and stared out into the ocean.  Closing his eyes he wished his could go back to Athens and get lost in the ruins once again.  "But no" he thought. "I must work up the courage. I need to stay here, keep going, and get to those places and attend events so I can have fun and gain experience...something....anything...."

Suddenly there was a tremendous crash of water.  Turning towards the sound he saw the deck, rails, and outer walls of the rooms drenched and dripping with water almost as if a single wave had jumped up on that particular spot of deck.  He heard the sound of a couple of guys laughing and running down the deck above as they drug a number of large buckets behind them.  Following the path from the floor above down to the deck below, Ethan gasped when he actually noticed what was in the dead center of the strike zone.  There was a man sitting in a wheel chair.  His long black, grey, and silver hair and beard now soaking wet and plastered against his head, neck, and chest.  His t-shirt was soaked and form fitting now to his body which was a carved, Greek sculpture of the finest athletic form, but then his legs were covered with a thoroughly saturated blanket and they revealed exceptionally thin and atrophied legs.


Ethan snapped to, running towards the man and crying out, "Are you alright?"


"Yes... yes... yes...I am fine." The man stated with a Greek accent.  "It started on these cruises years ago and became a tradition. 'SOAK THE CRIPPLE!'  and they dump huge buckets of water on me."

"That's horrible!  Always you?  Every year?"


"Yes, but I take it in stride.  I made them stick the tradition at the beginning of the cruise.  First night.  And always out here on the deck. That way I can at least enjoy the rest of the cruise in peace.  You however looked like you were the one dowsed in water just before I got drenched.  Are you all right?"


Ethan bashfully chuckled. "Oh... I'm ok.  I'm just....nervous.  First time here on a cruise like this.... on a cruise of any kind.  In fact it's the first time I've ever left the safety of my own hometown and state, let alone my country."

"My... you took the long or triple jump for your first step out, didn't you?"

Ethan laughed.  "Yeah...guess I did."

"So why the sudden need to step out and see the world?"


"Ahhhhh.  I'm not here to talk about my problems.   Especially to other folks here on a vacation.  Let's just say the basic thing is I was called plain, simple, uninventive, unexciting, non-spontaneous by friends and family and I decided to prove them wrong."

"Sounds like you're on a quest then.  Bet you've got your party outfits planned well and big then don't you?"

"Party outfits?  I just have some regular clothes."

"Regular clothes!?  You are aware every evening party is themed?"

"What?  No....I..."


"Did you read the itinerary before you purchased your tickets?  Didn't you listen to our host and hostesses about what was going on?"

"No... I....thought...a cruise...was just...I didn't....really.... pay attention...."

"And the hero goes off on a quest without any armor, shield, or sword.  Well, I give you points for daring on that.  Listen, my name is Ándras Okeanós.  What is the name of the man who rushed to my aid?"


"oh!  Uhm... I'm Ethan.  Ethan Olson."


And Ándras stuck his hand out to shake Ethan's saying, "Well then, Ethan.  I've been on many of these cruises, and as someone who has frequent cruising point and a handicapped person, I have the ability to bring and house a plethora of outfits....plus I sell pearls, so I can afford the larger rooms.  What say I take you under my wing to help you navigate the rapids known as Poseidon's Pride Eros Cruise 2018?"

Ethan stood there in the handshake moment and stared in to the great teal colored eyes of this man, Ándras, and eventually his stance relaxed, he smiled and agreed to Ándras' assistance.


"Wonderful, my new friend.  I must go and get dried off.  I am in the Triton Suite deck 13.  Come calling at nine in the morning, we'll have breakfast and discuss how we shall dress you for each event."


Ethan thanked Ándras and then turned to head back to the party deck as Ándras wheeled himself into a lobby and then elevator.




In the morning Ethan, after much direction seeking, finally arrived at Ándras' suite at around nine-fifteen.  After being invited in, the pair had a very excellent breakfast that had been delivered to Ándras' room.  After that they pulled out the itinerary and saw that the party for this evening was to be a disco party.  Ándras pulled out a number of different outfits, but Ethan wasn't sure, nor comfortable on any of them, being pretty self conscious about his body. Ándras told Ethan not to worry about it, gays liked the shape of man in various forms.  Despite that an hour later Ethan hadn't decided upon an outfit yet and Ándras was becoming slightly exasperated.


Just then the door to his bedroom opened and out stepped two men, one was a 6' 4", dirty blond haired, blue eyed, well chiseled, decently hung, and nude man, while the other was a 5' 4" smooth, thin, nearly hairless man with reddish hair, olive eyes, and was wearing a coat that fit him like a large bathrobe.

"Morning, men." said Ándras. 


"Guten morgen...." said the taller man as his stumbled strode his way into the bathroom and then the shower turned on.  The other man smiled sleepily and just nodded in Ándras and Ethan's direction.


"Ethan, I believe you will recognize the taller man was Mr. Luca Mannheim, our current Mr. Eros Cruise 2017, and the diminutive cutie here is Bran O’Seannaig, from Ireland, he's been on this cruise about four years now..."

"Six..." said Bran as he sloppily plopped down into a dining chair and stuffed a biscuit into his mouth while pouring a cup of hot tea.


"Six?  My..... time flies when having fun.  He is a friend that you could say was once a protégé like you are now."


Suddenly Ándras let out a gasp of epiphany that made Ethan jump and Bran accidentally fling his biscuit across the room.

"I have it!  Since you won't choose anything, Ethan, I shall choose it for you." and wheeling over to his trunk of clothes and costumes, he pulled out what looked like leather chaps, a towel, and what looked like a vest made out of beads.

"Luca, Bran, two other friends, and myself are going to tonight's disco party as the Village People, but we are a man short.  You will fill in the part of the Indigenous American for us."

"Oh... I don't know.... I mean he's like shirtless and I... I just..."

"No!  I won't hear of it.  The day is short and you need to decide now.  It is settled."

At that moment Luca came out of the bathroom still slightly dripping wet, with a towel wrapped around his waist, water droplets cascading down every mound and crevice of his muscles.

"In fact, your day, Ethan is planned.  I must to the spa and Jacuzzi section for my back and body, so Luca, if you would be a gentleman, take Mr. Olson here with you as you accompany folks while exploring the port of Mykonos today.  Don't have to babysit him, just make sure he doesn't turn right back around for the ship.  Make him explore.  Ethan, go drop off the costume in your stateroom and meat Luca back at the embarking doors in no later than forty minutes."


Ethan did as he was told and did enjoy himself, even went off to explore some of the historical and tourist spots on his own, breaking the spine on his Greek translation book quite quickly.  Luca was politely and professionally cordial, but Ethan could tell, after a couple of long looks from Luca, Luca wasn't interested him in the slightest.  In fact, seemed a little disappointed.

Ándras, Luca, Bran, and Ethan met and had dinner with each other, in the cabaret area that night where Cadence Alcoda not only hosted but performed several songs, revealing she was a counter-tenor, a man with a voice nearly as high as a female soprano, thus one of the few drag queens who could not only sing well, but sing without breaking the illusion of being female.

After dinner and the show, everyone went back to their room to put on their costumes to meet for the Disco Dance Party.  Doubt crept up over Ethan.  There were leather chaps trimmed in fringe, and a loin cloth, but it only had one side.  His ass would be exposed. Then there wasn't any shirt, just this vest...this beaded breastplate?  Some moccasin slippers were next, followed by a grand headdress that Ethan swore might have looked real.  An honest to goodness, actual, correctly hand crafted headdress from one of the nations of America's indigenous people.  Releasing a sigh, he put everything on and headed out the door and up to the main party deck.

The temperature seemed to drop a bit this evening, and as he walked down the long deck towards the front of the ship, a mist rose from the sea and began to swirl around Ethan.  Merely at his feet first, but then it encased him like a cocoon.  As he continued walking, his cheeks began to melt away and sink in a little, revealing more and more of his cheek bones.  His neck became thinner and the small bubble that was beginning to become a second chin faded into non-existence.  His man boobs, that had just started to form on him towards the end of college, shrank and his chest became flat and smooth, while his little pooch of a belly began to recede.  Everywhere his body slimmed down and toned up a bit.  He wasn't bulky by any shape, but he was defined.  He very much looked the part of the thin but taut Filipe Rose from the 1970's.

He met up with Ándras who was dressed up as the cop, including a car with flashing and strobe spot lights that fit over his wheel chair, Bran who was dressed as a Sailor representing the military, Luca who was dressed as a construction worker, another 6' 4" but much beefier, muscled man with thick brown hair and green eyes, named Miguel, from Puerto Rico, who was dressed as the leather man, and Stephan, a 6' 8" tall man from America, with honey blond hair and piercing blue eyes, who although dressed as a cowboy, looked as though he were wearing clothes from his everyday life.

Ethan had a good time at this party.  With this new crowd of friends he was pulled into the center of the crowd.  He had many complements on both his outfit, and his body, which he was confused over, but took it stride.  He had to stop several times while dancing as the group was asked to pose for pictures, not to mention he felt his ass groped and pinched several times.  But the thing that really got him was the fact that he noticed Luca couldn't stop staring at him.  He kept wondering if had put some part of the costume on wrong, or had he spilled something on it?  Everything began to blur... the crowd...the lights....the dancing.....and the drinks....

Over the course of the night, the crowd had thinned.  Miguel and Stephan had paired off and gone to bed. Ándras called it an evening and wheeled himself back to his suite, while Bran seemed miffed about something and stormed off.  The DJ slowed down the dance music a bit for couples dances and suddenly there was Luca, face to face with Ethan, his body extremely close...too close.  Luca's hand came out and over, cupping Ethan's ass and pulling him close.  The other hand travelled up Ethan's arm and to the back of his head.  Looking down at Ethan he whispered, "I love twinks..."

Ethan stood there kind of frozen in time, his heart pounding a million beats per second.  Luca still starring at him stated once more with a whispered strength and compassion, "I really love twinks." 

With that Luca easily picked up Ethan by the ass as he bent in and gave him a full lip to lip kiss.  Carrying him across the deck as he kissed every inch of Ethan's face, neck, and shoulders.  After bursting through the gym doors, he deposited Ethan on top of a stacked set of weight plates, ripped off the loin cloth, and proceeded to go down on Ethan.  Ethan's head swam.  His heart exploded.  His legs became jelly.  At some point the winds carried him aloft and he was soon on a fairly large, billowing cloud, with Luca over him and a feeling of great enormous pleasure thrusting in him over and over and over.....


A knock on the door startled Ethan awake. He then went into a slight panic mode as the room he was in was not his.  His billowing cloud was the soft sheets and mattress of a suite bed, but how did he get here?  Luca...  Yes, Luca came onto him on the dance floor, whisked him away somewhere to go down on him and then carried him here to his suite.  Luca loved twinks.  Suddenly Ethan's cock sprang to all six inches of solid life.  Thoughts of Luca were turning him on.  He stared down at his cock in disbelief and then went to look up into the mirror to look at himself eye to eye, to debate the pleasure and guilt going through his mind right now.


"AUUUGH!" He screamed as he suddenly noticed his body for the first time.  He was trim.  He was fit.  He was slender.  Where was his chubbiness?  Where was the small roll he had around his waistline?


A moment after the scream, the door flew open and in rolled Ándras with a tray laden with food.  After a second scream of shock and a clamoring backwards to the headboard of the bed, Ándras greeted Ethan pleasantly.


"Good Morning, Ethan.  I trust you had a wonderful, albeit tiring, evening with Luca last night?"


"I.... I....My body....I've.... I've...."

"Racked with pleasure and pain from Mr. Mannheim, I take it?"


"Well... yes... but you see... I'm thin...  "


"Yes, you are, and probably exhausted from your adventure last night with Luca.  Here...  have some of this."

"But you don't understand my body it...ah...."  and Ethan chewed and swallowed whatever it was

Ándras stuffed in his mouth.  "That was...buttery...and salty....kind of tasty.  But listen, you have to understand I...."


"I decided to bring you a good hearty breakfast, well brunch, since I didn't see nor hear you come out of Luca's suite this morning." Ándras said as he stuffed another something in Ethan's mouth.  "These are escargot, French style cooked snails.  You've already had two without a problem, so don't run and vomit now.  I also had them bring up some oysters, croissants: plain with butter, and chocolate, bacon -everyone around the world seems to be almost sexually in love with bacon these days- hot herbal tea and mimosas."

"But you don't understand I've lost weight and..."

Ethan wasn't sure but for a moment he swore he could see a crash of waves within Ándras' teal eyes.  In an instant he forgot all about how he lost weight and decided his hunger really was too much, after all the fun he had last night.  He dove into the tray of food.


"Well," said Ándras. "It won't be too hard to find an outfit for you this evening.  The theme for today is 'neon!'  I'm sure I have some neon colored clothes for you to wear and I'll pick up some of the neon regular or snap and glow items to wear like necklaces, sunglasses, bracelets, all to go with the clothes and the make-up.

"In the meantime, after your breakfast, we are going out to see the sites of Kusadasi, Turkey where we are docked for the day.  Hmmmmmm Turkish coffee..... I hope you like it, son, because we are stopping somewhere for some; I am so addicted, and I'm gonna drink until I'm filled to the gills."

Just then a knock and a voice was heard, "Mr. Okeanós?"


"Ándras, please, Metin, and we're next door in Luca's suite."


The open door opened wider and in stepped a very tan man, with jet black hair cut slightly long on top, but a very close and trimmed beard, which surrounded some very pillow like lips, while the hair style surrounded brown eyes so deep and dark they were almost black.  All of this was on top of a man about 6' tall and pushing 300 pounds of muscle that were straining an ivory colored, mesh-net, sleeveless, muscle shirt, along with some gauzy pants, and leather sandals.

"Ethan, this is Mr. Metin Katıtaş.  He will help be our guide today."


Mr. Katıtaş gave a nod and smile at Ethan saying, "Metin, please."  Ethan smiled and nodded back stating his name as his hand reached for a pillow to put in front of his already covered crotch.  Metin smiled even broader.


The trio got off at Kusadasi, enjoying the beach and pool of the city for a couple of hours.  Metin purposefully kept performing something like backward push-ups to lower himself into the pool so Ethan could catch a maximum view of his thick, bulging, and veiny muscles, not to mention his crotch in his tight speedos.  It wasn't any better when they took a quick trip to the ruins of Ephesus with Metin straining his muscles to help push and pull Ándras in his wheel chair, or occasionally assist in holding hands with Ethan to steady or guide him, or using his hands to actually hoist and pick Ethan up as though he were no more than a five pound weight.  Every minute it seemed Metin was doing whatever he could to bounce a pec here, or pop a bicep there, or to stretch and raise his shirt hem over the first two rows of abdominals, which he would then crunch.  Poor Ethan thought he was going to cream his pants every minute of every hour.


Back on board. The trio enjoyed dinner in one of the fancier restaurants that night; Ándras and Metin dressed in tuxedos, while Ethan was dressed in some business clothes borrowed from Ándras.  There was a band playing and Metin pulled Ethan out onto the dance floor to dance with him a couple of times. One set being a slow dance and although Metin was only three inches taller than Ethan, Ethan feel so incredibly small next to Metin.  Metin's shoulder and chest width seemed to go on forever at this close a view, not to mention the arms that Ethan thought had to be as big around as his waist.


Dinner and dancing over, the men changed into clothes for the neon party.  Well, Ándras and Ethan did.  Ándras was in colors of florescent green, blue, and teal, in shirt, shorts, bands, and make up.  Ethan was covered in shades of blues and purples with an accent of yellow here and there.  Metin wore a posing brief with long fringe hanging in front and back, along with some gladiator boot like sandals both in hot pinks and reds.  Similar colors of make-up where applied to him with the pinks outlining every crevice of his musculature and the red tracing his plump veins.

Ándras spent a good long time applying make-up to Ethan's face... thick bold stripes along the cheekbones, but not quite following them.  Heavy lines along Ethan's jaw as well, some lighter ones across his nose, and then there was a blending of some electric blue along Ethan's hair line and eyebrows, followed by a dusting of hot blue powder into Ethan's hair.  Having taken a bit of time to get Ethan done up, Luca showed up and took Metin to the party deck ahead of Ándras and Ethan. Ándras still needed some extra time, so he sent Ethan ahead down to the party.


Once again Ethan hit that stretch of deck leading to the front of the ship.  There was a sudden gust of wind that felt a little icy, then it warmed up and Ethan could feel the sea spray misting his face.  He thought to himself, "I hope this doesn't wash off all this make up."  The spray began to come at him more and more, harder and harder on the faster and more furious breeze.  It stung his nose, it felt as though it was slicing his cheeks, and his jaw line racked with pain.  His eyes began to water and his hair slowly became saturated from the flying sea foam.  The sea mist and salt filled his lungs, grasped at his throat - he couldn't breathe.  Ethan was panicked. Just short of reaching the party area Ethan put his hands to his face and then ran his fingers through his hair, shaking it. There was a loud whoosh of wind and the sound of a wave crash despite the calm sea and suddenly... ... ... Ethan was fine.  His hair wasn't wet, his face didn't sting, he could breathe.


Thinking that he might not have had enough to eat or drink at dinner, Ethan went straight for the snack buffet section out on the party deck.  He must be woozy from dehydration or a little malnutrition.  He stood there noshing for quite some time until a gentleman approached him.


"Forget to eat or sleep through dinner?"

There next to him was a good looking middle aged man about 5' 4" tall with a good stocky gymnast, or more correctly power lifter's build.  He had short cropped salt and pepper hair on top, two day old scruff for a beard and mustache, and a good amount of hair covering his chest, abs, forearms, and legs. which was seen poking out of his white with hot pink trimmed tank top and his electric blue shorts.  Ethan turned to face the man who was talking with him.


"I've often forget to eat dinner or I sleep through it on these trips.  You just get carried away with it... ..... ...GOOD GAWD!"


Ethan jerked back wondering why the man just exclaimed so loudly while looking upon him.


"I'm... I'm sorry.  It's just your face..."

"My face? What about my face?"


"Good lord, are you humble or blind?"



"You look like a model.  Seriously... those high cheek bones, the full lips, the square jaw, that thick jet black hair and day old stubble, and those eyes.... they're striking like ice blue eyes, but they're green.  It's like...sapphires..no...too dark, not brilliant enough.  More like.... two peridot gems set in your head."

"Uhm I think the lighting has you seeing things my eyes..."


"Oh and that voice.  Such a deep rich bass.  It rumbles my body from my chest all the way down to my groin.... good gawd it just drips sexy.  Listen, I know this may sound forward or like a cliché pick up line, but could I take some pictures of you and draw you?"



"My name is Jason Walker. I am a photographer and artist, and I would seriously love to take some pictures of your face.  I mean... my gawd, man.  If it weren't for the fact of you having green eyes and black hair, someone would think you to be a younger, still runner style built, brother of Adam Charlton.  Speaking of hot British men...come, meet Arthur.  He's another man that has the look for modeling."


And with that Ethan was dragged out onto the dance floor to meet Arthur, a man of 6' 3" height with a 220 pound smooth, chiseled physique with strawberry blond hair and deep green eyes.  Jason tapped Arthur on the shoulder and went to make introductions, but Arthur turned and looked at Ethan and nearly dropped to his knees proclaiming how handsome Ethan was.  He shuddered and shook when Ethan replied and Ethan's rumbling voice rolled over his body.  Ethan attempted to be polite, proclaim how he wasn't anything special and excuse himself, but other men wondered what the fuss was about that Arthur had made and turned to look at Ethan.


Many men whistled, some howled, some pretended to act like they were cumming on the spot, and all of them proclaimed him to be one of the most handsome men on the ship and that if he wasn't a twink body wise, he could have any, if not every, man on this ship.  It startled him when some expressed their approval of his looks by just coming up and kissing him directly.  The attention filled Ethan up, made him feel giddy.  So happy he was, he was almost punch-drunk now in actions and movement.  Jason and Arthur stuck next to him dancing, squeezing him into a great gyrating sandwich and when the neon powder came out, they ripped off his shirt and began to make handprints and rub the chalk all over him.


Eventually Jason couldn't take it anymore.


"I need you two, in my stateroom... NOW!"  And grabbing both men by their hand, he lead them off the party deck, back to his stateroom, where he threw them on the bed and had them make out as he took shot after shot after shot of them on his digital camera and roll after roll on his regular camera in black and white film.  The more pictures he took, the more bothered he became and finally after taking a few specific shots, which he muttered something about it making a great painting and a better calendar, his stripped his shorts off, ripped off his tank top and crawled into the now color stained bed.  Ethan was so caught up in the size and feeling of Arthur, then being sandwiched with the addition of Jason, he simply let go and while his body was relaxed to receive either Jason or Arthur, his face and lips went to town kissing and giving hickeys all over their bodies.




It wasn't early in the morning when Ethan woke up, but it was early enough that for the most part, only the crew was up and about on the ship making preparations for the day's activities.  Leaving Jason's bed as gingerly as he could, Ethan spent a few minutes attempting to find his clothes, remembering and realizing his shirt had been torn off of him and he could find his shorts nowhere within Jason's stateroom. He thought he vaguely recalled the three of them standing on the balcony and attempting to fly his shorts like some kind of flag and away they went.


Wrapping himself up in one of the bed sheets that now looked like a long, tie-dyed toga on him, he made his way out of stateroom and through the corridors to get back to his small stateroom several floors below.  Along the way a number of the crew and some guests saw him, each one smiling a smile with the knowing look of, "I know what you've been doing."  There were however also quite a few smiles, winks, and whispered comments on who the man with the model like face was.


After a shower, a change into clothes, and a quick bite of a brunch in one of the ship's restaurants, Ethan decided he was going to get out by himself this day.  Two nights of extreme....well, partying... was very tiring, although he did enjoy it very much.  He also wasn't sure if he wanted company right now.  Between some pangs of guilt, thinking about Noah, and the people that seemed to be treating him like an extremely handsome superstar, he felt it might be best to be alone.  Not to mention that his brain was trying to process what he was seeing in the mirror.  His cheek bones were much higher and more angled.  His jaw was slightly wider, much squarer, his nose had narrowed a bit, his eyes had indeed turned a vibrant shade of green, and his hair had darkened into an ebony colored mane around his head.  He didn't recognize himself.  He felt like he was in a movie about invasion of the body swappers.  He especially didn't understand how his new friends could recognize him, or if his old ones back home would.  Or Noah... ... ...


The ship was anchored at a port in Rhodes, Greece, so Ethan decided to take off and see the sites.  The area where the Colossus of Rhodes stood, the Acropolis of Rhodes, the Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes, and several other areas he visited during his day time excursion.  He even had his picture taken several times by fellow passengers from the cruise who simply had to get a selfie with one of the most handsome men they ever met.  Of course, a number of them commented that if he were taller and bigger built, they'd leave boyfriends, husbands, some men even said their wives for him.


Around midday, Ethan was walking around a small little bay along the coastline of the island.  It wasn't marked on any of the tourists' guides nor maps.  There wasn't a lot of traffic but there were some men in a slightly hidden area along the shore, standing there with hands raised.  Ethan wondered if this was some new, modern cult to the Greco-Roman Gods, and then it struck him, he knew these men.  It was Bran O’Seannaig, Metin Katıtaş, and Luca Mannheim.  Bran stepped forward and poured a bottle of wine into the ocean, followed by Metin casting various flowers upon the tide, and then finally Luca looked as though he was throwing golden jewelry into the sea.  After all the gold was cast and sunk,  the trio peeled their clothes off, walked about mid calve deep into the water and then proceeded to jerk off until they came and came, their cum mixing with the foam of the sea.  As if responding, a wave grew up from the ocean, moved towards and then around the three men, scooping them up and pulling them into the small bay.

The three men swam and played with each other and acted as if they were being caressed by unseen hands.  Ethan thought he'd go ahead and let them enjoy their moment and turned to leave but suddenly froze.


There, on the entrance of the ancient, small, weather worn path, at its beginning was a fresco in a niche carved into the rock. The face had eroded off over time, but the hair was still there, and the eyes...bright....teal....eyes.  Ethan was sure he had seen those exact eyes before, but couldn't recall where.  He stood there a while and felt as though he should do something, but wasn't sure what.  Eventually, shaking himself awake while realizing he needed to get back to the ship, he pulled out some Greek coins and left them in the niche.


Arriving for dinner, Ándras asked questions of how Ethan's day went between various people singing karaoke as egged on by the loud and guilt maker queen, Hazel Tov.  Ethan wasn't sure why it was, but Ándras certainly looked stronger and healthier this evening.  In fact Ethan almost swore Ándras was glowing.  But before Ethan could ask his friend how his day was, Ándras'  thoughts turned to what Ethan was wearing for this evening's party: Where Are You From?


"Oh.... I don't having anything."

"Well, that's very unusual for an American."

"Don't suppose you could assist me again, could you?"

"Not really.  I'm Greek. Bran is Irish.  Metin is Turkish, Luca is German, and I don't think we have red, white, and blue make-up to paint on you."


Ethan looked a little deflated and depressed at hearing this news, but then Ándras spoke up.


"Well... I did have one friend who was originally coming on this cruise, but had to cancel at the last minute.  I had packed a couple of things for him.  You could wear them and just fake it."

"Oh?  Is he Canadian?"

"No...he's Dutch."


"The Netherlands?  But they speak Dutch. How am I...."

"Most of them all speak English as well."


"But it's like land of the giants and I'm land of the short average."

"It will be fine, just wing it.  Be adventuresome."

Arriving back at Ándras' suite, Ándras pulled out a pair of shorts with the flag of the Netherlands printed on them and then a good sized flag of the Netherlands and pinned it around Ethan's neck as though it were a cape.  Shirtless and shoeless, Ethan wondered if this really was an appropriate outfit to wear, but figured as little as he had seen many of the men wearing so far on this trip, he was fine.  Before they left, Ándras gave Ethan a gift of a necklace made out of coral with a nautilus shell for a pendant, and they walked to the elevators.

Many of the men were greeting Ándras as well as Bran and Luca as they walked onto the party deck.  The crowd had opened up a bit so they could get to the center, meeting Metin there.  Men were dancing with flags of their country on like capes, like togas, sarongs, beach towels, or with hats, glasses, bracelets and necklaces and other accessories with the flag or colors of their nation.  While dancing it seemed a fog had formed out at sea and was beginning to engulf the boat.  Lots of men laughed and joked making scary and moaning noises, some twirled their hands or flags to create patterns in the mist.


Not too long after the mist started, Ethan turned to look at and dance with Bran, who suddenly seemed to get smaller.


"He must be doing a dance move with bent knees." Thought Ethan, especially after Bran sunk lower, and then lower again.

Spinning around to tell Metin, Luca, and Ándras too look at their friend getting down to music, he let out an audible gasp.


"Are you all right?" asked Metin.


"Uhm...yes..." said Ethan haltingly.  He was looking Metin eye to eye right now, and he knew he should be looking up just slightly, Metin being three inches taller than him.


"What's wrong?" queried Bran as he danced up to Metin, who pulled him close to gyrate together.


Ethan took a step back.  Bran came up exactly where he normally did on Metin - right under his chin.  Which means both men are standing straight, and Bran is hitting him the same place as he does Metin.


"Are you sure you're all right, Ethan?"


"Yes... uh..." and suddenly Metin seemed to get lower.  Ethan let out another small gasp, and then caught himself and feigned a swoon. "I think... I think I didn't keep myself hydrated enough on my trip inland today and it's catching up to me a bit."

"Luca, why don't you take Ethan to the refreshment table and get some proper fluids in him." said Ándras.


Luca  embraced Ethan in hug like hold and dance-walked him through the crowd to the back edge of the deck.  The whole trip though Ethan couldn't keep his breath he was gasping so much.  Men his height, he was becoming a bit taller than.  Smaller men like Bran he was starting to tower over.  The whole walk back men were shrinking all around him.  What was going on?


Escorting him to the one of the punch bowl sides of the catered table, Luca grabbed a cup, filled it up and handed it off to Ethan.


"Here, drink this."


"Thank yo--WUAH!"


Ethan stepped backwards in fear nearly tripping himself onto the table.  Luca caught him by the wrist and put him upright again.  Ethan stood straight and tall, looking at Luca...looking slightly down at Luca.  It might be only by an inch, but he was.... looking....DOWN....AT LUCA!


"I will go get Ándras."


"No... no no.... it's okay.  I'll be alright.  The heat from the day and the strobbing lights are just affecting my vision and balance right now.  Just give me a few minutes and a couple of glasses of punch, a couple of hors d'oeuvres to snack on and I'll... I'll be fine.  You go back into the crowd.  Have fun.  I'll join you guys again in a minute."


Shortly after Luca disappeared into the crowd, Ethan felt a presence behind him and then heard the words, "Ben je een Nederlander?"


Again turning around Ethan looked to see a pair of men...very tall men....one was blond haired blue eyed, average build of a body, kind of a boyish looking face, while the other slightly taller man was brown haired, brown eyed, and a pretty good muscular build on him for one who is so tall.  The first man Ethan came just to the top of his ears, while the second man he came up to the bottom of his ears.


Ethan was turned on by these very large men, and became very nervous, but he started to tell them the truth that he didn't understand them or what they had said, but instead words that he had no idea how to speak came rushing past his lips.


"Ja, zo te zien zijn jullie het ook."


"Tcha! We zijn allebei Amsterdammers. En waar komt jij vandaan?"


"Mooi zeg. Ik, Delft."


"Geweldig. We wilden jullie allebei zeggen dat je extreem knap bent ... .... en je bent een supergrote twink. Iets waar we al heel lang mee bezig willen zijn. We zijn te groot voor de meeste mannen."


Ethan couldn't believe what was happening.  He was having a conversation with two men in a language he didn't know, nor understand.  Yet, somehow, they were able to understand him and he them, and he knew they were hitting on him.  But why did he tell them he came from the Netherlands?  Why did he state he was from the city of Delft?  How did he even know of the city of Delft? After some more conversation, flirty comments on appearances to each other, they were asking him to dance; they were asking him to dance close.  They pulled him back into the crowd and after much dancing in the heart of the crowd, they moved towards the pool edge, dropped their three-quarter length Capri pants to reveal some short shorts underneath and persuaded Ethan to jump into the pool with them.  Soon they were swimming and rolling and kissing and making out in the deep end of the pool.



Another late morning wake up for Ethan.  He lie there on the bed, feeling the warmer air begin to fill his cabin and caress his body.  He was asleep with the sheets slightly askew on him, mostly just draped across his middle section.  Normally, no matter how warm or cold, he would have full shoulder to feet coverage with his blankets and sheets, if not including his head as well. 


As he lie there, he looked with his mind and ears and realized he was in his own stateroom. Recalling the evening after the pool he went back to Stijn, the shorter of the two at 6' 10", and Jayden's stateroom for an evening of fun, that in performing, Ethan swore three men their size would destroy the bed.   The bed did become a problem for them as to save money on the trip the two Dutch giants had booked a single.  All the twisting and turning, groping and fondling, sucking and pounding were fine, but once the three of them, exhausted, attempted to all lie down comfortably on the bed and sleep, it just couldn't be done.  Sleepily Ethan excused himself, hugged and kissed Stijn and Jayden good-bye and walked back to his cabin with only the flag of the Netherlands to cover him, his shorts lost somewhere in the Dutch men's room.


But something else was troubling him as he perceived his room with his mind.  Thinking of troubling beds, his stateroom bed felt smaller.  It felt both less wide and shorter to him.  Yes, the more he lie there and felt it, the more he realized it.  His feet were just hanging off the mattress.  They shouldn't be doing that.  Remembering though had happened last night, Ethan leaped out of bed and looked at himself in the mirror.  Letting out a yelp he backed into the bed seeing that his head was partially cropped off in the reflection.  He'd...he'd have to be fairly tall for that to happen.


Without thinking he went in to take a quick shower, giving a small scream again when he realized he could just look over the stall door and that the shower head was a good couple of inches lower than his head, the spray thus hitting him in the chest.  He then stumbled out and began to put on clothes.  First his underwear, then some board shorts, then a nice polo, and then his boat shoes.  That's when it hit him - his clothes fit.  Moreover he didn't have any clothes like this.  He stood up and sat down to check his point of view in the room and to look at himself in his clothing.  Up and down, up and down, over and over again.  He was tall, but his clothes fit.  But they can't fit because he was originally shorter side of average.  His mind was racing.  He wasn't tall, but then where did all these clothes come from?


Nervously, shaken, he sat back down upon his bed, staring down at his feet and shoes. They looked huge.  Gigantic from what his mind remembered.  As they were looking relatively new, Ethan slowly pulled one foot up while leaning down and pulled off one of the shoes to look inside.




Ethan's heart raced.  He knew he only worse a size nine shoe. Something was wrong.  He had to find out what was happening to him.  He decided to rush out of his stateroom.  He wasn't sure where he'd go, but some fresh sea air, topside, might help him calm down, clear his head, and think.  However, when he opened the door, there was Ándras waiting for him, and as he stared into Ándras' eyes, again he felt the breeze of the sea and could hear the pounding of the waves, as well as see them.


"Good morning, Ethan."


"Ehm....Morning, Ándras."


"I was coming by to see if you'd care to join Luca, Bran, Metin, myself, and two men we met last night at the party... a Mr. Walker and his friend, Arthur.  He's wanting to take some private photos of Metin, as well as heading with us on our day trip out into Santorini, Greece. He's apparently one of the cruise's official photographer and videographers.  I also came by to drop off this for tonight's party, which is farmers or cowboys."


"uhm..... sure....sure.... I was heading out to get breakfast anyway..."


From that point on the next three days ran together in one really big blur.  He met everyone for brunch and then spent the day with them in Santorini exploring ruins and seeing sites. Arthur, Luca, and Metin seemed to be treating him more like an equal now, while Bran and Jason both stared up at him in awe and lust and giggled around him like they did Arthur, Luca, and Metin.  Ethan felt fine, but something inside him was still amazed by the fact that Luca and Arthur seemed slightly shorter than him and Metin only came up to his nose.


They enjoyed dinner together in one of the more relaxed restaurants.  Ethan kept experiencing a thrill and kind of a turn on, as not remembering his new 6 '5" frame he kept accidentally kicking Arthur or Luca's legs.  To which, they started a game of footsie, seeing whose legs and feet could reach the longest and farthest up to one another's crotch.  Luckily no one else noticed as Hazel Tov and Cacao Caliente de Malaviscos were on stage giving a very hilarious and scandalous comedy routing, throwing shade on everyone.


It was at this point that everything begins to blur.  It was a two day trip until the next port of call, so there was nothing else to do but have your fun on the ship, and fun became Ethan's middle name whether he wanted it to be or not.


That first night party, farmers and cowboys, Ándras had given him a straw cowboy hat; sleeveless, button down, plaid shirt; blue jeans with tons of holes in them - especially around the ass; and a pair of cowboy boots.  Again approaching the main party deck he encountered a mist and it put him in a slight dreamy like state.  He began to take longer strides in more pronounced steps.  He held his head high, his shoulders back and his chest out.  His shirt began to pull tighter and tighter around his torso.  The crescent beginnings of some decent pectorals started to form.  His deltoids started to over flow the arm hole of the shirt, while a lil bit of lat muscle poked up and out from that same hole too. His shoulders started to make an angle up to his neck, which although not huge, began to widen and thicken under his head.  His upper arms began to take on a firmness and then just a hint of shape when relaxed, showing just a bit of power and some size.  Likewise his forearms had begun to become thick with muscle shapes as well.


His jeans began to pull a bit tight against his ass which was bubbling out and firming up, same thing with the back of his thighs most definitely, but the jeans still hung fairly loose around the calves.  He had sort of a soccer player look.  A young man just in the beginning of athletic study and performance.  He looked like a young man who had spent his youth working on a farm and being part of a high school football team.  Except he was an impressive 6' 5" tall.


Before the din of the DJ and music could cover it up, Ethan heard the clomps of a big man walking down the deck, with a very firm heal toe movement.  Thud-pat...thud-apt....thud-pat....  But every time he stopped to look around, the man would also stop walking.


Once out on the dance floor he was quickly approached by two men from China: Yixin Shen & Wei Bao.  Both of them with jet black hair, beautiful almond eyes, great smiles,  but the first man was all of five feet tall with a very slim but muscular appearance that was also very smooth.  The other man however was 6' 3" very light, but full and feathery hairy chest, a bit darker skin tone, and quite a bit beefier like a new bodybuilder on his first or maybe second off season gaining body.  They complemented him over and over again on how handsome he was.  Yixin stated how much he loved very tall men, while Wei said he love those who were muscled like him or much, much bigger.  Ethan wasn't quite that size, but his face more than made up for it.


Ethan might have decided to go find his friends or just leave all together.  The partying was becoming quite a bit much.  However Yixin and Wei knew their way around the body and while dancing were groping him, massaging him, as well as caressing and kissing him, that it worked Ethan into a lust frenzy, and a desire to be worshipped.  He wound up heading back to their cabin and for the next two days he still wasn't sure if he ever left it.


But he had to have left it.  He attended the next night's party - Dog Tag aka Military, dressed in an outfit like a United States Marine.  He felt the costumed uniform become tight on him, snug.  He felt a couple of seams rip or a button fly off.  While on the bed with Yixin and Wei he could see larger size, better definition, the veins beginning to rise and plump up and cross over the mounds of his muscles, and striations forming and cross-crossing his body this way and that.  The pair of Chinese men kept on performing massages, acupressure, acupuncture, giving him herbal teas and food.  He felt so wonderful, so relaxed with them.


The following night's party he attended with them as well.  His costuming having been dropped off once more, presumably by Ándras.  This time it was a totally new experience for him as it was Drag Night, but he didn't have to wear heels like many of the guys did.  No, his outfit had special boots.  Boots because it was an outfit to mimic the female wrestler Chyna.  While out on the dance floor that evening, Ethan wondered about the possible shoddiness of the costume's construction.  It started to feel very tight on him.  He started to hear rips and pops, he saw lacings snap apart!  By the time it had come to head back to Yixin & Wei's cabin, Ethan was needing to adjust his walk, kicking his legs out a little sideways.  He was having to twist and turn to start getting through doorways.  In bed he began to look down his body or stare at it in the mirror and marvel.  First he looked like a new decent athlete.  Then he looked like a personal trainer who was somewhat lighter in musculature, but now... Now he looked like a pro-wrestler.  Now he looked like the Rock.  Maybe a little bigger.


It was like one massive odd game of Twister in the China men's bed.  They were groping and fondling him more and more now, tracing the crevices around his muscles, especially his abdominals and obliques.  They cupped the increasingly swelling mounds of his muscle bellies and gave them squeezes to try and deflate them using just their bare hands.  They put him through various exercises to watch the muscles extend, contract, and pump up with blood.  Problem was, Ethan had become fascinated with his own body; rubbing his hand across his chest, pinching a nipple, feeling the cobblestone path that was his abdomen, tracing the tear drop shapes on his thighs, groping his own biceps. The men had him start doing bodybuilding poses and learning to bounce his pecs, together and individually. Although one part of his mind screamed it was impossible, the other part felt there was nothing wrong with it and he enjoyed himself and his new look of a very athletic man.   Whenever they tried to grab him, he was in the way grabbing himself. For three days his muscle grew in size, strength, and density.   He blew up like a balloon.  He felt harder, denser, thicker, wider.... he felt strong.




The next morning the ship was docked near Giardini Naxos, Italy.  Yixin and Wei woke up early and left to go see the sites, leaving a note telling Ethan they'd see him later.  Searching around their cabin, he finally found some of his clothes under the Chyna drag outfit.  He went in and took a shower to remove the make-up from his face for the party held last night and then changed into his clothes.  He still marveled at the size of his feet and the shoe he had to put on them, but laughed it off thinking, "Big guy, big feet...obviously big shoe."  He then got lost for a bit, checking himself out in the mirror, after he had slipped his shorts on.  A couple of side arm and chest poses with some pec bounces later, he decided, "to hell with it", and just draped his shirt over his neck like a towel. He walked out of the stateroom with a proud stride down the corridor, greeting all the guys who whistled, winked, smiled, and blushingly turned their heads away from him with a broad smile and a single wave hello.  He took a slight detour and headed outside instead of continuing down into his stateroom.  Leaning over the balcony and listening to the ship and the ocean, the sea birds flying over his head, he closed his eyes and felt the sun on his broad back and slightly barreling chest.  He felt good.  He felt invigorated.  He couldn't wait to see what the next seven nights brought.  His silent moment was broken by the sound of a wheel chair and a friendly voice.


"There you are Mr. Olson.  I was wondering if I would see you again.  You seem to be out and about enjoying the sun, and shirtless too, I might add."

"Yeah..." Ethan said looking down at his body.  "For some reason I just felt I didn't need to put the shirt on.  Hell... I think I might go buy a new swim suit, one of those thongs ones, so I can tan all over."

"Well, you might not want to get too much sun;  you're already quite a few men's fantasy on this ship."


Ethan blushed and smiled.  "Nah... I'm just an average joe.... but I am kind of tall and this weather and sunshine is doing something to my body.  I feel so....strong.... and my mind feels so clear."


"Good.  Glad the trip is working out for you?  Ready to do some more ship to shore exploring?  Oh and do you need help with the party tonight?  It's super heroes."


Ethan's smile beamed ever brighter.  "Do I!  I'd love to go to that party.  I'd love to see what I look like in a super hero outfit."


The pair went off to go join another set of friends Ándras had made and together they all enjoyed the sites of Giardini Naxos, Italy.  Later they met up with Ándras' regular circle of friends for dinner with the exception of Luca.  Luca needed to join the three drag queen hostesses: Hazel Tov, Cadence Alcoda, and Cacao Caliente de Malaviscos as the four of them and various cruise guests performed various acts for "Talent Night."


Later that evening, Ethan slipped into the outfit that Ándras had given him, recalling what he said about this large unitard kind of outfit.


"This was for my friend who couldn't make it.  It's a hero primarily only known to those fans of Detective Comics, D.C. for short.  His name is Nuklon, and he's like the hulk, you need a tall or tall and big man to pull him off.  He was basically exposed to radiation in his mother's womb, and as such grew to be a very tall man with various shape shifting and phasing powers.  Quite strong too."


After getting dressed and slipping a red haired wig on, he ran to the party deck, where he was instantly greeted by a number of guys who thought his costume looked awesome, as well as several friends made on the cruise.  The young man who originally had folks adjusting their position to cut him out of their group, was now one of the men they pulled in the center to become the nucleus of a group.


As he was dancing, Ethan began to roll his shoulders.  He'd point his foot and flex it.  He reached up to the sky and stretch.  It felt so good, stretching and reaching up higher and higher if he could, and then he returned to dancing.  But his vision began to give it away.  It was like he was on a small elevator and slowly but surely his point of view was getting higher and higher.  He saw Bran, Jason, and Yixin shrink lower and lower until they nearly looked like children to him.  He watched as not only Metin, Luca, Arthur and Wei shrunk away, but Stijn and Jayden did as well.  Higher and higher he rose, watching all of the short guys become extremely small to him.  The average became short, the somewhat tall average, and the really tall just tall.


Ethan's heart began racing, but he wasn't sure what for.  He was slightly worried about this, but at the same time felt great and wanted more.  Watching all the men becoming smaller than him was becoming a huge turn on and he was afraid he might pop an erection in this very non hiding super hero outfit.  Eventually he thought to himself, "Who cares.  I'm large, in charge, they all like me, what are they going to do?"  By the time he was done growing, Jayden only came up to his eyes, Stijn only came up to his mouth, Luca, Arthur, and Wei hovered just an inch or two above his shoulders while Metin just an inch under them, as Bran and Jason came up to mid bicep or the arm pit, and poor, little Yixin came no farther than where Ethan's lats taper into his obliques.


Now at his new towering height, even more men clamored to be and dance around him, to speak to him, to touch him.  It could have been another sexual frenzy night but Ethan felt so good he practically closed the party, and all the men who wanted pictures with the true, actual, life-sized super hero from the comic books... Ethan spent nearly two hours of the party, straight through, getting his picture taken with men who were posting all over every social media:


"HOLY SHIT BATMAN! It's a real, live, giant Nuklon here!"

"Make me a criminal; I want this hero to take me down (and go down on me as well.)"

"I don't know what his super power is, but I bet he has a personal battering ram...."

He was still getting pictures taken and signing faux autographs by the time he made it to his cabin, after experiencing several knocks to the noggin from hanging signs, plants, and doorways. Doorways, not only did they hurt his head, he had to learn to twist, turn, and duck to get through them as being too narrow they kept slamming his shoulders and delts, not to mention his arms couldn't go through.  A couple of guys kept offering to watch him over night and hold ice bags on his head, but he thanked them and ushered them out the door.




In the morning, once again, Ethan was lying face down upon the bed.  His covers once more only covering his middle section and much less of him than before.  His mind and sense of touch once more tried to feel the room before he opened his eyes.  If thought his bed was too small before, he knew it to be now.  Straightening himself upon the bed and placing his head right against the head board, he felt as though his shoulders were almost as wide as the bed and he could feel his legs sticking out beyond the bed from about mid-calve down to his feet.


After that realization, he had another.  He was not alone.  He was hearing something like the fold of fabric and the placement of something into something else.  The clicking of latches.  Someone is messing with his luggage?  Quickly flipping over on the bed, he looked up to see a ship's porter and bellowed out, "What are you doing in my room?"


The porter, a youthful, but very manly looking black man, with a name tag that said, "Kwame", who stood around 6' 5" with a stocky but solid build and bald head, shook and spasmed like he was suddenly having an orgasm.  His deep rich eyes suddenly opened wide in horror, and then looked up at Ethan and he stammered.


"I...I.... I.... I'm ... I'm sorry, sir.  We realized we made a mistake and we are correcting the problem?"


"Mistake?  What mistake?"


"Obviously the incorrect placement of you into these accommodations."

"I was incorrectly placed into these accommodations?"


"Obviously, sir.  You're taller than the bed and mattress is long.  Which also means you take up like nearly a fourth of the room by yourself.  You don't fit in this stateroom's shower, sir.  These trips often get overbook and in attempt in planning and working things out, we obviously gave the suite you booked to someone else and stuck you down here.  We are terribly sorry for the inconvenience and are therefore moving you into the only suite we have left available - The Poseidon Suite on Deck 16, sir.  We did try to wake you, and when we couldn't do that, decided to pre-pack your things and move them to the suite.  You will have the ability to go through all your belongings and if anything is missing we will find any party who stole anything and of course pay for replacement, if that were to happen."


Ethan thought for a moment and didn't understand where this was coming from, but the porter was correct, he was too big for this small stateroom.


"All right, just tell me where I need to go."


The porter staring all wide-eyed at Ethan, stammered some more while trying to hide a growing erection and wet spot. "Sir... do you not think you should put some clothes on?"

Looking down at himself, Ethan smiled at his nudity.  Part of him thought, why?  Why the hell not?  Just walk out there in the buff, and walk proudly to his new suite in the nude.  To save the porter more embarrassment though, he thought to put some clothes on.

"Of course... did you leave me any clothes to put on?"

"Yes, sir.  We left out one outfit for you, along with the package of new clothes with shoes you ordered."


Ethan looked down at the package slightly confused. "I didn't order any clothes."


"They must be yours, Sir."


"Who else would wear Triple eXtra Large and Quadruple Tall shirt, not to mention the size 24 shoes, sir.  Who else could possible wear those but you?"

And with that the Porter had finished packing Ethan's cases and proceeded to cart them away to the Poseidon Suite.


After the porter's departure, Ethan then decided to get a shower and head on out and up to his new suite rooms on the sixteenth deck in order to be able find them and of course check them out.  The porter proved exceptionally correct on being too big for this stateroom's shower.  Although set slightly higher than most showers, the shower head still only came up to the top of

of Ethan's chest and just below his shoulders.  Speaking of his shoulders they were slightly too broad for the space of the shower and thus he couldn't close the door all the way.  The shower wall itself only came up to the top of Ethan's shoulders as well, and the square room of the space was nearly too small for Ethan to bend or twist in order to wash his chest, shoulders, head, and hair.


Once out of the bathroom and dried off, he spent a few more minutes than necessary putting clothes on; he went through and tried each shirt on to see how it fit on him.  He also took time marveling at his shoes and his feet.  Measuring them via the bathroom floor tile he reckoned them to be just a titch beyond fifteen inches long.  One last check in the mirror, he placed the clothes left for him to choose from in a bag, decided he should go shirtless again, and head on up to deck sixteen.  Along the way he began to enjoy new perks of his height and build: men were running into things while staring at him go by, or men were coming up and saying hello in stammering or hushed voices, or more brazen men were whistling at him or even coming up and giving his butt a squeeze or pinch.  Then there were the cons: ceiling lights, ceiling hung signs or plant pots, short elevators and doorways, were all things Ethan had to learn to duck, or face horrible pain.  Despite those aggravations, both pros and con were making Ethan feel confident, proud, and... turned on.


Reaching his suite there was a porter standing waiting for him at the door who greeted him, silently with eyes wide in wonder, and handed him his pass key to get into the suite.  Walking in Ethan was at once astounded by the size of the suite, and yet joyfully rejoiced in his mind, "YES!  Something in my size!"


Coming in from the suite door the room panned out starting on the left hand side: a book & media library or office with a pull down twin bed; then a half bathroom or toilet; behind those two rooms was one bedroom with two bunk beds and a full bathroom; then there was the dining room; then the living room at the 12 O'clock position from the entrance door; followed by the master bedroom on the far right with what they called an Emperor size bed and a walk-in closet, along with a master bath with whirlpool tub and a hot tub; and another bedroom with a king size bed and full bathroom.  On the other side of the dining area, living room, and master bedroom was the suite's verandah or balcony with eight deck chairs and four small tables.  Ethan laughed and chuckled as he walked into the master suite and then took a running jump onto the "Emperor bed."  WHUMP!  Ethan moved his hands and legs out as if making a snow angel, feeling the great width and length of the bed which made him look and feel like an average man.


Not too long after he re-unpacked everything, Ándras called bringing in some exceptionally large shoes.  They were a bit bigger than his own shoes... quite a bit bigger.  Ethan joked with Ándras asking if his shoes weren't big enough to which Ándras replied, they were monstrous compared to most men, but tonight's theme is Big Shoes, and being as tall as he was, he needed something even larger to look like he was participating instead of just wearing his normal shoes.  Ethan just smiled, shaking his head, wondering where on earth Ándras found shoes so large - size 35 to be exact, to which Ándras informed him they were a giant promotional pair made to help show and sell the shoes in a display window.  Ethan put the shoes away until later.  He then went out with his gang of friends and explored the port of the day, Naples, Italy.


Ethan's confidence in himself and his looks grew more and more as the day wore on.  Traversing through Naples' Medieval and older section of the city meant he had to twist and turn to get through doorways, bending at the waist as opposed to just the head.  People stared at him and whispered about him behind his back.  Folks came up asking for autographs and inquiring if he was a famous NBA star.  Children were asking him to flex for them or pick them up or give them a piggy back ride.  Shop keepers were willing to give him a bit of a discount, provided he allowed them to take a picture of him, or him with them.  He arrived back at the ship laden with many souvenirs, packages, and gifts, not to mention his friends fighting to see who would walk next to or directly behind him, especially when he bent over to help push Ándras in his wheel chair; his ass and thighs tightening as he did so.  It was same at dinner as folks Ethan didn't know yet were passing by his and his friend's table and smacking him on the back and saying hello, waiting for a handshake so as to compare Ethan's hands to theirs.  Even his friends appeared to have silent stand offs on who would sit next to him.


Later, not sure what to wear, he decided since he was getting so many complements on his body to just wear a pair of under armor knee length shorts and the giant ass shoes that Ándras picked out for him.  Together with his friends, along with many other members of the cruise, everyone was flapping their way down to the party deck with over sized shoes, sounding more like a bunch of divers who didn't take off their flippers, walking around.  Once again, Ethan became the center of a group of men dancing together, being pulled in my his usual group of friends along with some new faces.  At one point Ethan met one of these new men; an average build and height man with bald head, two day scruff of a beard, extremely hairy, and of all things, violet eyes.  He introduced himself as Ony Vasiliev from Russia and began talking to Ethan with a thick accent.


"I know you know, but vow you are zo tall."


Ethan smiled and nodded.


"I tink tall men are ze most sexy men in da whole vorld. da?"


Ethan smiled and nodded again.


"And muscular men are sexy as well, da?"


Ethan smiled and nodded still.


"And one who is bot tall and muscular is double sexy, da?"


Ethan smiled and winked at Ony.


"Are you ze holy trinity zexy?"


"Holy trinity sexy?"


"Da.... are zose your actual shoes?"


"No, they are exceptionally large shoes for tonight's party."


"But you art danzing so vell in them... do you have big feet naturally?"


"Size US 24."

"US Twenty-four?!?....Is it true vat dey say?"


Ethan began to feel a warmth in his groin.  It made him feel aroused and heady at the same time.

"No, what do they say?"


"That a man's member can be judged by his feet?"


Ethan felt the sensation again and swore something was stroking his cock.


"That it lets anotter man know how big his cock is...."


Ethan felt the under armor shorts pull a little tighter on his groin.


"His shoe size mi-nus two..."

Ethan felt his cock ooze out at little more from his groin and stretch down his interior left leg.


"Or just his shoe size..."


Again the stretching occurred.  Ethan began to feel the shorts pull away a little bit from his thigh.


"Or da size of his hand."


Ethan felt the shorts pull away from his groin area.  Both his balls and his cock were growing.


"Or da bridge of his nose?"


Ethan moaned very audible, although the crowd couldn't hear because of the DJ's music playing so loudly.  His under armor shorts were being pulled away somewhat, yet they felt as though they were getting tighter somehow.


Ony looked down and could see a very full and heavy outline of testicles in Ethan's shorts, and coming out of those was a very long and hose like form running down Ethan's inner left leg.


"My Got!  You are zo hung."  And reaching forward and grabbing Ethan by his inner left thigh and squeezing, he squealed.  "It's sqooshy!  It's still soft!"


And as if right on cue, Ethan felt a flood gate of warmth was over his prick as a rush of blood began to fill it up, causing it to extend slightly longer and thicker than before.


"You are porn star!  You must work for BelAmi!  You make Kris Evans look like a midget!" and Ony began rubbing Ethan's growing cock via his silky, under armor shorts.


Ethan moaned feeling his cock extend slightly further, plump slightly thicker as he was aroused more and more.  Eventually he picked Ony up, cradling the 5' 9" tall man in his arms as easily as he could a child.


"You're turning me on...."


By this point Ethan's balls were quite large and bulbous, while his cock was extending a good way down his thigh and straining to pull over and out in its central position.  The crowd was cheering, "Take him! Take him! Take him!".   It wasn't known if it was for Ethan or Ony, but with that Ethan carried Ony all the way back to his suite, where he shut and locked the door, threw Ony down on the master bedroom's "emperor bed", ripped his shorts off, yanked Ony's shorts off and then.... well it is said that the decks above and below could hear a Russian man screaming...


"Takoy bol'shoy!........ FUCK! ........AUGH! .......PAPA!........ FUNT MENYA!"




The next morning, Ethan woke up with lil Ony sleeping on his torso, his little legs wrapped around Ethan's decent sized thighs and calves, his head using Ethan's chest as a pillow, while his hand, in his sleep, absent mindedly ran through the hair on Ethan's chest.  Quickly, smoothly, and easily, Ethan moved Ony from him to the bed, and then in an instant went down on Ony's morning wood.  His large tongue moved and swirled while his lips sucked and in just a minute Ony was awake and screaming a primal, guttural, passionate moan busted both his nuts in one major toe curling orgasm, and then passed out on the bed.


Ethan smiled and then walked out on his balcony, forgetting where his new location was.  Higher up on the ship, he was also more inward, which meant a couple of decks below him could look up and see him standing out on this balcony.  Indeed some folks did and when Ethan heard the cat calls, he put his hands behind his head and made his semi-erect cock do the helicopter move to the cheers and applause of those below.


His crowd of friends dropped by his suite to have breakfast now, and of course Ándras was there to drop his costume off for that evening's party.  It wasn't much.  It was a thong with a numbered circle pinned to it.  The evening's party theme was "sports" and his friends had decided with his build and equipment he should go as a bodybuilder.


But before that was the day excursion into Rome, and boy did they give Ethan a workout.  They had him help pull them up stairs or lift them down from higher plazas to lower, he pushed Ándras, he carried packages, he chased down an unfortunate pick pocket thief.  By the time they returned to the ship, Ethan almost felt too sore to go dinner or the party, but still he did go.


Most of the crowd of men whooped and hollered for him as he made his way to the party deck and out into the center.  His poser thong fit him, but was slightly pulled down by the length of his cock and by the weight of both it and his balls.  It exposed just slightly the base of his prick and the pube bush growing around it.  It didn't take long before many a man came up and started having pose offs with him running through all the moves: front double bicep, lat spread, side chest, back double bicep, back and shoulders, back thigh and calves, side triceps, abs and thighs, and back to front double bicep.


However, by the second time through, Ethan began to feel a warmth spread across his body.  Every time he struck a pose he could feel his muscles inflate.  He could feel them become denser, harder, thicker, stronger.  Striations were coming through with every line of muscle fiber becoming more and more pronounced.  The same could be said for the definition and the crevices in between his muscles.  As his muscle bellies became larger and swelled more, becoming engorged with a larger and larger pump, the crevices and separations became deeper, more defined.  Then there was the veins that popped up and began to run across his body like rivers drawn across a map.  So plump, so full, feeding his muscles more and more blood.


Ethan paused in between and made several trips to the snack buffet, stuffing himself with meats and vegetables, drinking milk, and then had the staff make him protein shakes.  And his soreness from the day was disappearing.  It felt like for every muscle growth spurt his soreness went away.  By the end of the evening he had gone from personal trainer and wrestling star build through amateur bodybuilder to a Mr. Olympia contender.  His dancing turned into more and more of side step shifting of weight.  Walking was turned in side kicked waddling.  His arms were lifting more up and out by the minute so that it was hard for him clasp his hands together in front of his self.


And the growth continued.  The next night's theme was "The Gods" party.  Ándras help Ethan get dressed, smiling knowingly for some reason as he draped a lion shaped cape over Ethan's shoulders and once the bottom of the toga skirt was on Ethan, he cinched it up with a golden belt that sent a feeling of power running through him.  Ethan strode out onto that party deck in those clothes with some massive Roman leather style boots with a feeling of power.  Power!  Power that continued to grow just like he did.  If he was an mere Mr. Olympia contender before, he was growing into a full blown, real Olympian demi-god now.


Men were actually throwing themselves at him.  If he didn't see or acknowledge them, they still fought to just touch his feet.  They clung to his thighs and calves, they squeezed his upper arms trying to deflate his biceps, crush the growing horseshoe of his triceps.  They beat on his abdomen and his chest trying to make him scream in pain, or double over for breath, but they just kept hurting their hands and his abs became more defined, more like solid bricks, while his chest just barreled out more and more while it got broader and thicker.  Not to mention his growing nipples which some men took blows to the head because they were trying to suck on them between men pounding on Ethan's pecs.  And still some men just hung around his neck trying to see if he'd choke!


His neck became as wide and thick as his head. A pure column of marble. His back, shoulders, and delts seemed to collectively become as wide as his body was tall. His arms ballooned his lats flared out like wings so that his arms never hung down at his sides even while relaxed.  There were so many lines and divisions, crevices and separation in his obliques and abdominals it was like he was wearing a highly intricate piece of plated armor.  His thighs grew so big and thick he waddled around in a full side kick walk, rolling his thighs around one another.  Their large tear drop shapes pushing the straps of the leather skirt apart here and there and flaring them out on the sides when he stood still much like the bulge of his balls and cock did.  His calves grew and grew looking as big, thick, and round as his upper arms until there were several snaps heard and those worshiping his feel and legs were struck with bursting leather straps like cat-o-nine tails across the face.  His Roman boots were quickly being destroyed.


When they passed out awards for the best God costume, his name was called and he stood upon the dais with his hands clinched in fists, arms high in the air above his head in the now classic "victory pose" of bodybuilding.  Eventually leading to a crab shot  pose and a scream from Ethan as the crowd chanted out "ETHAN!  ETHAN! ETHAN! ETHAN! ETHAN!"


  They applauded and cheered as he made his way off the dais and walked back to the dance floor.  Some men were crying in hysteria over his handsomeness, his size, his alpha-ness.  Others cried wishing to be with him, like him.  Many had taken to jacking off right there on the dance floor, in the pool.  They all wanted to reach out and touch him.


Having reached the edge of the dance floor, Ethan stopped, turned with a large smirk on his face, and grabbing the belt, the toga skirt, and his thong in one hand, he ripped them off and threw them to the floor.  The crowd went ballistic, screaming and hollering their approval.  Ethan did one more crab shot with a wink to the crowd and then after doing a fake take off to temp the crowd, ran all the way back to his suite.  Some of the men went after him. Arthur, Bran, Jason, Jayden, Luca, Metin, Ony,  Stijn, Wei, and Yixin all made a run for it too, but with most of them knowing where Ethan's suite was located, arrived there first.


Ándras slowly wheeled up to the golden belt on the floor picked it up as a knowing smirk spread across his face.  He put it in his wheelchair's holding pouch and then proceeded to roll his chair backwards until it hit the pool edge and it dumped him in.  The crowd went silent, but when he came up, easily treading water with his arms and making his way to the steps, they all cheered and shouted and some jumped in next to him to have some fun.




The next morning Arthur, Bran, Jason, Jayden, Luca, Metin, Ony,  Stijn, Wei, and Yixin were all in Ethan's suite passed out either in his bed, or on the floor near his bed. This scene was discovered by Ándras as he wheeled in followed by a number of porters bringing in trays of food.


"A very late good morning, gentlemen.  It is time to get up.  Only three more full days of the cruise.  Can't spend them in bed.  I have brunch.  In case you need to energize from all the sex."


"What sex?" called out Bran from underneath Ethan's arm. "All we did was grope and fondle and caress Ethan's massive muscles and then took turns stroking his cock.  It took forever for him to reach orgasm.  I think the sun just came up as we managed to do it."


"But oh what a load he blew.  It took a bed sheet to clean up.  Not towels, a full bed sheet.  The laundry folks are going to freak."  Said a very fit runner, around 6' 1" with ebony hair and eyes, bronzed, smooth skin, and a very carved body with some outstanding tribal tattoos.


"Who are you?" asked Ándras


"Oh, hello.  I'm Enele Tasi.... Runner.... from Samoa.... scheduled for the next Olympics.  Why I was able to catch up to Ethan.  I like big muscle dudes.  They're thick like us Samoan men... except me." Enele said kind of disappointed like.


Slowly, everyone got up, had something to eat, and then all went back to their rooms to get changed and meet up again in Ethan's suite to plan the excursion in Ajaccio Corsica, France.  Ethan had fun again, but the stardom of his size among both the people he met in France and the passengers on the ship were beginning to wear him down.  He gave public dinner a pass that evening, instead having it out on his balcony with the breeze blowing through his thick hair, both on his head, and the light but thickening chest, ab, arm, and leg hair that appeared the night before.  The sun beating upon his flesh, continuing to deepen a tan he had started developing the more he began to wear less and less.  He breathed deep and easy.  His massive chest expanding to almost double its size each time he inhaled.  He ate his massive five plates of dinner relatively slowly, enjoying each bite, each taste.  It was shortly after he finished there was a knock on the door.


"Come in." bellowed Ethan, but politely.


Through the door came Ándras who inquired if Ethan was going to go to the party tonight.  Ethan paused for a moment, thinking at first no, but then decided again, he was out to learn not to be boring.  He was here to experience everything there was to one of these cruises, and with a smile and renewed energy turned to Ándras and asked him what to wear.  Ándras produced a small white garment, something thong or poser like but with a special shape.  Ethan looked down at it as he held it in his hands and smiled.


The All White Party was going in full swing when Ethan arrived.  There were men in white tuxedo vests and speedos, some dressed as ghosts, some in white track suits, some just wearing white bands or had white paint on their bodies.  Ethan was the only one however in a thong, but not just any kind of thong.  It was a thong with a white elephant head on the front and Ethan's schlong filled up part of the trunk.  Pulled into the center and surrounded again, Ethan waddle danced with his Herculean muscles with his friends and several admirers as there was dancing, and drinking, caressing and fondling, arm wrestling, hoisting of men big and small into the air as though they were a barbell, two handed and then one handed.  There were fast dances where men watch Ethan's cock move like a pendulum, to slow dances where men short and tall felt small and engulfed by the massive form that was Ethan, clinging to him like he was a rock face - a mountain.


Then there came the stroking.  It started with a couple of men sneaking it in during a dance.  Then several made a game of it to see who could get close enough to quickly sneak a stroke before Ethan could get them.  Then Ethan's friends began to hover around him and stroke him looking at the game players as if to say, "this man is mine."  Over and over again it happened and then it began to happen.




Ethan feels the warmth in his crotch again.




Ethan's cock moves a little further down the cloth tube that is the trunk.




Ethan's prick is getting longer and thicker.  It's becoming fully engorged.




The super schlong becomes even longer and thicker as it begins to become fully erect.




It is doing its best to rise into a pointing up position but it's becoming so long and so thick, so large the best it can do is stick straight out from Ethan's groin.




The colossal cock is filling the entire length of the elephant's trunk.  This is a gag gift.  No man's penis is supposed to do this.




With a rip followed by a long tear Ethan's member bursts through the gag gift posers.  The trunk lying limp in strips and ribbons from Ethan's crotch, while his mammoth member throbs as hard as iron in front of him.  The crowd of men had become silent as each man stepped forward giving his sheathed schlong a stroke, waiting breathlessly to see when it would burst through.  Upon doing so there was an eruption of cheers.  


Hazel Tov walked around the DJ and his booth screamed "Oy gevalt!  He's become a pole vaulter.  Jonah Falcon increased to 7' 6" with his proportions intact has still been beaten." 


Cadence Alcoda hit several high soprano notes that sounded more like screams of orgasms and then held her dress near her crotch and quickly walked off stage.  Meanwhile the usually very hot and sassy Cacao Caliente de Malaviscos simply stared at Ethan in wide-eyed awe or horror and passed out, falling into the pool.


At this point one man reached out and ripped the elephant head thong off of Ethan's body and several men surrounded him, groping his arms, pulling on his back, forcing him into a waddled walk into the center island of the ships main pool.  Once there, several men splashed him and then each and every single man came up and gave his protruding prick as long, slow or quick pull as they could.   After half the men had a turn, it became a two-man competition: while one man stroked the tube, the other stroked the helmet.  Over and over again it occurred and the longer it went the more Ethan moaned and groaned.  His body eventually began to shudder. His toes began to curl.  He began to bite his lip.  He started to clinch his fists and flex his arms in order to not involuntarily strike someone down with a massive blow.


"Mama Hazel... I think he's going to blow like a fountain, look at his balls!"


"Forget his balls, Cadence.  Look at the fountain head!"


And at that moment a three man team had finally done it.  Two of the men wrapped all four hands around his pole and firmly, but oh so slowly, drew one long drag down his wonder worm.  Meanwhile man three had been using his right hand to need Ethan's cock head like a bread dough and his left to reach down and stroke Ethan's tangerine sized balls.  This sent a jolt from piss slit straight down the shaft, into his balls, and then up to his head and across his nose tip and into his lower lip.


Contorting, twisting, his right foot raising its heel in the air and to the left while it stayed on its tip toes, his right knee twisting in, his left foot firmly flat on the floor but his left toes curled up, while he threw his head, back, shoulders, and arms backward, and clinching his hands in a fist, held his chest and arms in a pose as he let the feeling of orgasm out.




No one thought to measure the distance of the shot, although it was long and coated several gentlemen.  Everyone who saw it swore it was like watching old faithful.  Many were certain, when he fucks someone, when he reaches climax, the power of the shot will blow someone's head off.


The crowd went ecstatic giving roars and applause.  The chant of Ethan's name came again with more folks calling him a god among men.  When he started to move and walk away, everyone stepped back giving him room.  Everyone just lightly touched him as though if by doing so they would begin to grow and be blessed.  Some did pat him on the back or butt in congratulatory praise.  Until there was one man, Lauro, a dark haired, eyed, and skinned, thin and skinny man of 5' 5" tall from Brazil who loved one thing in life. 


"Mr. Olson, I love cock!  HUGE COCK!"


The crowd went silent.  There were murmurs about how you just don't ask a man of this size, this caliber, or even imply if you can suck his cock.  You wait for him to recognize you.


Ethan looked down at Lauro who was not trembling and casting his eyes away.  Ethan smiled softly and his dominant dong began to inflate once again.  The crowd cheered at the sight of this and Ethan picked up Lauro one-handed and ripping off the man's shorts, stuffed him onto the end of his member and walked him back thus to his suite.




In the morning Ethan felt a little tired, but good.  Poor, poor, Lauro was splayed on his back on the bed, still asleep or perhaps unconscious with a pleasant smile upon his face.  Ethan was still getting used to himself, his body, and he felt like he needed to do something.  He felt antsy.  He felt pent up somehow.  Finally he decided to do a calisthenics workout using his own body weight as resistance, performing sit-ups, crunches, push-ups, and arm dips at various angles, followed by pull ups, squats-thrusts, and planking.  Afterwards, pumped and sweaty, he walked into the master bathroom and proceeded to take a shower, losing himself in his thoughts and his body.  His now massive hands ran over and over himself.  It felt so odd, yet so good.  His eyes were closed, but he kept seeing visions of himself as this short, pudgy man, yet his fingers were giving him the picture of this man that was exceptionally tall, extremely and powerfully built, with bloated and full belly muscles, deep defining crevices that Lauro's finger tips were lost in, plump and thick veins he could trace, very prominent nipples, and a cock that didn't seem to stop.  Without vigorously stroking his cock, Ethan sent himself into a primal roaring orgasm such as he could hear the blast of cum splattering against the glass over the shower head spray and water draining.

Coming out of  the bathroom, nude, and striding through the master bedroom into the dining area, Ethan came out to see Ándras with a couple of garment bags draped across his wheel chair.

"Oh... Ándras."

"Morning, Ethan.  I knocked, but no one answered, so I let myself in.  If it bothers you I can let you get dressed and come back."


Ethan stood there for a brief moment, but then a smile came across his face. "Nah..." He began walking around hips slightly thrust out so his cock could achieve a full pendulum swing.  "I'm good.  What brings you by, friend?"

"I'm here to get you ready to join all of us today; Lauro in there as well.  The port of call today is Monaco and we're going to spend it style."  And unzipping one of the bags he revealed a tuxedo.


Ándras, being a man of some wealth, frequently on these cruises treats some of the men he's made friends with to a luxurious day at one of the best casinos in Monaco.  As they piled into the shuttle bus,  Ándras introduced everyone to a new friend, Antoine Lefresne.  He was an older man around 5' 11" tall, 300 pounds of round rotund weight, with hazel eyes and a crown of grey hair speckled with white. It seems that he had Ethan's costume for the evening's party: Fetish Night, and the costume came with him as a mandatory accessory.


But first they arrived at the casino, and once again the pack was introduced to another friend of Ándras', but this time it was a distant relative of his and was a woman, Argent Fortuna.  She was stately, tall, stoic and graceful in movement, with cascading blond curls that framed her teal eyes and her coral lips which formed a devastating smile.  She lead them into the casino wearing a golden dress made of many layers of fringe, all tipped with what looked like coins.  She escorted the gentleman to various tables throughout the day, laughing with them, drinking with them, blowing on dice, or knocking the table for their cards.


Ethan was having a grand time attempting to try all of the various table games and saying hello to so many people.  Folks just had to pull him over to be with them as they gambled.  Surely,  a man of such size and strength brought luck, or they were just in awe and love with him - this walking wall with the most handsome face.  Men and women we giving him chips - and hotel room keys - left and right.  Towards the end of the day, Ethan was a little tipsy.  Not really drunk, but just buzzed.  Enough to feel warm and really relaxed.  He'd had a very fun day, although he still wasn't exactly sure of everything.  He'd seen various color chips being passed here and there but didn't know how much each were worth.  He had basic knowledge of each of the games but didn't really know how to play.

He had played and gambled so much that eventually his chips had been exchanged and he was now carrying twenty grey colored chips.  It was at that point that he recognized the back and dress of Argent, who was standing at a table, and went to approach her.  She suddenly turned as if to leave and her foot was out enough to cause Ethan to trip.  Ethan fell forward towards the table, stumbling and attempting to secure his footing again to stand and hopefully not bump the table.  He managed to stop,  but his torso was bent precariously over the table and he was flailing his arms desperately to keep his balance.  Eventually his chips slipped out of his hand and he moved his giant paw to swiftly catch them, but instead wound up gathering them back into a stack and slamming them down on the table.  He stood there breathing heavily for a moment.


Everyone around the table had gasped fearing the worst that Ethan would fall and his body size would flip the table.  Instead they all breathed a sigh of relief when he stood up straight and tall, and the croupier, realizing Ethan had tripped his way up to the table, asked him if he was indeed wanting to place a bet.  Ethan felt everyone kind of press in against him, and not knowing the value of the chips he had, just looked down at where his hand and chips had landed, smiled, and said, "Sure why not.... I like the number zero.  It's simple and round, and I like the color green, too."


The crowd of course was agog over this and the bet was spread like wildfire throughout the casino with everyone who could getting as close as they could to the table.  Many people whispered that Ethan surely had to have a pair as big as his muscles, and that he must have already been loaded.  Argent came and stood next to Ethan, grabbing a hold of him and whispered in his ear, "Good luck."


The croupier called out that bets were now closed and then proceeded to spin the wheel and the ball.  Ethan however nearly had a heart attack as although he knew he was playing roulette, he hadn't known he just made the bet with the greatest odds of losing and with a one-hundred thousand dollar bet at that.  Round and round the wheel spin and the ball went.  The ball began to slow down... it shifted into the deflectors, it travelled around the small space in between, and passing the slots.... Black 17, Red 25, Black 2, -... Red 21, .... Black  4, .... .... Red 19, .... .... .... Black 15,..... ..... ......Red 32,  The crowd gasped as the ball seem to freeze on the wheel edge before the numbered slots until finally..... clack clack clack clack.... it dropped and spun a little in a slot.



Ethan was, needless to say, gob-smacked.  You could've knocked the giant man down with a feather.  Even more so once Argent let him know that the total listed by the croupier would be the amount he received in Euros and that the American equivalent was 4,341,715 dollars.  Argent led the shocked and silent Ethan to the Casino offices, after making sure he took his lower valued chips and spread them as tips to the croupier, the waitresses that served him, and few other folks.  She then helped him to sign off on paperwork to pay the taxes on his winnings, and have the bulk of them transferred to his account in the US, with just enough to keep and have some fun with the last day of the cruise.


A little while later, back on ship, the still in shock Ethan was sitting in his suite when there was a knock on the door.  He had completely missed dinner and there was Antoine Lefresne dressed in tight leather pants, black knee high boots, black fingerless gloves, black and metal harness, a riding crop in hand, and a mask that made him look like a fat version of Bane from DC comics.  After allowing Ethan to grab something, quickly, to eat before the dance, he then helped Ethan into his costume.  The loin cloth was easy enough.  So too were the sandals and the small black mask - not that that was really going to be effective as who else was a seven and half foot tall hulk on the cruise?  However the rest of his outfit consisted of a very heavy gauged chain that was wrapped around Ethan's torso and arms, with his arms being secured behind his back.  From the front there was a slightly smaller gauged chain that extended out and Antoine held in his hand.

Everyone oohed and ahhed at the sight when Ethan and Antoine arrived and whooped and hollered at the antics as Antoine whipped Ethan every once in a while and gave him orders to kneel, or let Antoine ride his shoulder, or for Ethan to suck his cock, or the fact that despite so much length of heavy chain wrapped around him and binding his arms and hands, Ethan was capable of dancing pretty well.


Towards the end of the evening though there was a small side contest that developed.  Those of the BDSM set wanted to see who's "slave" or "pet" could do the most or best thing for their master.  Antoine wasn't going to enter as he knew this was new to Ethan, and Ethan wasn't his usual partner in this fetish, so he thought better of it.  However the crowd began to cheer Ethan's name, and try and pull him towards the dais and then cry out Antoine's name too.  For some reason Ethan had to begun to think the idea might be really fun, and since Antoine had provided him with the costume for the evening he turned and kneeled in front of Antoine, still practically standing just as tall as him, and bowing his head, softly asked, "Please, master?  May we?"

Antoine smiled and jerking the chain hard, loudly proclaimed, "I make the decisions, and you're doing this whether you want to or not!"


But what to have Ethan do?  The other contestants had already put on quite a show, and some of them might not be able to be topped.  Finally, Antoine decided, it must be a task based on Ethan's strength - his strength.  Pulling Ethan up onto the dais, he stood aside, looked at Ethan and barked an order.




The crowd of men got all hushed, and whispers of worry and doubt spread through the crowd.  Ethan was a giant of man, with a hulkish build, but could he do it?


Ethan smiled and began to struggle a bit against the chains.




Ethan wiggle and squirmed once again.  The chains were holding firm.




Ethan shook and then went into doing deep breathing.  His chest seemed to flare out a bit, his elbows possibly moved out to the side.  He stood straighter and taller.  The chains stopped making noise they were being pulled so tight.



Ethan breathed deeply again, once more his chest flaring out more, along with his lats this time.   His arms looked as those they were blowing up again like balloons.  His shoulders, back, and delts spread out wider.  His legs looked as though they had become fuller and harder. Once again stood taller.  There was some odd and eerie sound like something stretching, or being twanged.  The sound of a supporting cable when stressed or thumped.




And Antoine turned an whipped Ethan across the back of his thighs.  Ethan didn't even flinch.  Instead he breathed in deeply again.  His head looked as though it rose higher.  His mask suddenly snapped off.  His feet burst his sandals.  The rope tying his loin cloth around his waist dug in tightly.  There was blood beginning to trickle from underneath the chains around his arms and pectorals.  Veins were popping up all over his body and he seemed to swell and grow ever bigger.  There was the sound of an eerie straining again.




Antoine went to flailing on Ethan with the riding crop.  Some men, even in the BDSM community thought it was taking it too far - although Antoine was striking the chains on Ethan's back as opposed to Ethan's skin.  Ethan once again, widening his stance, breathed deeply.  The sides of his sandals split completely.  The rope for his waist band snapped.  His body became more engorged with blood and more blood was seeping out from underneath the chains.  His elbows and arms came out more.  His back got wider and wider as well as his lats.  His thighs swelled to impossible and inhuman shape regardless of his towering height.  The men began to turn on Antoine telling him to give it up.  Ethan was killing himself and it wasn't worth it.  But suddenly Ethan decided one more try, without his master's order, needed to happen and as he breathed in deeply one last time...



There was a motion as one of the chain links broke and now formed a stretched out "C" as opposed to an oval.  A split second more and the stillness of the night was broken by two more snaps and then the chains were no longer tight or together and slid off of Ethan's body.


Once again, the crowd went mad, crying, having orgasms, cheering, screaming.  Never before had they seen anything like this and yet here it was in front of them.  A man.... a huge man.... a giant..... a man-god!  Ethan turned, kneeled before Antoine who grabbed the award and then handed it over to Ethan, who in turn picked up Antoine and carried him back to his suite.




The next day, the last full day on the cruise, was spent without a special port but en route to the disembarking port of the cruise, Barcelona, Spain, but there were lots of fun, last day competitions.  There was the race in high heels contest, the toss a handbag contest, a Mr. Muscles contest, Best Drag Queen contest, some sports competitions like swimming laps and such.  Ethan of course took Mr. Muscles and a couple of the swimming competitions, although he never found a speedo to actual fit him.  The one he wore gripped his ass like a second skin, and was pulled down so far in front by his cock, he could've just as well gone nude.  They also made Ethan do some strongman kind of competitions.  They had him blow up and burst a hot water bottle.  The made a plank stage and had him lift it using just his back, leg, and knee strength.  He had around 28 people on it at one time and was going for more, but the planks couldn't stand the weight of the people.


The last night was also one of the nights where they showed various sexual acts and techniques to help men spice things up in the bedroom and refresh their sex lives.  The plans for the evening were switched, and the presenters humbly asked Ethan if he'd step up on the platform, lie back, and they proceeded to show ways of how to take one's extremely endowed lover in, how to jack his super schlong off, how to rub it's head, how to clamp it off with a cock ring. ... ... ... They succeeded in making Ethan blow a load about six times, and he still didn't quite seem fazed by it.


That evening was just an open dance party, except for one hour of the evening during which the three drag queen hostesses and Luca proceeded to announce a winner.


"All right you filthy gigolos, man whores, and rich daddies, it is time to see the face of tomorrow!"


"That's right Mama Hazel Tov.  We are here to announce the new Mr. Eros Cruise 2018.  But before we do that we want to reintroduce you to this last year's Mr. Eros Cruise 2017, Luca Mannheim.  Get on out here, boy!"


Luca showed up on stage wearing a tight white speedo, his sash, and fairly plain, golden crown, while carrying another sash and a crown with him.


"Hmmm hmmm hmmmmm hmmmm Children, if you didn't get a chance to see him during this cruise.... that was your loss...and you're blind!  Cacao, tell them what's going to happen!"

"Thank chou, Cadence.  The whichknner of this chear's Mr. Eros Cruise winz a custom selec-see-on of men's swimwear; a tuxhedo from Mr. Fey's Formal Wear; utility, formal, rainbow pride, and casual style kilts from Kilted Brothers; $5,000 dollars in dinero; plus chke receives an all paid trip for next chear's Mr. Eros Cruise 2018, staying in one of the larger suites, and with daily meal vouchers included.  Candence..."

"As those of you who are regulars know, normally we call for the top five contenders to come up on stage and we have some fun and take votes by applause-o-meter.  However, this year we couldn't do that.  This year the votes for the top five were so packed with just one person's name, there wasn't even enough votes left for a tally to consider other contestants, and even if we did, if all you bastards cheered for him like you voted for him, you'd only hear one or two of you scum bags applauding your other favorites.  SO!  We're just gonna go ahead and call it and crown the hunk o' the year.  Hazel..."

"It is no surprise who this man is.  Bubeles, if you missed him on this cruise, Oy gevalt!  You're not just blind, meshuganahs... ... ... you're dead!  This paragawn of perfectiawn in looks, strength, and .... PACKAGE!  This tower of powah.... this eight foot tall wawking mass of muscle.... Grown so big only because he has the biggest and warmest lil' heart in the world.  Your new Mr. Eros Cruise....2018..... is....... "



"Shut up, you horny bitches!  PEH!  Ruin the moment for me and him.  It's my job, damn it!  Animawls.  Oh to hell with you all.  The winner is... ETHAN OLSON!  Get on up here, hon!"


Ethan stood there motionless.  He couldn't believe he'd been voted on let alone took it by a landslide.  Walking up and standing there he marveled, looking down at the 6' 4" Luca who only came up half way to Ethan's delts, or basically to his arm pits.  There was a bit of laughter as Ethan had to drop to his knees in order for Luca to properly pin the crown on after the sash.  The sash itself was a bit of amusement.  Being so tall and with a chest so thick and lats so wide, instead of hanging across Ethan from right shoulder to let hip, it only went around him right shoulder to just under left lat and was so tight it look like it might rip apart at any moment.


"Go on, Ethan, go greet your adoring, or rather horny, fans!" called out Hazel Tov.


Ethan began to walk through them and was really mesmerized by how small everyone was.  The few men like Stijn and Jayden who stood from 6' 10" to 7' 1" only came up about half-way up Ethan's column like neck.  The slightly tall men like  Kwame, Wei, Luca, and Arthur who stood from 6' 3 to 6' 5" only came up to the same place as Luca did, while the average sized men like Ony, Antoine, Enele, Metin, from 5' 9" to 6' 1" stood just under the arm pit and slightly above where the bottom of the lats met the obliques.  Meanwhile Lauro, Bran, and Jason looked so short, with Yixin looking almost like a preteen to Ethan, their heights of 5' to 5' 5" making them reach only from where the lats join to down to just above the hip.  Not only that but looking at his upper arm, his cold upper arm, he felt certain it could snap the waist bands of Yixin through Ony's pants, with the exception of Antoine as bulbously big his belly was.  Antoine's big belly being about the only thing that didn't look slim next to Ethan's bulging bellied, thick and dense, muscles.  Even turned sideways he could block a person from being seen, and many of the muscular men looked gaunt, thin, and under developed next to him.  And some of those people were personal trainers!


The party continued on as Ethan made his way through the crowd talking to everyone, getting felt up, having comparison pictures taken, dancing in groups, dancing with people on his shoulders or hanging off his arms.  He was there until around two in the morning, when suddenly a way too short deck chair-lounger was pushed at his heels for him to fall back upon, which caused the legs, despite their being metal, to give way and bend or brake, with a few straps busting as well.  Then Antoine, Arthur, Bran, Enele, Jason, Jayden, Lauro, Luca, Metin, Ony, Stijn, Wei, Yixin, and even Miguel, Stephan, and the porter, Kwame, all hoisted it up, albeit it with some great difficulty, and carried Ethan all the way back to his cabin.




The next morning, the suite was a complete wreck.  The swimsuits and clothes worn to the party were strewn and flung about everywhere.  A couple dozen of champagne bottles were empty and scattered among the chairs, beds, and tables.  Five carts of food were in disarray with their plates and serving dishes on every flat surface they could find.  Almost every bed sheet and comforter had been pulled from here and there, as well as all the pillows, and were draped over this, that, and many a body.  Jayden and Stijn the Dutch giants were sprawled out all over the master bedroom's bed. On either side on the floor lie Luca and Wei.  Antoine was asleep in a recliner chair in the living area, while Arthur, Bran, and Kwame were entwined, asleep in one of the smaller bedrooms, and Enele, Jason, Lauro, and Metin were in the last bedroom asleep on the floor, the mattresses from the two twin bunk beds being pulled down.  Miguel and Stephan were passed out on the pull out bed in the Library-study room, and that looked possibly broken. Last was Ony and Yixin, curled up together on top of several blankets with one comforter on top of them, all on top of the dining room table.


It was into this scene that Ándras wheeled himself, smiling and smirking as looked this way and that to see who had done what and who was together.  There was a stench of cum and sweat and musk that rolled, not wafted, rolled through the entire suite.

"Gentlemen.... it is time to get up.... up...Up...UP....UP!!" roared Ándras.


"Noooo." moaned Luca.

"Yeeees" answered Ándras.  "It is time to get up and quickly grab something to eat."


"I'm..... too full of cum." Said Bran as he belched out loud in protest.


"Give me the cereal" said Yixin on the dining table. "I think I'm full of..... milk?  Do men's breasts produce milk?"


"Who knows, but a man's pecs might.  Those two, huge, granite like globes or slabs of rock on that man-god are called pecs.  They can never be confused as breasts."  Mumbled Wei.


"He can certainly bounce them like breasts" yawned Yixin.


"I don't think I can move anything below my waist." called out Jason.

"Who got fucked by Ethan's third leg?" inquired Enele.

"I think we all did." said Kwame, who was trying to focus his eyes on a clock.  "OH MY GAWD!  I am so fired!"

"Calm yourself, Kwame." stated Ándras calmly. "I have taken care of you, telling your superiors I have called for your assistance in packing my things, then heading over to help take care of Mr. Mannheim, and then Mr. Olson.  Go, put your uniform on a couple of different hangers, take them into the secondary bathroom, take a good hot shower with soap, and then bring the uniform back out here to air by the balcony doorway.


"As for the rest of you... you need to get up, get moving, and help clean this place up.  We will be arriving at the last port of call in four hours time.  Your stuff must be packed and you must be ready to disembark."

There was a collective shout of "OH SHIT!" from everyone as they made their way to the trays and carts Ándras had brought in, followed by everyone grabbing all the clothes and helping them sort them out, followed by grabbing all the blankets and bed sheets, folding them up, and putting all mattresses back into place, save one.


"Anyone know where the couch hide-a-bed mattress is?" called out Metin.


"For that matter..." asked Jayden "Where is Ethan?"


Everyone froze for just a moment looking around in all the rooms and noticing he was not there.  Finally Jason called out, "He's here in the Master Bedroom's Bathroom!"


And there he was, stretched out in the tub, with the couch's hide-a-bed mattress underneath him, resting his head on a pillow, his body filling the entirety of the tub, and his feet sticking out almost two feet past the rim.  Jason having found his camera took several pictures.


Ándras spoke. "You will tastefully edit those, won't you, Mr. Walker?"


"I'll edit them for the Cruise's website and program book." Jason smirked.  "I'll send all of us copies of the full monty."


There were cheers from everyone and a grin and roll of eyes from Ándras.


They let Ethan sleep for about as long as they could and got the suite cleaned up as best and as fast as they could.  Kwame moaned in worry over the fact that some pictures and lamps were broken, a couple of plates, but Ándras ushered him out the door and told him to take care of Luca's suite, he'd take care of the damage here and meet Kwame in his suite later.


Ethan was finally woken up and helped clean and straightened up the rest of the mess made, ate some brunch items, got his suitcases packed with his clothes that he didn't really recognize.  When all was done he took his travel bag with him, turned his keys into the front desk, and then waited by the railing for the gangplank to be lowered, the door opened, and everyone to disembark.  He was near that same spot he met Ándras that first night, and Ándras was the last person he'd see.


"You left your sandals back in your suite Ethan."


Ethan looked down at his feet and noticed they were bare. "I guess I've been so used to party living, I forgot that I needed to wear shoes elsewhere."


Grabbing the sandals he looked at the heel of the sole and saw the imprint of 28 on them.  Suddenly visions, memories, flooded back to him. He closed his eyes and waited for the swooning to stop.


"It's not real, is it?" he said to Ándras.


"What's not real?"


"Me.  I've forgotten it most of the trip, but I have been changing, growing, into a giant muscled behemoth with a devastatingly handsome face and a horse cock, but I'm really this average height, pudgy guy, with fairly bland features.  It's not real... ... ... this.  I'm going to change back aren't I?  Somehow this was just to give me a taste of the wild side, an adventure.  Somehow, you know.  I'm sure you know."


"Ethan... it doesn't have to change.  You could come with me and you could be so much more."

"And where would that be?"


"I can't tell you that."


"And if it's more like these last two weeks, that's still not really real... is it?"

"What do you mean?"


Ethan crouched down besides Ándras' and his wheelchair.  "This was.... interesting.... don't get me wrong, I definitely had fun, made some wild friends, but no one was really interested in a true meaningful relationship, or friendship.  I became this like demi-god, and everyone wanted to make friends but only because of my body, not because who I am.  Could you promise me something substantial if I left and went with you?"

"That would depend upon what you become."


"Would I become something other than who I am?"




Ethan sighed.  "I don't think so.  I love how I feel, how I look, the confidence it has given me. I've had more fun sexually than anyone should allow or have.  I know I could probably go out there and grab anything I wanted now.  Do anything.  But... ... ... I have a boyfriend back home.  Noah.  Despite all of the fun times and the sex, I couldn't stop thinking of him.  Despite our having kind of fight before I went on the cruise, I still love him.  Even if I was to take you up on your offer or start this new life... .... .... I would need to see Noah first to set things straight.  He deserves that."


Ándras smiled at Ethan and patted him on the hand. They stood there for a while in that comfortable silence only two close friends can create and enjoy.  The gangplank had been lowered and the gates opened.  Nearly all the guests had left the ship.  After strapping his sandals on, Ethan walked up to the gangplank and took a deep breath.  Just as he was about to step off, there was the sound of a huge splash of water, and turning to look back where Ándras was, all he saw was Ándras' empty wheel chair drenched with water, but Ándras was nowhere to be seen.  Ethan smiled and nodded knowingly, as though he knew this is how it should be.  Turning back to the gangplank, he crossed past the gates and proceeded down.


KA-LUMP KA-LUMP KA-LUMP KA-LUMP KA-LUMP KA-LUMP .... all the way down the gangplank, through the shore side gate and there Ethan saw.... everyone was still so small and short to him.  People strained their necks to look up to him and backed out of the way as he walked down the street.


His cell phone rang.  It was Noah.  He managed to get some school tests done and out of the way to scrape together a week off.  He had called Ethan's boss and told him that Ethan was sick.  He was sorry for how he and Ethan had left things.  Could they take some time here in Barcelona to talk things over, and he would actually listen.  Noah said he'd be waiting by the luggage carousel in the airport, and asked for Ethan to please meet him there.




Ethan easily made his way toward the baggage claim area and saw what was once the semi-large form of Noah sitting in a chair.  Deciding to go for a shock factor, Ethan chose to sit directly behind Noah, having to slide down not to hide his height, but because the size of his two thighs wouldn't fit in the seat and their armrests.  They still were bent slightly outward.

"It's me, Noah.  Don't turn around.  Just talk."


"You okay?  You sound like you have cold or something."


"Yeah, caught it on the last couple of days of the trip."


"Otherwise you enjoy yourself?"




"Good.... I'm glad....  I'm sorry I basically called you a boring stick in the mud.  I didn't mean to insult you.  I like your stability.  I like your promptness.  Your ability to plan and organize.  Not just because you help me and my life with it, but because it's you.  It's how you are.  It's part of your character and I fell in love with that quirky part of your personality.  I just think you should get out every once in a while and have some fun.  Not like you have to do it every day."


"Well... I can see where you are coming from.  I could easily make our lives stuck in a rut boring.  Need to shake things up sometimes.  Plan something unplanned."



"Yeah, Noah?"


"Can you forgive me?  Can we take the next week to explore Barcelona and ourselves again?"


"I think that could be arranged."


They sat there for a moment.  Noah becoming a little frustrated that the conversation wasn't continuing on.  Worried that the last two weeks might have been too much of a good time.


"Did you make any new friends?"




"Did you.... uh..... find a lover?"


"Yep.  About seventeen or so, actually?"


"WHAT?  How could you have seven...." and Noah spun around in his chair to face off with Ethan and stopped dead in his tracks, mouthing the words Oh my gawd, as Ethan stood up and up and up to turn around and face him.


"How could I have seventeen lovers?  Well, it could be because of my height...." and Ethan stood up as straight as he could.  "My mighty muscles... " and Ethan flexed his biceps. "Or maybe it's my four foot cock?"


Noah swallowed hard. "You.... have....a ....four..."


"But don't worry, with enough exercises for you and lube for both of us, I'm sure we can make it work."  And then he bent down and whispered to Noah. "No, it's not really four foot long, but it definitely is a record breaker."


Noah stood there looking up at the man who used to come just up to the top of his ears and now he just barely came up to Ethan's armpit.


Noah stammered.  "How....when....this.... hap....growth.... so.... huge..."


Ethan smiled as he noticed Noah's pants beginning to tent out.


"Do you like what you see, Noah?"


"Oh my gawd...I love you the person, but this body, the man.... ... I so want to fuck you right now." whispered Noah.


"Well.... why not?"


With that Ethan got up, saying nothing else, and went to the restroom.  Noah followed with Ethan's suitcase and his and stood by the door.  A moment later Ethan opened the door just slightly a jar, grabbed his and Noah's suitcases, and pulled them in.  Noah, looking puzzled, walked through the restroom door.


"Ethan what are doing?"


There was the sound of cloth being fluffed, maybe pulled?



There was another sound of clothing being fluffed, or again was it pulled?


There was the deafening silence of a pause, the sound of a gasp...



The sound of a stall door slamming open....




The sound of a stall door slamming shut.




















A Janitor with black hair and beard, streaked with white and silver, and the most gorgeous teal colored eyes, walked by and upon hearing the noises from the men's room, smiled and went into work on the ladies.  Suddenly there was the sound of a dead bolt turning, the water pipes in the men's room began to whistle, moan, and sing loudly, and out of nowhere a sign faded into being upon the men's bathroom door.



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A fantastic read! Thanks! (as a completely irrelevant nitpick though, cruise ships don't usually put passenger cabins on the same deck as and facing the lifeboats. These areas need to be clear and easily accessible as a passenger muster area. Having Ethan in an interior cabin with no porthole would have closer to my experience in cut-rate cruise ship accommodations)

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Just...wow. You should write for a cruise ship company. If this story were on the brochure, I'd sign up straight away.

I love the fact that Ethan stays a good guy. I mean, sure, he gets more confident (who wouldn't?) but not cocky or arrogant. Your characterisation is spot-on; I was rooting for Ethan even as I was fapping over him, ha ha! Amazing stuff. 

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On 4/2/2018 at 2:47 AM, itsamemariokern said:

A fantastic read! Thanks! (as a completely irrelevant nitpick though, cruise ships don't usually put passenger cabins on the same deck as and facing the lifeboats. These areas need to be clear and easily accessible as a passenger muster area. Having Ethan in an interior cabin with no porthole would have closer to my experience in cut-rate cruise ship accommodations)

There can be rooms that face the lifeboats. The areas for emergencies (muster stations) are generally on the deck below where the lifeboats are stored. So the deck where the lifeboats hang out can be just outside a stateroom window. Not always, but on some ships... yes.

You are correct that windowless rooms are the generally the cheapest accommodations.

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