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The Police Brute - Episode II

I was in the car, my eyes fixated on the bodybuilder sitting in the drivers seat, who was not only taking up all of his seat, but some of mine too. Even though we had been working together the whole day, we hadn’t exchanged many words. But even without words, he had made clear who was in charge. I might have been the older officer with more experience, but he didn’t seem to give a fuck.


We were almost finished with our patrol, when we were called to investigate a noise complaint. I wasn’t really in the mood to more work and there was even an officer who was close to the scene, but my partner had insisted on doing it and who was I to disagree with him.


As we were approaching the home I suddenly noticed that I didn’t know the studs name. For the past 8 hours I had been thinking of him as the beast, a muscle monster, not even realizing that he must have a name. Too scared to ask, I took out my phone and searched through my emails to find anything concerning him.


His name was Tom. He was a living, breathing god among humans, yet his name was as simple and basic as any other. I sat there dumbfounded, so fascinated by his name, that I almost had a heart attack, when his deep voice said: “We’re there.”


Tom parked right in front of the home. All the lights were on and ear-piercingly loud music was coming from the top floor. We walked up to the door and rang the bell, but nothing happened. After 2 minutes, I was about to ring the bell again, when Tom suddenly kicked in the door, knocking me to the ground in the process. He just walked into the house, not even looking back to see if I was okay.


I quickly got up and rushed into the home. While I was pretty sure police officers couldn’t just go around knocking down doors, I wasn’t about to question his actions. I followed him up the stairs, to the first floor, but right before we went up to the second floor, a voice came from the bathroom behind us.


“Mike, is that you?”, a male voice asked.


Tom turned around and smiled.


“Don’t move,” his deep, menacing, yet sensual voice commanded, as he walked over to the bathroom door. “It’s the police. Get out of the bathroom. Right Now!”


“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!,” the voice replied, flushing the toilet and washing his hands.


Moments later the door opened and a man in his early 20s, with a college jock build, was standing in the doorway, ready to run from the police. But the second he saw Tom, he froze. His were eyes red and he was clearly high.


“We received a noise complaint,” Tom said.


The man was still frozen and didn’t reply. While it was mostly because he was to high to think properly, to some degree it was definitely also because of the godly stud he had the honor of witnessing. All it took was for Tom to clear his throat, to make the man snap out of it.


“Em…Oh, god! The music. Yes the music. I-I’m gonna turn it off,” he replied.


“Tell me what’s your name?”



“Are you here alone?”


“N-no. I’m with my”


“Oh really?”


“I should go up and tell him to...”


“Switch off the music? I think me and my partner John here should come and help you.”


“I think I can manage alone.”


In that moment Tom grabbed Jack’s arm and squeezed it so hard that he screamed.


“Oh my god!” I gasped.


“You get shocked by this? You haven’t seen anything yet,” he laughed, dragging Jack up the stairs.


Tom opened the door where the music was coming from and threw Jack onto the bed. Mike was sitting at the desk, holding a book with white strips of what was unmistakably cocaine. He was also a jock as big as his friend Jack. My heart was pounding, because something inside me new that this was not going to end well.


“What the hell is going on?” the 6’1 teenage jock asked, as he turned down the music.


“Shut the fuck up or I’ll snap your neck,” Tom threatened. “And John, lock the door!”


I did as told and took the key and put it in my pocket.


“Now you,” he said to Jack, who was still on the bed. “Get naked.”




“You heard me. Take of all your shit. Including your underwear.”


“What type of gay police shit is this?!” Mike asked from behind.


Before the barley 20 year old could even take his next breath, Tom turned around, jumped to the other end of the room and punched Mike in the abdominals. I was sure Tom was using just a fraction of his power, because the teen only fell to the ground, screaming instead of puking out his supper.


Tom’s attention returned to Jack, who had just stood up and was now stripping down as fast as he can. He was butt-naked in record time. Now Jack had a body, which most girls swoon over. A strong six-pack, a nice chest and respectable 17 inch biceps. His dick wasn’t what many would call tiny ether, but all of it just made Tom laugh.


“Is every other 20 year old this puny? Cause I’m 27 and I don’t look like a little fuck-wad.”


He looked at Jack, then me, then Mike, as if he was waiting for a reply, but all of us stayed silent.


“Damn guys, cheer up. You guys look like you’re at a funeral. No one has been killed, yet”


With those words, Tom walked up to Jack and grabbed his bicep, slowly crushing it in his hand. Jack let out horrendous screams, but Tom didn’t stop.


“Please stop,” Jack pleaded.


“What a wuss. You can’t even take a little squeezing,” Tom mocked. “John, come over here and try to crush my bicep,” he continued, as he flexed his right bicep, creating a beautiful double-peak, almost tearing the seams of his uniform in the process.


I immediately rushed to the beast and tried to crush his bicep with all my might, but all I ended up doing was making pre-cum leak in my pants. After half a minute, in which Jack was still getting his bicep crushed, Tom told me to get away and let go of Jack.


The man was now basically crying, looking at his horribly disfigured bicep, scared his flesh and bones were about to pop out. Tom on the other hand was furiously rubbing his hands together, as if he were preparing for the next stage, which at this point I couldn’t imagine.


The whole scene had made me unbelievably horny. I know I should have been disgusted by Tom and myself, but I wasn’t. All I could think about was jerking off and feeling all of Tom’s gigantic muscles, but the stud didn’t give me a whole lot of time to fantasize, as he was back torturing Jack a few short minutes later.


“Now Jack I have there some good news I’d like to share with you,” Tom said. “Good news number one is that you probably won’t go to jail for all the cocaine in your system, which means less paper work for me. Good news number two is that I’m gonna kill you and have a lot of fun while doing it.”


Jack didn’t protest, run or even look shocked. It seemed as if he had accepted that there is nothing he could do from stopping this monster from doing whatever the hell he wanted. All Jack did was close his eyes, let a few tears drop and try not to scream.


Tom placed his massive hands on each side of Jack’s head, his forearms twitching in excitement. Now what happened next truly blew my mind. I had experienced quite a few surprises that day, but nothing came close to what happened next.


Tom started crushing Jack’s head, enjoying every second of it, until Jack’s skull made a quiet cracking sound. Then everything turned batshit crazy. Tom continued to crack Jack’s head, but now his muscles were seemingly growing, as Jack’s were shrinking. By growing I seriously mean GROWING. It wasn’t like a pump after a hard workout, he was actually growing. I could each pound of muscle entering his body. His height stayed the same, but my god, his clothes were working hard to contain him.


The first muscle I saw expand was his chest. It kept getting bigger, more magnificent, his nipples looking tastier every second, even through the uniform. That was shortly followed by his tree trunks, which straight up obliterated his pants, creating holes everywhere, letting it diamond like muscles peek out. Sadly his shoulders couldn’t do the same to his shirt, even though they became  significantly wider. His biceps on the other hand had no problems shredding the clothing that once covered them. The moment they ripped all their seems, I heard another, even louder cracking sound and the growth came to an abrupt stopped.


Jack’s blood splashed all over Tom, as his headless body fell to the ground. Tom just turned to the mirror and looked at his 20 pound heavier body. That’s a total of 280 pounds of shredded, fatless muscle. He was a BEHEMOTH and he knew it. He flexed every single muscle on his body, looking like a monster with all the blood on him.


I just couldn’t hold back. I pulled down my pants and started jerking off. Instead of fearing for my life, I jerked off. Me and Tom were both so infatuated with his body, that we didn’t notice when Mike stole the key from my pocket. He opened the door and almost got away, but Tom saw his tiny figure(tiny in comparison to himself of course) on the corner of the mirror and immediately spun around, as Mike ran out of the room. For a man his size he was incredibly fast and agile.


I followed the two down the stairs and as were approaching the ground floor, Mike was still in the front and getting close to the door. Tom suddenly jumped on Mike, in order to stop him from reaching the door, but Mike moved to the side, just quick enough to not be crushed by Tom.


As Tom was now blocking the door, Mike was forced to run down into the basement. He hid behind a washing machine, out of Tom’s view. Tom strutted to the center of the basement and stood right under the broken neon-blue light, which flickered on and of every second, making Tom look like a beast from a horror-movie, his hands filled with blood and his eyes with rage.


He went up to the table, lifted if up and after he didn’t find what he was looking for, he smashed it onto the ground. It was the single hottest single I had ever seen. His biceps kept bulging, veins popping up everywhere. He did this with some more old furniture, but he couldn’t find the runt. Luckily for Tom, Mike gave himself up, by doing the dumbest thing. He sneezed. A simple sneeze was all it took to sign his own death warrant.


Tom pushed the washing machine away in one simple move and then it was just him and Mike. He grabbed Mike by the throat and held him up in the air. The smaller man gagged and kicked his feet at Tom’s impenetrable abs, but the bigger man didn’t even flinch. Instead he took his free arm and started punching Mike’s stomach, each punch getting harder, as with each Tom’s muscles grew larger and larger.


First his neck escaped from it’s prison, becoming as big as most men’s thighs. It was followed by his back ripping his shirt in half. Mike puked all over him multiple times, but Tom didn’t care. He just continued to punch him.


His chest became so big, that it ripped the shirt right off his shoulders, exposing his now even more ripped 8-pack. Of course there was no way Tom would ever see them, or his feet for that matter, without a mirror. After a few more punches, his pants blew off his legs as well, exposing two of the most beautiful muscles in the world, only behind Tom’s own chest and arms.


When he was done, he dropped Mike’s dead body to the ground and turned to me. A 300 pound beast, with some of the best muscle known to man.


“Get some gas. A lighter. Spread the gas in the whole house. Especially where the two bodies are and then go to the living room,” he said in a frighteningly calm voice.




“Gas, lighter-.”


“I-I mean yes of course.”


Now, most people would probably have ran at that moment, but I didn’t. Not only because Tom would probably find and kill me, but because all of this had been the biggest turn on I’d had in years.


I did as told and after fifteen minutes I was done. I walked into the living room, to find Tom standing by the backdoor in nothing but his underwear and with a gun his hand. He grabbed the lighter from my hand and gave me a pat on the back.


“Our first day together wasn’t so shabby was it?” he laughed.


I shook my head.


“I didn’t think so either, but you did disappoint me once today,” he continued in more serious tone. “You let Mike escape. If I hadn’t caught him, them he could have gotten out of the house. And for that you need to be punished.


My expression turned into fear immediately.


“Calm down, it’s not gonna be as bad as what I did to the two runts, but-.”


He pointed the gun at my arm and pulled the trigger.

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The Police Brute - Episode III

It had been three weeks since the incident. Three weeks I had spent recovering from the bullet wound Tom had inflicted upon me. The beast had only visited me once, which was my first day in the hospital. He took my car and apartment keys and told me to go along with his story. Unless I want to end up like the other two teens that is.

I was let out on a Wednesday. My doctor told me to stay at home until Monday in order to rest. I had to take the bus home, because my car was taken from me. I didn't have the key to my apartment, but luckily I kept a spare underneath the door mat.

I entered my apartment to the smell of sweat. Hot manly sweat. I searched my apartment for Tom, but he seemed to be at work. Everything had been rearranged.

My usually clean kitchen was full of dirty dishes. The bed that used to be in my bedroom had been replaced by a simple mattress, most likely because there is no way my tiny bed could have fit the stud.

I hated dirt. Ever since I was a kid, I couldn't stand it when there was dust in my bedroom. Seeing my living space so untidy made me want to go on a cleaning spree.

After two hours of cleaning I decided to take a shower. My bathroom reeked of cum. Even though I couldn't spot any, I was sure Tom frequently visited the place to jerk off.

While making myself some food (Which was hard to find considering the kind of appetite a monster like Tom had), I suddenly started thinking of the very traumatic and very erotica scene where Tom had not only cold-bloodedly killed two teenagers, but also gained Forty pounds of hard, fat less muscle right in front of my eyes.

How had he done it? This shouldn't even be possible. Had he grown even bigger? How many new people had he killed? Was he going to kill me? My mind was running wild with ideas, but that was cut short by the opening of the main door.

I took a deep breath before turning around to see Tom, who had to squeeze through the door. He hadn't grown any bigger. Or at least not more than a couple of seemingly natural pounds, but he still looked godly.

He was wearing a new uniform, where he had torn off the sleeves, so that his magnificent biceps where exposed. I'm not sure we were allowed to do so, but who would tell him no? I mean those BICEPS. 23 whole inches of pure muscle. Beautiful, fatless muscle, which was probably harder than titanium. The veins on those guns were nothing short of breathtaking.

"You're back," he said with his deep, sensuous voice and a smirk on his handsome face.

I didn't reply. I just kept staring at his body. I had seen him stripped down to his underwear three weeks ago, but having his 300 pound body stand right in front of me, made my dick shoot up within seconds. I looked up at his chest, which was basically a shelf. Seeing it in his tight police uniform made it even hotter. He bounced his pecs at me and I lost it. I moaned and started leaking pre.

"I see you cleaned up" Tom commented. "I've always wanted a little bitch to take care of me. Most of my exes managed the cleaning up part of the job, but most ran away, or at least tried, when it came to my mammoth cock penetrating their tight assholes."

This last words awoke me from my sexual trance. I couldn't even imagine the size of his cock. In my days as a hooker, I'd come across a couple of well-endowed men, but nothing could have prepared for what was to come.

Tom slowly started to strip, but he was clearly having trouble trying to get his clothes off of his abnormally massive body.

"Get up and help me undress, you little fuck," he demanded.

I followed his instructions like a puppy and made sure I touched as much of his body as I could while undressing him.

"Going to the gym. Get my clothes washed. And you should prepare what I assume is a very tight asshole for tonight."

With those words he turned around and went to my former bedroom. His underwear clung to his overtly muscular bubblebutt, as his ginormous legs fought for space, while he walked.  

I devoted the rest of my day to washing Tom's clothes and getting groceries. I didn't want to disappoint my new master, so I made sure I did everything perfectly. I didn't even notice him slip out. At least not until his mighty hands banged the door shut, creating a mini-earthquake in our apartment.

At the grocery store I made sure to only buy healthy food. Or at least what I thought was healthy food. Lots of fruits, vegetable and eggs. I came home and started preparing a massive vegetarian meal. I could only imagine how much food was needed to fuel such a massive human.

It was seven when Tom came back from the gym, which meant he had been working out for almost 5 hours. How could someone have so much power and endurance?

He strutted into the apartment wearing skin tight shorts and sweating cleavage-baring tank top. His clothes left nothing to the imagination. His veins popping out even harder than before thanks to his intense workout. His arms looked to be an inch bigger than before. They're size and pure definition would probably make Olympia winners sweat.

He approached me with his diamond like, treetrunk-esque legs, effortlessly grabbed me by the armpits and without any notice, he took me to his bedroom and threw me on the mattress. It was soaking wet, probably from all his man sweat, but I didn't care. All I cared about was him. Tom. A beast who had only treated me horribly, yet who I had been more sexually attracted to than anything in my entire life.

He grabbed his tank top with one hand and ripped it clean off his magnificent torso, exposing his rock-hard, fatless abs. Four rows of impenetrable muscle.

"LICK!," he commanded.

I jumped up, as he started doing the most amazing double-bicep pose I had ever seen. In real life and on the internet. Who knew something so massive could have so much control over every little muscle on its body.

First my tongue wandered to his arms. Trying lick the whole thing was a hard job. Hard but rewarding. Feeling all that power just made me want to cream in my pants. As I was approaching his heavenly peak, he suddenly took my head and slammed into his armpits, which hurt a little due to his body's overall hardness. I grabbed his biceps in attempt to hold on. The were so many bumps and crevasses. I couldn't breathe, but I loved it every second I spent in his armpit. Everything about him just oozed dominance. Even his armpit hair felt better than most people's.

"Pants off!" he said after releasing me from his armpit.

I immediately complied, pulling down both my pants and my underwear in record time. My dick was already extended to it's full 6 inches and leaking pre-cum. Then it was his turn. He tried to pull his pants down, but he couldn't get them past his massive thighs. His gigantic, hard dick didn't help ether. After a few tries l, he got frustrated and just ripped them apart, exposing his 12 inch member. It looked unproportionately big. Even on someone as huge as him.


I turned around and braced myself. I had been penetrated many times, but never by something as massive as this. He entered me without any warning, which made me scream due to the pain. He started thrusting and grunting deeply. My screams slowly turned into moans, as my ass got over the pain and accepted to huge amount of meet filling it up.


I had never felt something as erotic as this. My body was shaking just because of the sheer power inside me. I could feel the cum in his lemon sized balls getting ready for release. I didn't care that Tom wasn't wearing a condom. All I wanted was to feel his manly cum. To have it fill my asshole. Just as the thought passed my head, Tom let out a loud roar shot what felt like gallons of cum into my ass.


I couldn't hold it any longer and I ejaculated too. Spilling all my cum onto the mattress. He left my hole as quickly as he had entered it, leaving me to feel more empty than I had in my entire life.


“Clean this mess up,” he said. “I'm going to take a shower.”


With those words, he left the room. I was so spent, that I let myself fall onto the cum-filled mattress. After a few minutes of rest, I got back up and got to work, not wanting to disappoint my master.


I was just finished with replacing the sheets and wiping the cum of my body, when a butt naked and water dripping Tom came back into the room, squeezing his wide shoulders through the door. He grabbed a towel from my-err-his drawer and handed it to me.


“Dry me off. I can barely reach any part of my body with these monstrous arms,” he said with a cocky smile, while flexing his awe-inspiring arm to prove his point.


I did my best to feel every bump on his body, while drying his body. After that he went to the kitchen, completely nude, to eat the dinner I prepared.


“WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?” I heard him shout with so loud, I almost shit myself.


I had to muster up the courage to walk to the kitchen. He stood in the middle of the room in all his monstrous glory. The food was spilled on the floor.


“W-what's wrong?” I asked shyly.


“What's wrong? This food. I don't eat fucking salad. I eat protein lots and lots of protein.”


“I-i’m s-so sorry. Next time I'll su-er-make lots of--”


In that moment the doorbell rang. Tom marched straight to the door, ignoring his lack of clothing. He opened the door, to find my neighbor, Hank, standing there. Tom licked his lips.


“Why the fuck are you naked,” Hank asked. “I knew you faggots were disgusting, but don't you have any decency.


Hank was homophobic and he had always insulted me, because of my sexuality, but usually I just ignored him.


“What's the problem sir?” Tom asked.


“The problem? The problem is that I could hear you two humping and fucking all the way from my apartment. It made me sick.”


Now most people would have been too scared to speak to the 300 pound monster, that is Tom like that, but Hank wasn't like most people. He was professional bodybuilder. At 295 pounds, he was slightly smaller than Tom, but at 6’4, he was taller than Tom’s 6’, meaning he didn't feel intimidated.


“Oh is that so?” Tom replied coyly.


With those words, he punched Hank in his cobblestone abs, which were visible through his shirt, and pulled him into the apartment. Most people wouldn't even have made a dent in Hank’s armour-like stomach, but Tom wasn't like most people.


“Shut the door,” he commanded, as he struggled to keep Hank under his control.


He dragged Hank into the newly cleaned bedroom, as I shut the door. After a few failed attempts Hank broke free and punched Tom in the face, starling him. He ran for the door, but before he could reach it, Tom jumped on top of him. He used all his power to keep Hank underneath him. Hank in return, was flexing his beautiful, hard muscles, while attempting to escape.


I was watching the whole thing from a safe distance, jerking off in the process. Seeing two massive, sexy bodybuilders fight it out was one of my biggest fantasies. I came within seconds and the right after that, my mind returned back to reality. I realized that if Tom didn't beat Hank, then we'd both be severely fucked. I remembered the propofol injections, I had from work and rushed to get them.


I came back right in time, because Tom had almost lost his grip. I injected the propofol into Hank's neck, who almost immediately lost consciousness.


“I could have taken him on my own.”


“I just panicked. It looked like he was breaking free.”


Hank woke up an hour later, chained to a pole in the basement. I was sitting in a corner, waiting for this to happen.


“He’s awake,” I shouted.


Moments later a still naked and still humungus Tom rushed down the stairs.


“What are you faggots going to do to me?”


“What faggots do,” Tom replied with an evil grin.


He walked up to Hank and out of nowhere, he stuck his hard, 12 inch member into Hank, penetrating his virgin ass and making him scream.


“Shut the fuck up you little bitch,” Tom commanded, as he held Hank's mouth close.


He thrusted his dick in and out of Hank's asshole, ignoring the grown man's tears. After minutes of torturing the poor guy, he ejaculated, his warm manly cum into Hank's asshole, making his belly expand.


Suddenly he removed his hands from Hank's mouth and put them on his thick, muscled next. He started to strangle him. It would have been an excruciating task for any mere mortal, but Tom turned all the hard muscle into fudge. That was when it happened. What I'd been anticipating.


Tom's muscles started to expand. They expanded in all directions. First his back grew wider in order to accommodate the incoming muscle. Then came his pecs. The became so big, that they pushed him and Hank apart. Instead of trying to put his arms back around Hank's neck, he just started crushing him with his mighty pecs. The veins on his biceps started getting thicker, as his biceps did too. When it was done growing, it was an astonishing 26 inches.


His stomach turned into a completely fat-less eight-pack, with crevasses deeper than many people’s pecs. Last were his legs. He kept trying to move them further apart, in order to accommodate the growth, but the kept growing close together. After some time he just gave up and accepted that his thighs would forever be crushing each other. His waist, dick and height stayed the same. In the end he was a 6’, 360 pound muscle god. Hank had lost 200 pounds, but Tom had “only” gained 60 pound of muscle.


As Hanks 90 pound body started to crack underneath the massive weight that was Tom’s pecs, we heard voices.


“Those must be the neighbors,” I said.


Luckily there was a backdoor. We fled out of it, even though Tom had trouble getting through, front ways and sideways. We left the dead Hank behind. At least we thought he was dead.

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The Police Brute - Episode IV

It had been over four days since Tom had murdered and robbed his last victim, my neighbor Hank, of all his muscle. Two of our neighbors had found Hank’s body in the basement but with his head mutilated beyond recognition and his body 200 pounds lighter, nobody could identify him. The only way they could have found out it was him was through a DNA-test which Tom had just tasked me with hindering. He would have done it but since he was new, he didn’t have access to the lab yet so I had to go in and swap some DNA samples. This was already the second time I have had to cover up a murder for Tom and I wasn’t sure how long we could keep on doing this without getting caught. I’d convinced myself that the only reason I was helping him was that he would kill me otherwise but deep down I knew that was a lie. In truth I was infatuated with him and watching him effortlessly crush people into pulps and grow into an unbelievable muscle monster turned me on.


As I walked out of the lab Tom was already standing in the hallway, waiting for me. Even though he lived with me and I had already seen him countless times since his last growth spurt, I couldn’t help be taken aback by his massive 360 pound frame. He had received a brand new uniform, the biggest available, and even it was so tight that he had to rip off the arms because his inhumane 26 inch biceps looked as if they were going to destroy the arms anyway. While everyone had noticed that he had packed on an impossible amount of rock hard muscle within the shortest time frame, everyone at the station was too scared to say anything. All it took was for Tom to puff his chest a little and people turned around and rushed in the other direction. As I walked up to Tom, I could see that he had that devilish smile that he always had when he knew he was about to grow.


“Received a tip,” he began in his deep and manly voice. “Sanchez has been spotted at a nightclub down on 6th street. You and I are the only ones who know so we can go there alone and have some fun with him and his gang.” Sanchez was a small-time crime boss who has been on the run, hopping from city to city for the past few days. Over the past few weeks I have learned not to doubt Tom and to just trust him as he proved to have some brains underneath his enormous brawns but at that moment I really felt as if we’d be making a mistake by going alone. “Are you sure that’s a good idea? The club will be filled with lots of witnesses,” I quietly chimed in, trying to get him to sway away from his plan. “Club just closed. All the guests gone but Sanchez know the owner so he’s still there.” “But it definitely is not going to be safe? I mean he’s going to have I don’t know how many bodyguards, all equipped with firearms,” I tried to argue once more. At first he just gave me a cold stare, which coming from someone as big as him, brought a shiver down my spine, but then he suddenly changed his mood broke into laughter. A deep gutteral laughter that probably could be heard or even felt throughout the whole station. “The fuck are they gonna with their pussy ass guns?” I took those words as a sign that the argument was lost and gave up.


We took my police car, but Tom had to go in the back as he didn’t fit on the passenger seat anymore. Luckily he didn’t get any taller and stayed 6 feet or else fitting him in car would be an even bigger problem. Despite pushing my seat as much forward as I could, I could still feel his pecs pushing into the back of my seat. We didn’t share any words during our short drive as Tom seemed to already be at the nightclub, growing, in his mind. He looked like giddy a child waiting for presents on christmas eve. That is if children were 360 pounds and ripped to shreds.


We parked a few hundred feet away from the nightclub so that we did not immediately alarm Sanchez and his crew but Tom insisted on us keeping our uniforms on. I thought that after the past two times, I would be used to this but my heart seemed to be racing faster than it ever has before as we walked towards the nightclub. Maybe it was because for the first time I was afraid this task was something Tom’s muscle could not achieve. Even from a short distance, we saw that there were two fairly huge bouncers standing at the door which was weird since the club had already closed but we figured they were Sanchez’. The two, while a bit taller than Tom, were not nearly as huge as he was and a big chunk their 250 pound frames was fat. “I have a plan,” Tom began. “I can’t kill them right in front of the club because we might be seen but I’m going hide or try to hide, ain’t easy when you are a muscle beast, behind those dumpsters back there where people won’t be able to see us. You are going lure those pussies to me and then the games can begin.” Before I could protest or even get a word out he wabbled, his gigantic thighs wouldn’t let him walk properly, towards the dumpsters.


I could feel my breath getting heavier, my chest getting tighter as if I were about to have a panic attack but then I forced myself to get my shit together by realizing that nothing was going to happen to me. I had the hulking muscle monster that is Tom there to protect me and if everything went right, I would get the chance to witness him grow even more grotesquely huge. At that moment I didn’t even care how absurd the thoughts in my mind sound, the fact that I was risking my job and my security for a muscle hungry psychopath who had shot me not even a mere month earlier because in truth I was also a muscle hungry psychopath, just muscle hungry in a different way.


I removed the magazine of my gun and mustered up as much confidence as I could as I walked up to the bodyguards. “PUT YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR,” I shouted with the manliest voice I could manage while pointing my gun at them. I have had to confront people with my weapon many times before while on the job but usually they were just skinny, petty thieves. This time I was pointing my gun at two men who looked like they eat me for breakfast. Despite my heart almost exploding in my chest, I managed to keep a stern face. “The fuck is this?” the taller of the two asked. “I’m with the police and am doing a routine search. I have to pat you down and get a look at your IDs,” I lied. “You ain’t getting a look at shit. I know my rights, you guys need a permit or some shit to do this,” he began trying to argue. “I can also just call backup and we’ll take you to the station.” Both of them sighed, giving up.


While patting the first bouncer down I made sure to annoy them as much as possible. Most of that night, I had been afraid but during that moment, I felt more confident than ever. I imagined I was groping Tom’s massive muscles while I patted them down and while their muscles weren’t anywhere near as hard or as big as Tom’s, it was enough to get me hard. Once I was done, the bouncer looked a little uncomfortable but he kept his mouth shut, presumably hoping it would make this whole process go faster. Then I held my hand out and he reluctantly gave me his wallet with his ID. It said Peter Jackson and looked as fake as they come but that wasn’t any of my concern at that moment. I turned to the slightly shorter, but also slightly wider bouncer and repeated the same routine but there was a difference. I could immediately that he was a lot more solid than his colleague and while he still had a big belly, his muscles where hard and hot. Despite my best efforts, I got carried away and began almost worshipping his muscles. A few weeks ago I never would have dared to do this but after spending so much time around Tom I guess I’ve gotten rid of a few filters.


“ARE YOU A FAG?” the bouncer shouted, pushing me to the ground. After gathering myself for a few seconds, I realized I had gone too far and even almost touched his crotch before he pushed me down. I saw my chance and pretended to accidentally drop my gun. Then I got up and began to run towards the dumpsters with the other bouncers wallet in my hand. The two beefcakes immediately reacted, with the tall one picking up the gun and shooting at me, only to realize that it is empty and I had been playing them this whole time. They ran as fast as their massive frames allowed them too and I pretend to be out of breath so that they could catch up to me, thus luring them right into Tom’s trap.


Tom knew he had to act quickly if he wanted to take them both down, so as soon as the first bouncer, the tall one, came into arms reach, he grabbed him and punched him so hard that despite the bouncers size, he still fell to the ground, throwing up a mixture of his previous meal and blood. It was amazing that Tom could deliver such a great punch because his massive triceps and lats prevented him from fully pulling his arms back. The more muscular bouncer followed his partner, only to find him in a horrible condition on the floor, while a 360 pound muscle behemoth stared at him with an almost animalistic look on his face as if he were a lion getting ready to kill. Not wasting any time, the bouncer decided to go in for a tackle, thinking he could maybe take the bigger man by surprise but Tom didn’t budge. Instead he tensed up all his muscles, practically ripping out of the seams of his sleeve-less uniform, put his arms around the bouncer and lifted all his 250 pounds up from the ground. The bouncer struggled and tried to fight Tom, but that just led to Tom squeezing him tighter and tighter. I couldn’t help but stroke my already blood-filled member as Tom somehow made his muscles flex even harder, his triceps bulge out even more and even more veins snake all over his body. Then suddenly the other bouncer began to regain his composure and shouted Tom’s name as the bouncer attempted to get up. Tom immediately took action, using his bigger than tree trunk thighs to jump up into the air and then slam right into the taller bouncer, crushing both bouncers underneath his weight.


For the first few seconds I could hear their bones cracking and their cries for help as Tom pressed further into the two. Tom was making two grown ass bouncers cry and wheep for their life with nothing but his sheer muscles and strength. Then their cries grew quieter and Tom finally began to grow. His arms were the first to grow, the massive basketballs expanding from an already inhumane 26 inches to what seemed like almost 28 inches. He let out a growl that would even scare off the biggest of gorillas as his boulder like shoulders and wing like lats tore open his shirt completely. At the same time his pecs grew bigger, pressing even harder into his helpless and shrinking victims. It didn’t take long before his pants have up too but not just because of his legs but also his unbelievably beautiful and unbelievably muscled perky ass. That is when my dick couldn’t contain itself any longer and splashed a load right into my pants.


Once Tom was done, he stood up to his full glory and looked down at the two skinny corpses on the ground. I was slighty surprised and disappointed because he seemed to have “only” grown 20 pounds when he had grown a lot more previous times but I assumed the bigger he got, the more people he needed to kill to grow larger. His beach ball sized pecs were bouncing up and down with every single breath he took and he stood there in his underwear. He tried to look down at his slightly blood and dirt covered body but his pecs prevented him from even seeing his own feet. Then he grabbed the waistband of his underwear and ripped it clean off his body as if it were a sheet of paper, exposing his already rock-hard, twelve inch cock. Following that he raised his arms into a double biceps pose, which for a 380 pound muscle monster is a massive challenge, gritted his teeth and flexed as hard as he could. I swear in that moment I squealed and came a second time, this time I did not even have to touch myself. I walked up to him and put my hand on his right bicep. It wasn’t my first time, but God it sure felt like it. A wave of emotions hit me as I felt up the steel hard mound of muscle but my moment of complete bliss was short lived as he quickly pushed me to the side. “We’ll have time to play later,” he said in his usual deep, tough and fucking hot voice. Then he marched butt-naked into the club, making me moan as I watched his thighs press up against each other and his back muscles ripple with power.


The club was completely empty save for Sanchez, two bodyguards and a female stripper who was giving Sanchez a lap dance. All of them froze in their tracks at the sight of Tom. I mean who wouldn’t freeze when confronted by a walking muscle mountain. Even the bodyguards who were both armed began to tremble. Before anyone in the room had the chance to regain their composure, Tom leaped at the two bodyguards and threw them to the ground. One of the two somehow managed keep hold of his gun, but before he could fire it at Tom, the giant beast grabbed the bodyguards hand and crushed it as if it were jelly, which resulted in an ear-piercing scream. Sanchez saw this as his que to escape and began to run towards the door but he did not get far. Tom immediately saw what he was doing and with one hand lifted the over 220 pound bodyguard, whose hand he hand just crushed, without even straining and threw him at Sanchez with such a force that it knocked the two to the ground and most likely unconscious too.


With the two out of the way for the time being, Tom had the chance to devote his attention to the second bodyguard who at around 140 pounds and head-scratchingly short looked like he was definitely the wrong fit for his job. “So this puny excuse for a man is what is Sanchez thought could protect him?” Tom laughed to himself. “My dick is probably bigger than you.” With those words the behemoth used his dick to slap the small bodyguard so hard that the poor man screamed in agony. I mean his dick maybe wasn’t exactly as big as the guy but it might as well been. Tom then grabbed the small man by his throat and effortlessly lifted him up with one hand. While their height difference was considerable, it was the fact that the tiny man could have fit in Tom five times that made the scene so laughable. As the little man began to choke, I heard anther scream, but this time from the stripper that had hid in a corner. She was crying uncontrollably and seemingly praying for someone to save her. Lucky for her, Tom didn’t seem to have any interest in females. “Run,” was all he needed to say to make her speed out of the building.


While he had been preoccupied with the stripper for a few moments, Tom had unknowingly crushed the small man’s windpipe, killing him. Mad at himself because he did not get the chance to enjoy himself and at the small man because he didn’t give Tom any muscle, the monster slammed the small man’s body so hard into the ground that he cracked multiple bones and created cracks on the floor. Suddenly the other bodyguard began slowly waking up. I notified Tom, to which he just gave me a mischievous smile. That was all it took for me to blow my load. I had been avoiding touching my agonizingly hard dick since we entered the club because I knew that I’d be blowing a load a minute if I did but for some reason that smile on his ruggedly handsome and cut face just got to me.


Tom walked over to the bodyguard, grabbed him by the shirt and lifted him over to the counter. While the bodyguard was smaller than the two bouncers Tom had killed, he looked a lot more shredded, almost bodybuilder level. Tom then set the bodyguard down in front of the counter and with his free hand, he proceeded to grab a metal pole that was connected to the ground and the ceiling. At first I wasn’t sure but once I realized what it was, my mouth began drooling. His muscles tensed up and he began to growl as he proceeded to rip the pole out with one hand. At first he was straining, that this might be a challenge to big for his muscles but again he proved me wrong. After a few seconds the floor and the ceiling began to crack, his triceps flexing even harder, revealing inhumane muscle mounds on his arm. Finally the pole gave in and Tom was able to rip it out. Now using two hands, Tom brought the pole to the bodyguard and began bending it, in an attempt to restrain the bodyguard. He was bending the steel bar as if it were plastic, but right before he was done, something made him drop the bar.


While the two of us had been preoccupied with Tom showing off his godly strength, Sanchez had seen this as his opportunity to escape. Tom didn’t notice what Sanchez was doing until the crime boss already had a foot out of the door. The behemoth sprinted as fast as his thick quads would let him, but by the time he arrived at the door Sanchez was long gone. For a few seconds I feared that Tom might be mad at me for not keeping an eye on Sanchez, but the beast just laughed. “The faggot won’t do anything,” he said as he turned back to his current victim. His laugh quickly faded as he realized the bodyguard had managed to escape and was heading to the staff bathroom.


The bodyguard ran into the bathroom and locked the door. “You think that can stop me?” Tom asked. “YOU THINK THAT PUNY DOOR CAN STOP ME?” He went in for another breathtaking double biceps pose to prove his point. There went my fourth load of the night. I was pretty sure it wouldn’t be my last and Tom seemed pretty determined to make sure of that because instead of breaking in the door, which without a doubt would have been as easy as tearing up a piece of paper for him, he went for the wall. He walked up to the wall beside the door, tensed his muscles and drove his fist straight through the wall. Then he put his hand through the hole in the wall and began rip out the wall piece by piece. I had to move out the way, just to make sure I didn’t get by the pieces of brick he was carelessly throwing behind him. Watching the muscles on his monster-sized back ripple as he was tearing down a wall with his bare hands was pure heaven.


Once the hole in the wall was big enough so that even a giant like Tom could fit through, Tom entered the bathroom. I wish I could have gone in too to witness Tom doing what he does best but he was so massive that he not only blocked the entire entrance, but also filled up most of the bathroom. Turns out I did not even need to do so to blow my fifth load. I heard sinks breaking, bones cracking, the bodyguard squealing, Tom growling and as Tom was finishing, I could see his back growing slightly wider.


Tom then turned around and walked up to me. His abnormally large pecs heaving, blood and rubble spread across his beautiful monstrous body and a smile on his impossibly cut and handsome face. In that moment I wanted to worship him like never before. I wanted to lick and caress ever bump and crevasse on his body. I wanted to tell his that he is the most attractive and most powerful man to ever walk this earth and that I would never doubt him again. I wanted to get on my knees, pleasure him and thank him for letting me be a part of his journey to becoming a muscle God but before I could do any of that, we were interrupted by the sound of police sirens.

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The Police Brute - Episode V

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The Police Brute - Episode VI

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Wel`tha¡s an interesting start. 

Our main guy is the witness an the one that tells teh story and this new guy seems intimidating.

Also I liked that you put the replies as the chapters. it's soemthing different. Lets wait for the next part

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