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Hello Everyone, below, a preview of my story that I will be updating on the weekly basis...The Mountain Thor Bjornsson has to face the truth that he is not the strongest man in the world...


“I got you by the ball, don’t I” asked Andy while he had his grip over the Mountain’s testicles.

The mountain was screaming like a kid and, wrapped Andy’s wrist trying to set him free but Andy increased the pressure twisting the crotch at the same time. The mountain kept screaming, while Chris was walking around and laughing at him.

“It’s not the only one part of your body that my friend and I will be squeezing”.

Chris stopped beside Andy and watched with delightful pleasure the face of the huge strongman in pain.

“Does your kid scream like this shit Andy” asked Chris.

“No way my friend. My son is butcher and he is only 10” replied Andy.

“Look at his face, look at the pain in his eyes” Said Chris looking at Bjornsson’s face, the mouth was wide open, screaming loudly. Chris slapped the giant’s face, another time and another again and the face bounced in both directions, Andy was still squeezing his testicles.

“I can make them pop, one at the time!” said Andy.

“Please, forgive me, please!” screamed Bjornsson.

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