The Intergalactic Adventures of Eero - Chapter 13

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Hey everyone!

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The Intergalactic Adventures of Eero

Chapter 13 - Taken

The young bodybuilder stood in the gangway huffing and
puffing, his muscles still tingling slightly with growth.

Gage smirked at the bulging bodybuilder, "I'll take that fuck
you were talking about now.”

————————————————————————————————- # ———————————————————————————————————

The flustered bodybuilder could barely react before Gage
grabbed him and pushed his enormously muscled body into the
galley, his back landing on the table.

Gage sauntered in after him, stalking his prey.

Eero looked up at the roided out man as he surveyed Eero's
godly new muscle, the poor young bodybuilder could almost not see
past his massive muscle-tits.

"Fuck, man! Ya even more huge than yesterday, Docs nanites
are a miracle, they've turned you into a muscled deity," gage
marvelled, "and now I get to reap the benefits.”

Gage grabbed onto Eero's legs and pushed more of his body
onto the table, Eero too out of breath to object. Gage then
climbed on top of the table and straddled Eero.

Despite the fantastic fuck he'd just had with Gaeten, Eero
himself had not cum. The sight of Gage's roided out muscle though
had his tumescent meat quickly returning to full hardness.

Gage begun grinding back and forth on top of Eero as he
removed his clothes, pulling his stringer tank over his head
before lifting off Eero slightly to remove his tattered denim
cutoffs. Gage's average 6 incher slipped from the confines of the
cutoffs, Gage deciding not to wear underwear today (a decision he
came to a lot), the excited erection slapped against the underside
of Gages roided gut.

Gage then shifted his body back over Eero's pelvis, his hand
fishing around behind him, freeing Eero's erection from its mesh
and lycra confines.

Eventually the throbbing member broke free, flicking up and
brushing against Gage's taint, the sensation sending sharp stabs
of pleasure across his body eliciting a howl of delight from his

"Ahhh! Lemme have that cock," the roided bottom yelled.

"Fuck, yesss," Eero breathed as Gage grabbed hold of the
bodybuilders 8.5inches, aiming it at his hole.

"Awwwghhh! Fuck Yeah!”

Gage crashed down upon Eero’s pelvis, the full, thick
erection penetrating his hole all the way.

"Ahhh," Eero sighed with pleasure, the wet man-pussy felt
amazing, massaging his meat as Gage began to buck back and forth.

Just like Scipio, Gage was an insatiable bottom. But unlike
Scipio, the rugged, roided Gage loved taking control and riding
cock as much as possible like the good power-bottom he was.
Gage's enthusiastic bucking had the table shaking violently,
threatening to tear itself clean from the bolts holding it to the

But Gages enthusiasm really got Eero in the mood, and soon he
was pounding Gages stretched hole with just as much energy as the
mans bucking.

The racket they were making meant they didn't hear Bale

The amused doctor watched the pair going at it on the table,
inevitably feeling a stirring in his loins as he enjoyed the view
of Eero's member pistoning in and out of Gage's wet man-pussy.

Bale didn't want to just be an observer though.

During a brief pause in their energetic love making Bale was
able to raise his voice over the racket.

"Ahem," Bale mock cleared his throat, "people eat off of
there you know.”

Gage turned and Eero lifted his head over his pecs to see a
very horny Doctor with a wicked look, massaging the bulge in his

"As a doctor I have to say its very unhygienic, tsk tsk!”

"If thats the case then you better join in to make sure we're
following safe hygiene practices," Gage suggested, winking.

Bale approached the table, "I think that would be for the
best,” Bale grabbed Eero's legs and pulled him back to the edge of
the table so his legs were hanging. Gage leaned forward pressing
his face into Eero's big muscle-tits, this meant his butt was now
more exposed, allowing Bale to line himself up.

"He's not seriously gonna-" Eero asked in disbelief

"Don't worry, I can take it, more to the point I fuckin' love
it!" Gage yelled.

Eero then shivered with delight as he felt Bale seductively
slide the tip of his erect 10 inches over Eero's taint to then
rest against the underside of what little bit of Eero's cock
wasn't buried deep in Gages fuck-chute.

Bales erection tapped incessantly against the edge of Gages
stretched hole and Eero's throbbing cock, requesting access to
Gages man-pussy. Gage relaxed as best he could around Eero's cock,
trying to slacken up a bit to allow Bale in. Bale could feel it,
and when Gages hole twitched Bale began his assault.

"AWWW FUCK YEAHH!" Gage bellowed.

"Uhhhhh!" Eero moaned as he felt Bales meat squeeze in next
to his own, heightening his pleasure, feeling the throbs from the
doctors pulsing erection.

The two got into a nice in out motion, stretching out Gages
man-pussy more than ever before. Gage and Eero made out roughly
while Bale massaged Gages thick muscular back, their steady
thrusting and stroking made them look like a well oiled, sweaty

With two well sized cocks abusing his hole Gage was the first
to cum, spraying his diminutive, roid affected load along Eero's
cobbled abs.

"Mmmmmmm! Frrrrk," He muffled into Eero's mouth while

Bale and Eero though could go quite a bit longer, battering
Gages prostate for another good ten minutes, in which time Gage
had moved from making out with Eero to making out with his massive
pecs, licking adoringly all over, suckling and biting at the fat
nipples and burying his face in the deep cleavage.

"Uhhh, m-make love to my massive pecs!" Eero ordered. He
loved the attention received.

Sadly Gage was so good he pushed Eero over the edge, the
young bodybuilder exploding his load deep inside the stretched
man-pussy. Bale could feel it, and reciprocated, painting Gages

Eero's and Bales cum miked together in Gages hole, filling
the hungry bottom up to overflowing, the excess cum spurting out
around their throbbing members, spilling onto the table below.

It made quite a mess that Argento would have to clean up.

The trio collapsed into a sweaty heap on top of the table,
breathing heavily, but contentedly.

"Fuckk" Gage breathed as he was sandwiched between the other
two, "best double penetration yet!”

Eero and Bale smiled in their post-coital haze at the

————————————————————————————————- # ———————————————————————————————————

© Rekoobaz

Hope you enjoyed this little teaser of Chapter 13!

To see the full chapter and more head over to my Patreon page!


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