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Home of the Gods Part Eight-Finale by F_R_Eaky

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Home of the Gods Part Eight-Finale by F_R_Eaky


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Fabian woke very late in the morning.  Hoisting himself off the floor, he stretched and massaged himself as the unheated concrete floor seeped cold into his body and his new larger muscles and bones ached with a larger amount of stiffness.  He nearly fell over and down again, attempting to walk forward, but learning he needed to do a side kick kind of step allowing his burgeoning thighs to roll forward and around one another.  Not to mention his arms felt so big and heavy and swung too much weight when he tried to compensate on his balance.  It also didn't help that his arms almost couldn't swing back and forth due to the size of his lats and broadness and thickness of his pectorals.


He decided to walk to the bathroom and shower, curious as he heard it running and he remembered not finishing it before being... .... ... could one call it an attack?  Before being attacked the day before by three of Gabriel's friends.  After walking a few steps he spun around and looked at the door.  He swore to God he heard someone pounding on it furiously as though trying to break in by breaking the door down.  He didn't hear or see anything.  Turning to walk back to the bathroom he heard the pounding again, stopped turned and looked... ... ... nothing.  He turned away again, but thought before he began to walk and then took off for the bathroom, pausing and smiling when he realized the noise was the sound of his twenty-one inch long, thick, muscular meaty feet slapping the floor when he walked.


But then he heard an actual bang.  It sounded like pounding on the delivery truck door that went down the wall and finally to the people entrance.  A couple of extreme pounds later and suddenly there burst through Gabriel, looking extremely pissed and screaming at the top of his lungs.


"You somehow manage to make my boys go mental.  Screaming about some giant Olympian bodybuilder.  That's it. You may be a little taller than me, Reid, but I am gonna take... you.... .... .... down?"


Gabriel had taken a goodly number of steps into the warehouse before he noticed the hulking figure that was now Fabian.  Standing at what was a few inches below the point of where Fabian's lats began to flare out from his abdomen and obliques, Gabriel took in the view as Ian loomed over him and did a most muscular, flaring out his neck, traps, and shoulders, while ballooning out his chest and upper arms.  Gabriel whimpered just a little and then slowly backed away before making a dash for the door and running out of the warehouse.


Fabian chuckled to himself.  "I didn't even have to say anything.  I actually didn't have to say a word."


He turned and began to walk back towards the bathroom, feeling his cock inflate longer and heavier as the thought of just posing at Gabriel made him turn and run.  By the time he made it to the bathroom doorway, it was fully erect and his head was preceding him into the bathroom by nearly two feet.  Suddenly there was a tug and a pull on his massive member and when Fabian finally walked through, he looked down to see Reid smiling, holding his cock, and standing right at the point where his lats flared out from the rest of Fabian's body.


"You know...anything that sticks out two feet or more from the vehicle carrying it has to be tagged with a red flag.  That's the law."


"It's already got quite the red head.  Isn't that enough?"


"It is for me" said Reid smiling as he continued to pull Fabian into the shower, which he had finished up when he woke up earlier.

Reid had some personal fun as he helped lather Fabian up, groping and cupping all of the new mountainous muscle bellies that covered Fabian's body.  Truly, if he was normal height, he'd be one of the biggest built bodybuilders ever with enviable genetics everyone hoped and wished for.  Reid then went through and traced every crevice, attempted to massage Fabian's muscles, before he finally tried to help massage any stiffness out of Fabian's muscles due to sleeping on the cold concrete floor.  Eventually he took in Fabian's cock head as best he could, licking and stroking it until both he and Fabian needed to stay in for another shower to get cleaned up.


Afterwards, they finished putting together Fabian's new make-shift bed and lay down upon it, talking.


"You had me a bit worried, Fabe.  As the changes occurred you kept going on about strength and power.  I thought you were going to become an asshat meathead."


"I was a bit overpowered and overwhelmed by the sensation. C'mon, Reid, you can't tell me you never felt good about standing head and shoulders over most males, or that your stronger and better built than them.  I've seen you slightly show off.  You like it when you can use your size to play the hero."


"I try not to be arrogant about it though, and you were just in full self-lust and power-worship as your body blew up and grew.  And who plays the hero now?", Reid said despondently. "Some protector I'm gonna be.  You stand just over three feet taller than me!  And I know you love to top.  When your cock first grew it was fine.  Felt great.  But now....  You're so big and big and BIG!  If we're gonna make out... .... I think I'd have to fuck your cock."


"Hey....hey..." said Fabian softly. "We'll figure out some way to make it work out.  And just because I'm bigger..."


"So much bigger..."

"That doesn't mean you still can't stand up for me.  And out of all the pricks that are Gabriel's friends, only one stands taller than you, and he's definitely smaller built than you.  You're almost a foot taller than average males and bigger built than most sports stars.  Don't think of yourself as week and useless to me.  You remember the first time you actually hefted a really good decent amount of weight?"




"And the pump it gave the body part you were working out?"




"Or how your clothes felt so much tighter, or better yet the time you first ripped out of shirt by accident?"


"Yeah..." said Reid now laughing lightly.


"Or the time you finally realized you stood taller than your old man, or most of your school mates?"




"Then think of it from my point of view.  I was a very scrawny, 5' 2" tall man.  Even average guys towered over me.  Suddenly I'm growing up and up and up, my muscles are filling out and out and out.  I see average men getting smaller, tall men becoming average - child size, and I can feel a power in my body that's growing more and more the bigger I get.  It's just like those feelings you experienced, but they were happening all at once and kept going and growing for like so much... ... ... It was just.... such a huge rush.  Such a glorious feeling filling me up."


"I can tell." said Reid smirking and reached up and gave Fabian's once again erect cock a pull down to the bed top and then allowed it to spring up and smack Fabian in his abs all the way to just below his chest.


Both the men chuckled and then with a gleam in his eye, Fabian grabbed Reid and pulling him, Reid's back to his chest and abs, finally rolled over on his side to lay down with Reid engulfed by his body.  Reid lay there feeling the heat pulse through Fabian's cock on his back.


"C'mon, love.  You gotta let me go."




"You're going to make me late for work."




"Really, Fabe, someone has to pay for this warehouse."


Fabian lowered his voice as deep as it could go and then softly growled in Reid's ear, "spooooooooooooooooooon."


The pair lay there until there was just enough time for Reid to get dressed and get to work on time, but they both wished the moment could last forever.




That night, started one of the worst times in Fabian's life.  It was going on 9 p.m. and Reid was at least three hours late getting home from work.  At ten after nine there was a loud thump against the regular door, followed by the sound of several people banging on the truck delivery door.  This was followed by the sound of many running footsteps and tire squeals.  Fabian cautiously went to the regular entrance door and saw the bottom of it had a large dent inwards.  Opening the door, he saw the reason, a large cinder block with a note that read:

"You're a giant strongman.  That doesn't mean you don't have a weakness.  You may not venture out because of your size, but your lover does."


At twenty after nine, Reid stumbled through the door, low moaning Fabian's name.  There was a gash on his brow in between his eyebrows, both eyes were black, his lips were swollen and if he did move them, blood was coming out of his mouth and hiding his teeth.  One hand was black and blue and it seemed attached oddly about halfway up the arm.  He had trouble breathing, his work uniform was torn,  one shoe was missing, once there he couldn't walk, and his delivery van that he drove home in was nowhere in sight.


Immediately Fabian went to dial the emergency number, cursing his new size as his much larger digits constantly pressed more than one number every time he attempted to dial on the much smaller cell phone.  Finally he grabbed a pencil and began to use that and called an ambulance.

The EMT's arrived to discover Reid just lying inside the warehouse.  Fabian knew how the scene would look if he had stayed there.  Giant bodybuilder - man beaten to a pulp.  He would be blamed and arrested.  He left running down into a nearby aqua duct and hiding under the bridge where a road passed over it.


Reid wound up in the hospital for two weeks.  Punctured lung, three broken ribs, concussion, broken ocular bone, one tooth removed, broken arm, sprained ankle.  He was released but still laid up for another three months or so while waiting for bones to heal.  Fabian had to take care of things for him on his own.  He checked his personal account and then had to make friend with a local whom he not only felt he could trust, but, of course showed what man his size could do if the guy just took off with the card and spent his money.  They guy helped move in a restaurant sized refrigerator and enough groceries to store in it. Later Fabian used it to buy some building supplies, only he wasn't going to build onto the warehouse structure.  Cinder blocks, mortar, I-beams Fabian used to first make a "bench" that could support him, his weight, and any weight he worked out with.  Then he began to build walls onto the ends of the I-beams, small ones at first, then medium, and finally some larger ones.


Fabian was seeing red.  They had beaten up Reid and he couldn't do anything about it.  Well, he soon would.  Fabian used the wall and beam segments he bought to make something akin to a set of weights and he began to work out... and work out... and work out.  He kept his muscles engorged with blood as much as he could, allowing only for proper rest to ensure growth.  He ate until he thought his stomach would burst, and hoped he could transfer all of it to his already enormous muscles.... and he did.  Fabian watched on the scale as his weight went up and up....ten pounds....twenty pounds..... forty pounds.....eighty pounds.... one-hundred pounds.  He had trouble walking before, now he really swayed side to side as he kicked his legs around one another. Just ten pounds over the seventeen hundred pound mark. One-thousand, seven-hundred, ten pounds of pure muscle.


But that wasn't all that Fabian did.  Shortly after starting his workouts, Fabian began to noticed odd things.  The basket he had been presented with on his induction to the tribe had increased in size and now housed his newly sized cock and balls regardless of whether flaccid or erect.  He began to wear it most of the time to keep his cock out of his way when lifting.  Some of the cinder blocks had been used to make another shallow pool in the bathroom and a very large natural stone had been placed in the back part of said pool. Wild, tropical flowers had begun sprouting and growing in parts of the bathroom, so Fabian knew he had begun chanting again.


Mid-spring is when Reid was finally able to come back to the warehouse, still looking a little tired and drained of color.  He opened the door and walked in, staring at the odd sculptures that Fabian had made out of the cinder blocks and I-beams not knowing they were new weights for a giant man, and then out of the corner of his eye saw the massive, Titan like frame of Fabian as he stood up from his make shift bed.  Reid wasn't sure what to say or to ask.  He was stunned by how much larger, beefier Fabian looked.  How much heavier he sounded when he walked.  But it was the odd look in Fabian's eye that left Reid speechless and motionless.  It was a mixture of a blank stare and determination.


            Fabian reached out and grabbed Reid like he was a child, carried him into the bathroom and then placed Reid in the small pool like area next to the actual shower. He placed Reid with his back against an very tall, thick, stone, the top of which poked up and out of the floor, a smooth round boulder with a crack in the top.


            Torches were lit everywhere within the bathroom, followed by bundles of incense of some kind, with a very heady and very musky in aroma.  Invisible drums began to be beaten and Fabian began to sing chants louder and louder.  He made sweeping motions with his feet upon the ground and urged Reid to do the same.  Reid began to mimic the movement out of fear of a what behemoth sized, tranced Fabian might do to him if he did.  Soon, Reid's legs were as though they were made out of rubber, stretching out instead of being moved in a sweeping motion.  His vision began to blur and his head swooned as the bathroom seemed to heave and undulate, warping, skewing in shape and form.


            Suddenly the floor beneath him began to feel warm, very warm.  Warm enough he began to hop dance instead of making the sweeping motion he had been instructed to perform.  At this Fabian began to scream, but not in terror, more in ecstasy, as though moaning in orgasm, and in an orgasm so great he might just expel their own soul when cumming.  Fabian had been wearing his basket to hold his genitalia and took it off. Reid knew Fabian had become endowed after his last battle with Gabriel's friends, but he still  marveled now at the ginormous 16.25 inch, flaccid hung member of Fabian and at how much longer and thicker it became after growing to a 2 foot long erection.  Reid knew that Fabian must be spending most of his time walking around nude or in a pair of pants sporting the most obscene bulge ever seen on a man. Erect Fabian's penis didn't stick up like many men's erect penis do, but instead stuck straight out and bobbed as if it was a divining rod made for dowsing.         


            Still hop dancing, his back and arms against the tall rock formation behind him, to help support him in his dance as his head began to swoon more and more, his eyes becoming heavy and tired, Reid began to feel hot and extremely bothered.  For some reason he was being turned on. Fabian came forward and removed his shirt, pants, and underwear, and Fabian had already removed his shoes before entering the bathroom.  With his small, flaccid cock now flopping around free it began to grow and lengthen to its mighty and full erect status of 7 inches.  The heat was growing in him.  He felt the heat rising up his body, and felt the heat rising up the stone as well.  He thought he felt the air caressing his balls and tugging at his cock.  Warmer and warmer he and the rock became, and the hotter they got, the hornier Reid grew.  The feeling became so powerful Reid was convulsing more than he was dancing or stomping, the shock waves of pleasure riding over him.


            Suddenly Fabian let out groans and gasps of ecstasy, his mighty cock having grown even more incredibly long and thick, now spewing forth ribbons and ribbons of  cum into the small, wading pool in which Reid was standing.  Fabian fell forward upon his knees, taking his hands and rubbing his seed into the ground, groping and massaging, as though fondling some massive muscle or body.  The heat kept building and building, Fabian and Reid were sweating profusely.  Reid swore he was getting burned on his feet and back as the temperature began to rise higher and higher in the pool floor and the stone.  Eventually the ground rumbled and a great gushing sound could be heard followed by a great torrent of water streaming over and down the great rock behind Reid's back.  Fabian rose up and backed away as the water cascaded over Reid, drenching him, coating him, and filling up the small wading pool.  Striking the pool, part of the water began to hiss, evaporating into great clouds of steam, upon which Reid's head snapped back, he jerked and convulsed, and felt as though someone, something, reached through his dick, into his balls, and pulled out his cum in great strands that felt large enough to be ropes for a sailing ship.

            Gasping for air, sinking to his knees, Reid saw Fabian approach.


            "I am Kali'iti'nui no more.  I am now, Tanakamaunga - man mountain. We believe that the gods reside in our penis.  Although most men of this tribe are raised since birth, being taught exercises and have weights hung to make their penis grow and grow in order to house more gods.  You and I were not raised so, but that does not mean you cannot come to greatness, for look what has happened to me.  You who so wished to heed the words of the chief and be my protector as he so ordered of you, shall find a way to do so.   For your acts of bravery and loyalty, I have made you one of the tribe, and thus at least one god will come to reside in your cock and grant you happiness and prosperity in some form, or so I hope.  I thank you.  Be blessed, you who have sought to protect me, physically, mentally.... emotionally.  You shall take my old name, Kali'iti'nui, meaning small giant, for among most men you are tall and built in stature, and your courage and heart is as big as the men as large as mountains."


            With that Fabian washed Reid's genitals and groin area with some of the geyser water that erupted from the stone, and then  reaching out his hand, grabbed a newly formed basket made by the wild flowers, vines, and ivy growing all around the bathroom.  He then placed the basket upon Reid's genitals and tied it around Reid's waist.  Reid smiled somewhat punch-drunk like and attempted to say thank you, but fell unconscious into sleep and some of the best fantasy dreams of him and Fabian he ever had of his life.


The next morning Fabian woke up to discover the other side of his bed was empty.  He could've sworn he had woke from a trance and helped place Reid into bed with him.  Walking to the bathroom, he discovered Reid was sitting cross-legged in the ritual pool.  His eyes were slightly rolled back, and eventually Fabian could hear a chant coming across Reid's lips.


" Ke'atutel'malsaga.... Ke'atutel'malsaga.... Ke'atutel'malsaga.... Ke'atutel'malsaga..."


Fabian knew it was not the name of the God of Gods in the Ulpooin pantheon, but he couldn't tell Reid who it was, and Ke'atuka'ine, God of Gods, wasn't communicating any information to him from his cock.  Not too long after, Reid simply woke up, took a shower, kissed Fabian and his abs good-bye and reported for work.


Around four in the afternoon, Fabian received a knock and a note taped to the entrance door of the warehouse.  It was from Gabriel and told him he and his friends were aware that Reid was back to work and that if Fabian didn't meet them downtown, in the back alley behind Reid's workplace, Reid would receive the pummeling of his life, or more likely his death. Fabian was to surrender himself over to Gabriel and his gang for Gabriel to do as he wished, or Reid was through.  Fabian nearly broke the door off exiting the warehouse at four-fifteen.


Fabian arrived to the back alley and came upon a scene probably similar to what had happened to Reid four months or so before.  Reid, as per usual had worked late, making sure he had delivered all his packages and cleaned out his delivery truck.  A car was parked behind the delivery van, meaning Reid couldn't leave to go home, other than by foot.  That way wasn't an option as Gabriel and his friends had surrounded his way out and had pulled him into the sort of courtyard area created by the loading docks for the delivery service.  He had already received a couple of good blows, and being so soon from his recent recovery, he was already swooning from the attack.


It was at that moment that Fabian in a very tight pair of hand-made shorts, stepped out of the actually alleyway and its shadows to confront the men.


"Ganging up on folks again.  With me joining in, I'm pretty sure Reid and I can take you all down."


Gabriel spun around to see Fabian and in a flash had pulled out a gun and pulled the trigger.  It was an odd sound and sensation happening.  It didn't sound like a gun had been fired, and Fabian didn't feel something pierce his flesh and burn going through.  Instead it felt like he received an injection, and the world felt as though it was turning and his vision was blurring.


"I knew you wouldn't stand by or come quietly and I don't know how you got to the size you did, but I know we couldn't take you, especially when your smaaaaaaaaall boyfriend, who isn't too small to us, except for DeWayne and possibly Fernando, would attempt to join in and take us down.  So.... I got an elephant tranquilizer.  Figure that'd at least incapacitate you if not make you sleep for the trip I'm going to take you on.  But while you're there kneeling in your stupor, my boys and I are going to make sure Reid learns his lesson by sending him back to the hospital again and then he can watch helpless as we carry you away.  We've got a tow truck and everything to help hoist you into a truck.  Continue, boys."


And with that the friends of Gabriel continued their fist-to-cuffs on the already dazed Reid. Arjun kicking Reid in the balls. Michael smacking Reid against the face or boxing his ears. Fernando punching Reid in the gut, while DeWayne bopped him on the head in between Gan Otkai yanking on Reid's hair.  All the while Fazzah screamed at him and joined Gabriel in kicking and hit him any way any where possible.  Poor Reid was beaten right back to the same condition that they had left him in earlier in the year, and they laughed as they moved to grab Fabian and take him away.


But suddenly there was a burst of steam from underground.  It came together and made a wall separating the men from Fabian and their ability to exit.  The sound of drums filled the air and a chant began to be heard.


" Ke'atutel'malsaga.... Ke'atutel'malsaga.... Ke'atutel'malsaga.... Ke'atutel'malsaga..."


Fernando turned around to stare at the collapsed Reid, figuring it was his voice doing the chanting.... He was right.


"Ga..ga...Gabriel..." He hoarsely whispered.


All the men turned around to see Reid currently kneeling on the ground, his mouth barely moving, but his word's clearly audible, although, none of the men standing knew what it was.


" Ke'atutel'malsaga.... Ke'atutel'malsaga.... Ke'atutel'malsaga.... Ke'atutel'malsaga..."


The men suddenly wished they could back up and out of the area as they began to see and hear Reid's body snapping and coming back into correct position.  The cuts on his skin healed up and the bruises went away.  Slowly but most definitely surely, Reid began to stand up and did so firmly planting his strong stance.  The still connected hose Reid had used to help wash down his van suddenly came to life and stood almost straight out of the nozzle it was connected to.  The steam was collecting in the are forming a pool of water beneath Reid.  The pounding drum sound became louder and louder filling the air with a rhythmical din.  When Reid appeared totally healed, water erupted from the standing hose and fell in a cascade upon Reid's head and washed over his body.


"Auugh!" Reid moaned.  "Hmmmnff!" Reid blurted again.  "Ohhuwah!" And now Reid seemed to be thrusting his hips.


Over and over again, Reid thrust his hips and each time the basket of his groin swelled larger and larger and larger.  Reid kept moaning and thrusting and his packed kept growing becoming obscenely obvious.  His pants grew tighter and tighter in the crotch area.  Three mounds were forming, one that looked like an extremely large banana was being carried and underneath were the other two grapefruits.  Reid finally let a long low scream out as if he was still growing and couldn't take it, and everyone present watched as Reid's cock tore open the teeth of the zipper on his cargo shorts and then flopped out.  And it wasn't just his pecker; his balls helped spread the opening and rip it further apart as they fell and dropped out as well.  Reid's cock had grown enormously long and thick and his screams of pain trailed off into a sigh of relief and then a laugh of pleasure.  Reid's schlong was growing and getting longer and thicker, and his balls were swelling as well.  So heavy...so round.... his prick so long...so thick....so hard.... so veiny.  It grew and grew until Reid was just as hung and virile as Fabian ever would be.


Reid began to laugh pleasantly at first and then almost a little maniacal, as if some stream of an idea washed over his mind.  This was replaced by small gasps and grunts as Reid began to jerk his feet up and down, side to side, stomping and stomping.  The seven gentlemen who had just beaten him up stared at his feet to try and see what was happening and then they began to see.  The sides of his work boots began to bulge out and curl over the sides of his sole.  One large ridge formed in the front of each shoe, soon to become a row of one large and four smaller bulges pushing the front of the shoe over the front of the sole.  The heel began to stretch very tightly and Reid's ankles started overfilling the holes that were where the feet entered.  In another few moments one could hear and see the straining, exceedingly taut laces snap in surrender, followed by the odd, low, ripping sound of hard leather as Reid's feet out grew his shoes by one, two, four, eight, sixteen, twenty, twenty-four sizes to become thick, meaty, muscular, 21" long man feet.


Michael, the man with the giant paws and feet for a man of just 6' 2" or so tall, noticing what might be happening, broke his hypnotized stance of awe and ran to take Reid down.  He might of succeeded, but Reid's hands had grown equally as much as his feet had and he swung his arm to deliver his own smack down.  Michael was knocked senseless and about half way across the square loading area.


Reid's balls had been throbbing, increasing in size and then shrinking, pulling up.  Every time they had done so is when Reid's hands and feet got bigger.  They started doing so again and as Reid moaned and groaned in greater pain while grabbing a hold of his legs and arms, a small cracking and breaking sound was heard and Reid stood taller....and Taller....and TALLER....and TAAAAAAALLER!  His socks which had shrunk from just under his calves with the growth of his feet to just above his ankles shrunk down further to just under his ankles.  His shorts moved from his knees to one fourth the way up his thigh, half-way up the thigh, too looking like 1970's sports, short shorts to almost like brief underwear, except despite his trim build his waist snapped the button and now his fly was pulled excessively wide apart.  His shirt hem rose and rose above his waist, above his abs, beyond where his lats come in and stopped just under his chest.  Not that you could see that because having already been fairly muscular and now three feet taller, every button had been popped off the shirt as his chest stretched the shirt open.  The sleeves rode up and up over his mighty upper arms, over his delts, and if the front of the shirt was complete it would've gone from a short sleeve shirt to sleeveless muscle shirt.


Swaying a bit as the pain settled from his massive growth spurt, Reid bent forward causing his back to rip the shirt down the back and thus only hang on him via his shoulders.  His neck had snapped the collar as well.  Shucking the shirt off of his body, he smiled as he noticed that his bending forward had caused his bubble butt to blow out the back of his cargo shorts.  He then reached and yanked what was left of his shorts and underwear off of his body as well as using his long toes to pull the now tiny socks off of his feet.  He closed his eyes and breathed in a few deep breaths, feeling the cool spring breeze caressing his body.


Before any of the now six men could move, Reid began to do small shouts, like power lifters and bodybuilders make before they hoist a weight up.


"Uhp..."  And Reid suddenly did a side triceps pose.

"Ommmph" And into a side chest.

"hoop!" Lat spread.

"hnngh!" Most muscular, crab shot.

"Hup!" Abdominal crunch and front thigh extension.

"Hep!" Front double biceps pose.

"Hooch!" Back double biceps pose.

"HRRRR!" Back, Thigh Bicep, and Calve pose.


Over and over and over again Reid kept cycling through the poses and each time he did so, his muscles swelled bigger....larger....thicker....harder....fuller....denser....broader....veinier....   His calves inflated into giant pulsing hearts and finally a throbbing diamond shape. The thighs ballooned and grew into a collection of swollen tear drop shapes like a bunch of water balloons.  His abs formed bricks fit for the Great Wall of China, while his obliques bunched and formed such as to look like a great lattice work was plastered on Reid's sides.  His lats grew out so wide and thick it looked like he could jump from a plane and join para-gliders without the need for the special winged suits.  His arms flared out more and more at greater angles from his body as his upper arms inflated and grew until one swore he had a football stuffed in where his biceps should be.  A pair of thick muscular shapes looking like Clydesdale sized horseshoes hanging off the back of the arms.  Forearms so thick and powerful they matched the size of Reid's calves.  Shoulders that were so full and round and with such density, surely they were world globes stolen off of statues of Atlas holding up the world.  His chest barreled so thick and round, so wide and full, he could see nothing standing directly in front of him.  Even his erect cock had a hard time sticking out beyond it to be seen.  His traps rose and rose like some great range of mountains and his neck swole as thick and round as segments from the Giant's Causway.


Reid now strode over to the side of the building, kicking his legs out to the sides in order to move forward.  Grabbing a hold of a large iron bar embedded into the brick building, he ripped it free from the mortar and then proceeded to bend it into an arch.  He growled as he did so, his voice lowering and lowering in extreme bass tones, while with each degree the bar bent, the hair on Reid grew out and out, thicker, fuller, feathery, until his red hair hung halfway down his back and his hair glistened like glitter all over his body. 


Throwing the bar in front of Gabriel and his friends, Reid raised his hands above his head and struck a victory pose.  At the same time several glowing balls of light came down and anyone watching swore they entered Reid's cock through is piss slit.  Once that was done Reid turned and glared with a smirk while bellowing out a name.




It echoed throughout the little loading square, and as Gabriel realized he was looking up to Reid as much as he did to Fabian, he actually pissed his pants.


"I am not Reid.... I am NOT Kali'iti'nui..... I AM MALSAGAMAUNGA - MEANING TWIN MOUNTAIN!"


The god that had inhabited Reid at his initiation by Fabian was Ke'atutel'malsaga, the god of twins and he had chosen to make Reid Fabian's fraternal twin, so to speak, in order for him to be able to protect Fabian, for it takes someone of equal size and strength to protect another man so large.


Another spray of water streamed out of the hose, splattering all over Fabian, and the heavy drowsiness he felt began to leave him.  His vision cleared, his heavy body, although still feeling heavy, was light enough for him to manage it again.  Standing up behind the six men, Michael only just now coming to from Reid's smack down, Fabian growled and struck a most muscular  that cause the men to scream and wish for a way out.


The drums that had quieted down quite a bit began to pick up their rhythm and loudness.  Gabriel's posse began to hold their hands over their ears and look around in bewilderment.  Fabian and Reid oohed and moaned in both pleasure and pain as their cocks throbbed so hard, they stuck straight out of their bodies without any bobbing whatsoever.


"Friends of Gabriel," Spoke Fabian, "Leave and leave now.  Correct your ways or know that we will be here to take care of you.  Go.... .... .... NOW!"


Fabian's words echoed so loudly it took a good five minutes and several blocks of reverb before the echo faded away.  The pair was pretty sure that all six men pissed their pants as they quickly ran away leaving Gabriel all alone.


As the drums thundered away, Fabian and Reid began approaching Gabriel, stroking their pricks.  Gabriel turned and turned, basically spinning round and round, beginning to whimper and cry.


"Two great acts...."

"...have been done..."

"...in order to...."

"...bring us into...."

"...the fold...."

"....Great acts...."

"....do not come...."

"....without a cost...."

"....some kind of...."

"....sacrifice must be made...."

"...We will gladly...."

"...take a soul....."

"...who cannot...."

"....be redeemed...."


And at that moment, Fabian and Reid stood their ground and suddenly bellowed in ecstasy, and released a load of great, long, strands of cum that spewed in great loops around Gabriel and once coated, as Fabian and Reid moaned and shot off more of their load, Gabriel shrank....as the pair grew....as Gabriel shrank....and the men Grew....and Gabriel became smaller.... and they giants got ever bigger......   For each inch the gods took from Gabriel, they seemed to give two, four, or six inches to Fabian and Reid.  By the time all was said and done the hulking forms of Fabian and Reid stood twelve feet six inches tall, twenty seven inch long size US Mens 59 shoe feet, and weighing three-thousand, three-hundred, ninety-three pounds, with cocks that had grown to three feet long. The once decently sized and bullying Gabriel was now only 5' tall, exceptionally thin and week, and just barely stood mid-thigh to Fabian and Reid.


The giant pair of men bent at their waist so they could see Gabriel and whispered in growling tones, "You can go now."


Gabriel did not have to be told twice.  He gathered up his now ill, extremely loose fitting clothing and ran as best as he could back to his apartment where it is said he wept and wept and made a decision never to leave, and especially not to do missionary work.


Meanwhile back at the square Reid approached Fabian and the two muscle giants began to grapple and wrestle one another.  Eventually the two pulled one another into the other and began to kiss deeply, passionately, frantically.  The mammoth manhoods began to rise and become engorged with blood, and they backed off a bit to hoist them up, cock heads between their pecs, and then move back together, holding one another and grinding their hips so their erect phallics began to rub each other up and down.  After several minutes of frotting, Fabian picked up Reid by Reid's ass, flinging and wrapping the massively mounding legs and meaty feet of Reid around his waist.   In this position he pushed Reid towards Reid's truck, causing the back doors and much of the roof to cave in, followed by the tires blowing out, once almost 7,000 pounds or three and half tons of male muscle collapsed upon the delivery van floor.


With the small amount of height difference, Fabian took advantage and plunged his prestigious pecker into Reid's cavernous hole.  Reid's neck arched as his head tilted back.  He reach up to grab around the driver's seat for support and wound up pulling it, breaking it free from it's stationary position in the van.  The two thrust and rocked, twisted and pounded.  Whatever part of van's shelving that didn't collapse when the two fell into the van, their motion now knocked, dinged, and bent, deforming the pieces from ever being usable again. Reid pushed on the walls while grunting and moaning in pleasure and pain.  And behold, the van's wall's did bulge out in massive mounding bulges with gigantic hand prints in the center.  The front of the van was taking a beating as well, for with each thrust Fabian was giving, he pushed the van into the loading bay wall.  Headlights, grill work, bumpers, were no more.


In what seemed like hours to them, Fabian finally started herky-jerking out of control.  The spasm of sexual bliss was washing over him and with one last thrust he shot a load so powerful, so large, that Reid swore it came up into his mouth a bit all the way from his ass.  The very thought of which had him spewing over his head to coat the front of the van and shatter the windshield.


The pair went home to the warehouse, which was now a bit cramped, but luck was on their side, actually.  Six other gods came to reside in the protruding penis of Reid.  The gods of: luck in chance, money, plant fertility, crafting arts and technology, stamina, and handsomeness.  By the time they were done with Reid, he had the face of a modelesque, GQ man, with the body of a giant bodybuilding, muscle god, and knowledge of electronics and furniture making as well as financial savy.  It wasn't long until Reid was financially  independent, and then they bought a much larger warehouse and converted it into something that nearly looked like a grand Edwardian mansion with furniture built their size so they looked somewhat normal when they had flex and sex shows on the internet.  That proved to make them very rich financially.  Which was good, as folks passing by at night in front of their house swear from time to time they still hear the savage beats of the wild jungle drums and that more and more shadows are cast upon windows of very large, tall, and hung men.

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A wonderful ending. 8D I love that the sweet and courageous Reid was allowed to grow to the same size as Fabian. That always makes an ending great to me. 83

And that Gabriel was shrunken to even smaller size than Fabian started with, is such great revenge. Especially seeing that there was no death for the bad guys. Even if they deserved it, they were spared, something they were not willing to do to Reid nor Fabian at first. ^^


Though i have to say that the last part of the final chapter you accidentally named Fabian as Gabriel. x3 lol It might be wise to edit that. xD

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Hanugumo said: Though i have to say that the last part of the final chapter you accidentally named Fabian as Gabriel. x3 lol It might be wise to edit that. xD


Thank you for the catch, although it actually was Reid.  Becoming a "twin" to Fabian he got to have just as many gods residing in his now equal sized cock.  I have edited it. :)

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