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First time posting and first story. Hope people like it.


Houston, Part 1

My name is Trevor and growing up I was a larger guy. Now, I am 24 years old, 6 feet tall, and 280 pounds of mostly fat and some muscle. My family didn’t accept me being gay so I packed the essentials into my car and took off. I ended up in Northern Texas in one of those towns that is small, as in everyone knew each other, but large enough to have some bigger chain stores. 

I found a cheap apartment and got a job as a cashier at the locally-owned supermarket. Despite feeling inadequate, since I had a bachelor’s degree, I gladly accepted the money that the job provided. On my second day of work and my fifth day in town, I met someone that would change my life. 


At the check-out line, I have a good view of every patron entering and exiting the store. At about 10 in the morning, a man walked in. He was about my height and looked like he was in his late 40s, but he was probably 260 pounds of muscle and about my height. He was a solid wall and he was wearing a tank top that showed his hairy, massive pecs and huge biceps. Very good looking. He was followed by an even bigger, better looking, and younger man. 

Guessing, the younger man was about 26 or 27 years old. They looked like a father-son duo coming in for their weekly food supply. The son was absolutely stunning. He was about 6 inches taller than his dad and I; probably had about 30 pounds on his dad, all muscle. He was wearing a similar tank top but instead of jeans, he was wearing basketball shorts.  He had a sprinkling of red hair across his chest and in his pits that matched the hair on his head. 

As he and his dad walked through the store, I tried my best not to appear that I was staring and the younger muscle stud’s huge biceps, jutting pecs and ass, and noticeable bulge in the crotch. The stud had amazingly sexy bluish-green eyes and brownish-red hair. They spent about 30 minutes going through the aisles. 

As I was checking out an older lady who insisted on paying the exact change, the duo got in my check-out line. The father was looking through the cart and it appeared they forgot something; he left to go find it and as I was still helping the old lady, I was blinded. Blinded by the stud stretching his arms up over his head and his shirt riding so high up, I saw his furry 6 pack of abs and his defined obliques; I even saw some pubes sticking out of his waistband. I popped an erection right there. I looked away to finish assisting my current customer. 

However, when I next looked over at him, he was staring at me with a cocky grin. He stepped up to the register as I began ringing up his items and started up a conversation with me. 

“You’re new in town. What’s your name?” 


“Well, Trevor. My name is Houston and,” the older man walked up and joined him on the other side of the register, “this is my dad, Ian.” 

Staring at the two of them, I couldn’t help but focus on their nipples. Ian’s were pushing against the thin fabric of his tank and Houston’s were hard and exposed, almost staring at me. I almost dropped the milk carton by missing the counter because I was so distracted. Ian continued their introduction.

“Nice to meet you. I own the gym in town and we live behind it in the small house. We come in about 3 times a week, so we will be getting to know each other.” 

He paid with a debit card and started loading the bags into his cart. As he was loading, Houston pulled out a business card and wrote something on the back.

“Here is the business card for the gym. I work as a personal trainer, so come by if you want to get in shape.” In a whisper, “my cell number is on the back if you want to hang out sometime.” 


That weekend on my day off, I walked over to the gym. Upon walking in, the receptionist greeted me, but Houston came over before the guy could say much more. 

Houston looked amazing. He had a light sweat and I could smell a musky odor emanating from his body. He was wearing a tight black tank top with the gym logo on the back and black leggings. Houston’s pecs were very prominent and I could see his 6 pack through the shirt. His ass was very perky and round and hot and his thick quads pushed the bulge in his leggings forward. 

Houston asked if he could show me around; I agreed. He pointed out the cardio room and the weights room. He showed me the steam room, the locker room, and the showers. He showed me Ian’s office. Moved to another room then spoke in a whisper again.

“This room is not well known. My dad built it for his bodybuilding days and you are the fifth person that has been shown the posing room.” The posing room was completely mirrored, had hardwood floor and one wall had sofas and bean bags and some ottomans.

Houston dropped into one of the large sofas and motioned for me to join him. He pulled out a laptop. And started asking me some questions.

“What is your ideal body? Like what is your ultimate goal for working out here?”  

“I want to be big. I want to be pro bodybuilder size, like bigger than you.”

“Okay. Dream big and I believe I can help you as your trainer. So what is your weight goal?” 

“I am around 280 lbs right now. But it is mostly fat. So my goal is to be about 300 to 320 lbs of muscle with low body fat.” 

“Wow. So this will be a major lifestyle change for you, which I can also help with.” Houston kept taking notes. “We will need to take body measurements and before photos for motivation and progress tracking. Any questions for me.”

I asked the two questions on my mind. “Will you show me how to pose and what is the cost?” 

Houston chuckled. “Well, for the cost, I will train you and give you guidance for free if you pay for your food and supplements and if you come in during any days off, including half days. As for the posing, I can give you a preview now and I can work with you in terms of posing as part of the training.” 

While Houston got off the couch, he pulled his shirt off and dropped it where he was sitting. As he walked away from me, I admired the details in his back, the span of his lats, and the sprinkle of hair on his shoulders and upper back. He took his shoes off and started to explain that there were 8 classic poses.

“The first pose is, what I believe to be, the most popular. Front double biceps.” Houston had turned around and flexed both of his arms. I hid the hard-on that popped up but couldn’t stop staring. Houston had a nice layer of hair on his pecs and abs and well-maintained bushes in his pits. His biceps were large and his nipples were large and erect. I thought it was cute that he had the signature “outie” belly button. 

Houston continued with the posing; hitting the Front Lat Spread and the Side Chest. My dick just ached more and more, watching him pose was my fantasy come true. I thought I couldn’t get more turned on, but then Houston peeled off his leggings. He had a jockstrap on underneath. He hit the Side Triceps, then turned around and hit the Back Double Biceps and Back Lat Spread, calling out each pose as he hit it. Like I said, I felt like I could cum at any moment.

Houston’s ass was as delicious as I imagined. It had a light coat of hair and was framed well in his jockstraps. I couldn’t get over the definition and size of his quads and hams and calves, also covered in hair. He announced the last two poses he would do: the Front Abdominal-Thigh and the Most Muscular. As he turned around, I was shocked by the size of his hard cock. The head was poking out of the top of his jockstrap and looked like it almost came up to his outie. The arch of his cock pushed the fabric away enough to see his red pubes, even more than what I saw in the grocery store. He kept the forest trimmed well enough. He finished the Most Muscular and chuckled.

“It’s been awhile since I made myself hard posing. I apologize.”

I barely got out, “No prob.” 

“You mind if I take care of it here?”


Houston sat back down next to me, pulled off his jockstrap, and started to rub one out. 

“You can join me if you would like.”

I was already hard and felt a little self-conscious, but I pulled my very average 5 inch dick out and started to rub one out as well. As I got close to cumming, I found enough courage to ask him the question.

“How big?” 

His responded in two ways. “This morning I weighed in at 285 pounds and my dick is 8.5 inches long and 2 inches wide.” At those numbers, I came the most I ever had all over myself. This was also the first time I ever came in front of another person. I got cum all over my shirt. 

Houston noticed that I was finished and did, in my mind, the unbelievable. He forced the back of my head down to his crotch with his large might hand. I opened up and sucked his cock. He worked my head up and down. On the third push down, I took his whole cock with barely a gag. His pubes smelt sweaty and amazing. We went another couple of minutes before I heard him starting to gasp. The next thing I know, I felt a hot, sweet taste in my throat. I swallowed his entire load. 

As we cleaned up, Houston passed me a tee and struck up another conversation. 
“So, as an FYI, I am gay and this wasn’t some fling between us or me using you. I purposely stretched so that you would see my abs in the store that day. I thought you were cute.” 

I was speechless, with the whole jaw hanging open and everything. This big guy was into me. He continued on. 

“Well, I will still train you and if you want to be 315 pounds of muscle then I will get you there. And I think it will be a lot of fun to tumble in bed with a cute bodybuilder.” 

Finally, I found some words. “I never actually admitted to anyone that I am gay, my family found porn on my computer and threw me out. And you are the first guy I have done anything with. I must be dreaming.”

“No dream. Just you and me in the posing room. I will talk to your boss and see about cutting your hours back so you can train more.” 

“Well, okay. I guess I’ll see you tomorrow then.” Houston came up and pecked my left cheek with a kiss and replied “Tomorrow for sure.” 

I walked home and showered off. I did some sit-ups and push-ups, had dinner, then watched some TV till around 8pm. I stripped off, climbed in bed and jacked off to my mental snapshots of Houston, his muscles, and his cock.

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Great start to the story! I can't wait for many more chapters ??????

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Fantastic! I sure hope there's going to be a lot more!

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VERY nice! As Scriptboy pointed out a week or two ago, the Forum now has 15,000 members -- and I think you've just voiced (not the first time it's happened) the lifelong desire of at least half the membership! Good job! Looking forward to much, much more!

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Thanks for the positive feedback. Here is Part 2.


Houston, Part 2

After a couple of months of working out with and dating Houston, I woke up one morning full of energy and ready to clean my apartment for Christmas Eve. First though, I rolled out of bed and went to the bathroom. As I was taking a piss, my cock felt heavier than normal, not by much but it was a just noticeable difference. I measured it and it was 5 and a half inches. My cock was a half inch longer than when I moved here. I couldn’t explain that at all. I am 24 and shouldn’t be growing anymore. 

I stuffed my cock back into the worn-out, gray briefs that I was wearing and took note of my reflection. As of yesterday morning, I weighed 240 pounds. I had lost quite a bit of fat and gained some muscle. I had the beginning of abs and my pecs were firmer and wider and not so pointy and droopy. My biceps measured a little less than 16 inches and my quads and ass didn’t giggle so much when I walked. I have always had wide shoulder but now I had back muscles to match. Thanks to the Armenian side of my family, everything had a nice covering of dark hair and the only reason I wasn’t completely hairy was because of my Filipina grandmother. I turned my attention back to my crotch, the bulge wasn’t huge but it wasn’t hidden from view by my belly anymore. 

I heard Houston waking up from my bed. No, we haven’t fucked yet. He hasn’t pressured me and I hadn’t said anything. Mostly it’s because I am still hesitant, due to being a virgin. Sure, we jack off and suck each other off all the time but no anal yet. Anyway, he got out of bed and strode to the bathroom. The effect it had on me was enhanced because he slept naked and so his semi-hard cock led the way. He saw me checking him out in the mirror and came up behind me, wrapping his arms around me. 

Shortly after our first time together in the posing room, I discovered that he was 24 years old and 6 feet 7 inches tall. And since then, he has gained 15 pounds. At 300 pounds, Houston was HUGE. It is hard to describe his size; his biceps pushing against mine and his huge pecs against my back. His erect cock against my ass was boner inducing. He reached his large hands down my briefs and started to stroke my cock with one hand. With the other, he massaged my balls and it didn’t take long till I was cumming all over the countertop. We then hopped into the shower together.

Once the water woke Houston up a little, I asked him about his traditions for the day. 

“Usually, dad and I take the day to clean up the gym since everyone is off with their family for Christmas’ Eve. Then we get a big dinner cooked and then enjoy some hot chocolate.”

I kept bumping into the big man as the flinging of water and soap bombarded my face from his soaping up. I grabbed onto his obliques to keep both of us steady. 
“Well, that is nice. Why don’t we do dinner here and I can get some hot chocolate at the store?”

“My dad makes the hot chocolate himself. He uses milk from our family farm and adds a little too much rum. But that would be nice, dinner here.” 

I began caressing his expansive pecs, every so often flicking his perky nipples. 
“I’ll start on the laundry and take out the trash. And begin cooking around 2 or so.” 
I worked my way down to his large cock and knelt down to suck him off. Houston was very easy to get off in the morning. He came down my throat and we dried off. 

I admired his hairy ass as his briefs got stuck. He worked them up and over his cheeks, then had the same trouble with a pair of jeans. He cooked us a healthy breakfast and gave me a long, tongue-filled kiss before he left.


Around 4:30, while the steaks were on the grill, I checked my emails. Surprised I had gotten one from my father. It was the basic “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and your mother is still not okay with you being gay but I have come around” type of email. 

Around 5, I heard Houston and Ian enter the apartment. It basically sounded like thunder, the heavy footfalls on the wooden floors. Houston gave me a quick peck on the cheek and asked where I needed the most help. 

“Can you finish the mash potatoes? Milk, butter, salt, pepper, bacon, and cheese need to be added.” 

Houston got to mashing the potatoes. Ian came in and the kitchen was getting a little crowded with all three of us. But before I knew it, Ian was throwing out all of my dairy-based products that I had just bought. 

“Ian, what are you doing?!? I need all of that for the dinner”

“Didn’t Houston tell you? I only use dairy products made from my family farm. It is better than the crap milk from industrial farms. I’ll give you the money for everything I threw out, but from now on I will be giving you all the milk and cheese you need, especially if you are going to be feeding my son.”  

After that very direct command from Ian, I avoid all further milk talk. As Houston and I set the table, Ian began making his hot chocolate in a crock pot that he brought over. I noticed the large amount of milk that he started with and the equally large amounts of rum and chocolate added in. 

The three of us sat down to eat. I sat with Houston to my right and Ian to my left, at the head of the table. Ian thanked me for the hard work I put into the food and we began to eat. As we got to talking, I noticed that Houston would scrape any extra cheese from his food. I made mention of it and Houston spoke up first.

“My father thinks I am a picky eater but really I don’t like cheese.” 

Ian piped in. “Or milk or yogurt or extra butter. I couldn’t get him to drink a glass of milk growing up or eat Mac and Cheese. What kid doesn’t like Mac and Cheese.” 

I chimed in. “Well, don’t worry about the food going to waste. I love milk and cheese and yogurt.” Houston made a funny face, almost as if he couldn’t believe me. To show him wrong, I took all the extra cheese from his plate and ate it while staring him down. The three of us ate probably more than we should have; guessing enough for regular 6 people.
We moved to the large coaches near the fireplace. As Houston and I got settled, Ian handed me a large, yellow envelope. He told me to wait to open it. 

Ian grabbed three very large steins and filled each one with hot chocolate. The steins made Ian’s hands look small. I had to rest mine on my lap and lift it with two hands. Houston’s seemed to fit his hands perfectly. Once everybody had gotten settled and had a couple drinks of hot chocolate, Ian gave me the okay to open the envelope.

“This is my Christmas gift to both of you. I know I may be a little presumptuous, but I believe you two are truly meant for each other.” 

Inside the envelope was the property deed for the gym. Houston and I were listed as grantees. Also the bank account information for the gym as well as the business license. Houston was speechless and I broke down crying. This was more than I deserved. After some forceful hugging on my part, I saw that there was still one last item in the envelope. 

It was a smaller envelope addressed to me, with a note attached. “Open and read alone. No Houston.” So I tucked it back into the yellow envelope and hugged Ian again. Ian informed us that he was taking a trip and didn’t know when he would come back. Jokingly, “I may fall in love with Hawaii and never come back.” 

Settling down again, I found my head resting on Houston’s pec. His heavy, muscled arm draped across me and I occasionally turned my head to get a whiff of his musky scent. Houston and I had finished off the contents of our steins and Ian got up to serve us some more. 

However, I noticed something strange when he came back. Ian’s shirt seemed tighter; it was only noticeable because he was wearing a button-down. His shirt was being pulled tight enough that I could see his hairy pecs underneath; which it wasn’t at dinner. I glanced down and Ian’s crotch looked bulgier than it was when he arrived. So what if I glance at my boyfriend’s father’s crotch every so often. 

I felt warm and contributed it to the alcohol and resting against my larger, hairy hunk of man. Before I knew it, I had finished off the stein for a second time and Ian got me more. Houston asked for more, but unfortunately I got the last of it. Houston pouted, I offered some of mine, and he declined saying it was okay. He has had 14 years of the wonderful drink.

By the time Ian got around to leaving, his top two buttons were undone and his jeans looked like they wouldn’t survive the walk to the car. But my mind definitely could be playing tricks on me; I had some alcohol after all. Houston got me to bed and I passed out. 


I woke up Christmas morning with a hangover headache and it felt like pressure was being applied to my body. I got out of bed and staggered to the bathroom. I flipped on the light and was shocked by the person in the mirror.  

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So mean to leave it like that man. Mean

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Waaah such a tease. Can't wait for the next part tho =)

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Oh my word. What a second part!

leaving us with a cliffhanger. I love it. ?

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