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This story is pretty old, I'd think its from 2003-2005. It's a macro story where one guy spikes two other guys drinks/shakes that causes them to grow into giants.

It starts off at the gym, the main character watches the two muscular guys at the beach I believe I remember the main character commenting on their packages because they were wearing speedos of some sort. The two guys go into a locker room to shower and change. At this point the main character spikes their drinks with a growth formula. The two guys drink the stuff and each go on their separate way home. The story then  breaks into two parts detailing each guys growth. One guy goes home and takes a nap, when he wakes up he finds his feet are almost touching the wall, he then continues to grow out of his house. The other guy (if I remember correctly) goes to a gas station and starts to grow there. The two giant guys then find each other and cause havoc in the city. The main character from the beginning is in his apartment building watching the giants he grew on the news.

I don't think it was ever posted to the old muscle growth forums, I think it was posted to geocities. I want to say the author's handle was like greendragon (I could be completely wrong on that).


Any help in finding the story is greatly appreciated!

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Found it via the wayback machine on Expanders


             by Green Dragon ([email protected])

Mark and Sean were sun bathing on the beach one day.  Mark was about
6'3" and quite muscular.  He had stunning pecs with a very thin layer
of light brown hair covering them.  He had very powerful looking arms.
They were massive.  He very rarely wore shirts with sleeves because
the sleeves could not contain that much muscle, so he just went
without shirts for most of the time.  He also had a very nice six-pack
going on.  Mark did not consider himself to be gay, but he did get
turned on when Sean was hanging out with him.

Sean was also quite muscular and he also liked being with Mark, but
was afraid to tell him.  He had a very smooth, rock hard body.  He
worked out everyday and he had massive arms just like Mark has.  Sean
was about 6'1" and he was almost identical to Mark other than He had
no hair on his chest.

As they were sunbathing on the beach they had no idea that someone was
watching them, and this person would change their lives forever.

Gary was a guy who was a macrophile at heart.  He was at the beach
standing on the boardwalk watching Mark and Sean.  He would picture
them in his mind what it would be like if those two were colossal
muscle titans; the thought of it turned him on, and he would literally
melt inside.

"This is the only chance I have," Gary said to himself.

He had been working on this formula for almost a year now and he had a
good feeling that it would work.  He was also very nervous because
once the process takes effect, he would not know how easy it would be
to bring them back down to normal size after his macro fantasy is
complete.  He stood on the boardwalk contemplating whether to do it,
and how he was going to accomplish this task.

"Damn, this is more complicated than I thought," said Gary to himself.
He tapped his finger on the railing impatiently.  "I have to do it
now, when am I going to get another chance at this?"  he thought.

"Dude, pass me the sun tan lotion," Mark said.

Sean passed him the lotion over to him.  Sean stood up and took off
his shorts, to reveal his very small thong.  Sean had a nice bulge and
Mark took notice of it.  Sean could not tell but Mark was getting a
massive hard-on.

"Is that one of those tan-through thongs?"  Mark asked.

"Yeah, it sure is," Sean replied as he grabbed the side of his thong
and pulled it out to the side allowing the sun to penetrate through

"Maybe I should get one too," replied Mark as he was adjusting

"Yeah, they are great, and it is also a shape enhancing thong," Sean
said as he grabbed his crotch.

It was now getting late and Mark had to get to work soon.

"We got to get going, I have to be at work soon," Mark said to Sean as
he was standing up.

"Damn, now I don't have a choice, they are getting up and leaving,"
Gary said.

Mark and Sean were gathering their things and putting them into their
gym bags.  They both walked to the showers.  Gary proceeded to the
showers, as well.  mark took off his suit to reveal a huge cock about
8" long and it was not even hard.  It took Sean quite a bit of
strength to fight off his desires and temptations seeing Mark naked.
Mark got into the shower and Sean followed suit.  He tried not to look
at Mark rubbing his hands over his mountainous pecs, caressing his
erect nipples.  Marks hands moved down his body past his amazing
six-pack and started cleaning his fat, humongous cock.  Sean took off
his suit and walked over to the shower area.

"When are you going to get rid of that piece of shit car of yours?"
Mark asked as he was lathering up his nice round ass.

"I don't know, maybe soon I hope," replied Sean as he was looking at
the floor.

"Come on over after I get off from work and we'll do something like
watch a video," Mark said as he was turning off the shower.

"I guess so," Sean said, some-what relieved Mark was leaving the area.

Meanwhile, Gary was standing outside the shower building,
contemplating on whether to do this or not.  Finally, he decided to go
through with it, because he had spent so long trying to perfect it, he
would not want to blow an opportunity like this.  He pulled out a
handful of very small pills and walked into the shower building.  He
heard the showers running, but really had no idea where Mark and Sean
were.  He looked around and saw their gym bags lying on a bench, and
he walked over to them and thought, "How am I going to get them to
take these pills?"  He saw their vitamin bottles lying near the top of
the bags.  He quickly opened them both up and pored their vitamins
out.  He put roughly the same amount of his "special" pills back into
their bottles.

"Thank God," he muttered, his arduous task was now completed.  He had
to take a piss so he walked over to a stall and let it out.  When he
was done he wiped the sweat off his forehead and walked over to the
sink to wash his hands.  As he walked away, and turned the corner, he
bumped right into Mark's colossal pecs.  He was scared to death and
very turned on by this.  Mark already was towering over him.

"Sorry about that," Mark said, stepping to the side to let him pass.
Mark was only wearing a towel and that proved too much for Gary to
handle.  He began cumming right in his pants, and when this happened,
he began running while holding his crotch.

"What the fuck is that guys problem?," Mark thought.

Mark went over to the stalls and began to take a piss.  Gary came back
and looked to see if Mark was going to come after him.  He watched the
muscleman do his business.  Mark reached under the towel and scratched
his ass.  Then Mark took off his towel and hung it on the top of the
stall and continued on pissing.

"Holy Shit, this guy is so amazing," Gary whispered to himself. Mark
continued to piss and then he farted causing his butt cheeks to
ripple.  Gary once again could not control himself and began to cum

Sean was getting out of the shower and was wrapping a towel around
himself when he saw Gary jackin' off against the wall watching Mark.
"What the fuck are you doing?" Sean said very loudly.  At that moment
Mark walked around the corner to see what was going on.  "This little
fuck was jackin' off, watchin' you take a piss," Sean told Mark.  Here
was Gary trapped between these two hulking, beautiful musclemen.  He
came only up to the lower part of their chests.

Mark grabbed his collar on the back of his shirt and easily lifted him
up to eye level.  Mark took his towel off and said, "You want to suck
my fat cock, little man?"  Mark threw him on the ground floor, and
said, "Get the fuck out of here you fuckin' queer."  Gary got up as
fast as he could and ran to the entrance.

"Why don't you kick that guys ass?," Sean asked. "That puny little man
is not worth it," Mark said as he was opening his vitamin bottle.
Mark popped four pills into his mouth.  He handed four pills to Sean
and he popped them in his mouth as well.  They both got dressed and
headed for Mark's car.

"So, I'll see you tonight," Mark asked Sean as he pulled up into
Sean's driveway.  "Yeah, sure, I guess," Sean replied.  Sean got out
of the car and proceeded to his front door.  He waved as Mark began to
pull away.  Inside Sean rapidly took off all of his clothes and stood
in the living room and began to stroke his cock.  He was thinking of
Mark and the way he was cleaning himself in the shower, and the way he
lifted up Gary and grabbed his cock.  Within a matter of seconds, he
began to shooting his load all over his living floor.  He sat on the
couch and decided that tonight he would tell Mark how he felt.  He got
up and went to the bedroom and layed on his bed and fell asleep.

Mark worked as a weekend security guard for a packaging plant about 60
miles out of town.  It was quite a bit of a drive but it was the only
job Mark could get at this time.  He was kind of annoyed that he had
to go to work for only 3 to 4 hours.  He continued to drive which
seemed to take much longer than usual.  When Mark was about a mile
from the plant, he began to feel very weird.  He pulled over into a
rural gas station and immediately went to the bathroom.  He walked in
and locked the door.  He walked up to the sink and turned on the hot
water.  He began to splash water on his face.  All of the sudden he
began feeling a tingling sensation all throughout his body.

"Hey, I have to use the bathroom," a guy yelled as he pounded on the
door.  "Hurry up," yelled the guy as he continued to pound on it
louder.  Mark did not know it but he was getting bigger.  He went to
one of the stalls and forced himself to throw up.  "Fuck, what the
hell is happening to me?" Mark thought. Mark was wearing a button down
shirt and blue jeans.  He filled his clothes very well, and in some
places, a little too much.  When he was done throwing up, he stood up
and walked back to the sink.  He looked into the mirror and stared at
his beautiful face.  He took hands and rubbed them through his short,
dark brown hair.

"Hey, you god damn fuckin' asshole, get the hell out of there," yelled
the guy who was pounding on the door.  Mark was getting extremely
pissed off now.  He began to clench his fists.  The tingling sensation
was getting much more noticeable.  He looked down at his shirt and it
was getting smaller and the buttons were beginning to pop off of the
shirt.  His massive chest burst through, as did his bulging biceps rip
his sleeves.  His beautiful ass began to rip and tear his jeans.  He
began to rub his six-pack and worked his was up to his mountainous
pecs.  His fat cock burst through his jeans and hung between his
massive, trunk like legs.

The growth stopped for the moment.  He stood about 16 feet tall and
his head was nearly touching the 17 foot ceiling.  "Oh, fuck yeah,"
Mark said as he examined his bigger body.  The guy outside continued
to pound on the door and yell for Mark to get the hell out of the
bathroom.  Mark wanted to teach the guy a lesson.  He turned off the
light in the bathroom , which made it completely dark.  He then
unlocked the door and opened it a crack.

"Fuckin' finally," the guy said as he entered the dark bathroom.  As
he made his way past the door , it slammed very hard behind him.
"Hello," the guy said very nervously.  He reached for the light switch
and turned it on.  He saw no one.  He walked over to the stall and
opened it, but no one was in it.  "Where the fuck did he go?" the guy
said to himself.  He then heard very loud thumping footsteps behind
him.  He turned around to see what it was.  He was horrified to see a
gigantic muscle-bound man coming right towards him.  "Looking for me?"
Mark said.  Mark walked over to him and towered over him.  "You know,
I have not had a good fuck in such a long time," Mark said as he was
holding his giant cock.  Mark lifted up the guy with ease and brought
him closer to his face.  He held him by one hand and with the other,
he began tearing off the guys clothes.  "You are a very little man,
aren't you?" Mark said as he rubbed the guys cock with his thumb.

Another growth spurt shot throughout his body.  He grew through the
roof of the building, while still holding on to his little captive
man.  When the growth spurt stopped, he topped out at around 300 feet

"Oh shit, I'm fuckin' huge," Mark boomed.

The gas station was in shambles around his massive feet.  Mark
remembered the guy he was holding in his hand.  He brought his hand up
to his face and opened his fist to find the little man lifeless.  Mark
accidentally crushed him when the growth started again.

"Oops...sorry about that," Mark said as he laughed.  Mark then tossed
the guys lifeless body over his shoulder.  Mark began checking out his
new "big" body.  He began to rub his pecs and started to rub his erect
nipples.  He was getting turned on by the thought of all the power he
had.  He raised his foot and crushed a car with a thunderous boom.
Now that he could do whatever he wanted, he decided to go show his
buddy, Sean, what it is like to be a hot muscular giant and have total
power over everything.

With thunderous footsteps he walked back to the city.

Meanwhile, Sean was just waking up from his nap.  He rubbed his pecs
as he began to stretch.  As he layed on his bed he reached for his
underwear that was on the floor.  He proceeded to put them on in a
lying down position.

"What the fuck?" Sean said, noticing the underwear could not contain
his massive cock and smooth ass.  He sat up, shocked that his head was
nearly touching the ceiling.  He looked around the room; everything
was small.  He reached over and touched his dresser. He lifted one
side of it and easily tipped it over.

"This is so fuckin' cool," Sean exclaimed.  "Wait until Mark see's me

He got off his bed and was in a crouching position.  His huge cock
became erect.  He sat down on the floor and began to stroke it when
all of the sudden a massive tingling sensation went through his body.
Just like Mark, Sean began growing at an unbelievable rate.  The room
was getting was too small to contain this growing muscle hunk, so Sean
stood up and broke out of the roof of his house.  When his growth
finally stopped, he towered above at about 290 feet.  He looked around
at the miniature world before him. He saw the skyscrapers of the city
in the distance, and down around the ruins of his demolished house,
chaos and panic were spreading.

"HA,HA,HA,HA,HA," Sean laughed as he scratched his giant balls.  News
helicopters were beginning to swarm like bees near him.  Sean bounced
his mammoth pecs up and down and began to rub his nipples.  This was a
fantasy come true for Sean.  He always wanted to be bigger than
everyone else, and now he finally got his wish.  He lifted his right
foot and stepped on one of his neighbor's homes.  He grabbed his cock
and began to stroke it.  Within moments, he began shooting his load
all over the neighborhood.  He stepped forward toward the street and
crushed a couple of people running around.  It felt good feeling that
goo afterwards.

"Well, let's do some explorin'," Sean said. He headed down the street
crushing everything that was in his path.

Gary had just got home from the store.  He lived in an apartment in
one of the downtown skyscrapers way up on the 30th floor.  He walked
in and set down the groceries and sat on the couch.  He reached for
the channel changer and turned on the television.

"Breaking news...This is Chris Mckenna live from Chopper 8...we are
currently hovering on the outskirts of downtown and there is a very
large man causing chaos and destruction...," the camera pans over to
Sean (his cock and ass are blurred out for censorship reasons).

"Holy shit," Gary yelled, "the goddamn pills worked.  I have to see
this better."

Gary ran for the door and headed for the stairs.  He headed up to the
roof to get a better view of the rampaging colossus.  When he reached
the roof, he ran to the edge and looked around from the right to the
left.  Then he spotted him.  Gary unzipped his pants and pulled out
his cock and vigorously stroked it.  His dreams have finally come
true.  He watched Sean's muscles move and his cock sway back and forth
with each step he took.

"Ugh," Sean moaned, "I need to take a shit," he said.  Sean squatted
down and rummaged through a house.  He found a man cowering in an
inside room.  He picked him up and looked at him.  The man in his hand
was scared to death.  Sean pulled the man's shorts off revealing his
smooth ass.  Sean took his finger and rubbed the man's ass, and then
tried to insert it farther in.  All of the sudden, the little man
split into two.  Sean just flicked his body, not caring at all.
Behind Sean, cops and ambulances were gathering.  He looked behind him
and smiled.  The cops and paramedics were trying to help the injured
and block the area off when Sean farted, blowing people everywhere.
Cars flipped over on top of people, homes were destroyed or damaged,
and all Sean did was laugh and put his hand down on a cop car and
crush it.

He stood up and saw a medium-sized stadium about half a mile away.
"That's a good place to take a shit," he thought to himself.  He
proceeded toward the stadium.  As he walked he rubbed his abs and
worked his way to his ass and then began to rub his ass.  He began to
finger fuck himself.

The spectators at the stadium were unaware of the giant hunk rampaging
throughout the city.  The spectators were watching a football game
when, all of the sudden shaking and rumbling began.  Most people
thought it was a minor earthquake, but they were soon to find out how
wrong they were.  As the game continued, people cheered and soon the
players heard screams rather than cheers.  The game abruptly stopped
and the football players looked in awe as the muscle-bound titan
lifted one leg over the stadium.  When the foot made contact with the
turf, it sent a shockwave knocking most of the football player's on
the ground.

"Pardon me folks," boomed Sean, "this will just take a second."

Sean brought his other leg over the stadium.  He walked towards the
middle, stepping on a few players.  He leaned forward just a little
and with both hands he spread both butt cheeks.  He let out a fart,
which sent football players flying.  This goliath was turning on
number 37; he began stroking his cock right on the playing field.
Sean let out a 30 foot long shit log and it smashed to the ground
right on number 37.

"AHHHhhh...that fuckin' felt good." Sean said very relieved.  He stood
there and looked at all of the tiny screaming people.  He reached down
and picked up a handful of people and brought them up to his face.
The group of people were staring at his beautiful, chiseled face.  He
had a wicked smile on his face.  He tilted his head back and opened
his mouth.  He put his hand over his mouth and opened it.  The handful
of people fell into his mouth and he swallowed.  He patted his stomach
and walked over to the stadium seats and punched, kicked, and smashed
them down.  He knocked part of the stadium down and walked out of it.

"I think it is time to pay a visit to Mark," Sean said.  And with that
he headed to the packaging plant Mark worked at.

"Boy, is he going to be surprised," Sean said scratching his ass.

             to be continued....
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