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Ginger muscle, part 2, Ian and Colin

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As usual, please try to read part 1.  If you've been reading my stories, please pay attention to the next few stories.  


“You think he’ll be upset with us, Colin?” Ian asks as he finishes shaving his twin’s armpits and chest, softly blowing any remaining hairs away.  He runs his hands over his brother’s whole body to make sure he has not left any hair and that Colin is now as smooth as he is.

“Probably Ian.  But think of the fun we’ll have, and isn’t that what really matters?” As he takes a towel and brushes off the remaining loose hairs.  He looks at himself in the mirror and then glances over to Ian to make sure neither missed a spot.

“Yeah, but he was kind of rough last time.  My ass is still recovering.” Ian says as he puts the clippers away and throws the towels and washcloths in the hamper. He gently massages his ass cheeks and moves toward his hole and softly touches the area surrounding it.

“Mine too, but that is why we need to do this.  If he thinks he can just toss us around and then plow our asses for his enjoyment, we need to do something.” Colin says and walks over to Ian and puts the palm of his hand on the other’s chest and gently massages his pecs.  Ian instinctively flexes.  Colin smiles and his dick responds as well.  He puts his other hand on Ian’s ass and moves it toward the hole.  Once he reaches it, he slowly inserts a finger.  Ian sighs and pushes one of his fingers in as well.  They both move their fingers in and out.  Colin is inches away from his twin’s face, each breathing heavily, anticipating what comes next.

Ian quietly replies, “I know and agree, but we did start it… And if he gets upset with us, we’re in for real pain...” He winces as Colin sticks a second and then third finger in his ass.

Colin leans in and kisses Ian on the lips. “I got your ass, and your front.  I’m covering both sides of you.” He says as he grasps Ian’s dick and slowly starts to jerk him off.  He tenses his bicep while jerking Ian off and Ian grabs ahold of it with his free hand, massaging the muscle, coaxing his twin to flex harder.  Colin senses his brothers need and obliges by releasing his dick and throwing up a bicep flex.  Ian glances over, sees the flex, and moves him mouth over to it. 

He starts to wet the face of the muscle, coating it with his saliva.  He pulls back and Colin releases his fingers from Ian’s ass and puts his hand on Ian’s head and gently pushes it back to the bicep.  Ian goes back to work and starts to coat the triceps, all the way down to his brother’s armpit.  He lifts his brother’s arm up over his head so he has a wide opening to the whole pit and his triceps.   He plants soft sloppy kisses on the underside of the arm and takes some nibbles at the skin.  Colin quivers. After shaving each other’s body completely hair free, his armpit is as smooth as his ass. 

Neither one was as large, muscular, or strong as the new guy, but they worked out regularly, and always together.  The new plan they were on had added more muscle to both of them.  They noticed their biceps were an inch bigger, their quads were showing striations, and they chests and abs had a lot more definition and hardness.  They could punch each other in the abs and not do any damage.  They enjoyed testing their new strength on each other, whether they were lifting each other up in a bear hug or curling each other, or wrestling to get pins (naked of course). Colin was just a bit stronger and seemed to win the lifting contests, but Ian used cunning to pin Colin.  And by cunning, it meant he would insert his fingers into Colin’s ass to distract him.

Ian goes to work and strikes a sensitive area and Colin starts to fidget.  Ian is now tickling him with his tongue.  Ian removes his other hand from his ass and puts it around Colin’s waist and seeks his brother’s hole.  He finds it and quickly inserts two fingers in an attempt to get back at him.  Colin giggles and says, “Bro, you can do better than that.”  Ian inserts two more fingers and starts to move them around, widening the hole. Colin flexes his ass and Ian continues to wiggle his fingers around. Colin lets go of his brother’s head and puts his hand back on Ian’s dick, trying to distract him.  Ian sighs and continues to wash out the pit and ravage his brother’s hole.

He nudges Colin to lay back on the bed.  Once he does, Ian straddles him.  Legs on each side of his brother’s waist, he uses his hands to move Colin’s arms above his head and holds them down.  Ian then stretches his whole body on top of Colin’s and starts to seductively move it around.  Chest to chest, nipples rubbing against each other, getting hard and sensitive.  Their dicks already stiff and red, become more sensitive with each movement, pre-cum dripping from both tips. 

“You’re causing me to waste a lot of pre-cum Ian. Get busy or get off and let me take over.”

“Just because you’re 2 minutes older, doesn’t mean you’re in charge of me.” Ian says as he grinds his hips into Colin’s dick and pelvis savagely.  “I can be just as dominant as you.”

“Yeah, right. We’re identical everywhere except there, little bro.” Colin says condescendingly, but playfully.  Ian instinctively know he’s playing with him, but still grinds his hips harder. He leans down and plants a kiss on Colin’s lips.  Colin seems to enjoy it as he sighs heavily. “Keep it up dude, you’re hitting all the right buttons tonight.”  Colin bucks his hips in appreciation.

They look into each other’s eyes and see themselves in the other.  They have always been together, best friends, and lovers for as long as they can remember.  But that’s a story for another time.  Now, they’re older, still best friends, and now love to play games with guys they meet.  They’re not mean or malicious, but just a bit of fun to see if the other guy has a sense of humor.  They’ve met guys who do and some who don’t, which has led to some bruises.  They’re still up in the air about the new guy, Eddie.

Ian goes back to straddling Colin and moves in for another kissing session.  More intently this time.  He starts by nibbling on Colin’s upper lip, then uses his tongue to spread his mouth open and invades.  They are swapping spit, wrestling tongues, and wiggling about on each other uncontrollably. Both are sporting generous erections, the kind they only get when they are with each other. 

Colin pushes his hips up causing Ian to slide off to one side.  Colin turns the tables and rolls over on Ian and is now on top.  He keeps Ian’s hands trapped over his head, like Ian had done to him.  He licks Ian’s face all over causing Ian to squirm and laugh.  He then moves his mouth to Ian’s earlobe.  He softly puts it in his mouth and uses his tongue to wet it.  Ian is still squirming about, but Colin keeps him pinned down. He knows if he releases Ian’s hands, one will find its way to his ass.  He playfully sticks his wet tongue into Ian’s ear and swirls it around the outer then inner parts. Ian is going crazy and Colin can feel a bit of wetness as Ian lets loose a huge spurt of pre-cum. 

Colin leans up, releases Ian’s hands, and says, “Not yet bro.  We’re just getting started.”

“What about Eddie?” Ian asks.

“He can wait.  Tonight is our night.”  Colin says and scoots down Ian’s body and locks his lips on a nipple.  He nibbles on it and Ian starts squirming again.  Pleasuring each other always comes first, regardless if they’ve found someone else to play with or not.  If the new guy doesn’t like it, tough shit and see ya.

Colin grinds his hips into Ian’s and once he feels his brother is sufficiently erect, he opens his ass and Ian slides in, they both sigh.  Ian had done a nice job opening him up.  They never used lube when they were with each other.  They were able to produce enough pre-cum to do the job.

Ian reaches his hands up to Colin’s chest and starts massaging his pecs, which Colin flexes. Ian punches them, causing Colin to flex them.  Ian’s dick becomes a bit harder due to the excitement he is feeling by punching his twin.  Colin starts bouncing up and down on his dick, a nice slow and even pace. Ian continues to massage the pecs and starts bucking his hips to match his brother’s movements.  Colin puts his hands on Ian’s biceps and starts to massage them like Ian did to his.  Ian throws a double bi pose while on his back. Colin leans in for a kiss, which Ian accepts openly.  They passionately kiss and both begin to groan.  Colin picks up his motion and is grinding his ass back and forth along his brother’s length, and feels Ian release another spurt of pre-cum in his ass.   He lets a glob out of his dick and it lands on Ian’s abs. 

Colin savagely grinds his ass into Ian’s pelvic section and lowers his chest onto Ian’s and moves it around, spreading the pre-cum. 

He suddenly says, “Position four.” And gets off Ian. 

Ian grins, gets off the bed, and squats down in front of Colin.  Colin approaches and Ian engulfs his dick to the hilt in a single motion.  He’s always been better at deep throating than Colin.  Ian uses his tongue to clean off the pre-cum which had leaked out. Colin moans and gets a good face fucking motion going. Ian is slobbering on Colin’s dick, completely coating it, and since his twin is now hair free, he is gladly accepts the whole length.  He puts his hands on Colin’s ass and is encouraging him to push harder and further into him, even though his is already all the way in.  Ian runs his tongue along the protruding veins and the mushroom capped head.  He gently rakes his teeth along the length and Colin shudders and releases another spurt of pre-cum right down his throat.  Ian responds and a glob jets out and hits Colin on his calf. 

Colin says, “Careful bro, you can’t cum too soon.”  Ian responds with a couple quick and fierce back and forth movements, almost completely releasing his brother’s cock from his mouth, then he engulfing it again to the hilt.

He gags as Colin’s dick hits the back of his throat and his Uvula (the little thing that hangs down at the back of your mouth). He adjusts his angle and gets another millimeter of Colin in him.  The gagging has subsided and both are enjoying the motion and feeling.  Colin puts his hands on Ian’s shoulders and gently massages the muscles, also attempting to pull Ian closer, if possible.  They keep up the pace and movement for another 5 minutes. 

Ian moves his hands from Colin’s ass and puts one hand on his ball sac and the other on the sensitive area between Colin’s ball sac and hole.  He uses his thumb to softly massage the area, rubbing across the remaining short hairs, causing Colin to shudder.  He uses his other hand to fondle the balls, tugging them and banging them around casually.  Colin is beginning to shake.  Ian releases his dick and removes his hands. 

He stands up, tenderly kisses Colon for a few minutes so they both calm and relax.  He then turns around and leans over the bed.  Colin moves in, jerks his dick back to full mast, and inserts it smoothly into Ian.  Ian stands upright. Colin moves his hands to Ian’s midsection and starts playing with Ian’s abs, which Ian flexes. Ian leans his head back and turns it so they can continue to kiss. Colin rakes his fingers across the ridges and valleys of Ian’s abs.  On the next pass, he grabs hold and pulls Ian back into him a bit more.  Ian sighs and now it’s his turn to grind his ass into Colin. Colin starts roughly bucking into Ian. Ian puts his hands on top of Colin’s and they intertwine their fingers. 

Colin, knowing he is just a bit stronger, leans back on his heels and Ian is lifted off the ground an inch or so. Colin uses his hips to push Ian up and down on his dick.  Ian lets his full weight settle onto Colin, knowing his twin would not do anything to hurt him.  They let go of each other’s hand and Colin wraps one hand around Ian’s chest while the other is around his midsection, right above his erect dick, brushing against it.  He continues to buck his hips and Ian is enjoying the ride. 

“See, Eddie isn’t the only one who can lift you up.”  Ian gurgles a content response and Colin knows he is all but ready to explode.

Colin moves his right hand down to Ian’s dick and starts to jerk on it. 

“Careful bro, I’m close”

“Good.” Say Colin while licking Ian’s earlobe.

He leans forward, puts Ian back down, and starts going to town on Ian’s ass, timing his bucking with his jerking.  Ian moves his left hand down and joins Colin in jerking him off.  Colin moves forward and begins to lick the back of Ian’s ear. Ian turns his head a bit and Colin inserts his tongue into his ear. 

Ian shudders, goes tense, and unleashes a massive load. Colin pulls Ian as close to him as he possibly can and gives him a reverse bear hug to make sure he does not lose his balance while letting lose.  The load explodes over the bed, coating the spread. The subsequent shots coat their hands and eventually Ian’s legs.  He is wiped out.  He leans his head back onto Colin’s shoulder.

Colin gently releases his twin’s dick and pushes him to the bed all the while still inside him.  Once Ian is on the bed, Colin grabs his legs and swings them around twisting Ian from his stomach to his back.  The motion and friction on his dick are overwhelming.   He puts both his hands on Ian’s waist and starts to violently push his dick in and out. 

Ian moans again, tightens his ass as hard as he can and Colin spews forth a matching load into Ian’s ass, with some leaking out and down his leg. Colin falls forward onto the bed right on top of Ian.  He withdraws his softening dick and moves into kiss Ian some more.  He slides off to a side and they are next to each other drowsing off.  Colin wraps an arm around his brother, leans over for one last kiss and whispers, “Night bro.”

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Oh brotherly fun. What a joy. A pretty good followqp up. Those twins know what they want

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