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Longer story, muscled gigolo moves in with old friend


I'm looking for a longer story with a lot of chapters (if I remember correctly). An apparently pretty normal guy feels like his job is leaving him kind of dumpy looking, coincidentally, an old cohort of his moves comes back into town and looks amazing. One thing leads to another and the old friend ends up staying with dumpy boi. They start training together and you find out later that the old friend is actually a gigolo who just got a new female boss in this area. The last part I remember reading was the gigolo's boss gave him a steroid that led to great gains but he refrained from taking it because he noticed it also caused a little fat gain.

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Its here 

The story was posted first in the old forum but never finished and it looks like it went the same way in here. There was some people wanted to continúe it but some just didnt let it happen

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