The Intergalactic Adventures of Eero - Chapter 12

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The Intergalactic Adventures of Eero

Chapter 12 - The Shoot


Eventually the trio made it to their destination.

"Gaeten told me just to let ourselves in," Scipio announced as they
arrived at what appeared to be a villa. "He only uses this place when he
comes into the city, the guy is loaded!”

Eero followed Scipio through the unassuming front courtyard, Scipio
swiping his Slate against the front door to let them in. The inside was
much more impressive.

As the front door swung itself open, the amazing interior was
revealed. The place was sleek and minimalist, sparsely furnished. The
walls were adorned with black and white prints of what must have been
Gaeten's work. Eero noted that they were all tightly cropped images of
the male form, a muscular male form. Eero felt a tightness in his shorts
as he gazed upon the erotic imagery.

All of the rooms looked south out over a balcony that wrapped around the
villa and gave panoramic views of the city as it stepped down the
hillsides towards the shores of Lake Et Nitido. Eero could see now why
they were shooting there, although he was worried that the views of the
city might distract from the views of his muscles.

Close, but not a chance.

"Your bag, Sir," Argento spoke as he handed Eero his bag, whose face was
pressed up against the glass, looking at the view in wonderment.

"Gaeten asked that you tan up for your photoshoot, stuff should be in
your bag," Scipio explained.

"Allow me to help you, Sir," Argento spoke quickly, and smiling, almost

"Bathroom should be through there," Scipio pointed.

————————————————————————————————- # ———————————————————————————————————

Eero stood in the middle of the rather luxurious bathroom, much more
spacious than the tiny cubicle on the Musculus, and began to remove his

Argento came up behind Eero, "Allow me, Sir," the metallic man
insisted as he rested his hand on Eero's thick shoulder.

"O-okay then," Eero replied, letting go of his sweatshirt.

Argento grabbed hold of Eero's waist and pulled the young
bodybuilder in close against his own chest, he loved holding Eero close.
He reached over Eero's shoulders, tracing his fingers down Eero's front,
not forgetting grasp Eero's pecs and pinch his nipples on the way down,
eliciting a delighted moan from the big muscle-slut.
Eero's head was nestled in between Argento's own massive biceps,
acting comically almost like a neck pillow stopping Eero's head from
lolling to the side in bliss as the robot assaulted his torso with

"Mmmm," Eero moaned, tilting his head to one side to delicately kiss
Argento's right bicep.

Sensors acting like the hair follicles on human skin relayed the
sensation to Argento's positronic brain, filling his artificial body with
pleasure. As a result, Eero could feel the unmistakable sensation of
Argento's silicone phallus growing against his lower back.

Argento grabbed at the hem of Eero's sweatshirt, dragging his
fingers across Eero's abs as he pulled the garment up past Eero's massive
pecs and then over his head. Once it was off Eero turned to face Argento
and rewarded him with a deep open mouth kiss.

"That feels very nice, Sir," Argento spoke as Eero pulled away, "you
are making me feel pleasure.”

"How about now?" Eero asked as he grasped the metallic mans full 14
inches with his hand, tugging enthusiastically at the silicone erection
that had been bobbing eagerly in front of him.

"Oh y-yes, S-Sir," Argento jerked, one of his eyelids twitching
slightly, his artificial brain overloading with pleasure signals.

"And what about no-wphff," Eero asked as he knelt down and swallowed
the plump head of the metallic mans pulsing erection.

Argento's software was being overloaded with pleasure signals, no
one had ever pleasured him orally, usually he was the one doing it.

"S-s-s-sir, p-p-please, my s-s-software cannot-," Argento's voice

Eero quickly stopped sensing something was wrong.

"Are you okay Argie?" Eero asked as he stood, steadying the pleasure
stricken robot.

"My apologies, Sir," Argento spoke, "My internal hardware needs to
be upgraded, my software cannot keep up with all the pleasure signals.”
Eero had to chuckle a little.

"Sorry Argie, didn't mean to overwork you," Eero smiled sheepishly.

"Do not apologise, Sir, It is I who should apologise. I am not able
to fully cater to your desires," Argento lamented.

"Perhaps we should continue getting undressed," Eero suggested.

Argento agreed, and knelt down to remove Eero's mesh shorts, gently
pulling them down over Eero's mighty quads and diamond calves.
The big muscled robot was now left to survey the magnificence of
Eero's tightly clad bulge. Argento cupped it gently in his hands like he
was handling a precious artefact. He then crept his fingers upwards to
the straps of his thong, pulling it down slowly until Eero's eager
tumescent erection slipped free. Argento did encounter some resistance as
he continued to pull the thong down, the strip of fabric along the back
once again caught between Eero's glutes.

And again, Eero received a pleasant spark of pleasure as the thong
rubbed against his eager, wanting fuck-chute.

Once Eero was fully undressed, Argento commenced slathering the
young bodybuilder with the thick copper tanning lotion. Eero leant
against the glass overlooking the city, steadying himself so Argento
could apply it evenly over his body.

Although Argento knew the tanning lotion might seep in through the
gaps in his hands to the mechanics below, the metallic man took the risk
so he could revel in the joy of running his hands over Eero’s muscles.

"Even bigger than before, very impressive, Sir," Argento
complimented Eero on his recent growth.

Argento started by generously massaging the thick tanning agent
generously into Eero's lower back, expertly giving Eero a deep tissue
massage at the same time, loosening up every muscle ready to flex in
front of the camera.

The thick lotion mixed with Eero's light skin, turning it into
glistening, rippling liquid gold. Every muscle on his thickly corded back
popped under the light.

"Ahhh, thats nice Argie, go lower!" Eero breathed.

Argento slid his metallic hands downwards to Eero's epic bubblebutt,
rubbing the lotion in hard circular motions which spread the cheeks
apart with each motion, exposing the bodybuilders tight little fuckchute.
The erotic sight had Argento's artificial salivary glands working
overtime, the metallic man practically drooling over Eero's liquid gold

"We need to make sure we get everywhere, Sir," Argento announced.
With that, Argento squeezed more of the tanning lotion onto his
hands, before bending down and tracing his finger from Eero's tailbone
down into the deep crevice of his bubble-butt.

"Ohhhh, Argie!" Eero gasped.

Eero knew he should've been focused on getting ready, but he wasn't
going to deny his metallic friend the pleasure of worshipping his body,
or deny himself.

"Y-you know what to do . .," Eero breathed.

Indeed he did.

Argento drew his finger lower until it was rested on the prize,
Eero's twitching fuck-chute. Argento gently applied force to Eero's hole,
slowly penetrating it with his finger, eliciting a crescendo of moans
from the bodybuilder. Argento drew his one finger in and out slowly, then
added another, and another.

"Awwwghhhh! Argie! Fuck Yes!" Eero bellowed, a racket not unheard by
Scipio outside.

With his free hand Argento reached between Eero's thick legs,
grabbing hold of the muscle-sluts throbbing erection. Argento began
stroking it in time with the thrusts of his fingers, overwhelming Eero
with a heady mix of pleasure from both ends. Argento hadn't forgotten to
coat his hand in tanning lotion before grabbing hold of Eero's erection.

"As I said, Sir, everywhere," Argento stated.

"F-f-fuuuckk!" was all Eero could utter, his face pressed against
the window.

It didn't take long for the inevitable to happen, Eero had been pent
up all morning, his tight clothes rubbing and riding up against his hole,
Argento’s pleasure overload and now his expert ministrations.

"Unnghhhhharghhh!" Eero bellowed as his load burst forth from his
tanning lotion lubed erection.

Argento caught most of it in his hand, holding a tight fist over
Eero's purple head, the rest splattered against the glass leaving a
sticky mess.

"Unh, Unh, Unh," Eero's shallow breaths echoed through the bathroom,
"If-if thats your approach to applying tanning lotion Argie then you
better be joining me at my next contest," Eero laughed a little, still
short of breath.

“It would be my pleasure, Sir, it may also help relieve you of any
nerves before your contest," the metallic man smiled wickedly.
"And look what I have here," he continued.

Eero turned and saw his emissions running down Argento's tan covered
fingers. The bodybuilder gently grabbed hold of Argento's mighty metal
and silicone arm and guided the fingers towards his mouth. Eero licked
his own generous load off Argento's finger, methodically running his
tongue between each digit, not wanting to miss a drop.

"Mmmmm," Eero moaned.

Argento looked very aroused by Eero's lewd act.

"It seems I may have been a little too liberal with the lotion, Sir,
we may not have enough to cover the rest of your body, especially your
pectorals," Argento explained.

"Then you'll just have to rub off some of the excess from the rest
of my body," Eero grinned.

————————————————————————————————- # ———————————————————————————————————

© Rekoobaz

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