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Wow finally a mean bully story. Based on the title I presume the protagonist is going to get the last laugh? 

Before that happens hope that Bruce can become bigger and more aggressive

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Great story/start!! finally a mean bully story. I hope that Bruce can become bigger and more aggressive! Show off more! found out he gets to turn on by muscle and dominance, love it ! Great story!!

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I still dun get why people love bullies like that so much. But dang I hope Carl (or the narator) will become so freaking big that he'd make Bruce look like a freaking ant. And would humiliate him more than Bruce ever humiliated Carl, yet would not do anything to Bruce afterwards so he would not be a bully like Bruce. >=(

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Chapter Two - My Turn

I barely remember the ten minute drive home but once inside the safety of my house I collapsed on the floor and started to sob.  

How could I be aroused by such an evil person? 

I got up and made it to the bathroom and started the shower. I purposely didn’t look at myself in the mirror. I was so ashamed of myself. As the hot water ran over my skin I finally started to relax. Flashes of Carl being dominated and humiliated by Bruce kept creeping into my mind. Then it wasn’t Carl I was thinking about. I only pictured Bruce. His massively hulking body lifting insane amounts of weights. Sweat puddling on the floor as he pushed his already massive body to new limits of growth. Minutes passed before I snapped out of my daydream only to discover that I was stroking my cock. My heart leap but I couldn’t stop jerking. I closed my eyes again and pictured Bruce hitting that terrifying most muscular pose just inches from my face. I could practically see the blood being pumped through the countless veins that covered every inch of his body. Less than ten strokes later, I sprayed a massive load of hot cum all over the side of the shower.

I stepped out of the shower and caught my reflection in the mirror. I caressed my wet, smooth hard pecs and smiled.

Maybe it wasn’t Bruce as much as his size that was getting me off. That thought brought some comfort to my racing mind.

“That must be the reason” I muttered. “I could never be attracted to an asshole like that.”

It was true that the larger I became, the more mass I wanted for myself. In the last two years I had become obsessed with getting bigger. I still remember the turning point years ago when I decided that enough was enough. I joined the gym on my 34th birthday and never looked back. While I had been making good gains, I was still nowhere near as big as I wanted to get. The more I thought about this, the more relaxed I started to feel. It wasn’t Bruce I wanted, it was his size.

I feel asleep that night thinking about what being 332lbs of massive, superhuman would feel like. When I woke up the next day, I chalked the pervious day up as just a fluke, brought on by my desire to get bigger. For the next three weeks my workouts were amazing; I had even gained another five pounds of new muscle. I was also fortunate to not run into Bruce again. Maybe his final humiliation would be the last time I ever laid eyes on the beast…until today.


If I was impressed by my own weight gain recently, Bruce looked to have tripled my gains. Three weeks ago he reached an astounding 332lbs but seeing him across the gym I would have guessed he’d added 15 more pounds for pure muscle. 

I did my best not to let Bruce’s presence derail my workout. I settled into a pretty good chest workout only flinching every time I heard Bruce let out a loud grunt or when he slammed heavy weights down. I tried not to look in his direction but I couldn’t help but glance over at him as he flaunted his growing body for the whole gym to see. I was also encouraged by the fact that as obnoxious as he was; he did not seem to be tormenting anything today. That was of course until I accidentally made eye contact with him.

I had just racked my final bench press set an sat up on the bench. I lifted my head and Bruce’s hulking frame was directly across from me. He was using the bench press rack opposite me. He had just racked his weight and sat up at the exact same time.  Terror overtook my body as our eyes meet. A cocky grin crept across Bruce’s face and he clasped his hands together and his upper body started to swell. He leaned forward causing his vein-covered shoulders to erupt with the deepest striations I’d ever witnessed. His thick meaty traps rose to suffocate his pillar-thick neck. As his already inhumanly massive arms reached full flex, there wasn’t a part of his upper body that still resembled what was considered human. I remember thinking LOOK AWAY but was unable to do so. It was at that moment Bruce stood up and started to move towards me. I froze in terror as the massive freak stood over my trembling body.

“Good set?” I heard him ask.

Too scared to look up, I just nodded my head. Suddenly I felt his enormous hand cup my chin and force my head up to meet his manic stare.  He let go of me, knowing I wasn’t stupid enough to look away. I stared at a wall of flesh and veins that eclipsed everything else around me. Involuntarily the massive man’s pumped pecs twitched and flexed. Deep, sweaty cuts appeared on every inch of exposed skin.

“Bet you wish you had pecs like this.” He said and turned his body 90 degrees. With a grunt he positioned his hands and started to hit a side-chest pose. Instantly, his body inflated. His already blood-engorged chest tripled in size. The overdeveloped muscles contorted and solidified inches from my face. His chest ballooned to it’s maximum size, causing his chin to rest between their deep cleavage. As if sensing my thoughts, he relaxed slightly and repositioned himself. To my utter disbelief, his chest grew even bigger. He literally transformed himself before my eyes from a being so huge, any professional bodybuilder would be envious of to something entirely inhuman. Deep separations between each muscle group tightened as every space and gap filled with hard, powerful muscle. I could see his entire body tremble to display his superior mass and conditioning. It was at his full flex that he glanced down between my legs.

He stopped posing and a huge grin came over his face.

“Holy shit! Looks like someone has a crush on Bruce’s big muscles.”

I covered my raging hard-on instantly but it was too late. A new level of terror overtook me. 

“Hey everyone! Looks like this little faggot has a crush on me!” Bruce yelled so the entire gym could hear.

Desperate to get away, I tried to stand up but with seemly little effort, Bruce pushed my back down on the bench.

“Well little man. If you like this body so much, why don’t I give you a real show” Bruce said with a chuckle and took a few steps back. With one fluid motion, he stripped off his skin-tight shirt and tossed it aside. He then grabbed the waist band of his baggy shorts and pulled them past his ridiculously massive quads. He stood straight up, exposing his nearly naked body. Underneath his clothes he wore a bright blue pair of underwear that left nothing to the imagination.

I was aware my mouth was open and tears we running down my face but I could do nothing to stop it.

“You think this 67” chest is huge? Check out the rest of this 340lb BEAST.” He bellowed.

Bruce planted his feet and started to flex. Displaying inconceivable muscle control, he started to flex individual body parts. It was obvious which parts he was flexing as they visible tripled in size instantly. He began with his calves. Like the day with Carl; each calf muscle mutated into rock hard muscle and thick, snake-like veins.

“25 inches.” Bruce said as he reached full flex “Biggest calves on the fucking planet.” he said.

Then his quads sprang to life.  I swear there was an audible rumble as the thick muscles started to expand. Once again, Bruce’s muscle control was incredible. The separate muscle groups of his quads seemed to flex independent of each other. Un-flexed, they hung over his relatively tiny knee joints. With a grunt, they flexed to impossible density and raw power. Veins always criss-crossed their surface but when flexed the display was downright frightening.

Through gritted teeth Bruce muttered “38 inches”. In the distance I heard someone stifle a scream.

As impossibly massive as Bruce was, he still maintained an incredibly balanced physique.  The sweep pf his quads was text book perfect and somehow made him look even larger than he clearly already was.

With a primal growl the monstrous freak standing two feet way raised his bloated arms and somehow tucked them behind his brick-hard abs. He dropped his shoulders and started to expand his lats. At first nothing happened, with the exception of his traps and shoulders engulfing his head, then suddenly his lats sprang into action. Within seconds he looked to be as wide as he was tall. Thick, dense, piles of muscle exploded from each side. Momentarily there was a gap between his arms and back but quickly that disappeared as his lats spread even further. When I thought the flex had hit it’s apex, Bruce did the impossible. He gritted his teeth and let out a roar that shook the walls of the gym. I couldn’t contain my reaction and let our a loud whimper.

Bruce’s massive form morphed right before my eyes. Every pro-bodybuilder I’d even seen online, every fantasy I ever had thinking of growing bigger and bigger, even the photoshopped pictures I’ve viewed hundreds of time paled in comparison to what I was witnessing.

Every inch of the behemoth’s body was flexed to it’s maximum. Veins visibly throbbed and sweat was literally pouring off him. Even his face was covered in a network of veins. The sight was too much for most people to handle. To say that Bruce looked grotesque was an understatement. He no longer looked human. Instead he was nothing but one massive wall of quivering muscle.

Bruce was visibly struggling to hold the epic flex but somehow managed to fight through he pain. Even more surprising, he was able to speak one word directed at me.

“C-C-CUM!” he screamed.

At that moment I lost all control of my body. It was as if I was watching myself from above. Unable to contain my reaction to the sight in front of me I felt my body convulsing. I remember feeling the sensation of wetness running down my leg but I could not take my eyes of Bruce’s body. Only when he finally relaxed the pose could I look down and see that I had sprayed a bucket of cum onto the gym floor; without touching myself.

I looked back at Bruce who was breathing heavy and laughing at me. “Looks like the little faggot couldn’t handle all this muscle.”

I was suddenly aware of what had just happened and that all eyes were on me. I was completely modified and jumped off the bench and started to run towards the front door. I remember stumbling a couple of times as my brain could not control my feet. By the time I reached my car I was crying uncontrollably. I don’t remember the drive home but I remained in my driveway for close to an hour sobbing before mustering the strength to go inside.

I took the following week off of work. I was too embarrassed and depressed to face the world. But as my hurt feeling faded a new emotion started to take over - rage. I was no longer mesmerized by Bruce’s massive body; I was disgusted by the evil person he was. The more I dwelled on what happened at the gym, more focused I became. Sure, I spent a few days in bed feeling sorry for myself but the rest of time away from society I became obsessed. I was determined to enact revenge on Bruce and wasn’t going to let anything or anyone stop me.

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Great entry and great descriptions but I gotta tell ya...

If Bruce came on to ME like that, my response would have been:

"You better goddamned believe it, Big Boy! Now show me whatcha got!"

I had a fun exchange on Instagram the other day. One of the 1500 or so bodybuilders I follow posted a really great chest shot. Only problem was he was wearing a tank top. My comment was:

"It should be illegal for  you to wear a shirt!"

Which prompted another follower to reply to my comment with:

"Dude, that's pretty gay."

My response?

"Well, I should HOPE so!"

Which elicited a "LOL! OK! No disrespect!"

I long ago stopped pretending that I wasn't looking at handsome men!

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