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Competition between rivals / friends


Does anyone remember the story of two friends in school who are always trying to out grow one another, until they’re both like 7ft tall?

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That sounds like a story from the Outgrown Yahoo message board. It's more a height growth story if this is what you were looking for.  Hot stuff, of course I prefer there be some muscle growth too;)


Friends Height Rivalry by dotslashbot


I had these 2 friends, Ken and Dan. It was like they had a rivalry
about who was taller. It was almost if they were trying to outgrow
the other. This "rivalry" started in elementary school and went on
through high school and even college.

I don't know how this "rivalry" got started. The first I remember was
when we were kids and Ken and Dan were arguing about whose Dad was
taller. I don't really remember the arguement. It was just stupid
kid stuff I think. However, these boys did have tall dads (and moms).
Dan's dad and mom were 6'3" and 5'9". Ken's dad and mom were 6'5 and
5'11". Until 8th grade Ken and Dan were the two tallest kids in our
class. At any particular time one was taller than the other.

Starting 8th grade Ken was 5'5" and Dan was 5'4". That year Dan had a
growth spurt of 8 inches. Dan was 6' when he started high school, but
Ken was only 5'7". Dan really rubbed it in to Ken especially when Dan
made the basketball team and Ken didn't. However Ken then had his own
growth spurt 7 inches. By sophomore year Ken was 6'3" and Dan was
only 6'2". Ken along with Dan made the basketball team that year. 
Both were on the team their junior and senior years as well. By
junior year Ken and Dan were both 6'4". Between then and graduation
Ken grew to 6'6" and Dan stayed where he was.

I thought that was end of it until a party at the end of my freshman
year of college. Ken, Dan, and I went to the same college. I knew
both Ken and Dan would be there. I met Dan first. Ken wasn't there
yet. Dan looked huge obviously. He was sitting down, and we started
talking. Dan said that he was hoping that Ken would be here. I
wondered why. Dan stood up and he was as tall as the doorway! Dan
said that this was why. He had grown 4 inches to 6'8. Dan went on to
brag about his height talking about how he was glad that he was moving
out of the dorms because he had outgrown his bed, the showers were too
small. He even complained that the ceilings were way too low.

Dan sat back down, and Ken showed up. They shook hands. Dan called
Ken shorty. Ken was like what's wrong with you Dan because he
believed that he was taller than Dan. Dan then stood up, and he was
taller than Ken. Dan started rubbing it in about how he was now 6'8"
and had to look "down" at Ken because he was so "short". I could tell
that this devastated Ken because he thought that he would be taller
than Dan forever now. It was impossible to talk to any girls at that
party because they were only interested in the two giants. More girls
were interested in Dan than Ken.

I thought that would be the end of it once and for all, but I was
wrong for the second and final time. Ken had joined a frat and had
both me and Dan come to a party they had. Ken was sitting on a couch
that was obviously way too small for him. We shook hands and started
talking. I had asked him why he wanted Dan to come to this party. 
Ken said that despite the fact Dan was "as tall as a door", Dan was
still a short runt that needed to be put in his place. I said to Ken
that he couldn't back that up with Dan being two inches taller than
him. Ken said you mean 4 inches shorter. I was like what? Ken stood
up, and it seemed to take him forever to stand up. He walked to the
nearest door and Ken was taller than the door! Ken said that runt is
going to learn how small he is. Dan showed up, and Ken sat down. Dan
found us, and Ken started laughing. Dan asked what could a shorty
like Ken could find so funny. Ken stood up and was taller than Dan. 
Dan couldn't believe it claiming that it was a trick. They decided
that each of them would get measured to find out who was taller. I
got to do the measuring since I was impartial.

The three of us went to Ken's room in the frat house. Ken got a tape
measure, and I measured Dan first. Dan said that Ken better find a
ladder since a shrimp like me is never going to be able to measure a
giant like him. As much as I hated that, he was right. Ken found a
ladder and I measured Dan at 6'8". Next was Ken, and he legitimately
was 7 feet tall. Now, Dan was devistated. Ken realized it was his
turn to rub it in talking about how the most manly of me are seven
feet tall and that doors are short like him and that he had tiny feet.
Both Dan and Ken had huge feet, but Ken's feet were clearly a few
sizes bigger.

After that neither Dan nor Ken grew anymore. I see them occasionally
but seperately since Dan stays away from Ken now.



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Nice I love rivalry stories like this amazing.

Jaypats The Rivalry is awesome too.

There was some about two friends growing  wasn't it Massium or something like that?

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Muscle Pumping Massium  - https://archive.muscle-growth.org/threads/1278-p1.html

Massium pt 2: Expanding rivalry - https://archive.muscle-growth.org/threads/1299-p1.html

Massium pt 3: Expanding Universe - https://archive.muscle-growth.org/threads/1390-p1.html


I also found these follow up ones while doing a search for the original stories, but they don't have the same rivalry theme so I'm not really that keen on these ones:

Massium 2:0 - https://archive.muscle-growth.org/threads/2025-p1.html

Massium 2:0 Part 2 - https://archive.muscle-growth.org/threads/2037-p1.html

Massium 2:0  Part 3 - https://archive.muscle-growth.org/threads/2037-p1.html

Massium 2:0 Part 4 - https://archive.muscle-growth.org/threads/2140-p1.html



Massium Enough for 3: https://archive.muscle-growth.org/threads/26512-p1.html (some rivalry in this)


There was also a dark world series which was quite hot which followed on from Massium pt 3 but I can't seem to find it, will keep searching.


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