The Intergalactic Adventures of Eero - Chapter 11

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Hi There All!

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The Intergalactic Adventures of Eero

Chapter 11 (TEASER) - Bigger


Bale prepared the syringe, a lot bigger and aggressive looking
compared to the first time, but it was a bigger dose after all.

"Just like before, just lay back on the exam table here and relax,"
Bale guided Eero to lie flat on the table.

Eero complied and lay back, taking a deep breath and trying to keep
his arousal at bay so the doctor could continue his work. Bale pointed
the needle at Eero's shoulder.

The dullest pain could be felt as the needle pierced the skin, Eero
held his breath, a few seconds, and then, done.

"And there we go," Bale spoke, discarding the syringe.

"So how long do you expect for it to take effect this time?" Eero

"Always hard to say, but probably around an hour," Bale guessed.

"Hmmm, what to do in the meantime I wonder," a coy look returning to
Eero's face, this time intentional as he stared at Bale.

"I'll finish up here, go wait in your cabin," Bale ordered.

———————————————————————————————— # ———————————————————————————————————

Soon after, Eero and Bale were washing themselves off together,
squeezed into the Musculus' tiny shower cubicle, still waiting patiently
for Eero's growth to begin.

They didn't have much longer to wait.

As the water cascaded over the their muscles, Eero began to feel a
familiar numb tingling, like pins and needles, all over his body. The
sensation spread quickly and Eero gasped.

"Doc! It's starting! Unhhhh!”

This time, only the dullest pain could be felt as the nanites went
to work rebuilding Eero's muscles, starting around his shoulders where
the metallic muscle builders had been injected.

Eero's shoulders grew wider, his deltoids rounding out even more in
a beautiful curve the weaved down into the tops of his biceps and
triceps, they too thickening up quite quickly. Eero's arms had always
been somewhat average compared to the rest of his body but now they were
rock hard, pulsing canons of might!

The growth continued to spread around Eero's torso, his traps
enlarged, hugging his neck and the growth moved towards Eero's already
monumental pecs, fortunately, their growth was minimal, bringing their
size into better proportion with the rest of his body, but the cleavage
was even more impressive Bale noticed as he watched the transformation
slack-jawed. He wanted nothing more than to run his tongue up and down
the deep crevice as he watched mesmerised as the water from the shower
cascaded down the deep valley.

Bale grabbed Eero's wet arms and held the growing bodybuilder
tightly, savouring the beauty of his transformation, "Ohhh Doc, it feels
sooo gooood this time!" Eero moaned. His cock growing erect again despite
just having spilt his load all over Bale in his cabin.

Eero did experience a slight stab of pain as he felt his fat nipples
enlarge a little more, now finger like nubs hanging from two massive

His waist barely grew at all, creating a phenomenal taper downwards.
His abs and obliques grew more plump, looking like they were trying to
break free from his skin, but they were still held taut against the
narrow waist.

Eero's significant bubble butt became more boulder like, his twin
globes pushing out further from his lower back seemingly defying gravity
in the process, as Eero shuffled around in the tight shower cubicle the
boulders jiggled ever so slightly, indicating they would still be good
fun to play with, especially when Eero's tight little thong was
separating those massive cheeks.

Eero's calves split and became wider and fiercer looking, an extreme
taper could be seen as the muscle thinned out toward the bodybuilders
ankles, an aesthetic that was seen a lot across Eero's body, a contrast
between thick and delicate.

Eero began to think the nanites had done their work as any signs of
pain began to disappear, but the nanites still had one more surprise for
the bodybuilder.

Hair began to sprout across Eero's jaw, creating a very sexy 5
o'clock shadow. Dirty blonder hair also sprouted across Eero's now even
more substantial body, making Eero look very manly and virile.
Shame, because of course body hair was a big no-no for a
bodybuilder, especially one due for a photoshoot the next day.
Bale stepped out of the cubicle to fully survey Eero's musculature.
He was almost godly.

Bale watched as Eero inspected his improved body as the water
continued to cascade over him. Bale couldn't help but begin jacking
himself off as he watched the show.

"How much do I weigh now?" Eero spoke aloud as he stepped from the
shower, not bothering to dry himself and stepped onto the scales next to
the basin.

Bale watched from over Eero's thick shoulder as the numbers slowly
blinked higher and higher, 240, 245, 250, 255, 261!

"Holy shit Doc! 261lbs! Thats over 15lbs of growth this time!" Eero
yelled excitedly.

"Oi! Whats the hold up in there?” Gage yelled as he banged on the
door, waiting to use the shower.

Bale and Eero looked at each other, grinning, and unlocked the door.
The 'whoosh' of door opening was a good sound effect to describe Gages
breath being taken away. He stood in the doorway stunned as he took in
Eero's new size. It took a lot for the gruff ex-marine to be speechless.
But the new size of the sexy muscle-slut before him certainly did the

"Fuck," was all gage could muster.

Eero laughed, "I'd love to sometime.”

Gage actually went red!

"But not right now, I've got an early start tomorrow," Eero slapped
Gage on the ass as he walked out of the shower room, the big muscle-slut
brimming with confidence after his latest growth.

————————————————————————————————  # ———————————————————————————————————

© Rekoobaz

Hope you enjoyed this little teaser of Chapter 11!

To see the full chapter and more, head on over to my Patreon page!

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