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Muscle-Growth's 2nd Annual Storiversary

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It's almost that time of year again where our site reaches its B-Day, and we had such a great success with last years Storiversary, we are doing it again! That's right, 30 Days, 30 Original Stories. We had some amazing writers last year, both fresh talent and even some writers who hadn't wrote a story in years! It's been a whole year, so lets see how we've grown as a community, and maybe even see some more emerging talent!

Rules are the same as last year:

A. create an all new story for the forum.

B. must be a completed story, an ending and a beginning.

But since this is YEAR 2, there is a new rule to this exception!

C. the story can be a new entry to the previous year's story, as long as it is still a completed work (Beginning and Ending).

Dates are below... I'll add the names to the dates as often as possible. If you choose the date, please commit to posting your story on that date. Let us know if you can not, and possibly another writer can switch with you.

April 1 - MaxMann

April 2 - FREaky

April 3 - goremeridian

April 4 - Austinevenson42

April 5 - Meatbox

April 6 -

April 7 - Superwaffle.

April 8 -

April 9 -

April 10 -

April 11 - Arpeejay

April 12 - Bjort

April 13 - Muscleace

April 14 - Hempmonkey

April 15 - Astromuscle

April 16 - MuscleBearDaddy

April 17 - Ferrenwolf

April 18 - SuperWaffle

April 19 - an0n12

April 20 - achilles

April 21 - Hoangrocky

April 22 - FREaky

April 23 - Flamedelft

April 24 - MuscledJunk

April 25 - Cutlerfan

April 26 - GiganticBeast

April 27 - Buffling

April 28 - Jaypat

April 29 - mf81

April 30 - BGryphon18

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