Steven's muscle building project Ch.2

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Here is chapter 2 of Steven's muscle building project.

Again, I'm new at this so go easy on me! 

I really tried to focus on what life would be like for someone who achieves a truly massive size so I hope I paint a good picture of that fantasy coming true for our story's hero!

Hope you enjoy.

Chapter 2

Bliss.  That was the only word I could use to describe my new life as a fulltime bodybuilder.  Every day I got closer and closer to reaching my goal of becoming a mass monster, and I had found the most amazing girl in the world to call my girlfriend.  Not only my girlfriend, but my number one fan, biggest support, personal trainer, financier and personal chef all in one! Our lives revolved around one thing and one thing only: making me bigger. The weeks ticked by and the two of us spent no time with anyone except each other, and of course Ilya when I went for my weekly injections. Not having to go to work and being able to concentrate only on bodybuilding had made my progress even more rapid. The more mass I put on, the more turned on Katie became by my muscles, and that in turn made her wish for me to become even bigger!  Besides our nightly oilings/muscle worship sessions, Katie had requested that I pose for her at least once if not twice per day.  I was all to happy to comply, as nothing got me off more than seeing her get turned on by my mass.  I’d strip down naked and apply some lotion so my skin would shine, then while she lay on the bed rubbing her clit I’d go through a posing routine as if I was on stage at the Olympia. Not only was this a sexual exploit, but it had the added bonus of helping me to perfect my posing routine. It never took her more than a couple of minutes before the sight of my muscles drove her to orgasm.  By the time she came, I’d be rock hard and all it took was a couple quick strokes of my own to bring me to an orgasm of my own.  We’d then clean up, and get back to the business of making me bigger.


June came, and one sunny evening after I’d eaten and trained and eaten some more, we decided to pretend we were normal people and did what normal people do: got a coffee and went for a walk by the waterfront.  I was wearing the biggest jeans and T-shirt that I owned but they were being stretched to the limit by my size.  I was bursting out of the T-shirt in every way imaginable, and my jeans looked like they were painted on.  In fact, if I had attempted a squat in them, they would surely have ripped to shreds then and there.  Lets just say, it wasn’t exactly hard to attract attention walking around like this.  Katie and I noticed that virtually everyone, man or woman, who walked by turned their heads and stared. As the evening sun shone down on the glistening lake front, I began to notice dozens of people starting to take pictures of me.  So I decided to put on a little show, and brought my arms up into a double biceps pose, then turned around to show off my incredibly wide back.  Smart phones could be heard snapping photos all around me.  I could tell Katie was incredibly turned on, and so was I. When the sun set, it was time to get back home for another feed, so off we rushed.  As I was downing my 5 plates of supper, Katie did some quick social media searches to see if anyone had posted their photos of me.  It turned out that I had become somewhat of a local phenomenon.  Hundreds of people had posted pictures of me under hashtags like #muscle, #bodybuilder, #Torontomuscle, and #sexy.  Katie grinned, knowing that I had made it into a couple hundred people’s so called “spank bank” but knowing that she had me all to herself.  For my part, I felt validated knowing I was becoming a muscle sculpture that the world could gaze upon in wonder.


“That was fun, I liked seeing everyone react to you.  I don’t think most of them had ever seen anything like it. Let’s get you even bigger in secret, then next time do another reveal where you really blow their minds.”


“Oh that sounds like fun” I replied. “in that case, why don’t you get me another plate of steak?”


Katie smirked, then dutifully dished me up another 600grams of steak which she insisted on cutting up and sensually feeding to me one muscle building forkful at a time.


The next day, I had my appointment with Ilya. He’d been on vacation for all of May so although I still received my injections (he’d given Katie instructions on how to inject me at home), we hadn’t performed any body size measurements in a month.  So at my first appointment in early June, I was eager to see how I’d progressed. The moment I walked in the door, his mouth dropped open wide. 


“Steven, you’re massive!” he proclaimed. “It’s only been a month, how could you have put on so much size?”


Grinning, I told him “when I dream of something, I really put my mind to it.  Besides, I’m bodybuilding fulltime now and Katie has been a great support, not to mention motivator. But come on, you’re making me blush, I can’t be THAT much bigger, like you said it’s only been a month.”


Ilya rushed me to his physicians weigh scale.  When the scale was finally balanced, I glanced down to see where I was at. 285 it read. I weighed Two Hundred and Eighty-five Pounds! I had put on 105 pounds of muscle since I’d moved to Toronto, and 72 pounds in the 4 months since February! No wonder I’d gotten so many stares from everyone out in public the night before, I was now well and truly a world class bodybuilder.  My other stats were just as impressive: 21” biceps, 4.5% bodyfat, 29”quads, 30” waist.


“Steven, there’s really no denying it.  If this progress continues, within a few more months you will have left the rest of humanity in the dust.  Are you sure you want to continue?”


“More than ever.  I am becoming the man I was born to be.  I want to become a freak, the likes of which have never been seen before!” I answered confidently.


Smiling, Ilya replied “Okay, okay, yes, yes, yes.  Of course.  I simply wanted to give you some insight into how much progress you’ve made so far. But if you wish to continue, I too am eager to see how much bigger you can become.  So let’s get you your injection so you can get out of here and get back to training, yes?”


I was on cloud nine for the rest of that day.  At this rate, by the end of June, I would have reached my original goal of 300 pounds.  Which meant it was time to set my sights higher.  Much higher.  I trained for my customary 3 and a half hours, then got home to the sight of my lover cooking me dinner in her lace bra and thong. 

“Hey baby, get those muscles over to the table and get this food in you” she playfully told me.


“Listen, Katie, I’ve got some news.  You know how everyone was staring at me yesterday, do you know why?”


“Well because you’re a muscle stud, that’s why.  Is that what you were getting at?” Katie replied.


“Yeah, but I don’t think we realized just HOW BIG I’ve become. We’ve been in our own little world for the last two months, and without realizing it I’ve hit 285 pounds!”


Katie’s eyes went wide for a second. “Really? Wow…  Soooo” she trailed off and then looked away.

“What is it baby? What’s wrong?” I asked.


“Well it’s just, your original goal was to hit 300 pounds, and you’re now only 15 pounds away.  So at this rate, you’ll be all done in a couple weeks.  And it’s just that, I’ve really enjoyed our journey so far.  Me helping you train, and eat, and pose has been the most rewarding, most sexually gratifying experience of my life.  And not only that, but I just LOVE spending time with you, you’re a great companion and having this goal to work towards has been the centrepiece of our relationship since we started dating.  Without it, I don’t know what life would be like…  Plus if I’m honest, as much as I love to worship and feel up your muscles, what REALLY turns me on isn’t what you look like today, but imagining what you’ll look like 6 months from now: even more impossibly huge, more ripped, leaner, more freaky!  Without that, I’ll still love you, but my life will feel somewhat… diminished.  But I know I have no right no force my desires on you, it’s your body, you should do with it what you feel is right.”


By now, I was smiling warmly. I touched Katie’s cheek, and she turned to face me once again.  “Katie.  I don’t think you have to worry about a thing.  300 pounds was only my goal when I was just starting out.  That was when I thought I’d have to fight tooth and nail to reach it, but now that I have you and Ilya helping me out, I think it’s time I dream bigger.  I think it’s time WE dream bigger.  I have some ideas of my own, but just how big do YOU want me to get?  Because I have some deep, dark desires, and if you want me to, I can unleash them.  But in order to go down that road, I want to know I’ll have you by my side the whole time.  Because if I decide to truly explore my desires, I will have achieved a look and size that no one else has even come close to.”


I was still holding Katie’s cheek in my hand, and as I said this I felt her shudder. She smiled mischievously. “Steven, I have an active imagination, and my deep dark desires have been unleashed ever since the first time I saw you.  There is no limit to how big I want you to get. The day that moving becomes virtually impossible for you, and you can no longer fuck me, then we can start to consider stopping your growth, but until then I say the bigger the better.”


“Well okay then.  All this talk has made me crave getting even bigger.  How about you come with me to the gym and I’ll go do another workout.  I can feel my muscles craving to be pushed to the limit.  I guess 3 and a half hours of weight training per day isn’t enough.”

I led Katie by the hand and off we went, back to the gym.


There was one thing weighing me down, however.  I hadn’t seen my family back home since Christmas, and I’d put on about 85 pounds of muscle since then.  My physique would be unrecognizable to them.  Not only that, but Katie and I truly intended to push my growth to the limit in the months to come.  I figured it was now or never to introduce Katie to my family, and show them the new me.  Hopefully their freak out would be short lived, and I could tell them to expect more growth in the future.  So at the end of June, with me weighing just under 300 pounds we booked 3 plane tickets back to my hometown.  1 ticket for Katie, and 2 for me.  I didn’t really fit in a single seat anymore.


On the flight, we came up with a rousing speech to give to my parents. It was half truth, half fiction. All intended to reduce their freak-out. I was going to tell them that my Window Washing job was incredibly physical and I had started to put on size just from the hard labour.  Realizing that I had loved the idea of getting stronger I’d joined a gym and found I was a natural at weight training. At which point a scientist who saw me at the gym approached me and asked me to join a research study aimed at determining the maximum human potential with the goal of using my results to provide the medical field with potential medical breakthroughs in the future. And his treatments were why I had put on so much size.  I would say that I wasn’t sure at first about getting bigger, but me and Katie had come to terms with it knowing that I was helping to find new medical breakthroughs that could help others in the future.

We would neglect to tell them that in fact Katie and I were muscle crazed addicts, and that this whole venture had been my only reason for moving away.  That I’d dreamed of this for years prior, and that Ilya’s treatments were accomplishing only one thing: growth.  True though, I WAS a natural at weight training, and I WAS well on my way to determining the maximum human potential. And of course, I HAD been a Window Washer, but we’d leave out the fact that I had left my job a couple months before.


When we met my parents, the meeting went as expected.  Their jaws dropped, and they asked me a million questions.  It was clear they disapproved.  They didn’t even acknowledge Katie at first, they were so focused on my look. Katie smiled, and stepped away to go get our bags.  I gave my fictitious explanation speech to my parents, and they warmed up a little bit.  When Katie came back with our luggage, they greeted her warmly and apologized for not introducing themselves. Katie was warm, and bubbly and they took to her immediately.  In fact, she melted their hearts with kindness and after a couple of days I think they were so happy to see me with a nice girl like Katie, they didn’t really care what else was going on in my life.  After a 4 day visit (any longer and I feared that I’d start losing muscle. I couldn’t eat more than 7000 calories a day or go to the gym for more than 2 hours without arousing my family’s suspicion) we were back at the airport to fly home.  I’d gotten a monkey off my back, introducing my family to the “new” me, and I had vaguely suggested that I “might” look a “little bigger” the next time they see me, but it wouldn’t be anything drastic.  That was an out and out lie, but hey, memories can be blurry and perhaps the next time they saw me they’d find some way to justify it by saying “well I guess he was just bigger than we remembered him being.”


When we got home, we decided to come up with a new “temporary goal” for us to work towards.  I say “us” because lets face it, Katie was as invested in my growth as I was at this point.  She asked me who was my IFBB idol.  I mentioned that back when I was dreaming about becoming a bodybuilder, I really wanted to look like Gunter Schlierkamp. We pulled up his stats and at his peak he was 6’1”, 300 pounds when competition lean.  This gave him an FFMI of 38. Using an FFMI calculator we plugged in my height to see what I’d need to weigh to look like him.  The answer was 325 pounds! I was only 25 pounds away from being just as big as one of the biggest pro bodybuilders of all time!  It only took until August 1 to reach my goal.  I had now accomplished my lifelong dream: I was an ABSOLUTELY MASSIVE human, who could walk on stage and compete with the top bodybuilders in the world.  And so, we revised our goal upwards: 400 pounds sounded like a nice round number. And when we reached that we would reward ourselves with two things: a trip, and entering me into a bodybuilding show.


In order to keep the growth coming, Katie had to increase my calorie intake from 15,000 to 20,000 per day.  15,000 was simply what was required to MAINTAIN my current size.  My muscles craved protein, and with every meal I could almost sense the food going straight to my muscles. 


We had to make some changes in our lifestyle to accommodate my size too.  I no longer fit in the shower in our condo.  Well, I fit, but there was no way for me to turn around, and since I took up so much room Katie couldn’t fit in there anymore to help wash or shave me.  So she worked out an agreement where we would get access to my gym after hours and so after I was done working out, she would accompany me to the large 4 person shower where we’d get clean.  I also no longer fit into my VW golf.  The trusty steed had served me while so far, but now when we I got in, the suspension immediately bottomed out and the little car tilted to one side.  Plus I was so wide I couldn’t really move my arms to shift gears or turn the steering wheel.  So Katie got us a minivan.  Seriously! She was now the designated driver, while I would take up the whole middle bench seat.  This had the added bonus that now that I was no longer driving I could spend the time commuting to and from the gym eating to feed my muscles.  None of the clothes I owned fit me anymore.  To be honest, I’d actually gone and gotten a whole new set of clothes back when I was in the 260 pound range but now all of THOSE clothes were too small too.  It didn’t really make sense to go and constantly buy new clothes that I’d soon grow out of, so I didn’t.  I simply wore XXXL sweat pants and sweat shirts when I was out and about (which was basically only going to Ilya’s and to the gym anyways).  And since I now worked out at the gym after hours, I took to wearing only a pair of lycra 4” inseam workout shorts.  We had to go get a custom bed made because I was so heavy and wide for our King bed, that Katie just always rolled into me at night.  Not that she didn’t want to spend the night cuddled in tight to my rippling mass, but there was starting to be a serious risk of our bed collapsing.  So we had a custom mattress made that was 3 feet wider, with a bed frame made of 4x4 Douglas fir.


By the 1 year anniversary of me starting my muscle building journey, I weighed 350 pounds. An increase of 170 pounds.  It took until mid October to hit 400 pounds, and so Katie and I rewarded ourselves by booking our vacation.  First we searched for somewhere warm that was hosting a bodybuilding contest.  Having found one being hosted on the Luxurious Island of St Barts in the Caribbean the next weekend we then booked flights and hotels on the Island.


“I’m going to have to do some shopping, I have nothing to wear for this vacation!” I complained to Katie a few days before we were ready to leave.


“Well how about you let me take care of that? You need to focus on training and getting your posing routine ready for the competition.  I’ll go out and find you a new wardrobe.”


She was right, I had lots to do, so I agreed to let her do my packing for me.


Travelling to the airport it was chilly, so I wore my customary XXXL sweat suit.  Boarding the plane was quite a debacle as I had to stand sideways in order to fit through the narrow door to board the plane. I then had to shuffle sideways down the centre aisle leading to our seats in the back since when I tried to walk straight my arms, and my quads would get stuck between the seats on either side. We got settled in our seats, but shortly afterwards a flight attendant came to speak to me and said that the pilots had seen me boarding the plane and were worried that all my weight situated so far back would throw the planes centre of balance off, so they needed me to move further up to seats over the wings.  I don’t know if I’ve even blushed so much: I was so big that I was causing a 737 to be thrown off balance!


We arrived and I was anxious to get changed, since I was still wearing a sweat suit and we were now in the 30 degree heat.


“Just wait until we get to the hotel, baby” she told me. Of course, Katie was wearing a sexy sun dress that clung tightly to her incredible figure.  But I relented, and looking like a sweaty mess, we finally arrived in our room.


“I didn’t want anyone to see how big you were.  The competition is tomorrow and I want to take the place by storm!  Imagine the gasps we’ll hear when you walk out on stage.  No one will have seen anything like you!  That’s why you need to keep wearing sweats until after the show.  And then, I’ve got a whole new wardrobe for you.  See look:” Katie opened up my suitcase.  I laughed and then realized I should have expected something like this when I agreed to let Katie pack for me.  There weren’t any normal clothes at all. Certainly no pants, and no shirts either.  Zero.  What WAS in there was dozens of pairs posing trunks, speedos, and short square cut swimsuits, in every colour and fabric imaginable.


“Katie, don’t get me wrong I would love to wear all this, but don’t you think I’ll need to wear some fancy clothes when we go out?  I can’t wear this skimpy stuff ALL DAY!”


Katie was expecting that comment, so she knew exactly what to say to get me on her side “Steven, baby, after tomorrow, your body is going to be the only thing people on this Island are talking about.  You will be performing a public service by putting it on display for them.  I guarantee, you will look so natural in your posing trunks that you won’t want to wear anything else! And besides, it’s the French Caribbean: everybody wears skimpy swimsuits down here.  Look, I brought thong bikins to wear myself!”


She did have a point.  And besides, there was something I hadn’t told Katie quite yet: I actually had quite a fetish for wearing posing suits.  Half of the reason why I wanted to get into bodybuilding was so I could put myself up on stage wearing only the skimpiest, tightest, shiniest most glute hugging swimsuits imaginable.  And now that I had the body of my dreams, it certainly made sense to indulge myself in this respect as well.

“You sure got me a good selection.  Are they all custom made?”


Katie nodded. “Here let’s hang them all up.” The entire closet was filled with a colourful array of tiny swimsuits, and our hotel room was permeated with that new lycra smell.


“Since you can’t go out in public just yet, we better order you room service.” Katie dialled the front desk “yes, in room 1222 we need 9 orders of your 3 egg breakfast omelette please.”  I couldn’t help but laugh, they probably thought we were an entire family!  No, just one massive bodybuilder!


We picked out my posing suit for the next day.  It was shiny red lycra.  It was what you would call a “Brazil cut” covering only about half of my glutes, with minimal coverage in the front and ½” sides.  It was definitely the smallest suit I could wear while still remaining decent. 


The next morning I pulled on my posing trunks. Katie applied bikini bite glue to keep my package in the ludicrously small front, then there was a knock on the door. She had hired someone to come to our room to apply my pro tan.  Our plan was to arrive at the competition minutes before I was set to go on stage so that I could really surprise the competitors and the crowd.  I was transformed into a bronzed god with the pro tan, and then Katie performed one final oiling so that I shone brilliantly.  I then put my sweat suit back on and we headed to the auditorium.

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This story is getting better and better! Cannot wait to see what happens at the contest; will there be someone just as big? Will Steve be the biggest? Lets find out next time!

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Great second chapter although I think it got a bit fast after he hit 300 to be honest - I'd enjoyed the slower build-up!

Well-written nonetheless, particularly enjoyed the 'discovery' part at 285-300.

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Awesome story. ^^ 

However: Saying that 400lbs of muscle is heavy enough to unbalance a plane is not really realistic. ^^;  I mean: If that would happen than around 200lbs of extra bagage would cause the plane to destabilise as well which it definitely won't.

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loved this chapter! Thank you so much for writing this up, can't wait for more!

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This chapter was fantastic! I love the challenges Steven faces as he grows bigger. On the surface it might seem like it would make being so large a pain, but it somehow makes it all even hotter! Looking forward to more.

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