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sci-fi The Doctor and the He-Man

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There have been a number of suggestions about teaming up characters who you might never normally expect to see together because they are complete opposites and one combination that has been mooted in the past is the Doctor (very intelligent but not that strong) with He-Man (incredibly strong but nothing like as intelligent as the Doctor) so here's my little offering as to whether it could work. As a sense of placement, it happens after "The Enemy Within" (which was broadcast in 1996 and featured Paul McGann as the Doctor) and before "The Night of the Doctor (which was broadcast in 2013 and introduced Sir John Hurt as the War Doctor)

Chapter One

As the TARDIS landed with its customary thump, the Doctor was rifling through the drawers of the cupboard  in the console room looking for his interniary. He had been warned, by means of a projection from the Matrix, the heart of all Time Lord knowledge, that a time war was coming, a war that was started by the Daleks in revenge for the mission that he had undertaken for the Time Lords to avert their creation. That mission, with Harry Sullivan and Sarah Jane Smith, had only been a partial success, delaying their rise by a millennium, but it was all the provocation the Daleks would need, and so he was commissioned to find allies and that meant visiting every class five planet in the TARDIS databanks and that included

"Eternia" he declared as he found the piece of paper, "I knew it was here somewhere!" and with that closed the drawer and read from the sheet of paper.

Located at the centre of the known universe, it was likely to be one of the first planets to be invaded by the Daleks and therefore, although the habitants were much bigger and stronger than most humanoids in that sector, they could ever expect to stand up to the Daleks and so it was decided that they would be asked to join against them. It was a planet that had suffered from war, if the records were correct, a Great War, that meant the planet was half science and half barbarian, which reminded the Doctor of the planet where he was condemned as "The Face of Evil" and hoped that the members of this planet were not going to put him on trial as happened there so with that put on his coat and left the TARDIS.

He was a little disappointed when he found that the TARDIS had landed in the middle of a plain, but he liked walking. Ever since he had been given the pair of shoes that he was wearing by Dr. Grace Holloway, he wore them as a way to remember "the doctor who brought back the dead" in the form of himself, although she was the reason he regenerated in the first place, and both her and Chang Lee after the Doctor defeated the Master's plan to destroy Earth at the turn of their third millennium and in doing so brought them back to life, but as he locked the TARDIS door, he instantly realised that he was not alone.

"Greetings, Doctor" said a voice and as he turned around he smiled.

"My dear Sorceress, how lovely to see you again, and may I say you don't look a day over a millennium!"

The eagle that was sitting on the ground in front of him, nodded its head before taking to the skies and headed south.

"After you" smiled the Doctor and was soon walking towards the fabled home of the Eternian Royal Family, whose monarch he had been charged to speak to, however little did he realise that he was being watched





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Chapter Two

The scene that presented itself in front of Skeletor was getting so common that as he ranted and raved, Evil-Lyn was reminded of a saying that she had heard on several occasions, namely "Oh, change the holographic projection!"

"You furry, flea bitten fool, I'll cover my throne with your hide!"

As Trap Jaw and Tri-Klops smirked at the insult levelled at Beast Man, Skeletor turned his ire onto them

"I'll turn you into a suitcase" he said looking directly at Trap Jaw, and then turning to look at Tri-Klops he added "Your the most miserable excuse for a villain I have ever seen!"

"But, it was..." they all chorused but stopped as Skeletor raised his orb

"And if I hear one more "It was He-Man" he roared, "then I shall take this orb and stick it..."

Before he had a chance to complete the threat, the doors to the throne room of Snake Mountain exploded inwards and three Daleks entered.

"WHO DARES TO INVADE SNAKE MOUNTAIN?" Skeletor roared and with that sent his minions in battle

"DALEKS CONQUER AND DESTROY!" came the chorused reply as the three villains were instantly cut down and the lead Dalek advanced.


Skeletor rubbed his chin, he had heard legends of these Daleks before but to see them in action and as he stood up a plan started to form in his mind.

"I am Skeletor" he announced


As Skeletor walked down the steps to the Dalek, a smirk started to cross his bony face. He had the powers of darkness to his aid, he had resisted any number of attempts to be controlled and so as he bowed and said "I accept my fate" he wondered if he could control these Daleks and use them to defeat He-Man once and for all.

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Great start! I am a big fan of Masters of the Universe. Keep it up. And could you post a picture of the Daleks or the Supreme Dalek, please. I would like to know how they look like.

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Chapter Three

"Announcing the emissary of the Time Lords, from the planet of Gallifrey, the Doctor!"

As the Doctor entered the royal throne room he bowed deeply and said "My noble King Greyskull, I bring greetings from the Time Lords, rulers of the planet Gallifrey, and seek an audience with you on a matter of some urgency!"

"Ah" replied a voice that caused the Doctor to look up with concern, "You're not that up to date are you. My name is King Randor, but on behalf of the royal family who claim King Greyskull as their ancestor, we welcome you noble Doctor!"


"Please forgive me, Your Majesty" replied the Doctor as he stood up, "I was not aware of your ascension to the throne"

"That is an easy mistake to make" the King chuckled, "especially for someone who was last here a long time ago" and with that left his throne and shook the Doctor's hand before introducing "Her Majesty, Queen..."

"So that's where you've got to!" declared the Doctor with a smile and with that bowed as Queen Marlena approached her husband and as he stood up said "Well, there cannot be many Lieutenants who become a Queen, eh Lt. Glenn!"


"You know me, Doctor" she asked

"Know you, oh, my dear Majesty, you are hailed as a hero. One of the first woman astronauts from Earth, how did you end up here then?"

"Solar Flare" she replied, "completely knocked out my instruments, ended up crash landing here and met this handsome man!" and with that she kissed King Randor who blushed a little. As they did, there was a cough and their Majesties turned to reveal...

"Our Man at Arms, Doctor or Duncan as we like to call him!" smiled the King


"Pleased to make your acquaintance" smiled the Doctor, "I believe the reason for my visit will interest you a great deal"

As he went to shake Duncan's hand, he felt someone tap him on the shoulder and as he turned around, he was surprised by a pack of cards in front of him and being urged to "pick a card, go on, any card!". The Doctor did so and was told to "memorise that card, put it back in the pack but do not tell me what card you chose!". As the Doctor followed the instructions the pack of cards vanished to reveal...

"My word, a Trollan" he smiled, "I haven't see one of your kind in a long while!"


As Orko nodded his head, he closed his eyes and with a flourish produced a playing card that was almost as large as the Doctor and announced proudly "Is that your card?"

"No" chuckled the Doctor, and with that reached behind Orko's ear and pulled out "The eight of hearts, that was my card!" which left Orko stunned and the other people laughing out loud. As they did, the Doctor suddenly coughed and exclaimed "Oh, my goodness me, what is that awful smell? Its, oh, by Rassilion, I haven't smelt anything that bad since King Greyskull showed me how strong he was!"

"Did I miss another one of Orko's magic tricks?" asked a voice, "if so that's what is smelling!"

"This is my only son, Doctor, Prince Adam!" said the King and as the Doctor went to shake his hand, the smell got so overwhelming that he had to force himself not to be sick. 


"Come" said the King, placing a friendly arm around the Doctor's shoulder, "come and ate with us before you discuss the reason for your visit!"

"Yes, that would be very nice!" replied the Doctor, glad to get away from the smell but as he did, he looked at Prince Adam and said to himself, "Why does he remind me of someone?"

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Chapter Four

"BRING FORTH THE BEING KNOWN AS SKELETOR" boomed the Supreme Dalek as Skeletor was brought before him


"KNEEL, KNEEL BEFORE THE SUPREME DALEK" chorused the Daleks pushing him forwards. As Skeletor did, he said "I beg an audience with the Supreme Dalek and propose an alliance"


"Indeed, o mighty Supreme Dalek" Skeletor added bowing deeply, "however there is one more supreme than you. He calls himself He-Man and declares himself to be the most powerful being in the universe!"


The Dalek behind Skeletor projected out one of its arms and rested it on Skeletor's head and instantly a hologram of He-Man appeared



"He once moved our planet's moon out of it's orbit" replied Skeletor and with that the hologram showed the feat of strength



As every Dalek present repeated the last word, Skeletor chuckled to himself. There was no way that He-Man would be able to survive and he would be free to claim the secrets of Greyskull and become ruler of all Eternia.


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Chapter Five

As King Randor, Duncan and Adam sat around a table in the royal council chamber, the Doctor fiddled with his sonic screwdriver and a helmet loaned to him by Duncan and said "Gentlemen, may I present a history of the Daleks" and with that placed the helmet on his head, placed the sonic screwdriver on top of it and switched it on.

"These projections, gentlemen, are from my own memory and are as detailed a history as it is possible to have. About ninety three million years ago, give or take the odd millennium, life formed on the planet of Skaro, this life carried on as you would expect it to do so for a good ninety one million years until people like us first appeared. However, about half a million years ago, there was a planet wide disaster, the crust shifted so much that only two tribes of people remained. The Thals and the Dals. The Thals became a warrior race, whilst the Dals became teachers. Time carried on as did the development of the two tribes, however about seven thousand years ago the two tribes met each other for the first time in nearly half a million years and the result, gentlemen, was war and saw the Dals rename themselves Kaleds"

As the gentlemen tutted their disapproval the Doctor nodded.

"The first act of the war was a confession from a spy, and by now, both sides had discovered nuclear power and well, I don't think I need to tell you what happened next, but that war had a side effect. Due to the amount of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons used, a new subspecies called Mutos started to appear"


"But, they look like us" replied the King

"On the surface, yes" replied the Doctor, "but their biology had been changed by the war. This change was intriguing to the leader of the Kaled Scientific elite, a man called Davros and over the next few decades, he came up with so many ideas he was hailed as a hero, despite being an invalid and forced to use a travel device to get anywhere. During this time, he met up with a researcher who made a chilling projection, that within 200 years, the Kaled race would cease to exist in it's current form and would evolve into a  small clawed creature she called a Dalek"

"We're going to be invaded by aliens?" exclaimed Duncan

"It's worse than that" continued the Doctor, as he explained that Davros convinced by this research took matters into his own hands and started to experiment using this theory and created the first Dalek creature some a hundred and fifty years early. He placed that creature into a travel machine of his own invention and then...then..."

As the Doctor started to weep he said "Forgive me, gentlemen, I was tasked with the destruction of these creatures before they got that far. Back then I was a more philosophical man than I am now and...and believed that worlds would become peaceful in their unity against the Daleks, but I was wrong, the Daleks are without any form of mercy at all and I hold myself to blame!"

As the projection ended, the Doctor sniffed and said "That, gentlemen, is the enemy we Timelords have, in effect launched on the universe and therefore we come to you asking will you help us defeat them once and for all?"

The King stood up and said "I will consult on this question, Doctor, you will know your answer in the morning!"


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Chapter Six

That evening as the Doctor stood on the battlements of the castle, he looked up at the night sky and sighed "How can something of such infinite beauty create such evil?"

"It is a question I have often asked myself" came a reply, and as the Doctor turned around, the smell hit him again as he politely nodded and said "Your Highness, I thought that you were asleep!"

"I couldn't get to sleep" replied Adam, "what you told us about the Daleks, it...it made me shudder!"

"It was the same when I first encountered them" replied the Doctor, "that's why I only have power cat naps. I dare not sleep lest I dream of their evil and wickedness" and with that he looked up and said "Each of those stars, your Highness, is a sun, around each of those suns is a planetary system and at least one of the planets in those systems have been invaded or used by the Daleks in some way" and with that he pointed towards a bright blue star saying "Take that one for instance, in that star's system is the planet Vulcan, three Daleks crash landed there centuries before the arrival of humankind and they used those humans as pawns in their plans to recover their numbers, they were defeated but at a terrible cost. And that one over there, in there is the planet of Azure, completely destroyed by the Daleks and then of course, there" and pointed to an orange star that seemed very faint, "the star that your mother knew as the Sun, and in that system is the planet Earth, oh, the number of times the Daleks invaded and yet I defeated them but every time the cost..." and with that he started to whimper saying "I'm sorry, your Highness, I don't think you would understand" and as he looked up he was surprised to see Adam nodding sagely.

"And are those stars?" he asked pointing to three blue stars near to the horizon in a triangle shape

"I...I don't recognise that constellation" replied the Doctor and as he noted they were moving he said "No, those aren't stars, they are meteors, bits of rock burning up in the atmosphere. If they were to land they would be called meteorites and can be very helpful for research!"

Suddenly a stream of blue light erupted from the meteors, travelled over their heads and exploded a turrent behind them. Pushing the prince to one side the Doctor avoided the turrent collapsing and exclaimed "Those aren't meteors, they're Daleks! Your Highness get to safety, I'll inform Duncan!" and with that he raced inside the castle. As he did he heard someone exclaim "By the power of Greyskull!" and as he did he stopped. That was the declaration of Eternia's greatest hero, King Greyskull. The man who had saved his own life when he was last here a millennium ago. Was he? No, he couldn't have been, could he? And so finding a servant and asking him to pass the message on, he ran back to the battlements and found a man, clearly endowed with great strength, standing ready to face the incoming Daleks, but it was not King Greyskull. As the man noticed him he declared "Doctor, it would be best for you to stay inside, I am the defender of this planet!"

"Who are you?" asked the Doctor

"He-Man" came the reply.

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man the combination of Dr Who and He-man, truly epic.  He-man has always been my muscleman superhero idol.  love it if he finds himself trapped in a situation where he has to lift a huge barbell which is at his max (or just beyond) - see he-man struggle and strain like never before, trapped, with only his muscles and strength to get him out

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