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Bigger, Blockier Abs

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A lot of ab training content online is for cutting, and developing a thin waistline.
And those worked well enough for a while. But like a lot of you guys, I don't want that - I want six bricks!

So, what are you favorite routines for giving your abs more mass? What did you wish you knew before? Do you dedicate an entire day to abs?

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Abs have always been a little troublesome for me. It seemed like any exercise that made my abs grow always made them protrude and look just like a beer belly in clothes. Recently though, I tried some cable crunches after seeing a guy in the gym do them. Didn't seem that great- UNTIL I saw a youtube video of Scott Herman explaining how to make the mind muscle connection with them.

Since then, I've been heading in the direction I want- thicker and blockier abs that are defined and don't make me look like I have a "steroid turtle gut." It is surprising how much weight you can move on these, even though you still have your abdominal wall sucked in pretty good while doing them.

Scott suggests using something other than the triceps rope for a handle. I use a v-handle that was designed for close grip lat pulldowns, holding it behind my head, knees on the floor, not letting my ass go back toward my ankles while crunching down and in- trying to get my head as close to my knees as possible- awesome ab pump when finished. I do these every time I deadlift, and any days I'm not  doing super heavy legs (sled/squats)  work. This ends up being about 3 or 4 times a week. My abs are getting thicker, even though my stomach sticks out less now. Give em a try!


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