Muscle Worshippers: Chapter 12 of 14

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THE STORY SO FAR - Stephan is a police officer with a very well-endowed boyfriend, Tom. But Stephan's sex addiction to sex leads to him losing his job - and breaking up with from Tom. While staying with his parents in a quiet corner of London, Stephan observes something exciting: an alpha muscle Beast (Nico) humiliating a fluffy, gentle, weak young beta called Olly. Nico starts helping Olly grow - and it happens at an impossible rate: muscle, height, cock, hair, character. Soon he's eclipsed Nico himself. Olly seems increasingly alpha. Nico is a star of muscle worship websites and private clubs. Where will it end?  Stephan suspects that the men at Nico's gym - Uranus Gyms - are experimenting on Olly; he steals a flask of their protein supplement and tries it out on Tom: it not only makes Tom's muscle and cock swell, but allows the two of them to share minds. What is the plan for the new, alpha Olly? Will Nico's Dad - owner of Uranus gyms - be able to help him?

Chapter 11 is here.




Tuesday October 9th


I came home from working out at the gym with Olly and I was, like, I need to get naked — now.

It used to be so easy before Olly came along. I used to finish a workout, hard as fuck in every sense of the word, and then just hang out in the communal showers with the other muscle lads. Just soaking my aching muscles, soaping them up, waiting to see who was interested. And believe me, most of the lads were interested. It was first come first served when I had my cock out. I could take my pick.

I used to wank myself off for their delectation. We would stand around in a half-circle in the showers, water blasting down on our hard, sweaty bodies, and jacking off, our gaze shifting from prick to prick. Little smiles. But I was the centre of attention, because my knob easily dwarfed even the biggest of theirs. And I was serious about showing it off to its best, making them all want a taste. They would wait till I came before they could spend their load.

Then I realised how many of the guys in the gym were into this sort of thing, and we moved out of the showers. We went into the changing rooms. We could take our time there, and I would put on a different sort of show — a fuck show, with whichever of the gym lads was flavour of my month. But it was always a show, always a performance. I could always tell myself I didn't really like guys. I only liked guys who liked me.

Fuck me, if I didn't have the best time before Olly came along. Then suddenly I had to keep it in my trousers. Playing straight. I only had eyes for Estelle — a new kind of performance. Any action involving other blokes had to be behind closed doors.

Of course, Dad had helped me set up the Muscle Worshippers site years before that. It was when I was leaving college and I told him I wanted more incentive to bulk up. I was bigger than any of the lads in my class, bigger than some of the guys in the gym, but I really needed to compare with some of the guys out in the wider world. So it's a long time that I've been working out and showing off on that website. I always feel at home there.

And when I got out of the gym today, I knew I had to go straight on there.

It was Olly's fault actually. He had said to me, 'Bro, your chest's exploded since you last came. It's nearly as big across as mine.' He's taller than me these days, so even with our shirts off and our tits pressed hard against one another, I couldn't be sure if he was just being kind. Jesus, but he's come on a long way since the summer. The only guy who's ever outclassed me in the chest department is Dad. When I first met Olly, he was flatter than pavement, and totally hairless.

So I get in, lock the door, turn on my laptop, log onto the site, see who's on there. Immediately people start coming into the chatroom when they see it's me, but I'm looking out for my favourite of the bunch — TomOfFinsburyPark.

There he is. 'Hey Nico,' he messages me. 'I'm browsing secretly at work. So bored. Just want to see you do your thing.'

'Wanna Private?' I ask him.

'Can't participate,' he says. 'On my iPad in board meeting.'

'Even so,' I tell him, 'I want this to be just between us two.'

'Okay,' he says. 'And I'll repay you tonight.'

So I go into a 1-2-1 with Tom and get into position for my cam. I'm wearing my trackie bottoms, gym singlet and hoodie. I'm flushed, I'm sweaty, I'm buzzing. I down some of Doctor O's protein shake that he specially mixes for me. I love the thought of Tom sitting there in his suit and tie, going note by note through his meeting, and his entire will is fixed on me and my body.

'You're so beautiful,' he tells me.

I begin a slow dance, and then I peel off the hoody and stretch my arms wide. I run my hands down my sweat-sodden singlet, paying special attention to my new, huge chest. My dick's hard in my trackies, and I'm running my hands down further, outlining the hard-on in the soft grey cotton, when I hear the doorbell go.

'BRB,' I tell Tom.

'Sure. So hard here. Your pecs are looking outstanding,' he says.

I pause the cam, go to my bedroom door and open it just a crack. Downstairs I can hear my Dad's heavy tread as he goes into the hall and answers the bell.

'Ah,' he purrs, with what sounds like pleasure and surprise. 'It's you.'

'Well,' says another voice, deep but much younger than Dad's, 'you invited me and — I thought about it and — it seemed like a good idea.'

'Oliver, isn't it?' says Dad. 'Olly.'

My heart starts racing. Does Dad know I'm in? I don't think so. But what if Olly asks to see me? Can I get this hard-on down in time? The way I'm boned now, it feels like it'll never go away.

'That's right,' says Olly, shyly. 'Is your son here, sir?'

'No, sorry,' says Dad, 'Just us two. Can I get you a drink?'

'I shouldn't really. Nico and I just had a session. At the gym, I mean. Training.' Why does he sound so nervous?

'I've got some of the Doctor's protein shake,' Dad says. 'Wouldn't hurt you to have a double dose, would it?' And he laughs softly. 'Come on, I could do with conversation. Been working on my research and it's very lonely and very dull today.'

The door closes, and the pair of them go into the kitchen. I go out onto the landing so that I can still follow their conversation. Why didn't Olly tell me he wanted to come round? Why isn't he at the library?

'Don't you normally work on weekdays?' my Dad asks, as if reading my mind.

'I took the day off,' my friend replies. 'My boss does whatever I ask of him these, and I just thought, I shouldn't put off coming round. And he'll be happy if I'm not wearing gym-wear around the workplace any more.'

'We'll go up to Nico's room in a while. There's loads of things he's outgrown now, practically bust them open in his last round of bulking,' Dad says. 'He told me himself you were welcome. You've been such a friend to him, I'd be glad to see you wearing them.'

'Thanks,' Olly says.

'No, I really mean that. I kind of think of you as one of the family.'

I hear Dad filling two glasses with protein shake. 'Thanks,' says Olly again, this time for the drink.

'Tastes nasty but it works like magic,' Dad says.

'Do you take it?' asks Olly.

'Oh,' says Dad, 'I don't work out any more.'

'But you look — I mean, you have such big –'

Dad laughs. 'Why, thank you! You're not so bad yourself. Especially for someone who was a stripling a few months back.'

'It's just hard work,' says Olly. 'And help from your son.'

'And dedication,' Dad says. 'The drive to be — would it be too strong to say, a beast?'

Olly laughs. 'King of the jungle! Yeah, that's what I want.'

'I see it in your eyes.'

'I kind of think I see it in yours too.'

My laptop 'PLINK-PLONKS' softly. I go and look at it.

'Everything okay?' asks Tom. 'Meeting's over. I'm going to the toilet. Need to wank my big dick before it rips a hole in my suit trousers.'

I tell him to go ahead. I want to join him. But I can't leave the landing. I need to hear what's going to happen. Any minute they could come up the stairs and surprise me.

When I creep back, they're discussing astrophysics, politics, eugenics, crazy stuff that I don't even understand. I've never heard Dad talk so comfortably with another guy before, and it's weird to think his talking to someone young enough to be his son.

'That's really interesting,' Olly's saying. 'Has anyone researched that area before?'

'Not at all,' says Dad. 'The field is yours.'

'That would be amazing,' says my friend. 'To just devote yourself to developing your body and your mind. To not have to care about anything else.'

'What about your girlfriend?' Dad says. 'What about Nico's girlfriend, for that matter?'

'They don't understand,' Olly says. 'I think only another man could understand.  I mean, look at us.'

'Yes,' I hear my Dad say, 'look at us,' and then there's a long pause, and it goes on and on.

'So — shall we go upstairs?' says Olly.

'Good idea,' says Dad. I hear his footstep on the stair. 'Except...'

'Yes?' says Olly.

I head back into my bedroom and leave the door ajar. I'm pulling my clothes back on. 'PLINK-PLONK', says the laptop, and I head over.

'Show's over?' says Tom. ' :-( '

I hesitate to turn the site off. I want to please him so much. I need a wank so badly.

In that moment of hesitation, I hear Dad pause outside my door. 'Come into my room instead.'

I hear Olly take a long breath to steady himself. 'You're sure?'

'Looking at you now,' Dad says slowly, 'I think, you're too big for Nico's clothes. If you're going to wear anybody's cast-offs, the only things that will fit would be mine.'

'I like the idea of that, sir,' says Olly, still sounding so nervous.

'Don't tell my son.'

'No,' says Olly. 'I won't.'

I hear Dad unlock the door of the room opposite mine, and him and Olly go inside. They don't close the door, but even so, I breathe a sigh of relief. I sit down on my bedroom chair opposite the webcam, in that position I know the light is falling on my body and making it glisten. I begin to feel my dick through my pants.

'Oh yes!' says Tom. ' :-) '

'Take your shirt off,' Dad says. 'I want to see if you've grown as big as my son says.'

'Like this?'

I could picture Olly taking his shirt off well enough. I see it every day at the gym. Every day I hold my breath, waiting to see what he's packing after his latest growth spurt. He's not like he was that first day, a gawky little guy whose head — and all that fluffy blonde hair — was almost outsized on his body, when he wore that shirt of his big brother's that practically drowned him, and he was looking at me — oh yes, I knew it — with utter envy at my muscle. He was ashamed then of how small he was next to me. He couldn't feel that today — this morning, for example, he looked almost twice my size again. He looms over me. I look up at pecs that are like great mountain ranges of furry flesh, his big nipples sticking out a dark salmon pink, begging to be tasted. He's like an inverted triangle, and his arms are tremendous great pieces of machinery, strong enough to snap a guy in two.

But still he's shy. He'll be shyer still with Dad. He glances away, unpeels his t-shirt slowly, carefully off his massive frame. Then, once it's off, he glances down at it, still somewhat amazed each time at this Hollywood action hero body that belongs to the skinny little middle-class librarian. His pecs twitch unconsciously. He can't resist a little smile at that. And then he blushes.

'You shouldn't blush,' Dad says. 'Don't be embarrassed. You ought to be proud of what you are.'

'I am, sir,' I hear Olly say, but he sounds uncertain. 'I sometimes find it hard to believe this body belongs to me. But I love it.'

'You should.' My Dad sounds impressed. 'Your size. Your definition. You're the leader of the pack. You're the biggest, strongest guy in town.'

I slip my dick out of my underwear and begin to jack off.

'Come on, then,' I hear Ollie say. My hand freezes on my cock. Is he really going to say it? 'You too.'

'Sure?' my Dad says.

'I want to compare, sir,' says my best friend.

As the silence deepens, I wank myself slower, picturing Ollie's face.

'Wow,' I hear him say. The word just escapes like a sigh.

'Come on, really?'

'You're flawless, sir. I've never seen anything like it, not in real life.'

'Not bad for an old guy...'

'Mid-forties is not old,' Ollie says. 'And really, I've never seen anything so...'

'You said you wanted to compare,' says Dad. 'Come over here.'

I'm holding my breath. Listening. My dick is hot and hard in my hand. I tweak a nipple, almost without thinking. Oh god, I murmur to myself.

'Show me how you make a bicep,' Dad says. Then, 'Goodness. Okay, hold it there. Let's see.'

'Oh, yeah,' says Ollie.

'Bigger?' Dad says.

'Come on, I'm obviously smaller,' says Ollie.

'Very slightly,' Dad says. 'Show me your tricep.'

'Like this?'

'You're good at that,' Dad says. 'Now, mine...'

'Bigger than me,' says Ollie.

'Not by much,' says Dad. 'Come on, bring your chest alongside mine.'

'Like this?'

'They don't need to touch.'


'That's okay.'

'It's hard to tell because you're so fucking hairy, son.'

'I know, sir!' Ollie laughs, still shy. 'It's something else that just grew and grew when I took Doctor O's magic potion. But it's all about testosterone, right? I've read about it.'

'Oh yes,' Dad says. 'It's about a boy becoming a man. That can happen at twenty-one or forty-one. But once it happens, you know about it.' He sighs. 'Okay, I can't tell whose pectorals are bigger but yours is definitely one of the broadest chests I've seen. And your nipples are very, very hard, aren't they?'

'Just from when we nearly touched,' Ollie says. 'I mean, don't take any of this the wrong way, I'm not gay, sir.'

'Oh, I didn't mean anything like that,' Dad says. 'Now, come on, take off your trousers so I can check out your thighs and glutes.'

'Yeah, cool — if you will, sir.'

I could hear them unbuttoning their jeans. Undoing zips. I heard the fabric hit the floor. I almost wished I could put my head around the door and sneak a look, but I didn't need to — I could see everything. I could feel the tension between them. I could just imagine my Dad's cologne and the smell of Lynx deodorant on my gym buddy. I could see the looks they gave one another, the way they flexed and posed for one another.

'That's one impressive bulge, son.'

'I guess I just got a bit excited, sir.'

'Yeah, funny isn't it!'

And they both laugh.

'Why don't we compare in that too, sir? There must be one muscle I've got that's bigger than yours?'

Oh Jesus Christ, I thought. Pre-cum was oozing out of the top of my hard dick and over my knuckles. Please. Please.

'I don't know about that, son.'

Please, guys.

'Go on, sir. Or are you scared?'

Dad barked a laugh. 'Okay. You asked for it! On the count of three?'



Three, I said to myself, and bit my lip.

There was silence from the room across the hall. A big silence. I could almost hear them breathing, forcing themselves to breathe, as they gazed fascinated at one another. Pride etched on their faces. No, on one face only.

'Holy shit.'

'Well, son, I did warn you.'

'But I didn't expect... I mean, I've never seen one as big as mine.'

'It's a beauty, don't you think?'

A pause. I thought, Ollie's debating with himself what he can and can't say. And he knows he has to say it now. There's no going back.

'Can I touch it, sir?'

Dad sounds completely fine about the whole thing, like he's talking about a favourite watch or vintage car. 'Go ahead, son.'

I lick my lips with a dry tongue. My cockhead is painfully swollen with excitement. I remember when my penis was the Eighth Wonder of the World as far as that skinny little librarian Olly was concerned. I remember when I would see him stealing glances at it. I love feeling undersized, for once. I almost wish I'd found out how hung my Dad was before this.

'It feels so solid. I can't get my hand around it.'

'Try both.'

A pause. 'Still no.'

'I almost hate to say this...' Dad doesn't sound apologetic. He sounds like he's having the time of his life. 'It does swell up a little bigger still. Just before I cum.'

'I'd love to see that,' Olly says, in a rush.

'Maybe you can help me out, then?'

'Like this?'

'Yeah, that's a start.'

'I feel like I'm doing it wrong.'

'No, no, keep going.' I hear Dad sigh. 'You ever wanked another guy before, son?'

'No, sir.'

'Thought not,' Dad said.

'It's not just that,' Olly said. 'You're just so huge, I don't know how I can...'

'Why not use your hands on the shaft,' Dad says, 'and your tongue on the head? I'm sensitive there.'

'Can I?'

'Of course,' Dad says. 'Do whatever comes naturally.'

There's no talking for a minute, and I'm spitting on my palm so I can wank myself slower at the thought of this. Olly on his knees. Dad on his feet, erect in all senses.

I hear Olly gag, splutter, gasp for breath. 'How am I doing?'

'Really good,' Dad says. 'Keep going.'

'Are you getting close?'

'I need to go a little further. Put it back in your mouth, son.'

'Right, sir.'

Oh god, oh god.  I can't believe I'm listening to this. Oh god, don't stop.

'Stop. Like I said, we need to take this further.'

'What do I do?'

'Bend over.'

I can hear Olly processing the idea. 'Really? I've never...'

'You've never had a tongue in your arse before, right?'

'That's right. Sophie never suggested anything like –'

'Just give it a try. That's all I'm saying,' says Dad. 'Spread your cheeks. They're just begging for this to happen, son. So strong and pert. All part of being a real man.'

'Fair enough.'

And then, I hear it. I hear Olly gasp with pleasure. Then groan. Then call out and groan at the same time.

'You like that, don't you!'

'Don't stop, sir!'

'Oh, you taste good...'

Olly makes more noises of pleasure. 'Ah! Yes! Ah!'

Then the sound of both of them, breathless.

'I .. didn't realise ... it would be ... so good...'

Dad laughs. 'Thanks. You know, there's one way guys can take this to the next level. Olly? You understand?'

'Do it, sir.'

'But you do know what I'm talking about?'

'Should I bend over again, or lie down on the bed?'

'Olly, you understand — what we're going to do — it's just about being buddies. I'm not gay. You're not gay. Okay?'

'I don't know what it is. I don't care any more. I want you inside me. I think I — sir, I think I love you.'

'Olly — '

'And I want you to fuck me like — well, just don't — don't hold back.'

'Okay. Let me put a condom on first. Just in case.' He laughed, then. 'I mean, there's no chance of any trouble, obviously, but I had them specially made for me so I might as well use one.'

I heard a sound like someone pulling a tarpaulin on over a motorbike.

'And here,' said Dad, 'drink a little more of Dr O's potion. It'll help you relax. Okay?'

'Okay. God, but I want you so much.'

'You're going to have me. You're going to have all of me. Inside you.'

'Oh yeah.'

'I'm going to lie down the bed, and you're going to sit on me, okay?'

'Like this?'

'Slowly. Carefully. You need to be in control.'

'Oh, I can feel you — I can feel you in me — oh, god, oh Jesus...'

And then I just listen to them fuck. It's wordless. Deep. Growling. Pleasure and pain together. My Dad. My Gym Buddy. Joined together. On the bed, in the room across the hall, fucking hard.

Gasping. Grunting. Then demanding.


'Squeeze my balls.'

'Grab my beard, sir.'

'Take it.'

'Go deep.'

'Wank that dick, son. Wank that big, fat dick of yours.'

And I do. I wank my dick, and Tom is watching me and telling me he wants to see me lose control. Wants to see me cum. But I'm holding out. I'm waiting. I'm waiting to hear them do it, cross the line, go deep, lose themselves.

When I hear it, it's like their voices are joined in one. They speak together. The very same words. They're like one person in two bodies, two huge muscled bodies dripping with sweat and dark with fur.

'Yes,' they say. 'That's it. I'm there. I'm there. Yes. That's it. Go!'

And as I picture them spunking and gasping and losing control, so creamy white cum is oozing in rivers and torrents out of my dick. I'm covered. My hands are filthy. And I'm biting my lip not to moan and cry out in pleasure.

I don't even think about the fact I don't hear them talking any more. I don't think of the sounds, until afterwards. I don't think of the way the door to Dad's room has closed. That I can hear Olly outside my door, pulling his clothes on in a mad hurry, rushing down the stairs, grabbing his bag, running out the door, slamming it behind him.

But what happens next is really weird.


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these two chapter had hd mean cliffhangers. Not fair at all my man

this chapter got me like 



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