The Intergalactic Adventures of Eero - Chapter 8

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Hi There All!

Chapter 8 has just been uploaded on my Patreon!

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The Intergalactic Adventures of Eero

Chapter 8 (TEASER) - Luyten Station


Location: Luyten Interplanetary Space Station, Luyten B (Geocentric Orbit), Luytens Star, 1st
Quadrant, Milky Way Galaxy

Year: 2135

Eero slowly meandered through the crowds to the shopping mall
section of the station. It was nowhere near the size of the one he had
visited back on T-1e several weeks earlier but it still had all the
amenities the interplanetary traveller could ask for.

As with any other outing, Eero's clothing choice did cause the odd
sideways glance from a few people, usually from travellers from more
conservative frontier planets, unfamiliar with the more relaxed clothing
choices of more established, sophisticated planets.

Eero paid no heed to those types though, as he could sense he was
getting more than a few looks of admiration as well. And when Eero
encountered some crowded areas, he could've sworn he felt the odd hand
against one of his exposed cheeks or lower back. Nice!

Eero descended to the lower levels of the mall, where the less highend
stores usually set up, hoping to find a small supplement store or
something similar.

What he found was even better.

Nestled between a whole string of loud obnoxious sporting stores
manned by overly enthusiastic shop assistants was a proper bodybuilders

Eero sauntered in, feeling like it would be the perfect chance for
show off his improved bulk to his peers. The response was almost instant.

"Damn Bro! Thats some sick chest development!" yelled one of the
store patrons, clearly a bodybuilder, probably slightly older than Eero.

Eero beamed, and flexed his chest a little to his admirer, "Heh,

"How'd you get pecs that big man?" The guy asked.

"Ahh, just hard work and dedication," Eero lied, he wasn't about to
give up his secret weapon, Bale.

Eero meandered through the store, savouring the compliments and
admiring glances from the other few shoppers.

The commotion soon drew the attention of the shopkeeper Auxil, who
was entranced by Eero's muscles. Auxil was once a bodybuilder himself,
but the passing of time had meant he was sadly past his prime.
Auxil watched the young bodybuilder make his way through the store,
eventually settling on the poser rack.

"I do need a new poser!" Eero thought. "Frisco destroyed my old one
when he was giving me 'posing advice' that time.”

Eero admired the range, the different cuts, materials, styles, there
was way more variety than what he'd seen back home. Eeros old poser was
actually quite conservative, except for its slutty pink colour.

"See anything you like?” Came a deep voice from beside Eero.

Eero jumped, startled by the sudden appearance of the shopkeeper.
Auxil let out a deep laugh, "Didn't mean to scare you comrade,"

Auxil's voice was a little gravely, but nonetheless friendly.

"That's ok, I'm Eero,

"Auxil," the Shopkeeper replied. "looking for something in

"Well, I do need a new poser, my previous competition one was
ripped," Eero explained.

"My last one was a lot like this one here," Eero gestured at the
most boring poser on the rack.

Auxil looked at the poser, then at Eero.

"Nyet, we can't have you in something like that my friend," Auxil
explained. "Too much material in the back, you need something cut

"Uhh, I dunno . .,” Eero hesitated.

"You must!" Auxil insisted, "Look at what you have on now, your
thong is more revealing than that poser!" he laughed.

Auxil did have him there. Eeros outfit did show off a lot more of
the pelvic region than his old poser would’ve.

"Probably another reason why I didn't place last time," Eero thought
to himself.

"I guess you're right, any recommendations?”

"For you, this one here," Auxil pointed to one of the pegs.

Eero almost balked at the suggestion, the poser that Auxil held up
in his hands was minuscule! It was flex cut in front but in back it was
cut almost like a thong, what fabric was back there would be almost
definitely swallowed up by Eero's massive glutes.

But there was something about it that captivated Eero, the material.

It glistened like liquid metal under the light, like someone had
poured mercury right over Eeros package and down his crack. Auxil could
tell the beautiful silver posers had caught Eeros attention.

"Come, let us try it on," Auxil led Eero over to the changing

Auxil hurried Eero into the cubicle.

"Uhh, theres no lock?" Eero asked.

"Don't worry comrade, i'll stand outside.”

Satisfied, Eero slowly removed his jacket and slid his boots off.

Eero studied the new poser in his hands for a few moments before sliding
off his thong and pulling the new poser up between his thick legs.

Eero was stunned by how good it felt encasing his package and
nestled in his crack (apparently Auxil wasn't too concerned by hygiene
when his customers tried things on). It was certainly tiny though, it cut
low in the front almost revealing the base of his penis and in back it
was almost invisible.

Old Eero was hesitant, but the new Eero loved it!

Without warning Auxil opened the door of the cubicle, "Let me take a

Auxil stepped in, and closed the door behind him. He kneeled down
and examined the garment, making sure it fit perfectly.

Eero was surprised, but trusted the man’s dedication to ensuring it
was the right item for Eero.

"Oh yes, it looks perfect on you," Auxil said with delight.

"It's not too small?" Eero asked.

"Heh, not at all," Auxil lied with a grin on his face.

Auxil pulled on the straps of the garment a few times, ensuring it
was sitting properly. The act of doing so making Eero's package bounce
and pull the back of the poser even further up between Eero's glutes,
almost rubbing against his hole.

They both groaned simultaneously. Buy this point, Eero had obviously
grown hard.

"Yes, yes, its perfect for you comrade, as if it was made just for
you," Auxil enthused.

Eero had to admit, it did compliment his body magnificently. It
caught the eye but didn't pull focus from the rest of his body, although
plenty would be looking at Eero's tightly packed crotch now.

Auxil stood up and admired Eero some more. The ex-bodybuilder was a
little jealous of Eero.

"What I wouldn't give to look like this again," The shopkeeper
lamented, resting his hand on Eero's shoulder.

"I bet you looked pretty good once," Eero complimented.

"Nyet, not AS good as you though," Auxil admitted, "but things were
simpler back in my day.”

Auxil's hand began to wander (like every other hand that touched
Eero lately), down to Eero's chest, rubbing around the generous pec-meat.

Eero sighed, it was the best admiration he'd received today, so far.

Eero wasn't surprised that yet another had seemingly fallen under the
spell of his new pecs, they were damn sexy.

Auxil was only gently feeling Eeros pecs up, "C'mon man, you can do
better than that!" Eero encouraged.

Auxil then started really kneading his fingers into Eeros pecs,
cupping the overhang, bouncing them in his hands and pulling fiercely on
Eeros big nipples.

"Ohhh! Thats more like it!" Eero moaned, the other customers in the
store not failing to hear.

Auxil knelt down again and held the pecs in his hand for a few
seconds before he really went to business. He suddenly thrust his face
into the canyon between Eeros pecs, giving the young bodybuilder the
motor-boating of a lifetime, followed by a very thorough tonguing.

"Ahhhh, Hahaha!" Eero laughed in pleasure.

Auxil was moaning like a caged animal, he was rock hard down below
and on the verge of blowing his load in his shorts.

Auxil then proceeded inevitably onto Eero's fat, engorged nipples,
suckling and gnawing at them for as long as he could until he blew his
load, which wasn't long at all.

"Oh Shiiit!" he bellowed, flopping back in the corner of the
cubicle, a large wet spot on his shorts.

Eero leaned over the drained shopkeeper and pulled a most muscular
and let out a sexy growl. It was like his sexual victory pose.

Eero reached down to help the exhausted shopkeeper up, "So I take I
get these free of charge?" Eero asked indecently.

Auxil just nodded in defeat.

Eero smiled.

"Using my body to get free shit," Eero thought to himself, "I'm such
a slut, I love it!”

————————————————————————————————- # ———————————————————————————————————

© Rekoobaz

Hope you enjoyed this little teaser of Chapter 8!


To see the full chapter and more, head on over to my Patreon page!


The Intergalactic Adventures of Eero will be an ongoing series on Patreon.

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Feedback. How about not using custom fonts and layouts. There's a reason the standard is the way it is, and it's readability.

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7 hours ago, Aronymous said:

Feedback. How about not using custom fonts and layouts. There's a reason the standard is the way it is, and it's readability.

Yeah I know it’s annoying, sorry about that. I’m not using custom fonts though, might be spacing from when I copy it in from PDF. It started happening after the recent site update. ? 

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Most of the time when pasting text you can opt for 'paste text without layout' (cmd/ctrl+shift+v)

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