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Too Big - Part Five

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During the short drive home I kept bouncing my pecs, rubbing my abs, and flexing my left arm just to distract my Little Prince and drive him crazy.  When we got to his new house I signaled for him to leave the car running while we were parked in the nice air conditioning in his driveway.  I lifted my left arm near him and flexed it hard.


“I really need you to feel it, Little Prince.”


“With pleasure.”


I was really worried that when he tried to grope my mammoth peak with his little hands I was going to shoot off like a rocket.  That’s how excited I was – that’s how much I needed him.  The fragility of his small fingers – especially against the mound of my massive, hard-as-marble biceps was beyond being simply a turn-on.  It was going to be better than getting an eight-hand massage for ten hours straight.  It could only be compared to some incredible life force passing through his small hands into my body – empowering me tenfold.  The smallness of his hands made me feel so much bigger – like a giant welcoming a mere mortal into his kingdom.  My own fingers were three or four times thicker than those of my Little Prince and the width of my palm could wrap around his fist and have lots of room to spare.  There was a cum-inducing charge that shot through both of us as soon as his fingers lightly struck against my hard skin.  We both sucked in air and stopped breathing for a few seconds – commanding our bodies to not give into the need for release.  It looked like the hands of a tiny child trying to grope a big basketball.  The Little Prince tried to push in the muscle but nothing gave way to his pressing.  My biceps was rock being brushed by a feather.  He doubled his efforts, but to no avail.  I tensed the ball of solid beef even more, just to show him it could get harder and bigger.  He started gurgling like a baby as his hands traveled all around my flexed gun. 


“How can it be so hard?”


“You make it that way, Little Prince.”


The air conditioning in the car was on full blast, but it was still hot as hell – not from the sun, but from the energy the two of us were causing with our little groping session.  Without any warning, Professor Michaels brought his delicate balled up fist smack into my bulging arm.  There was a loud noise, but I felt almost nothing.  My cock twitched closer to explosion when the small hand, again, banged into my mammoth mound.  The Little Prince looked up into my eyes with a face that clearly asked if I felt a thing.  I smiled and shook my head no, causing him even more joy.  He punched a third time; clearly determined to, at least, make me feel it.  Right before his fist hit my power-packed skin I tensed the biceps to its hardest and biggest.  His meager attempt to make me feel something only caused my arm to bring his tiny fingers more pain and the sound to be much louder when the punch landed.  I loved watching his face light up with excitement and deep desire as he continued to comprehend – on new levels – just how big and powerful I really was.  This made me want to be a superman for the Little Prince.  His amazement only fueled me on more – desperately wanting to please him in every way.


“It’s like punching concrete.”


“I’ll take that as a compliment.  Thank you.”


“How can a kid be so big . . . so strong?”


“Who you calling kid, little man?  You might want to re-check the size of that arm bulging in front of you.”


This comment made Professor Michaels actually quiver with excitement.  It was like a small earthquake rippled through his entire body.  Bringing attention to my own hulkiness clearly pleased him.  I filed this away – knowing it would come in handy at a later time. 


“You ever lost in arm wrestling?”


“Never.  Not even when I took on three guys at one time.”


Again, the shaking I now expected, shot through his entire body.  He was trying to cup the dense peak of my biceps with both of his hands – and both of us noticing that his small palms couldn’t come close to covering it all.  Damn, the frailty of the guy – and he wasn’t really that delicate – was such a huge turn on for me.  He couldn’t squeeze one part of my hard peak.  Nothing would give in at all to his weak hand – though he continued to try.  I watched as my muscle withstood any attempt his hands made to compress any part.  I was showing off just to please him – just to show him how much he meant to me.


“When I’m next to you is when I’m happiest about being so big.  It’s like all of these muscles are just for your pleasure, Little Prince.” 


His hands stopped moving for a few seconds and he looked into my eyes.  It was one of those moments when no words were needed.  We both understood the connection that was being made – it was otherworldly and something that could not be denied.  The intensity of our growing bond was almost too much for both of us to handle.  We simply knew it was best to take our time. For now, it was enough to just have him explore my biceps.  There would be so much more groping, fondling, kissing, and much more later on – that was for sure – but for now, this was enough.


“When you touch my muscle, Little Prince, what do you feel?”


“Security.  So much security.  But that word doesn’t really come close to summing up everything I feel.  I feel your size and power – and understand it fully.  It’s like you’re an extension of me.  I can feel your confidence – your knowledge that you’re everything I need . . . everything I desire.  At the same time, I can feel how I urge you on even more.  I make you feel so powerful.  I make you happy to have such huge muscles.  I make you want to show off your size and strength even more.  I make you feel even more manly than you already are.”


Gobs of pre-cum leaked generously from my hard cock as he spoke.  The heat in the car, not to mention the stench of manliness and semen – increased tremendously.  The Little Prince had summed up, perfectly, everything I was feeling.  He did, indeed, fully understand what he did to me – how he controlled me.  I was aware that the bond between us had increased even more profoundly in the mere seconds while he spoke.  I was so stoked at that moment I felt like punching my fist through the roof of his car just to show him what I could do – just to make him desire me even more.  He seemed to sense how I was feeling and that egged him on - to say other things.


“Your body is radiating so much heat, big man, that you could probably produce enough warmth to take care of a small town in some cold area.  You’ve been flexing your arm for so long and you don’t even realize it.  The thing feels like stone – no, something harder than stone – and I somehow get the feeling it’s not even flexed to its fullest potential.  My hands feel so insignificant beside your arm.  I feel so powerless – so tiny.”


“Have you always been into big men, Little Prince?”


“No.  You are the first.  I can’t explain it.  I walked into class on that first day and saw only you.  You were like some giant mountain standing in the middle of a bunch of anthills.  At first I saw the beauty of your face – the friendliness of your smile – but then all I saw was muscle . . . huge, hard muscle.  I became an addict in mere seconds.  I wasn’t ashamed to look for any chance to bring you to the front of the class to show off your body – comparing you to Greek sculptures, medieval paintings, and even modern art.  Your body seemed tensed even when you were relaxed – everything still bulged majestically, powerfully.  I found myself constantly thinking about you – doodling your name, drawing parts of your monstrous frame from memory, and writing secret love sonnets.  Suddenly, huge muscles dominated my mind all the time – but it was only your huge body, not muscles in general.  I felt smaller than I had ever felt in my entire life when I was around you – but I felt more powerful, manlier than ever before, too.  You walked into my office for our teacher-student meeting and it was like an archangel, himself, was joining me.  Your body was the most beautiful – and largest – sculpture I had ever seen.  You also purposefully chose to wear the most revealing outfit – knowing fully how it would wreck me.  And then you lifted that sealed window so easily – a window that couldn’t be opened even by burly men with tools.  You had reached on either side of me – surrounding me with muscle, engulfing me with your beast-like scent – and I was gone.  If I’m your Little Prince, then you must be my Gentle Giant.”


We stared at each other for a few more seconds and then he brought his face forward to my still-flexed biceps.  He pressed his sumptuous lips into the side of my hard muscle and immediately there were explosions in my eardrums, my chest, and my pants.  I didn’t even realize I was ejaculating, at first.  I was so enthralled by his words and by the sight of his gorgeous mouth kissing my arm that I didn’t even notice the hurricane-like convulsions in my lap.  His entire head was smaller than my bulging arm – his entire head!  I had lifted enough weight in my few years on this planet to pump my gun into a mound of muscle bigger than a man’s head.  And the most beautiful man I had ever seen was now kissing my hard biceps like Romeo embracing Juliet before poisoning himself.  The Little Prince let his tongue dart out and lap upward against my flexed peak – as if he were trying to taste and swallow some of my masculinity.  My crotch continued to spasm for what seemed like an eternity – dumping a huge load in homage to the beautiful small man worshipping my arm.  The car now smelled like a bathhouse.  I had shot enough cum to equal that of an entire college football team – a load that had been building since the first time my gaze had ever landed on Professor Michaels.  I finally released the now-strenuous flex of my biceps, curled my arm around the head of my Little Prince, and pulled his face into the center of my massively protruding pecs.  I needed to smother the man in muscle – as a thank you for the intense release he had just given me.


“How ‘bout a chest facial, Little Prince.”


My mountains of meat, which mostly swallowed his entire head, muffled the moans of pleasure he released.  At the same time, it was the Professor’s time to spew.  Being almost suffocated by hard muscle proved too much for the man.  He immediately started convulsing, just as I had a few minutes before.  It was also clear that he had been saving up his precious juice just as long as I had.  The copious amounts of cum he released into his underwear intensified the scent of pleasure by double.  We both had paid the highest compliment to the other – offering our manly milk in adoration.  I held my Little Prince against my chest until he finally stopped bucking like a bronco.  He took a deep breath as soon as his face pulled slightly away from my pecs – partially, to fill his lungs with much needed oxygen, but, mostly, to get a good whiff of my manly musk.  The smile on his face, while he stared up into my eyes made me fully hard again.  It was a look of utter joy and happiness.


“It’s funny, I never thought this car could possibly feel small until you got in it.”


“Or smell this rank!”         


“Rank?  That smell is part of you and so I think of it as one of the sweetest aromas ever.”


“Hey, don’t forget you made a little contribution to the way it smells, too.”


“Little contribution?  I may be a small man compared to you, but the lake-sized damp stain at my crotch proves I made a big contribution.”


“Forgive me, my Little Prince, I did not mean to insinuate your explosion was smaller than mine.”


“Thank you.  Your cannon is clearly four times the size of my weapon, but that doesn’t mean mine can’t make a huge deposit.”


My release of sexual build-up had not only offered immense satisfaction, it had also awakened a need in me to show off more for my Little Prince.  It had been a while since I had lifted all his heavy furniture and boxes – an hour or so since I had easily carried him back and forth from the moving truck on chairs, sofas, and tables.  My body was already beginning to churn out new juices of appreciation for the little man and that made me want to do much more than just sit in the car and talk.


“I need to pick you up, Little Prince.”




“I need to lift your light little body over my head again and again – just to show you how strong I am.  I need you to feel small and weightless.”


The man got out of the car so quickly that all I saw was his cute little tight bubble-butt going out the door.  Before I had even blinked he was standing in front of the car with his hands on his hips and a look of eager anticipation on his face.  The idea of a nineteen-year old massive giant bodybuilder lifting his grown-man body up over his college-boy head had turned him into a guy with super speed.  A sly smile crept across my face as I realized he was just as desperate for me to pump out a bunch of reps with him as I was.  That’s exactly what fueled all of my excitement – the idea that he loved me showing off even more than I did.  We both knew he’d give my arms no resistance and that there’d be absolutely no workout benefit to my bulging biceps from lifting such light weight, but the idea of Professor Michaels stretched out on my palms as I pressed up and down made two cocks – one massively enormous and one normal – hard as hell.  I turned the engine off and got out of the car – suddenly aware of the thick gooey stickiness plastered at my crotch.  I saw the dark stain in the Professor’s pants, too, and that brought a few more excited pulses to my throbbing cock.


“I see my Little Prince wants to be carried like the royalty that he is.  We can imagine I’m your ginormous genie that’s lifting you up for a magic carpet ride.  I can be the Hulk carrying his little Thor to some unknown destination – for whatever it is that a giant green superhero can do with his tiny muscled friend.  I’m thinking it might be good to do a little warming up, though.  You know, just to build up the excitement and get my arms a little pumped for the fun of lifting your little body.”


I was now in major ‘show off’ mode.  I had realized that my Little Prince had fully given himself to the desires of his heart.  I had come to this day knowing we would be together – the giant and his little mentor.  I had fully planned on winning over Professor Michaels with my enormous muscles and my power.  Now that all of my dreams were coming to fruition, I had decided to prolong this joy – this growing bond between two men of such different sizes – for a very long time.  I approached everything as a much-wanted ‘edging’ for both of us.  I wanted the next build-up to orgasm to have as much impact as the one that had come after many, many weeks of longing – even if release came only hours later than the earlier one.  I wanted to add to my own excitement by arousing the Professor in ways he had never anticipated.  It had been that way when I had worn the tight tank top to his office – he hadn’t expected how much my body would blow his mind.  I wanted to do the same, now, even though it was clear we fully chose the other. 


“You make me feel so powerful, Professor Michaels.  You make me feel superhuman.”


I stood in front of his BMW.  I bent down and grabbed under the front bumper with my big hands.  I let out a few quick exhales, then inhaled quickly, and lifted up at the same time.  With only a very slight strain, my back straightened out and the front of the car came off the ground as I stood back up.  My arms were extended fully and I held the car at crotch level.  My hard cock pressed into the metal bumper, which gave me an added thrill.  I pressed my hard rod into the metal and moved it up and down, realizing I’d come close to shooting if I continued the motion.  I looked over at my adoring little fan and watched his face fall into shock as I started to curl the bumper up to my chest.  It took some effort and my biceps blasted into hardened massiveness, but I continued to lower and lift the car – all the time staring at how the Little Prince shook with excitement.  Doing a feat of strength involving something other than his body, did not thrill me in the same way as when we were in close proximity or even touching, but seeing how I pumped out twenty reps with the BMW – and having each lift strangely become easier – was just about too much for the good Professor.  I could see his dick visually jerking harder in his pants as I slowly counted each lift.  He’d glance up at my face with such longing; such utter amazement at what I was doing and that only fueled me on more.  The pleasure he clearly received from my little display only made me stronger – caused me to want to show off more.  He definitely empowered me to go way beyond my normal giant college-boy abilities.  On lift number twenty I keep the curl at the top, with my arms bent and my biceps ballooning out bigger than beach balls.  I smiled at my little worshipper.


“Feel them now, Little Prince.  I think they’ll make you happy.”


Again, the speed with which he moved amazed me.  He was at my side in an instant.  To my shock he did not begin by feeling my insanely monstrous biceps.  He first reached out and felt the bumper of the car – as if he wanted to prove to himself it truly was now raised high enough to be even with his forehead.  He looked under the car, merely because he’d probably never seen the vehicle from that angle.  Next, his hand moved to my wrists – where his fingers traced three protruding veins that ran up my forearm.  When he finally laid his hand on my pulsing, sweat-covered arm, he jumped back and withdrew his hand quickly.


“It’s so hot!  And hard!  Harder even than it was before!  How can that be?”


“You make me want to be harder, Professor.  And bigger.  Go ahead, feel it some more.”


This time, when his seemingly demure hands were spread out against the expanse of my huge muscle, I lowered the car and then lifted it – making sure he got to feel the power of the biceps in motion.  I got the feeling that my Little Prince likened the experience to that of a small boy standing near a huge crane in motion – or some kind of wrecking ball plowing through a sturdy wall.  Either way, the smaller man was in awe of the giant machine that was my arm.  His fingers trembled as the muscle bulged harder when it lifted upward.  Professor Michaels brought his cheek up against the stone-like slab and I lowered and lifted the car again.  By now I could feel a slight burn in my arm muscles, but it was nothing to complain about.  I held the front of the car aloft to allow my worshipper to feel away to his heart’s content.  He finally looked up into my eyes.


“I want to be your barbell now.  I want to feel your power.  I want to make you feel even stronger than when you lifted the car.”


At that point, the petite man made me feel like I could have lifted the entire BMW over my head – for a hundred repetitions.  I was only nineteen years old, but I had been so big for so many years I had definitely had my share of men gawk at me, grope my muscles, and worship my size.  However, never had a man turned me on so much.  I was so excited I squeezed the bumper extra hard with my big paws.  For a few seconds I was worried I would leave finger indentions in the metal, but then I remembered – no matter how the Professor made me feel – I was only a very big man who was exceptionally strong, I was not a superman.  I placed the car back onto the driveway and then turned to my little friend.  The anticipation, the joy, the desire in his eyes was almost too much for me to bear.  I had just lifted a BMW – something that weighed thousands of pounds – but lifting that man, who weighed no more than one hundred and sixty – was going to give me much more pleasure.  Maybe it was because I’d be touching his body.  Maybe it was because I’d be showing him how strong I was.  Maybe it was because he would love it so much.  I didn’t know.  I simply knew that at that moment I desired nothing more in the world.  I belonged to the Little Prince.  I was his Gentle Giant.  I would have done anything he requested and it would bring me more pleasure than I had ever known.  I had lifted my share of guys in my short lifetime – mainly because I could.  I did not, however, remember feeling more excited than I did at that moment. 

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What a great series of stories! Really hot, keep up the excellent work. :)

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