The Intergalactic Adventures of Eero - Halloween Special (Full)

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Hey There!

I thought I'd put together a little special piece for halloween featuring Eero and some of my other OC's.

The full version is here for you to enjoy!

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Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3 (Teaser)

Chapter 4 (Teaser)

Chapter 5 (Teaser)

Chapter 6 (Teaser)


The Intergalactic Adventures of Eero

Halloween Special 2017 (A Frankenstein/Jekyll & Hyde Inspired Mashup)


Just for context for people who might not be familiar with my OC's

Eero Ericson Solis: 21yo Bodybuilder, main character.

Dr. Baledin "Bale": Veneficus: 39yo Scientist

Argento "Argie": Robotic Companion


Location: Port Secretum, Kapteyn C, Kapteyn's Star, 1st Quadrant, Milky Way Galaxy

Year: 2135


As Eero slept, his mind racing from the days events. His dreamswere vivid and captivating . . .

————————————————————————————————- # ———————————————————————————————————

Location: Geneva, K 186-f, Kepler 186 system, 1st quadrant, milky way galaxy

"Hey, tiny!" the crowd taunted, "You'd be more help as a coat
rack, you're so thin and lanky!”

Eero ran off, deeply embarrassed, their laughs burning his
ears. He was only trying to help, but it was true, compared to the
burly men in the colony he wasn't cut out for manual labour.

The latest supply drop had just arrived and the colonists
needed as much help as they could get to distribute the heavy
cases of food and other basic supplies. The colony of Geneva had
long become isolated from the rest of mankind, the planet cursed
by an unforgiving sun constantly throwing off dangerous solar
flares making it impossible for any manned spacecraft to approach
the system. So every few months a supply drone would attempt to
make a pass by the planet, sometimes making it successfully,
sometimes not.

Eero had lived there his entire life with his family, never
knowing the wonders of the world beyond their planet. His parents,
like most others had moved there to work for a huge corporation,
eager to mine the planet for its vast resources. But soon the sun
grew hostile, and now they were trapped, doomed to live a
primitive life like they were in the 21st century.

”Don't listen to them bud," Eero's father tried to comfort his
son once back home "You're not weak.”

"Thanks," Eero mumbled, knowing full well what they said was

While average in height at 5ft 11in, Eero was as thin a a rail.
He only wished he could be strong like the rest of the male
colonists, hell even many of the female colonists were stronger
than him. Probably the reason why he'd never had a girlfriend.

Eero had shared his insecurities with his only friend Fritz. He
was strong too, but dumb as a post, and was thankful for Eero's
attention and friendship. Eero too appreciated Fritz' friendship,
he actually thought the big oaf was kinda hot, but he repressed
those feelings deeply.

Fritz was sad to see his friend so upset by his physical

"Say you know, maybe you could gone see that scientist fella,"
Fritz suggested. "I gone heard he can do some crazy sciency
things, maybe he can help you?”

Eero was skeptical, the scientist Fritz spoke of was a recluse,
rarely seen by the rest of the colonists. His living pod separated
from the rest of the colony atop a hill. Heavens knew what he did
up there.

But it was worth a try.

————————————————————————————————- # ———————————————————————————————————
One evening, under the cover of darkness, Eero trudged up the
side of the hill, eager to see if the scientist could help.

The weather was fierce that night, torrential rain and galeforce
wind, the planets weather could be unforgiving but it meant
no one else would be out and no one would see him.

Eero reached the home of the scientist, perched atop the hill,
a gargantuan complex of dark metal looming over the colony. What
did the scientist need with all that space?

Eero found the entrance and what appeared to be a buzzer. He
rang it and waited anxiously.

Soon a deep voice emerged from a speaker.

"Who is it?" The voice crackled from the speaker.

"Umm, uh, my name is Eero Solis, Sir," Eero's voice shaky. "I
was hoping you'd be able to help me?”

“Hmmm, With what?”

"Umm, with something only you can help me with?”


Eventually Eero heard the sounds of bolts unlatching and the
large metal door swung open slowly by itself.

"Enter" the deep voice crackled again.

————————————————————————————————- # ———————————————————————————————————

Eero cautiously entered.
The passageway he entered was dim but he could see light at the
end of the passage, and a figure.

Eero shuffled into the room at the end of the passage. Standing
in the center was a man who he assumed was the scientist although
it was hard to tell, his features hidden in shadows, the light
shining on him from above hitting the top of his head and
shoulders but leaving the rest of him, for now, a mystery.

"Welcome young Eero!" the scientist rumbled, holding out his

"Welcome to my lair!”

Eero was seriously creeped out.

"My name is Dr Baledin Veneficus!”

The scientist shifted slightly and his facial features were
revealed. He looked younger than Eero was expecting, certainly not
the crazy old scientist he imagined.

"H-Hello Doctor," Eero responded, still creeped.

"Tell me young Eero, what is it that you seek from me?”

Eero swallowed, he was forced to reveal one of his deepest
desires to this stranger.

"I-I want to be strong, like the rest of the men in the colony.
I want to be able to pull my own weight, their weight, everyones
weight. I want to be the strongest!”

The scientist grinned wickedly at Eero's proclamation.

"Such a simple request? Oh well," the scientist sighed with
mock disappointment. "You're in luck. Come.”

The scientist grabbed Eero by the hand and dragged him through
the depths of his lair to his inner sanctum.

"Welcome to my laboratory! Hahaha!" he let out the deep laugh.
Eero took in the huge room. The space was filled with large,
strange electronic devices looming over him, a maze of pipes and
tubes and wires sprouting out of every wall and shooting off in
every direction.

Various sounds, buzzing from the electronics, bubbling from the
various beakers and test tubes covering the metal benches in the
center of the room.

Smells, some pleasant, some pungent.

Eero could tell he was looking into a mind that never stopped.
And hopefully a mind that could see to his needs.

Doctor Veneficus continued, pacing around the lab, "For you see
young Eero, I have been working on a serum that will do just what
you desire! Our planet is harsh and I was hoping to develop
something to help this colony survive. Supply drops are getting
farther apart, our sun growing more dangerous, we need something
to help us adapt!”

The scientist turned to Eero, but before he could speak,
"Please! Let me test it out!" Eero pleaded. "I could be your first
test subject. Look at me, I need it the most!”

"Very well," he agreed.

The scientist clicked his fingers.

From the dark shadows of the lab a deep but electronic sounding
voice emerged.

"How can I assist you, Sir?”

Eero gasped as the voices owner emerged from the shadows.
A towering beast of metal and silicone, standing almost seven
feet tall. A body made in the image of man, its exterior imitating
and surpassing the musculature of even the strongest men. Gel
filled silicone muscles covered every surface, only interrupted in
a few places my metal plates around the joints, skull, hands and

And two strange looking bolts emerging from the beasts neck.

"Eero, meet my metallic man, Frankenargie!" The scientist let
out a slight maniacal laugh again, "I made him myself.”
Eero was stunned, never in his primitive existence on this
planet had he seen a robot before, thinking that they were only a
thing of science fiction.

"Hello, Sir," Frankenargie greeted Eero.

"H-Hi," Eero squeaked, taking in the size of the huge metallic

"Frankenargie! Collect a sample of the serum 'N4n-1te5' for
young Eero here! Now!" Doctor Venficus bellowed at his metallic

"This serum, Eero, will induce rapid muscular development in
your body. You will have your wish," the scientist declared.
Frankenargie soon returned, holding the small vial of liquid,
looking like mercury inside. Dr Veneficus took the vial from the
muscly machine, holding it up in the light, rolling the vial
across his fingers.

"Yes," he scientist smiled admiring his creation, "this beauty
is one of my greatest creations, its power must be seen to be

Eero marvelled at the vial in the scientists hands, be could
barely hold himself back from wanting to snatch it and swallow it
right then and there.

"But be warned young Eero, this serum has been shown to not
only affect the body but also the mind. One who ingests its power
must be clear and sound in mind, true to oneself, without
conflict," he warned. "Are you sure you are of clear mind Eero?”

Eero knew right away he wasn't, since his early teens he had
felt his mind wracked with internal struggles, he had feelings he
believed he shouldn't have, desired things he knew he shouldn't.
In school he had never had any girlfriends, and instead spent his
time admiring the strong guys in his class, half jealous, half in
love with their strength. And now, at the age of 21 he still felt
conflicted. But he wasn't willing to let that get in the way of
what he wanted, he was not going to waste this opportunity.

"Yes, I believe I am," Eero lied.

"What could go wrong?" Eero reasoned to himself, "The Doctor is
probably just pretending for dramatic effect," he thought.

”Very well then," the Doctor replied. "Take this home with you
and witness its results. Come back to me when it is done.”

"Thank-you Doctor!”

————————————————————————————————- # ———————————————————————————————————

Eero rushed home to try the serum, bounding down the hill at
lightning speed but careful not to break the vial in his hands.
He barrelled into his house, luckily his parents weren't home,
out busy doing what they could to keep the colony running.

Eero wasted no time in preparing to take the serum, eager to prove the
colonist that he was not weak. He would show them!

Eero pulled back the metal seal from the top of the vial. His
breath was heavy, his heart beating through his chest.

Eero swallowed the vial whole. Its taste like the worst
halloween cocktail.

At first . . . there was nothing.

For a moment Eero was devastated, thinking that the weird
scientist had played him.

But pretty soon Eero began to feel an unpleasant strain in his
body, all his muscles began to hurt at once, they felt raw. In
truth, the tissue was breaking down and reforming stronger and
bigger than ever before.

Eero stood frozen in shock, his body tense, teeth gritted
through the pain, sweat forming on his brow. His muscles were
twitching and contracting all on their own.

Eero's growth started in his pecs, they began to push up from
underneath his skin, blossoming into two plump muscle-tits, just
like he had always secretly dreamed of. They were solid but round,
stretching the skin of his chest. His nipples too had expanded
like marshmallows and stood erect as they swelled and grew
extraordinarily sensitive. His abdominals suddenly emerged,
bloating from under the skin, looking like rows of sticky candy
apples, glistening with sweat. His waist stayed thin and
beautifully tapered. Accentuating the extreme sweep from his lats.

Eero became dizzy with his sudden transformation, he swayed
from side to side, leaning over and holding his head in his hands,
he groaned as his voice began to lower to a deep sexy bass.
Powerful shoulders led down into a swollen back, and rippling
arms ran into vascular hands and forearms. The width of his new
upper body became too much for his flimsy t-shirt, shredding like
paper. Eero groaned again, deep and pained like a wounded animal,
a splitting headache interrupting what was otherwise a truly
pleasurable experience.

Eero soon sprouted a huge wide pair of glutes, the cheeks
turning into the perfect bubble butt, complimenting new column
like thighs and calves, twitching and pulsing larger with each

Eero's other "muscle" soon joined in as well, already plump
from the pleasure of his transformation, it lengthened slowly, 8,
9 , 10, 11 inches of hard, throbbing meat, begging to blow.
Eero's face began to shift as well. His jaw flared out wide
giving him and unbelievably manly, mouth watering look, his cheek
bones high, his chin squared. For Eero wasn't just growing more
muscular, he was becoming something much more.

"Unnhhhh, YESSS!" Eero groaned with deep, unadulterated

Eero's slowly headed for the mirror in his sleeping quarters.

Strutting down the passageway with his newbulk.

Eero grinned wickedly as he took his new naked reflection, he
had been transformed into a sexy muscular beast! His skin had also
tanned beautifully, the colour of pumpkin pie!

"Mmm, there you are," he cooed at his reflection, groping his
pecs as he admired himself, "About time you broke free from your

Eero moved his hands downwards, nipples to abs to cock,
stroking it a few times and breathing in deeply with the rush of
pleasure that resulted.

Eero noticed one last change began to occur. Hair slowly
peppered itself like cotton candy down his body, a slight dusting
along the canyon of his glorious new pecs, down his abs, and along
his legs. But most importantly, an uber-masculine 5 O'clock shadow
across his face.

Eero admired the final changes, now he was ready. His mind,
clouded by his own manly scent wanted just one thing, to fuck!

Eero stomped into his parents sleeping quarters, looking for
something to cover his new body with. He soon found what he was
looking for, a pair of leather overalls and leather knee high
boots that his father wore back when working in the mines. They
were loose on him, but tight and oh so sexy on Eero.

Eero took in his reflection one last time, admiring the outfit.

"Oh Yeahhh," He growled at himself "My transformation is
complete!" Eero pulled his arms up into a double biceps.

"Eero is no more! Now, I AM EGO!!" he roared.

————————————————————————————————- # ———————————————————————————————————

Ego stomped out into the night, knowing exactly where he was
headed. Out in the fringes of the colony there was a bar that
everyone quietly knew catered to a certain clientele. And tonight
Ego would take each and every muscular hunk there.

The quiet roar of the bars interior was interrupted as Ego
kicked the door in with his leather clad foot, catching all of the
patrons' attention.

Ego sauntered in, cracking his neck and then his knuckles. "All
right men, you're in for a treat. Tonight I'm gonna fuck you all .
. . . And then you're gonna do the same to me!" Eero grinned.

And so did many of the bars patrons.

————————————————————————————————- # ———————————————————————————————————

The next morning Eero awoke with the most splitting headache he
had ever felt. The pain was indescribable, and it was just his
head that hurt, but his whole body. Especially, rather worryingly,
his jaw and, and, and ass!

And his new muscle was gone.

Despite the pain, Eero shot up in his bed, blurry memories of
the nights events coming back to him. Muscle, growth, power,
freedom, and Sex.

Eero gulped, "What have I done! What did I become last night?!
A monster?!”

Eero was terrified of himself. He knew right away it was his
own fault. He had not heeded the scientists warning. Eero's secret
desires that he had kept bottled up rose to the surface and broke
free, altering his mind and allowing himself to act without

He had to tell the scientist, fearful that the muscular beast
he had turned into might return at any time. He had to get a
control over it.

————————————————————————————————- # ———————————————————————————————————

It wasn't long before Eero was back inside the scientists lair.
He had to confess what the serum had done to him.

"Doctor, last night after I took the serum, my muscles grew,"
Eero started.

"You've taken it? Then why haven't your muscles stayed . . .
no," the scientist gasped in shock, knowing something untoward had

"I-It changed me, I grew into some kind of muscular beast, I
can't remember what happened exactly but I think I went to some
bar and , and, fucked people," Eero was bright red with
embarrassment, revealing his muscle-crazed actions.

"No, you didn't. Your alter ego did," the scientist corrected.

"You lied didn't you? About your mind without doubt and
insecurity. And now the emotions, desires you repressed for so
long have manifested themselves and formed an entirely new

"You can feel him, can't you, creeping underneath your skin?”
the scientist questioned.

It was true, it was like a presence Eero could feel inside him,
begging to break free again.

"How do we get rid of the beast Doctor? Help me!" Eero begged.

"I do not know exactly," Doctor Veneficus replied honestly.
"The muscled monster inside of you lives for the pleasures it has
been denied. And it probably will not stop until its thirst is
quenched!" The Doctor let out a menacing laugh, delightfully
amused by the unexpected turn of events. Things were going to get

Eero swallowed, "Wha-what do you mean Doctor?”

"We must give the beast what it wants!" Veneficus grinned.

"Frankenargie, come here at once!”

Frankenargie lumbered out from the shadows again. The sight of
him stirred something deep within Eero.

"Help young Eero here loosen up! Hahahaha!" the scientist
laughed manically again.

Frankenargie approached a terrified Eero, Eero could already
feel the beast inside waking from his slumber. The metallic man
stood in front of Eero and began to lewdly grope and caress his
own artificial muscle. The robot began to perform what looked like
some kind of erotic dance routine, swaying his massive rippling
thighs side to side, jiggling his gel filled bubble butt up and
down right in Eero's face.

He couldn't look away nor close his eyes, the muscle beast was
already regaining control, drinking in the incredibly sexy display
before him. Eero's body was sweating profusely, his limbs shaking,
building up with contained energy begging to burst free.

"No!" Eero pleaded with himself. "I won’t!"

Eero and the scientist suddenly heard a tear, the t-shirt Eero
had thrown on was already beginning to rip around a bulging bicep.

"WILL!" Egos deep voice returned amidst sounds of more fabric
tearing. The beasts muscle returning.

Ego held his chest joyfully as his beautiful muscle-tits
returned, striated like two huge pumpkins. The cool temperature of
the scientists lair made Egos nipples standing up like rocket-pops,
just begging to be licked.

Ego leaned his melon sized bubble butt against a wall as he
enjoyed the show the Metallic Man was putting on for him. But he
managed to pull his attention from Frankenargies gyrating body for
a few seconds to address Doctor Veneficus.

"Doctor, thank you. Thank you for setting me free!" the beast
rejoiced with his deep, masculine voice.

The scientist was frozen, totally in awe of the transformation
he had just witnessed. He could only nod a response to Ego.

The beast smiled and pulled the scientist in close. Bowing his
head down to make out aggressively with the scientist. Doctor
Veneficus felt the beasts powerful tongue invade his mouth, it
tasted both sweet and sour. He rolled his eyes back in pleasure.


Soon Ego grew tired of Frankenargies muscle show, "Stop dancing
around like you're trying to turn tricks metallic man!” he
bellowed, "come here instead and give me a treat!" now it was Egos
turn to let out a deep menacing laugh.

Frankenargie complied, sauntering over to the beast, his
silicone tree trunk legs rolling over one another. But not even
his simulated 300lbs was a match for Egos bulging 320lb mass! The
metallic man bent over, presenting his rear to the muscled beast.
Veneficus had secretly designed it for this very purpose.

Egos massive tool quickly hardened at the sight of the hole,
already pre-lubricated by one of the machines sophisticated
internal systems.

Ego slipped in hard and fast, leaning over the top of
Frankenargie and grabbing the bolts on his neck for support as he
vigorously thrusted in and out.

Fortunately Veneficus card enough to give Frankenargie a
nervous system, allowing him to feel the immense pleasure that
came with Egos hard fucking.

Soon the muscled beast could hold in no more.

"OH! FUCK! YESSSSS!" He shouted, his voice rattling the various
instruments and equipment scattered about the scientists

Ego Exploded gloriously inside the metallic mans chute. The
feeling of the explosion was glorious to the muscled beast, his
entire body seized by pleasure, all the years of been repressed
and now finally he was free, liberated. His mind almost exploding
at the overwhelming, mind bending pleasure, enough to send a
lesser man insane.

The scientist watched in awe the entire time, his pants wet
with his own emissions from the erotic sight.

Eventually Frankenargie and Ego collapsed on the ground in a
pile of sated post-coital bliss. And soon after that, Ego began to
disappear again, his muscles shrinking back down, turning back
into Eero, almost.

Eero's body didn't turn back to its original size, instead
retaining some of Egos muscle.

Eero emerged from his stupor, amazed at the new size his body
had retained.

"You see, your sub-conscious has rewarded you for been true to
yourself," the scientist explained.

“You're right Doctor, I was wrong to keep my feelings bottled

"Indeed," the scientist replied.

"I guess to say thank you I should let him out every now and
again," Eero grinned, "I won’t deny he's good company.”

"I second that!" The scientist laughed.

"Meeee Toooo," Frankenargie groaned, still lying in the floor,

End Chapter


© Rekoobaz


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