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Home of the Gods Part Five by F_R_Eaky

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Home of the Gods Part Five by F_R_Eaky

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Morning.  Fabian had trouble sleeping for a couple of reasons: slight coughing or whispering to himself out loud had him hearing how his voice had dropped in pitch what felt like three, maybe four, octaves than what he normally spoke, and the other was that he was sleeping on a futon mattress on the floor with Reid so there wasn't quite enough room to be comfortable.  Coming home in the dark, without Reid having been there for the great voice transformation, put Fabian in the position of Reid being confused and thus in protection-attack mode when a hidden in shadows Fabian spoke to him.  To stop his 6' 7" 270 pound muscle bound lover from punching him, the only thing the 5' 2", 90 pound Fabian could do was bark with his new voice an order to cum and cum instantly to Reid who did immediately blow a load on the spot, but in doing so left him stunned and very weak.  As such, collapsed to the floor, Fabian was in no position to move his boyfriend to the appropriate bed for recovery.  Fabian eventually pulled a futon mattress to the floor, barely managed to roll Reid onto said mattress, put some pillows under Reid's head, cover him with a comforter, and attempt to lie down next to him on the floor.  Unconscious habitual movement by Reid had him pulling Fabian close to him in his sleep so that Fabian had to sleep engulfed by Reid and hanging off the edge.


Eventually Fabian got flipped over, back into Reid's chest and abs, a more appropriate and comfortable spooning position, which allowed him to be a bit more secure on the futon mattress.  Come the early morning, Reid's hand began to explore Fabian's body: caressing the shoulder, down the slim lats and obliques, across the waist and ass, back up the hands, arms, shoulders, neck, then feeling the face.  Fabian felt he was being more frisked than caressed and decided to ask the question.


"Uhm... What...."


"Shhhhhh.  I've kept my eyes closed and I am feeling your body to see if it feels like how I remember you.  Your voice sounds so different it's making my brain go wonky with conflict.  Such a powerful voice out of my little man.  It's hard to believe it's you."


"Is my voice really that powerful and manly now Rei..... ... ... .... Reid is that your cock?"


"uhmmm.... ye...ye...yeyeye....yeah."


"Reid that's like soft to erect in like ten seconds!"


"uh-uwuaaaaah!  oh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh."


Fabian lie there motionless for a number of minutes.  A warm, sticky wet spot growing around his ass and lower back.  He spoke in as soft of a whisper as he could.


"R....Re....Reid?  Is....is that pre-cum?"


"N....n nnnn nnnn nn n n.........no."


"It's not pre-cum?  It better not be piss."


"No... no...it's just my morning load."


"Morning load?  You just woke up.  We haven't done anything.  We've..."


"We don't have to!   It's your voice, Fabian.  I can't help it."  Reid pulled Fabian close and began to kiss Fabian's neck and nibble on Fabian's ear lobe, grope Fabian's body. "It's so big, so deep, so manly.  You talk and it rumbles in my ears and goes straight down through my whole body and into my cock and testicles and rolls and resides there.  I hear your voice and my mind thinks there should be this like 7' tall, muscle, power house, horse hung man there.  I'm already in love with you... this is just turning me on more.  My lil' 5' 2" tall Fabian with the vocal power of a....a.....god!  You say it I have to do it.  Auuughhhhhhhhhh."


And with that yelp, Reid emptied another load onto Fabian's back and buttocks.


The morning went quickly and playfully for the pair as they got ready for work. Reid was weak in the knees.  The way in which he came the night before plus how it happened this morning was so powerful and so much it left him weak.  Fabian kept his mouth shut most of the time, but occasionally had to be playful like getting very close to Reid's ear from behind and in as soft and low of a voice he could muster ask for things in a seductive way like the hot......buttered.....toast.  By the time the pair set off for work, poor Reid was leaving looking like a love drunk pup, falling in love, again, with Fabian and his basso profundo voice.


Things went well at work for Fabian, except there was much ribbing by his dispatch and coworkers.  Upon hearing his new voice they all commented on how low it was, but then it was followed up by comments like, "Whoa!  You goin' through puberty this late in life?  You suddenly gonna hit a growth spurt on us?" or "the local lighthouse called and want their foghorn back."  Comments were also made by some of the people Fabian delivered to, and an occasional accident or two almost happened when some driver would nearly cut Fabian on his courier bike off and Fabian would bark an order, "HEY, WATCH WHERE YOU'RE GOING!" and it would startle the driver this huge, gigantic voice coming out of such a diminutive man.


At the end of the day, Reid pulled up in his delivery truck meeting Fabian at his last delivery stop of the day.  He put Fabian's bicycle in the back of the truck and told him to get in, that he was treating his man as the last couple of days were pretty harsh on him and he was certain a lot of folks probably all went "weird" on him today given his new voice.  Fabian did as Reid instructed and Reid took Fabian home, then they hopped a cab to go to a local Chinese place to have dinner.  Reid was able to be a bit more calm hearing Fabian speak now, although towards the end of Reid did ask Fabian to  read off a number of Chinese fortunes from cookies he had cracked open.  Fabian did so, and then was surprised to reach over and discover just doing that had Reid and full mast in his pants.  He smiled at Reid and then blushed.  Reid in turn reached over and felt Fabian's inner left leg and sure enough Fabian's cock was at its fullest and hardest.  After paying for dinner the pair walked out holding their coats in front of their crotches.


It being a crisp winter night and not being too far from their apartment, Fabian & Reid decided to walk back home. After putting their coats on, they took off, holding hands, smiling, at one another.  They were walking over a bridge at one point when suddenly Fabian uttered an exclamation of being hurt and stumbled forward to the sidewalk.  Reid turned to look at Fabian and then doubled over in some pain as a blow to his stomach was made.  There was Michael, the power lifter with the huge hands and feet.


"Surprise, boys.  If there's one thing I can't stand, it's the undeserving out having a good time.  Especially when it's a man out having a it out with a boy!  I believe that's illegal, isn't it?"


"I am not a boy!"  Fabian said defiantly on the ground.  Michael looked a bit shocked back at him.


"Well.... someone's voice lowered.  I think it sounds lower than Fazzah's.  But no matter voice doesn't affect....."


With a growl, Reid was fast approaching Michael ready to attack.  Michael was relatively ready for him, dodged and delt a blow again to Reid's stomach.  There was a loud thud, but only a small sound of "huff" from Reid.  Michael looked up to see Reid smiling.


"Taller than you and built just about as big.  Not gonna be so easy to take me down when I am aware of your attack."


Reid then slugged Michael across the chin sending him staggering back a good number of paces.  He then ran to attack Michael again, but Michael was also able to shake off first blows rather easily, as well.  Stepping off to one side, Michael stuck his large size 16 men's foot out and tripped Reid forward.  As Reid tripped to his knees, Michael then turned to catch the charging Fabian and back hand him across the mouth. Fabian reacted nearly as well as a ball to a bat's hit, flying backwards in the opposite direction.  Michael spun around again and made to punch Reid who was charging at him once more, but as Reid slowed and tensed his abdominals and obliques, Michael lowered his stance and brought both fists into place striking Reid right in the groin and balls.  Reid doubled over seeing stars and upon his bending over Michael sucker punched him right across the chin and jaw again which cause him to stumble backwards and over the bridge railing.


"NO!" cried Fabian causing a boom to fill their air and windows to vibrate as he ran to the railing to try and help Reid.  Reid had a hold of a lower rung the railing but just barely and he was slipping.  Not sure what exactly to do Fabian braced his feet against the railing and reached over to grab a hold of Reid's wrist.  His diminutive size with small hands and feet of course made this a difficult task.  He couldn't get one hand around the thick wrist and forearm of his lover who was just an inch under being a foot and a half taller than him.  Lurching over he grabbed a hold of Reid's wrists with both hands, trembling to the over taxing of his strength and limbs, crying as he didn't want Reid to fall.


Michael laughed.  "Ha ha ha ha.... if the fall doesn't kill him, the freezing temperatures of the water below most certainly will.  It'll take any form of help at least thirty minutes to get dispatched and either flown or driven to this location. And you can't go and calmly tell someone to help out, and screaming it.... well your voice bellows to loud now, by the time it reverberates off of all the buildings would folks be able to tell from where you're screaming?"


Michael walked away leaving the pair to make a decision of either both of them plunging into a winter chilled river or just letting Reid drop and Fabian survive.  There could be a possibility of saving Reid if Fabian could get a decent hold of him and Reid could then grab a hold of Fabian and try to swing up enough to get his other hand on the bridge railing.  That, however, would also require Fabian to become locked and stable in his position and at his size and weight verses Reid's size and weight it wasn't going to happen.


As the pair struggled the air suddenly began to fill with the sound of pounding drums.  Fabian was crying out of fear and despair and now in the back of his mind thinking "not now for a change.  I can't change in the middle of this."


Steam began to rise off the bridge.  The slight side trough began to unfreeze and have free flowing water and filling up.  A manhole cover blew off its hole and a pipe underneath sprung a leak and began to spew hot water in the air and onto Fabian.  It ran down his arms, his legs, his hands, his feet, causing his grip either to stabilize onto the bridge or firmly grasp Reid's hand to become slick and loose. That's when the voices began to chant.


" Ke'atutelvae.... Ke'atutelvae.... Ke'atutelvae.... Ke'atutelvae.... Ke'atutelvae...”


As the voices chanted the name, Fabian began to feel his fingers and his toes tingle and eventually feel them itch and burn.  He wailed for it to stop as he tried to keep a firm hold of Reid which was slipping more and more.  Eventually the fingers and toes felt burning hot and the rest of the hands and feet were tingling, itching, and burning slightly.  That's when Fabian began to feel it.  There was not only pain in his hands and feet, just emanating from them, but that his feet were being pinched, squeezed, almost like clamped down on.  It was his shoes.  Tighter and tighter they became crushing in from the sides, pushing from the front and cutting from the back.  He was trying hard to ignore this pain because he had to keep adjusting his grip on Reid's wrist.  Every few seconds suddenly his finger tips would stretch out and they began to touch tips with one another.  Meanwhile his cycling shoes were pressing down so hard on top of his feet and toes it felt as though they were pressing his toe nails inward, making them cut his poor small toes.  He could feel individual toe ridges forming on the top of his shoes instead of one smooth top.  His ankles were being tied off by a ring of cloth, the opening for the shoes that was getting smaller and smaller.  His heal was screaming at the back of the shoe that was digging in, clamping around trying to contain the heel from escaping.


Just under his cries and pleas for help, the sound of small tears and rips were heard.  In a series of a couple of short rips! and then a long strip!  The sides of the shoes gave way allowing the icy air to waft in and caress Fabian's feet.  A few more rips and Fabian's toes burst through, their red hotness getting cooled by the water and winter air.  Soon a few pops were heard and the laces on Fabian's shoes snapped and allowed the tongue to rise up and the opening of the shoe spread out wider and wider to accommodate Fabian's growing feet.




Fabian had to lurch forward, re-establishing his footing and his grasp.  The sole of the shoe finally separated, torn free due to Fabian's good sized feet, and thus slid away causing Fabian to now stand barefoot, except the tops of his every shrinking size 5.5 men's shoe now laying on top of his much larger feet like some ill fitting pair of sporty looking spats.  Feeling the new length of his feet, he managed to get them hooked in between to rungs of the railing and anchor himself in the bridge.  His two hands having grown matching the increase in size of his feet, he now adjusted to a better hold onto Reid's wrist. 


"Reid.... I'm not strong enough to pull you up.... but I have a better hold of you and the bridge..... I need..... I need your help, babe.....  Help me.... help me swing you..... so you can grab the railing.  My hands and feet are getting ice cold now..... and numb.... c'mon... help me swing...."


The pair managed to get  Reid swinging and after a few tries Reid did get up high enough to allow his long arms and fingers grab a hold of the railing and together they eventually got him pulled and lifted up over the railing.  After managing to find and hail a cab, the rode back the rest of the way home and proceeded to take a hot bath to soothe their freezing bodies, Fabian's hands and especially his feet in particular.  Reid had Fabian face him and lay his legs on top of his, and in this position, in the hot soapy water, took Fabian's feet in his hands and began to massage them.


"Hmmmmmm that feels sooo good, hon."


"I imagine it does, Fabe.  All that growing they did, and then the bruising they took with you trying to come up the stairs and the hallway.  You should've let me carry you."


"It's another freakin' change, Reid.  I'm gonna have to get used to walking with these....flippers now.  They feel so heavy, and seem so long....."


Reid took up the tape measure and laid it along the underside of Fabian's feet.


"Ten and two-thirds inches long.  What size shoe did you wear before?"


"Five and half in men's."


Reid did the calculations in his head.  "That means your feet were 9.133 inches long, so they've grown one and half inches longer.... or four and half sizes to a US men's size 10."


"That's like ridiculous on me isn't it?  I've got clown feet now...."


"No.... it's not quite so bad.  Proportionately if you were my height your feet would be thirteen and a half inches long for a size 18.5 shoe. I wear a size 17 as my feet are 13 inches long, so it wouldn't be that bad.  Just means you have big man feet."


"But my hands... they're just as bad.  Most people won't see or notice my feet, my hands however they'll all see as I deliver packages.  I now look and sound like a freak."


"You're not a freak, and even if you were, there's not worry because... you're my freak.  I'm here, Fabe.  Through all the changes that may be coming.  I've fallen in love with you and your personality and even though I imagined guys as big or bigger than I am, I still loved you at your small size.  If you wind up growing big, I'll be all right with that so... you will have someone who loves you no matter what."


The pair sat there for a while in the silence, except for the occasional sound of some soap bubbles popping.  Eventually Fabian slightly smiled at Reid.


"What am I gonna do with this huge hands and feet.  I can barely walk or grasp things properly."


"Well, you're gonna fumble and stumble with them for a bit?"


"Fumble and stum....... I don't want to do that I want to walk and handle things normally."


"And you will, but you'll have to get used to this first."


"And you speak like that's so easy to do."


"I do.  I wasn't always 6' 7" you know.  I entered high school as a weak lil' Freshman standing 5' 10" tall.  I remained that way until the middle of my Junior year."


"What?  What happened?"


"That was when my hands and feet exploded.  I was going, and growing, through a shoe size like every three weeks.  By the end of my junior year, I was fumbling, stumbling, and bumbling my way around everywhere trying to get used to my new huge ass hands and feet.  Even some of the taller guys still only had a size fourteen shoe, so I got teased about having boats and flippers."


"But you don't look that out of proportion now."


"Of course not.  The second half of it all started my senior year.  I started out 5' 10" by then end of the school year I stood 6' 4" and by my Sophomore year of college I was another three inches taller at 6' 7"."


The pair sat in silence again for a while until Reid smiled.  He motioned for Fabian to sit forward a  bit and just stared at him eye to eye for a moment.  Suddenly there was a small splash and Reid's prick sprung up from under the water.  Fabian kind of went to scoff at Reid, but then Reid took one of Fabian's hands and placed it on his member and wrapped it around it.


"Look it what you can do one handed now." said Reid smirking. "And with your other hand you can then..." and he took and placed Fabian's other hand down in the water and to his balls, which Fabian then made Reid jump and shake a little as he took his other hand's fingers, cupped Reid's balls and then firmly took his thumb and stroked them across.  Reid pulled the plug, stood up, wiped down with a towel, raised Fabian up, dried him off, lead him to the bedroom, and after turning on the heater, proceeded to show Fabian what all he could do or experience with his larger feet and hands.

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We all need a guy like Reid. ;w; poor Fabian, sometimes it really is better to go through all the changes in 1 go instead of one at a time... but i guess, he does get tge opportunity to get used to everything and to kearn how to use everything. ;3 <3


I wonder what will be bext. Probably height seeing as his future muscles would need a frame to hold them. ;3

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