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What happened to Alexey Lesukov?

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I haven't seen anything about Russian Alexey Lesukov in several months.

His website is "Gone".  The Russian language Wikipedia page about him has his last competition in 2015.  His Facebook page hasn't been updated since February 2015 when his contract with Peak ended.

So, what happened to him?  Was he drafted into Putin's Twitter army to elect Trump?  Is he being experimented on in some Russian lab?  Was he actually just a computerized special effect designed to make me more interested in Russia?  Did he quit competitive bodybuilding to find his true calling as living morph?

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On 10/19/2017 at 11:37 AM, Muscleace said:

His insta is updated pretty regularly. 


Hmm ... Is that a fan account?  I looked through it and I'm not seeing photos I've not seen elsewhere.

The most recent original content I've seen from/about him were these videos posted eight months ago.


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He looked very impressive and sounded like a decent person, when he was interviewed by a Swedish muscle magazine, after Nordic Pro a few years ago. It's a pity that he is less visible now.

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2 hours ago, Esshar said:

Maybe he is focusing on Family (he is married) and not competing?

That sounds like a realistic explanation. I just hope, that he is ok, and that we will see more of him in the future.

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