The Intergalactic Adventures of Eero - Chapter 6 (Teaser)

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Hi There All!

Chapter 6 has just been uploaded on my Patreon!

Here's the teaser to give you a taste!

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Chapter 2

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The Intergalactic Adventures of Eero

Chapter 6 (TEASER) - Growth!


Location: Port Secretum, Kapteyn C, Kapteyn's Star, 1st Quadrant, Milky Way Galaxy

Year: 2135


(Following on from Chapter 5, Eero begins to have a reaction to the doctors injection.)


“Ok, so what should happen is the nanites will go about
administering the required hormones to your cells, promoting growth," the
doctor explained.

“The nanites will self multiply as needed and once they reach a
predetermined level they'll begin to slowly leave the body, mainly
through your sweat.”

Eero nodded.

“Now there may be some minimal growth in neighbouring muscle groups
but as I mentioned earlier the nanites are intelligent and know where
they are in the body and their target area.”

Doctor Bale held the syringe toward Eeros pec.


“Ready!” Eero replied.

The first needle pierced his skin.

————————————————————————————————- # ———————————————————————————————————

“Uhh, Doc, Beginning to feel a little uncomfortable here.”

Dr Bale walked over, he could see Eero was uncomfortable, sweat
beginning to form on his brow.

“Ungh! My pecs feel like they're cramping and my nipples are on
fire!” Eero groaned.

Bale pulled Eeros jacket aside to get a full look at the pecs,
something was definitely happening, Eeros two muscle-tits were flexed
hard and twitching slightly. Sweat as beginning to form on their
surface. Eeros nipples felt raw, like someone had been sucking on them.

“Let me see if I can help,” Bale said as he began to massage the two
pulsing mounds of pec meat.

Bale kneaded Eeros pecs like dough, pressing his fingers into the
flesh, attempting to loosen up the tension. “Relax, I’ve also trained as
a massage therapist,” Bale assured Eero.

“Ohhh Doc, thats it, right there!” Eero moaned.

Bales ministrations couldn't alleviate the pain for Eero completely
and pretty soon he began to feel something more than just the pulsing
under his skin, growth.

At first Eero thought it was just his breathing but pretty soon he
realised the stretching feeling under his skin was from his muscles.
The fibers were beginning to grow and multiply, the nanites dutifully
building up the muscle. The sensation began to feel amazing and Eero
grew excited, he could help but begin to tent his thong.

“Oh Doc, I can feel it. So goood,” Eero breathed as Bale continued
to massage the globes of muscle.

“These beauties are gonna get huge!” Bale complimented, turning his
attention to Eeros nipples, gently massaging around them and pinching
them ever so slightly causing Eero to breath in sharply.

Strangely it seemed the attention on Eeros nipples seemed to cause
the growth to accelerate. They both watched in awe as Eeros chest began
to visibly expand beyond its current 47 inches. Eero couldn't believe
what he was seeing as the sweaty mounds began to dominate more of his
view from where he was lying.

They continued expanding, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, it looked like Eero
had two large bowls strapped to his chest. They had rounded out
beautifully, the flesh firm but yielding as Bale continued massaging the
two enormous mounds, salivating slightly at the glorious slight.

Bale couldn't fight the urge, and in his overload of arousal Eero
couldn't stop him. The good doctor abandoned any sort of
professionalism, leaning in to begin licking Eeros new and improved
muscle tits, treating them to a tongue bath. Bale ran his tongue up and
down the mounds of flesh, circling around the areola before rapturously
biting and sucking on Eeros nipples which too had swollen and expanded
with the growth.

Eero moaned in fevered joy as he was wracked with pleasure. He
grabbed the sides of the examination table, Bales pec worship driving
Eero crazy.

“Oh fuck yes Doc!” Eero shouted “Keep going!”

Eero was now rock hard, his erection slipping free from his thong.
Bale hadn't failed to notice and had moved his free hand down to begin
stroking the young bodybuilders hard penis.

While most of the tingling sensation had subsided in Eeros' pecs he
could've sworn he soon felt it in neighbouring parts of his body, but the
doctor did say that might happen. The feeling was awfully strong
though. Despite the immense pleasure attacking his body, doubt began to
creep into Eeros mind as he felt his abs, lats traps, delts and biceps
grow tense, the familiar cramping sensation quickly returning.

“D-Doc!” Eero breathed. “Something's happening!”

"Yeah, you're turning into a fucking beautiful musclebound god!”
Bale replied.

“No! I can feel it . . . elsewhere.” Eero stated.

“What do you mea . . .?” Bale paused as he pulled his head away from
Eero Pecs. He could see it, the growth was spreading through Eeros body.

“Oh My!” Bale exclaimed as he saw Eeros abs began to twitch, rising
and falling with each ragged breath.

Eight bulging mounds grew bigger and more defined. The obliques
becoming more toned and beautiful, but not so thick as to ruin the taper
of Eeros waist, drawing the eye to the thick erection tapping Eeros abs
with every fevered breath. If Eeros pecs hadn't already blown up so big
Bale would be able to see how the taut anterior muscles threaded through
the obliques toward Eeros pits.

“The, The nanites! They're multiplying beyond their predetermined
amount!” Bale realised. It was almost like he could see the growth
swelling out from Eeros pecs, the muscles beneath stretching the skin.

Around back Eero felt his traps suddenly bloat, pulling against the
inside of his jacket. His lats followed suit, their improved size
pushing Eeros arms further outwards. The delts, biceps, and triceps
twitched, pulsed then bloated. Their new size proving too much for the
stitching in Eeros jacket arms, causing slight tears along the sides.


Bale couldn't help himself as he watched the erotic display. He
quickly climbed up on the examination table and straddled Eeros mid
section. The brazenness of the act causing Eero let a long moan as some
of the air was forced from his body.

“Fuck! Look what I'm creating!” Bale let out a pleasured laugh as
Eero thrashed beneath him with each wave of pleasure he felt.
Bale reached behind himself and resumed pleasuring Eeros pulsing
penis. “Mmm, if only my nanites could grow this muscle too,” Bale

The growth had spread lower down Eeros back, his taut glutes now
getting in on the action has they bloated quickly with new fibers,
turning into a full blown bubble butt. The growth was so sudden that to
Bale it felt as though Eero had thrusted upwards.

"Yeah you enjoying this?" Bale teased as he began to rock back and
forth on Eeros abs.

Eero was being blinded in pleasure, the strokes of Bales hand on his
dick were amazing and as the good doctor rocked back and forth on his abs
Eero could feel the weight of his glorious new pecs, the slight pain that
lingered from the growth that felt like a good burn from the gym only
heightened the pleasure.

Eeros breaths got quicker and quicker.

The weight of his new muscle was intoxicating.

His dick was numb from the stroking.

He couldn't hold much longer.

“Uhhh! Uhhhh!”

“C'mon baby, spill it!” Bale urged

“Ugh! Fuck yes!” Eero growled

For the second time that day Eero exploded, his cum firing against
the doctors back.

————————————————————————————————- # ———————————————————————————————————

© Rekoobaz

Hope you enjoyed this little teaser of Chapter 6!


To see the full chapter and more, head on over to my Patreon page!


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