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Home of the Gods Part Four by F_R_Eaky

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Home of the Gods Part Four by F_R_Eaky

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It had been three weeks since the attack on the subway and not a word, sound, or sight from Gabriel or his friends.... posse more like it.  However, this doesn't mean that things were quiet.  the first two weeks were checking in at the hospital to make sure Reid was healing and doing alright.  Most of his injuries were bandage and heal, but he had to have some minor surgeries to take care of his jaw and eye socket.  His ribs had to be wrapped and he was on a couple of machines until his one lung had healed enough to be off of them.  The very end of week three, but with his jaw wired shut and his ribs still tightly wrapped, he was allowed to go home, but was still in a long haul for being one-hundred percent healed.  Week four saw the arrival and stay of Reid's parents, who were both surprisingly averaged size, well - his dad was around 6' 3" but very slim build, and they stayed to help watch over and take care of Reid, making him shake meals until time for the jaw to be freed from its wire stitches holding it in place.


Reid's parents had figured out quickly via Fabian's expressions that he obviously had feelings for Reid and then being told that the day of the attack Reid had finally asked him to be an item together.  With that knowledge the parents showed how accepting they were by saying, "Well that takes care of the sleeping arrangements then.  No need for a hotel, you sleep with the boyfriend patient, and we'll take your bed." Fabian wasn't sure whether to be happy or annoyed.


Fabian in the mean time was back at work as a bicycle courier and learning to adjust his great schlong down a leg of compression shorts, wearing cargo or board shorts over that which also went with his uniform, he informed his bosses it was due to an unseen inner thigh injury, and riding his bicycle to and from home, work, and delivery points.  It became somewhat difficult as the back of his mind was always focused on Reid, then he'd feel the rubbing of the shorts, single layer or both, rubbing his colossal cock and an immediate erection would occur.  Fabian had begun planning one or two minutes to stand in an alleyway of a building before delivery to lift up his shirt, pull out and open his shorts and allowing the cold winter air to strike and caress him until his cock had shriveled and shrunk from great python to being nearly being inside of him.


The beginning of two months from the attack, things begin to go downward once again.  Last delivery of the day, Fabian came out to find the tires on his bicycle deflated and punctured.  Looking around, he froze upon seeing Gabriel across the street.  A passing bus made it like one of those scenes in the movies, for as soon as the bus passed, it revealed that Gabriel was gone.  It was as if he was on that bus now, although it hadn't stopped to pick up passengers from where he stood.  Other things like birthday cards congratulating him on his 18th birthday - even though he was twenty-three - being sent to the apartment, or fake delivers to empty warehouses, the packages which turned out to be books, videos, or cd's on what happens to a body during puberty or how to build one's self up to be a man, were frequently happening.  To a certain extent Fabian was becoming annoyed and scared of the pack's presence, but took solace in the fact that he was going to sleep each night next to a wonderful man, who also happened to be a pretty big brute of a man too.  Spoon snuggling at night into Reid... head engulfed by pecs, cobblestone of abs against his back, legs that felt like great stones on top of his, arms that wrapped around and encased him almost as large as a pillow and hard as a rock, and all that bringing a wonderful scent of musk to Fabian's nostrils helped lull him to blissful sleep. Although he couldn't have sex yet, anal or oral, Reid still would pleasure Fabian in the morning, cooing and ah-ing in Fabian's ear as he watched Fabian achieve full, vein throbbing, stone breaking hard ons and then taking his large, meaty hands and wrap them around the colossal eleven inch long member and rub and squeeze, caress and massage until Fabian blew a huge load and felt that Reid had somehow stretched him out to 12...14....16.....18 inches.  Despite being winter, Fabian was taking many cold showers in order to be able to go into work.


The first day after the jaw wiring was undone, Fabian decided to take Reid out for a great steak to congratulate him on his mouth being healed and that he could finally eat something again without it having to be made into a blended, shake like form.  He also teased and declared it their official second date, being as they were attacked and he'd been healing since the evening after their first.


"Hmmmmm so good to eat real food again."


"Well, slow down starvin' Marvin.  You'll make yourself sick."


"Doesn't matter.  Just a month or two like this has made me lose some weight.  I need to bulk back up in case...."


Fabian glared at Reid.


"Well, I do.  I should even bulk up more so I can tackle two of them at a time."

"They'd just get more people, Reid.  Beside's I don't want to talk about them or think about them.  I think about them on my delivery routes more and more each day anyway.  Pick something else to talk about. Please."


"Ok..... how about the gods?"


"The gods?  What gods?  Why gods?  Why religious?"


"Because of how you're feeling and your chanting."




"The gods of Ulpoo Island.  And your cock.  Your cock feels....somehow fuller now.  Like it actually is made out of stone, or iron pipe.  It's so friggin' hard even I can't hardly squeeze a dent in it."


"I admit I've been having extremely full, throb painful erections, but that's no reason to think those Polynesian gods...."


"That first day after your cock growth, it didn't feel quite that hard, and the neighbors came by to see me and ask if you were all right as the night of the attack they swore that they heard you chanting in the bathroom, and I know you had to have because you mumble names in your sleep currently, did you know that?  If they are as real as the first one was, Ke'atuka'ine, I wonder what changes are going to come over to you, if they've come to reside in you."


"Reside in..."


"I think that's why your prick feels even harder, like steel, right now.  It's because more gods have come to reside and make a home in your penis."


Fabian turned his head away from the table, closed his eyes, and sighed deeply.


"Something did happen the night of the attack.  After they released me and I got home, I shut the door and that's all I remembered.  When I woke up I was sitting in the tub, wet, exhausted and....and....there was a dried line of cum from the tub to the opposite living room wall...."


"Good gawd that'd be nearly 25 feet in leng... ... How on earth did you....?"


"I have no idea.  I'm just certain it was me that shot it."


There was a long silence between them before Fabian started the conversation again.


"So do you know the name of the gods I've been chanting."


"Yeah... so far I've been able to single out seven, besides the main god that said it was now residing in you.  At least I believe that's all there is.  Seven."


"Seven?  How many will my dong hold?"


"I don't know. There's not a manual among the missionary guides on this sort of thing.  I don't know if the seven is all you're chanting, all you can hold, or if it's an inch per god and you'll have three more come to live within you."


"Oh...gaw.....never mind...."


"I can tell you there's enough people out there who've done social studies and religious studies that I think I've discovered the identities of the seven your uttering."


"Well, give it to me.  Maybe I can work out something in appeasing them without finding myself more morphed than I already am."


"What if the point of you having them is to morph you?"


"No...I can't think like that.  I mean... I could become a freak.... .... ....."


The conversation stalled between the two for a while, until Fabian looked across and up at Reid with pleasing eyes and he began.


"You already know of Ke'atuka'ine who came to reside in you the night of the attack."


"He's the god of fertility and dicks isn't he?"


"No.  He's king of the gods.  I imagined that's why he made your cock grow so friggin' huge.  He liked your actions to save his people and thus felt if you were being made part of the tribe, you might as really be part of the tribe?"


"I wonder if he realizes the hassle it is for me?"


Reid smirked over to Fabain, "I'm not complainin'."  Fabian turned his head away from the table again and blushed so much his head and face nearly matched Reid's hair color. "At any rate the others I think I have been able to figure out are some other major gods: Ke'atutelmusele, god of strength, power, and muscles; Ke'atutel'luga, god of mountains, trees, and height - specifically those who are tall; Ke'atuaule & Ke'atutelho'i, the twin gods of male fertility, specifically the god of huge penises and the other of large and massive producing testicles; and then there is Ke'atutelvae one of the many gods of warriors, this one specifically god of standing firm, strong hold, massive hands and feet.  The last two are semi-minor gods: Ke'atutelhonuleo, god of messages, echos, thunder, and low registered voices; and Ke'atutel'lauoho, god of attractiveness, skin, teeth -or more correctly smiling, and hair."


"Great.... they are all body gods.  They're here to make me into a walking morph.  I couldn't have wound up with a god of prosperity?  A god of creativity?"


"Look we don't know what they're going to do.  Think about it.  Supposedly these gods reside in several men at the same time, right?  So you think there'd be many, many huge muscled, tall, hairy, strong, ridiculously hung, big balled men all over the island, but do you recall any? ... ... ... They were all well within average range.  Sure there were a couple who were almost as tall as me.  One was average framed the other pretty fat.  There were a couple who were hugely muscled.  Some that had thick gorgeous head of hair, but no body hair, while some were somewhat thin on top and looked to be covered in fur on their bodies.  It looked like the gods pretty much just let things, the people, men develop on their own per nature's order.  And you can't really count of the god of balls and penis because since birth the boys are raised to stand over deep holes with weights attached to their cocks and their taught to jelq on a daily basis.  That's the reason why they were all so hung."


"I don't know, Reid....."


"It'll be ok, and what if you do grow?"


"Well that would horrible! that would be...."


"Would it?  Would you really think it horrible?  You said yourself that although you don't hate your body, you have at times hated being short.  You workout but your metabolism is such you don't seem to gain any weight, either fat nor muscle.  They could just make you grow to be average height and build.  What would you do with that?  What if you grew semi big like Gabriel? A bit bigger big like me. Oooooomph!" And Reid did a double bi at the table.


"Stop..." Fabian said giggling.


"It would be a bit problematic, but what would you do if you became the HULK GRRRRRRR!"  Reid did a most muscular pose.


"People are staring... stop.... you... you're..... making me...."


"What?  Horny?  Imagine that cock on a bod like mine?  I think I'd swoon everytime you winked at me."


"Will you....qui hi hi hiiiiit...." and Fabian burst into smiles and giggles.




The next morning Reid's bedroom was a mess.  A few utterances of pain were "ooched" and "ouched", but Reid proved ready to enjoy sexual pleasures again.  Fabian began by kissing his man on the lips, then glided them down Reid's chin before stopping and suckling on Reid's neck.  His hands groped at Reid's traps and shoulders, cupped and caressed Reid's delts, upper arm, and specifically biceps.  Reid flexed and popped his bicep as Fabian cupped his hands around the arm to squeeze as hard as he could and try to stop the rising mountain of the flexing bicep.  Fabian kissed the bicep, then dryly licked the split at the top of the bicep's head.   Raising his head, Fabian hovered just above the bicep, then moved down across the tricep, inhaling deeply as he crossed Reid's arm pit just before his lips locked onto one of Reid's nipple like a space craft to a shuttle door.  Feeling the flick of Fabian's tongue, the nip of Fabian's teeth, Reid inhaled sharply and then began bounce his pec and undulate his abs to keep Fabian off balance and force him to more violently latch on in order to continue his nipple sucking.  Meanwhile, Fabian's hand started to grasp and grab at Reid's obliques and abs like he was attempting to break through stone bare-handed, as though he were climbing a bluff.  Eventually he reached and stroked Reid's rod, paying particular attention to the cock's head; his fingers firmly squeezing the rod while his thumb pressed in and rubbed the back underside of the helmet and then up and over the piss slit.  Over and over and over again.  Harder.... faster.......greater pressure.... feathery touch.....  This kept going until on one rub Reid nearly sat up violently, screaming out a quick and extreme, "OH!" and then Fabian stopped.


The moment hung there.... and hung there....silent....long.... painful.....Reid was so close to the cumming point.  Fabian couldn't leave him hanging like this.  He'd have blue balls for a month....a season....maybe a year.  Too much has been built up.  He's going to have a geyser's worth when his cock goes off.  And then suddenly Reid's sphincter was pushed wide open, and his insides stuffed with every inch of Fabian's eleven inch fat phallus, instantly all the way deep until his butt cheeks felt Fabian's balls.  Where upon Fabian then just sat there and began to do minute millimeter movements with his cock, bringing his balls to smack against Reid's globulous glutes what felt like a dozen times per second.  It was all Reid could stand.




Reid shuddered and shook, his abs, arms, and chest crunching, his toes and fingers curling, and his prick bouncing blasting string after string from his abs, over his chest, to his neck, chin, and mouth.  The ending result of Fabian deeply kissing Reid again.  Another volley would come out of Reid the same time as one finally came out of Fabian, after plowing Reid's ass for a good thirty minutes.  The men collapsed upon Reid's bed.  Despite being winter neither pulled to covers over themselves, not even the sheets.  The room was too hot.  Pillows and clothes were everywhere.  Comforters on the floor.  Eventually the winter weather came in to cool the room down and the guys weakly, lazily pulled a sheet or two over themselves, but just barely over their cocks, maybe half-way up their abs.


The weekend continued with more bedroom fun, sometimes in the bedroom, sometimes the living room, one cliché romp on the dining room table - which nearly couldn't accommodate Reid's size and weight - and one in the bathroom which had the neighbors pounding on the wall, but they eventually started to make their bed knock on the wall as well.


Monday morning was back to the grind of a regular work week.  Fabian to the job of a courier and Reid to his job as a delivery man, although he was still to be on light duty for a couple of months.  Towards the end of the day, Fabian thought it was going to be a most excellent Monday until he started to leave the spot of his last delivery and ride home.  After taking off, his bike began to slow down despite his extreme peddling.  Thinking he had hit a patch of ice, he attempted some correcting maneuvers which propelled him forward a bit, but then suddenly he, with his bike, was jerked back with tremendous force.  Fabian and bike landed with a thud in an alleyway which ended with a courtyard for some kind of office building and factory.  The courtyard had tables and chairs stacked and lined up along one side, and in the center was a small fountain with a low ridge or lip outlining the pool and a single, rectangular, but rounded out corners, onyx like stone in the center.  Fabian had slid upon some ice beyond his bike and next to that fountain.


"What was that?" a deep bass voice boomed around the courtyard.  "Run quickly it's sound like a little girl is hurt! ... .... Oh wait it's a little boy!  What's a matter little man?  Did you fall down and go BOOM!"


The last word echoed around the courtyard sending pigeons and some other birds scattering to the rooftops.  Lying there, catching his breath, Fabian could see that there were two white straps attached to his bicycle.  They must have been connected to his bike and blended in with the ice patch and small amount of snow near where he locked his bike up when he went inside.


A deep bass laugh filled the air.  "Sorry, lil boy.  You should remember to wear more padding when riding a bike.... in the summer, let alone in the winter.  Remember, we're watching you."  And with that the air became silent as the man's deep laughter faded.   

Fabian lie there trembling in the cold.  Gradually he sat up and then stood up, his right foot hitting the basin rim causing him to trip and stumble backwards into the shallow pool.  The moment he did so a cacophony of drum beats began to fill the air.  Louder and louder they rumbled.  More and more they thundered.  The sounded echoing throughout the courtyard.  Their sound bouncing off of the three walls that surround this little square of work relief.  Soon a name was carried on the wind.  It was whispered at first but became louder until it seemed there was a great throng of men shouting this word.... this name....


"Ke'atutelhonuleo..... Ke'atutelhonuleo..... Ke'atutelhonuleo..... Ke'atutelhonuleo...."


The snow and ice within and around the basin began to melt. Steam began to rise up from the courtyard floor.  Despite having been drained, shut off and shut down for the winter, the whistling sound of a pipe being filled with water was resounding out of the central stone.  Suddenly it spewed forth a might spray of water, like a whale shooting out its blowhole.  It came down and coated Fabian, and although the chanting of Ke'atutelhonuleo's name was still going on, Fabian could only hear and chant one name himself.




The last time chanted, Fabian held the note and it rang clear and high as if being screamed out by a choir's boy soprano, but within seconds the pitch began to drop down boy soprano to female soprano to a mezzo, an alto, a counter tenor, a tenor, and into the baritone range and down:  Elvis Presley, David Bowe, Seth McFarlane, Johnny Cash, Lou Rawls, Barry White, Benedict Cumberbatch, James Earl Jones, Avi Kaplan....


Soon it sounded like a ship's foghorn was being blasted in the courtyard and the windows began to vibrate and then shattered.  Stopping his scream, Fabian stood there briefly, his chest heaving, and then looking around he knew he needed to make it to the rooftop.  Running to the building's fire escape, he used his bike to grab the ladder and pull it down and then he raced up the stairs as fast as his short legs could carry him.  Once on top he saw a set of footprints leading away from the courtyard's side of the roof to the opposite direction where another fire escape was.  Climbing downward and jumping off the end, Fabian found a set of footprints in the next alleyway's snow, matching the set that was on the roof.  He followed it out onto a street, which although not having a lot of traffic, still had more than enough people to obscure a view.


"FAZZAH!"  Fabian bellowed.


The sound reverberated off of buildings and then echoed back to Fabian.  He saw in his mind a man one street and half an alley down away who had stopped and looked up at the sound.  That sound was Fazzah who just had a chill run across his shoulder as he thought he heard his name on the wind.  Upon reaching the alleyway Fazzah was in, Fabian again called out his name and when the echo returned, saw a man stop and turn violently around  on the third floor and freak.  Again it was Fazzah who swore someone behind him had called his name.


Opening the door to his apartment, Fazzah stepped inside to be greeted by a woman with a drink in her hand and an appetizer plate in the other.  Smiling he grabbed her around the waist and pulled her in for deep long kiss, saying in a hushed, low, whisper, "Ooooh mama know's what daddy needs when he comes home and therefore gonna get some sugar.  We gonna go round and round all night long tonight."


Just then a gust of wind came through the room and made the couple shiver a bit.  Fazzah walked toward the direction of the breeze and found the kitchen window wide open.


"What.... what is this?  Woman you know it's winter outside and how hard it is to keep this apartment warm.  What the hell is this?"


"I don't know sugar.  Must have been some hoodlums wanting to break in and robs us, but then realized not a good thing to do once they heard or saw you.  I didn't have it open."


Fazzah turned to shut it, standing in the glow of the streetlight and moonlight in the darkened kitchen.  Pulling his lady friend close he whispered to her, "Why don't you set those appetizers and drink down.....pick one of the appetizers up and...."


"Place it up my ass."


The couple startled as Fazzah hoarsely said "What?", his female friend said "huh?", and then stopped herself before she nearly obeyed the command she heard.


"What did you say?"


"I didn't say nothin', woman."


"Place it up my ass."


The woman blinked, her hand moved, Fazzah grabbed her wrist in a flash.


"Woman don't you even think about it."


Confused the lady cried out, "Baby what's going on?  It almost sounds like your voice.  No one's got a voice as low as yours."


"I know.... someone thinks they can get away with impersonating me.... they're not going to get away with it.  The voice came from over here......"


Before he could turn on a light and lunge in that direction, Fabian stepped out of the shadow and in a voice that felt as though it were even an octave lower than Fazzah's barked out an order. "SIT!"


"WHOOOO!" The woman screamed and backed up against the kitchen - living room doorway.


Fazzah meanwhile found himself shaken to the core and either out of surprise of hearing someone with a deeper voice range than himself, or having to obey the voice against his will, he sat down in a chair.


"Ma'am I mean you no ill will, but I'm about to show you how worthless this man is."


Fazzah still somewhat shaken started to stir but before her could do so Fabian barked out an order loud and strong.


"Get up!"


Fazzah just did it on command, as though he had no choice.


"No... you look..."




Fazzah turned to the lady in the door way.


"Now... ... ... ..." and Fabian walked up slowly behind Fazzah.  His tilted up, his mouth resting on Fazzah's right shoulder blade all so he could whisper in Fazzah's right ear. "..... ..... ..... piss you pants."


Fazzah struggled mentally, shook his head slightly, slowly.


"Wha... what?"  He wasn't going to do it....he would fight this...




The command bored right through Fazzah's back and out his chest, with part of it moving down his torso and straight into his kidneys and bladder.  One second from command given to execution and there stood Fazzah hosing down the inside of his underwear and jeans, a wet spot growing larger and longer each second until there was a puddle on the floor.




"That's right.  He's a baby.  He's no man.  Don't let him fool you.  He thinks you're so hawt, he has no stamina.  Isn't that right,  Fazzah.  No stamina...."


"Uh......hmmmm what?"


"You see her, you become erect, you blow.  Just that quick.  Isn't that right?"


"I...... that is.... I...."




"Uh....I.... n.... no..no nononono nooo no no no....."


And Fabian stood right behind Fazzah and again and bellowed so loud car alarms on the street went off.






And Fazzah just suddenly bucked his hips forward and began to shake and spasm violently as he let out cries and moans of ecstasy.


"Auuuugh aaaugh augh augh augh oh  oh oh oh oooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOWAUGH! OH OH OH OH OH!  Uggh."


Fabian moved past Fazzah toward the kitchen doorway.  Turning towards the woman as softly as he could he spoke to her.  "I say this without command, but with respect.  You are so much better than him.  You do not need him.  You stand beautiful and accomplished on your own.  You should leave him.  Good night."


Fabian then walked out the front door as the woman grabbed herself by the breast and crotch.  Muttering a few "whooooo"s through elongated breaths, she shook away the feeling she was having for this new man who invaded Fazzah's apartment.  She put on her coat, walked out the door.  Fazzah was left there in the darkness of his kitchen, spewing spurts of spoo until he just convulsed and did dry heaves through his dick.  The posse came to see him a day of dry spewing later, took him to a hospital and watch him pass out under prescription.

Before that Fabian had ridden home.  Entering through the apartment door he strode fast into the dining room area of the main room.  The lights were off here as Reid came out of his bedroom.


"Is that you, Fabian?"


"Yes." Fabian said as soft as he could; Reid froze.


"Who are you?  Are you one of Gabriel's gang?  I'll beat the piss outta y..."


"It's me, Reid.  It's Fabian."


"You don't sound like Fabian, sucker.  Not by a long shot."


Reid approached fast with a raised and reared fist.  No time to react Fabian just blurted out, "Stop!" and Reid did so.  Seeing him approach Fabian instinctly went to protect himself by walking over a dining room chair and into a corner, putting the chairs and tables between him and Reid.


"Reid, it's me.  I know I don't sound like myself, but honey, it is me.  Something's happened.  My voice just suddenly dropped and dropped...."


Reid looked in the direction of the voice.  He couldn't clearly see in the dark who the man was or where exactly he was standing, until his eyes adjusted somewhat and he could just make out a head almost at his height.  Rage filled his mind.


"I see where you are.  You're not Fabian.  My man is really short and you're almost as tall as I am."


"What?"  Realizing he needed to get off the chair to prove his height and avoid the punch, Fabian tried to move, but in his shifting got his foot caught in the space between the seat and a back cross bar.  "Reid, wait, it's me... I'm on a chair.... I can't get down... stop... stop... STOP!"


Maybe because it was being ordered by someone he loved.  Maybe because he was too full of rage against anyone he thought was a member of the group put him in the hospital and aimed to hurt Fabian.  Whatever the reason the simple command of stop wasn't working.  A few more times of dryly barking the order to stop and suddenly Fabian let go with the only other recent command he'd given.




Reid stopped slightly. "Wha?"


"Sexually. not come at me.  CUM NOW!"


Reid froze, went silent, and then slowly began to scream louder and louder in pain as you saw his cock in an instant tent up and out of his sweat pants.  He shuddered.  He groaned.  He collapsed.  Reid dropped to his knees breathing heavily, his eyes nearly crossed and in shots a wet spot on his groin formed, grew, and expanded....expanded....expanded....    Wrenching his foot free finally, Fabian leapt to the floor from the chair, ran to Reid, semi catching Reid as Reid fell backwards, and his short, light, and lithe frame tried to hold Reid's massive torso.


"I'm so sorry, hon.  I couldn't think of what to say to stop you.  I was stuck... I was stuck and you were coming to punch me.  I'm so sorry... so so so sorry..."


Reid looked into Fabian's face somewhat confused and most definitely dazed.


"I know.  I can.... can....see now.... that..... voice.... oooooh......coming out....huuuuuuuuuuughn......of your small......oooooh....baby..... BODY..... your small body...... so loud..... so deep......so commanding...... it's so heady..... from a small man like you..... "


"I know....it's confusing.  I'm not sure what happened.  It just did.  Then I had to go do something to Fazzah, one of Gabriel's gang....and then I came home forgetting my voice..."


"That voice..."


"Yes this now my voice..."


"Coming out of you..."


"Yes coming from me..."


"That's so..... so......" And Reid strained to turn his head to face and look him in the eye.  "hawt!"  and then he passed out in Fabian's arms, torso, and lap.

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On 17-10-2017 at 6:00 AM, Ro20316 said:

One new god is oart o Fabia no.Imagien when all 7 come to reside in hm

He is not gonna like it. x3

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