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Home of the Gods Part Three - by F_R_Eaky

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Had a mind block on this one originally, but over the last two days....wow is it coming through.  I hope you are all enjoying.

Home of the Gods Part Three by F_R_Eaky

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The next morning Fabian woke like many men do, by morning wood setting in.  He could feel the warmth spreading through his cock and it lengthening, hardening, although today he could feel become more and more erect, as if it was really turning in to a cold, hard, steel pipe.  He might not have really noticed anything, except he rolled over on his back and when he did so, he felt all this air around his body, and his mind did a semi calculation on exactly how long his cock had to be to make the covers tent that far to produce that much air space between the sheets and his body.  Throwing the covers off of himself, he was stunned to see this massive rod sticking nearly straight out from his tiny body.  A rod that when he grabbed not only didn't come off, but made his tiny hands be unable to completely grasp around.




Reid came bursting through Fabian's door. "What is it? Are you okay?"


"Auuugh!  Go AWAY!  Get out!  Shut the door! GO GO GO!"


Reid backed out and shut the door, standing there quietly for a moment or two.


"Uhm..... it's nothing to be embarrassed about.  I....uh.... I already saw it.  You passed out in the bath tub yesterday morning.  When you didn't wake up and get out after the water got semi cold, I had to pick you up and out of there before the water got frigid and you caught pneumonia."


"You saw....this?!?  OH MY GAWD!"  and Fabian threw the covers over his head and tried to roll over face down into his pillow!  "My gawd it's a fucking kick stand!  I can't even turn over!"


Grabbing his cock and pressing it against his body, Fabian turned face down to lie there, eyes in total darkness via his pillows.  He hoped he could make himself be and realize he was in a dream, or more like a nightmare.  He mumbled through his pillow, "It feels like I'm lying on a branch!"


After several minutes of silence, Reid opened Fabian's door, slowly walked to the end of Fabian's bed and sat down.


"It's ok... really...  you may have to do some adjustments....to how you walk.....your clothes....."


"Adjustments?  How am I supposed to work!?  Snaking this thing down compression shorts and biker pants... do you know how much that's going to show up?  Especially on me?!  Even if I was average height, this is a bit much to be packing down there.  On me it's going to look like I've put a summer sausage down my pants.  I can't greet customers like that!"


"You'll just have to learn to wear double layers and loose clothing.... like if snaking down your leg you'll wear compression shorts and then surfer or board shorts or khakis over them, buy your pants a little looser than usual with compression shorts underneath, or run your cock along your hip bone or waist and wear a loose sweatshirt or sweater over it or a big t-shirt. ...."


"Easy for you to say.... big guy like you.  You've probably dealt with this your whole life.  Tall....big...and hung..."


"I'm tall....built up a pretty good physique....but I'm not horse hung."




"I think from what I remember, you now, flaccid, are more hung than I am erect."


"You're joking.  But you're so..."


"I know tall and big, but that doesn't always mean we big guys are hung with an elephant's trunk.  I'm better than average sized men, true, but I'm only seven inches when erect, not eight, nine, ten, or twelve.  It doesn't really work that way.  It's a genetic thing like what makes one tall or short or massively muscled or skinny.  The man with the biggest recorded cock is only five foot nine inches tall."


"I doubt that.  You've gotta be as big as me."

"No really I'm not.  And seriously I think you're larger flaccid than I am hard."


"I'm so scared right now, I've gone flaccid."


"Then let me get you a tape measure and you can see.  I've got one in a sewing kit."


"You have a sewing kit?"


"As a tall man, you have to learn to make repairs or alter some things you buy, otherwise you spend half your paycheck on alterations."


Reid went into his bedroom and then came back with a cloth tape measure and handed it off to Fabian.


"Now, put the end at the base of your pecker, but don't push into your flesh.  Run it across the top and then see where your penis head ends on the tape markings."


Fabian took it under the covers, holding them to allow the sunlight to stream through yet still hide himself from Reid. "... ... ...uhm....seven....seven and half inches.   Gawd.... that's.... two times more than what I was... I think."


"And that's half an inch longer than I am erect."

"I don't believe you."


With that Reid stood up and pulled his pajama bottoms and underwear down. "Out of brotherly love and teaching you some facts of life.  Look...."  and he did a little hip shake and twist.  "Do you see it hanging and flopping like a cord coming outta my crotch?"


Fabian looked at it bashfully. "....No...."


"That's cause it's just over four and three-fourths inches soft.  It only grows up to seven inches hard."


"But who would want a cock this size?"


"Lot of guys would kill to be hung.  It might actually be too big, but a lot of men wish they could be extremely hung."


"Forget them, who would want this?  I mean, they look at me and think small man, twink, only to see I've got the cock of a Grand Derby champion.  What man likes that kind of size?"


"Lots of men do. ... .... ...."  And Reid placed a hand on Fabian's covered knee. "....I do..."




"I like big and hung men.  Being tall and built man myself, I always feel like I have to be too subdued during sex or I'm gonna break my partner, and frequently they're not endowed enough to satisfy me.  But... I.....  I've had a thing for you for a while..... you're lithe but muscled, ripped....ya know....I've been wanting to ask you out for a while now, but never had the courage to do it."


"You didn't have the courage to ask....."


Fabian began to blush as he could feel his crotch becoming hot and warm again.  He turned his head away from Reid but then turned it back when the big guy slowly lifted the covers off from around Fabian's waist and legs.  Taking Fabian's ball sack by the hand, his two first fingers began to stroke the underside of Fabian's scrotum, while his thumb began to stroke Fabian's lengthening and thickening cock.   Pretty soon Reid took the tape measure out of Fabian's hands, ran it along his own fattened phallus to show an ending point of seven inches, and then laying it out on Fabian's member, extended the tape until it draped over Fabian's cock head at the eleven inch mark.


Reid leaned over then a gave Fabian a passionate kiss, the two then began to hug, caress, and fondle each other over and over in the bed.  Eventually Reid lay on his back, hoisting his massive feet, calves, and thighs in the air so his bubble butt was exposed and whispered, "C'mon, Fabe.... be the big man....take me...."  to which Fabian drove his cock all the way balls deep into Reid who wiggled and squirmed in delight, panting and chanting "oh yes" over and over again.




Late in the afternoon, Reid and Fabian went shopping at some clothes retailers, buying some slightly oversized stuff for Fabian to be able to hide and yet comfortably move around in.  People thought they were planning a practical joke or something as they kept looking and staring at each other and snickering like school boys.  Frequently Fabian would excuse himself to the bathroom and come back a number of minutes later.  Fabian was going kind of crazy between enjoying his time with Reid, with a new special connection developing between them, and them just being out and having fun, but it was being interrupted frequently by his growing cock that threatened to balloon and tent his pants leg.  In fact there was one embarrassing, or was it a proud moment, when a security guard stopped them proclaiming that Fabian was obviously smuggling shoplifted merchandise out in his pants leg.  The look on the face of the guard as he padded Fabian down and then figured out what it was.  Fabian had to think cold shower thoughts cause he could tell by Reid's expression it was turning him on that this had been mistaken of Fabian and the expression that the guard felt like nothing compared to Fabian.  Eventually the two dropped off the purchases back at the apartment, went to have dinner, and then attend a Knicks game enjoying themselves.


After the game, the pair was riding back towards their apartment on the subway.  Still giggling like school boys, Reid calling Fabian "big man" and Fabian calling Reid "small fry."  Although still scared, it was really beginning to grow on Fabian, no pun intended, the fact of him having an extreme sized rod and one that dwarfed his best friend, now lover's, cock - the love who stood nearly a foot and a half taller than him.   A flash of guilt washed over Fabian's mind as he wondered if it was wrong to override his sense of worry with the sense of pleasure he was constantly having of his pants either rubbing his prick, or his prick rubbing his pants as it grew in semi-secret erections throughout the day.  Either way the pair leaned their heads back against the window, slight smirks on their faces, hands being held under Reid's jersey jacket laying between them, the sway and rumble of the subway almost lulling them to sleep.


It being late at night and their stop nearly one of the last on this line, there weren't many people in the car at all.  Fabian was riding with one of the seat end walls to his right, his right leg crossed over his left to help hide his massive member snaking down his left pants leg.  Reid had moved over a seat or two, sitting in the middle so he could stretch his legs out a bit after riding so long cramped between other passengers.  They were only one stop away from their exit point when a group of men entered their car.  They were a pretty good sizable group of men.  Large enough that as a pack, Fabian worried if they were together and going to attack, not even Reid could handle them. 


The shortest one, probably around 6' 2 or 3" tall had a power-lifter kind of build, but the thing you noticed on him were the huge bear paws he had for hands and the extremely large sneakers on his feet.  It nearly looked like he had baseball mitts at the end of his arms and that he was almost wearing clown shoes on his feet.  Another looked to be around 6' 4" and had the physique.  He was like a living action figure; extremely broad in the shoulders and chest but very narrow at the waist and excessively thick in the neck, upper arms, thighs, and even his forearms and calves.  He was a bodybuilder who was just this side shy of probably being a high ranking amateur.  Then there was the man who was about the same height as the bodybuilder.  He had a decent build on him, a smaller gymnast or physical trainer type build,  but he had a bulge that one couldn't ignore.  Despite wearing some clothes that were just a size too small so he filled them out well, you couldn't miss the fact that the crotch of his pants were at least two sizes too small.  We are talking when he turned sideways in a profile from one, one noticed the obvious bump that pushed his zipper forward a bit.  Then there was another man about 6' 8" tall, another trainer's kind of build, but he had this huge mane of thick hair piled high in a bun.  A mustache and beard just as full and thick on his face and just over the open collar of his shirt was a great bush of thick feathery hair as well.  Looking down at the man's hands, the back of them were covered in some pretty dense hair as well, such that one could easily imagine that if nude, this man was covered in a carpet for thick, shaggy, finger running through hair from top of his head, down his chest, abs, and groin, and out and across his fore arms, thighs and calves at least.  Next was another man back down into the 6' 2" height range, muscled, but only at that soccer player, athletic kind of build, but whenever he spoke, and especially when he laughed heartily, the windows and other loose items shook violently and one felt a rumble in one's own chest from the great resounding bass tones of his voice.  It was so deep and so low, Fabian thought that this was a commanders voice, a voice that could walk up to a man or woman and even softly, yet firmly, state the order, "Cum!", and that person would do so on the spot against their will.  Lastly the man in the center of the group....tall and lanky, although some muscle to pop on him, he definitely looked like a basketball center, coming in around 7' even.


The second to last stop before Fabian and Reid's was reached and the group of men, instead of taking the door out that they came in on, began to walk, strut by the row of seats the pair were seated in, as though they were exiting via the next door down.  Instead they stopped and stood there.  The doors shut and the men sprung into action.  It was a Fabian had feared.  The power lifter looking man with huge hands and feet pulled Fabian up off the seat.  This in turn made Reid jump up to go and protect Fabian, but he was caught on one side by the seven-footer and grabbed on the other side by the hairy beast who stood just a titch taller than him.  Following was a blow to Reid's gut by the bodybuilder who definitely proved he didn't just lift to create size, he worked out for strength too.  The blow doubled Reid over where upon the man with the low voice punched Reid across the jaw.  Reid struggled to get free, and could've given the muscular size of the two men holding him, but the bodybuilder one joined in holding Reid from the back, and the low voiced man began to pummel Reid with the added assistance of some brass knuckles.


"This here...." said the man with the large crotch bulge. "Is to show you a couple of things, lil' boy.  And you are....a little boy....  First that Gabriel has friends..... and even if you think you can out run him, hide from him, you will still have to watch your back, look in every corner, on every street, for us his friends.


"The second thing is to show you that together, we can come together to take care of and put down your guardian over, who despite what he may think, is not the only man of some size in the neighborhood.....


"Speaking of which.....the third we are here to show you is how to have some respect for your betters.  More correctly have to show respect for men.  REAL MEN!  While, you.... are a tiny boy.  That's right you are a boy!"


And with that the low voiced man with the brass knuckles stuck Reid in the jaw again and shouted, "BOY!"


"Let us being the lesson with our friend who is holding you now.  Real men have strong hands.... big hands.... and big feet to support that size, strength, and power!"


"POWER!" and Reid was punched in the gut.


"See this man here....Michael....he has huge hands and feet for his height because of all his power lifting and strength.  Big mitts!"


"MITTS!" Reid was punched in the eye.




"BOATS!" Reid now spat out a gasp as he was punched in the ribs.


"Michael, show the man what you got...."


And with that Michael turned and smacked Fabian across the face.  His hand nearly covered all of Fabian's head. Fabian nearly went sailing across the row of seats, save Michael put his foot down on top of Fabian's holding him in place.  Fabian winced in pain from Michael's weight upon his foot.


"Only six foot two but size sixteen feet!  Wide, thick, manly feet!  What size are you?  a five?  Do you even go to the men's section to buy your shoes or do you still buy in the boys department?  Switch it up now!"


Fabian's ears still ringing and his head still swooning from the smack he received sat there as the one man let him go and then went to hold onto Reid, while the bodybuilder, first pulled on Reid's arms, popping one out of his shoulder, then came and took Michael's place. Reid moaning in pain slumped a bit to the floor.


"Speaking of power!..... let us introduce you to Fernando.  He has spent years since his early teens to build up, bulk up, and hulk up his body to massive perfection.  He has muscles upon muscles.  His shoulder, back and lats are so wide he takes up three zip codes.  His upper is bigger round than your head.  Your waist.  Hell, probably even your chest.  He has REAL MUSCLE!"


"MUSCLE!" And Reid received an upper cut to his chin.


"Fernando show the boy your powaaaaaaaaaaaah!"


With that Fernando flex his arm in front of Fabian's head and after flexing and peaking his bicep up until the veins had plumped up, he then reared back and delivered one hell of a gut punch to Fabians stomach.


"Switch it up again!"


The bodybuilder walked back over to his position behind Reid, the large handed man took position on the side, as the tallest man came over to stand in front of Fabian.


"This is DeWayne.  He is obviously a basketball player.  Why?  Because of his height!  He's seven foot tall.  You see real men, Fabian..... real men......are tall.  They've had a growth spurt during puberty.  Take a look at all of us.  Include our friend, Gabriel.  We are all 6' 2" though 7' tall.  This is the size of real men.  But you....boy.... you just barely broke five foot.  You haven't had a growth spurt, therefore you are still a boy.  Stand up in front of DeWayne.  STAND UP!"


And DeWayne pulled Fabian to his feet the top of Fabian's head just coming up right under DeWayne's chest.


"See.... you look like a child standing next to him, because you are!  DeWayne show him how small he is."


At this DeWayne placed his large hand on top of Fabian's head, ruffled and tussled Fabian's hair hard and rough, the rose his hand slightly, balled it into a fist and konked Fabian on top of the head.  Fabian saw stars for a moment, thought he would black out, but fell backward into his seat.




"SMALL AND SHORT!" Reid received a blow to the shoulder that appeared to be dislocated.  He barely let out a groan.




The tall man left to take his position on the opposite side of Reid that he had left, relieving the hairy man who came to stand in front of Fabian.


"Behold Gan Otkai!  After puberty real men get hairy.  Oh, true, many men like Asian and Indigenous Americans don't become quite as hairy as some European or African counter parts, but still they do get hairy under their arms and around their groins. At least a little on their legs.  Then others become so hairy, like our Mongolian descent brother here, that when they get old they damn near look like a silver back gorilla!  Look here... our man Gan is so hairy it looks like he has shirt cuffs and collar made out of hair!  Look at that full beard!  That is some hair!"


"HAIR!" And Reid crumples to the ground taking a brass blow to the left knee.


"And what about you? Gan, take a look."


On that order, Gan takes his hand and shoves Fabian back, slamming him into his seat.  He then grabs a hold of Fabian's shirt by the collar ripping it open down to the waist and throwing it back to expose Fabians torso.


"Hmmm hmmm hmmmm bare as a baby's bottom.  Not even a hint of a treasure trail.  No facial hair, no torso hair, no arm hair.  Raise the boy's arms up. ... ... .... basically no under arm hair either.  Maybe a hair or two, but not enough to make you a man.  Switch it up again!"


Gan walked over to Reid where he took the brass knuckles from the man with the low voice and took his place.  The low speaking one then came and stood in front of Fabian.


"This over bassed boom box is Fazzah.  And man with a voice so low it can make the mountains rumble!"


"RUMBLE!" shouted Fazzah in Fabian's face.

"RUMBLE!" Called out Gan as he punched Reid in the groin.


"When a boy becomes a man his voice changes.  It lowers.  It deepens.  It contains husk.  When a real man gives a command it is barked at other men, heard, and obeyed.  When it speaks in hushed low tones to a woman, she giggles and shakes in excitement and ecstasy.  What is it you sound like?"


Fazzah took hold of one of Fabian's hands and wrenched it hard, to which Fabian let out a yelp.


"Oh.....and ouch!  Listen to that school girl yelp!  A cry that sounds like damsel in distress!  Damsel!"


"DAMSEL!" and Reid was punched in the mouth and nose.


"Fazzah.... help the boy out."


At this point Fazzah chopped Fabian right in the throat making him choke and gasp for air.


"Maybe that'll cause your voice box to swell up larger and thus deeper in the future, my poor, boyish, child......


"And now the last piece of information you need today. When a man.... a REAL man has grown, he is packing some meat!"


"MEAT!" This time the blow went right between Reid's eyes and slumped backwards, collapsing to the floor.


"A real man has a rod of steel!"


"STEEL!" And all of the men kicked Reid in the sides.


"It has grown into something of length, something with girth, something with heft.  Enough to fill a hole and give endless pleasure.  Backed by balls!"


"BALLS!" and the men kicked Reid in the sides and head this time.


"Now, see what I have here....I am Arjun, and look at my manhood.... 8 inches soft.... and see how it grows...and grows....oooooh and grows...... to a full massive eleven and half inches in length.  And what do you have? You're just a boy.  We know you have nothing.  Oh we can see you're trying to show off something, that roll of quarters stuffed down your pants leg there but you...." and Arjun smacked Fabian's with his cock head  "Have..." smacked again. "NOTHING!"


"NOTHING!"  And Reid now lets out barely audible gasps as they kick him one more time.


Arjun begins to whack himself off furiously....


"Here is the end of the lesson.  You are just a a boy ... oooh..... You have no height, no muscle, no hair, no voice, no hands or feet...."


And as he describe each point each one of the men on their cue stepped up and took out a ceiling light, bent a railing, ripped open their shirt, shouted in Fabian ear, squeezed Fabian's forearms and then bent another railing.


"Ahh ahh and  And  AND AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" and with that Arjun came all over Fabian's torso and lap.  "No dick or balls. .... .... .... Remember we are here, we will be everywhere, your are nothing compared to us."


And on the next stop the men all walked out and left, leaving Fabian dazed and bruised and Reid broken, battered, and maybe clinging to life in the empty subway car.  The car had made the stop at Fabian & Reid's station and had now gone back up the line so the next stop where they were found was about five or six stops before theirs if travelling in the right direction.  They were discovered by one late night passenger who alerted police, who called for an ambulance.  They took Fabian's statement as much as he could tell them through groans of pain. cries of worry for Reid, and fuzziness of memory from a head smacked around.  The police took samples off DNA off of both Reid and Fabian, but would have to wait and see for weeks if there was any match in the data bases, and the cameras on that particular subway car weren't working, and the men hid their faces from the camera view in the stations.


Fabian sat by Reid's bedside.  He refused to go into an area of his own, the nurses and doctors treating his wounds and cuts and he watched another set work on bandaging and examining Reid.  The tally on Reid: broken eye socket, broken nose, busted lip, one missing tooth, dislocated jaw, dislocated left shoulder, five bruised and two broken ribs, one lung punctured, and a dislocated right knee.  Reid woke up at one point and upon seeing Fabian began to gasp out something about, "protector...supposed to be your protector....sorry....I should've...."  before they sedated him and then placed him on a respirator.  Fabian's injuries being much milder, he was allowed to go home, escorted by the police of course.


Entering the apartment, he absent mindedly turned and locked, bolted, and chained the door.  He dropped his coat on the floor, and began to take off each and every piece of clothing he had as he made his way into the bathroom.  Several steps before he arrived there, a set of drums began to beat... over and over....louder and louder..... one....two -three-and-four.....one-two-three-and-four...one-two-three-four....one-two-three-four.  Another rhythm began to beat over the first one.  Louder and louder they grew, faster and more frenzic in beat and rhythm.  The shower turned on full and hot.  Steam began to belch out of the bathroom.  Fabian stepped fully nude into the shower, his eyes cold, hard, staring straight in front of him.  His closed them as if praying, and then lowered himself in to a cross-legged sitting position, allowing the water to cascade over him for several minutes until.... .... .... his eyes suddenly snapped open and he began to chant low and clear......


"Ke'atuaule...Ke'atutelvae...Ke'atutelmusele...Ke'atutel'luga...Ke'atutel'lauoho...Ke'atutelho'i...Ke'atutelhonuleo.... .... .... ..... ..... Ke'atuaule...Ke'atutelvae...Ke'atutelmusele...Ke'atutel'luga...Ke'atutel'lauoho...Ke'atutelho'i...Ke'atutelhonuleo.... .... .... Ke'atuaule...Ke'atutelvae...Ke'atutelmusele...Ke'atutel'luga...Ke'atutel'lauoho...Ke'atutelho'i...Ke'atutelhonuleo....."


Over and over. Again and again.  With each chant his cock surging out an inch until reaching its full erect eleven inches.  The chanting continued until suddenly his head snapped back, seven balls of light flew into his piss slit and then he screamed blowing a rope of cum that shot out and stretched from the bathtub, across the bathroom, over the hall, and to the other side of the living room.  The drumming, the water, and the chanting stopped.

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Getting interesting... I hope each god is a different change and he doesn't grow all at once.

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