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Home of the Gods Part Two by F_R_Eaky

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Time on hands and inspiration really going.  Here is chapter two. :)


Home of the Gods Part Two by F_R_Eaky

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Fabian began to hear many voices after feeling a kind of thud that shook him awake.  He was still exceptionally groggy and not at all aware of his surroundings.  He was thinking he was in his tent on Ulpoo Island until he suddenly heard a loud ding followed by a friendly voice.


            "Welcome to New York, New York where is it a pleasant seventy-six degrees.  The captain has asked us to remind you to remain seated until the plane comes to a complete stop from its runway taxing into our terminal and the seat belt sign is turned off. We'd like to thank you for flying Holo Airways and hope you have enjoyed this flight.  Please make sure all your trays are in their upright position, and that you have all your carry-ons from beneath your seats or the overhead compartments before disembarking.  Thank you again and have a wonderful day."


Fabian bolted upright from his seat breathing heavily. How did he get here? What time was it?  He was back in New York?  Suddenly he felt a fairly large hand upon his shoulder and a low, but pleasant voice whispered in his ear.


"Hey, bud.  It's alright."


Letting out a small yelp and turning around to his right, he saw the familiar face of Reid, whose six foot seven inch body was stretched out in the space in front of an exit door.


"What?  Reid?  How?"


"Take it easy.  Wow... they really must have doped you up with some wild drink or smoke.  Shame on you.  Good lil' missionaries aren't supposed to do that." Reid chuckled and gave Fabian's hair a good tussle like he was a small child.


"I... I've been out since the party?"


"Yeah.  You had me worried there for a bit.  I figured they might have given you some kind of strong drink you didn't know about and so let you sleep it off.  Told them at the airport when we got on the flight you were medicated for an accident on the island and that I was your care taker.  Since I could easily lift you, had your passport, boarding pass, luggage, and could give them all your ID information, they figured I was your nurse or something.  Not waking up in the morning was no biggie, not waking up as we boarded with me carrying you had me beginning to fret.  Not waking up at all on the flight I thought I'd have to take you to a hospital when we landed, but you're awake now."


The cab ride home from the air port to their apartment, Fabian told most of what happened to him during the ceremony to Reid, leaving out some of the more sexual content. Reid commented as he unlocked their apartment door and let them in.


"Whoa! Sounds like they hopped you up on some serious stuff.  Lucky it didn't shut down an organ or your brain permanently."


"Tell me about it.  Although not sure about the brain.  Still groggy."


"Still groggy? Dude you slept through the night, the boat ride to a main land, hop flight to a major airport and then the fourteen hour flight home.  You have been eff-ed up majorly.  And what did you get for this?  A wonderfully woven, dick shaped basket."

"What?  How did you know?"


"They dragged you back to our tent in the morning.  Let me know you had been made part of the tribe, and told me to take care of your basket until you could find a proper place for it."



"Yeah.  They gave me a cool looking staff.  Here in my suitcase.  It actually comes in two different parts, they don't usually have any guys as tall as I am there.  They told me I was to serve as your protector and that if I ever wanted to become part of the tribe, or more correctly start our branch of the tribe here, you'd know what to do when the time comes.  What'd they do?  Brain wash some secret instructions into you?"


"No....I don't know.... I certainly do remember that part?"


"Do you remember your name at least,  Kali'iti'nui?"


"No...except now that you mention it, I do remember them giving me that name."




A couple of weeks passed.  Fabian and Reid settled back into their regular schedules; Reid working for a delivery service, Fabian for a courier service.  Things were going as per usual as autumnal days began to pass and turn into colder ones for the coming winter and holiday season.  Fabian had just finished his last delivery and his dispatch had told him to go ahead and head home, no more deliveries for the day.  He paused for a moment to think in his mind what part of New York he was in and what his fastest route home would be.  Figuring that out he repositioned his bicycle into the appropriate direction and took off.  He hadn't gone but one block when suddenly something large hit his throat and knocked him backwards off his bike, and knocked him off hard.


Hitting the ground, his helmet was all that saved him from having a concussion or at the very least a mild headache.  His butt and tail bone however might be another story.  Looking up from the side of the road, Fabian saw a tall form, with fairly broad shoulders filling and stretching out a muscle shirt, a short leaved hoodie, black jeans, black work boots, and half fingered gloves.  The figure took his hood down to reveal a decent looking man with ebony hair and dark, muted green eyes.  It was Gabriel.  The trouble making missionary from back on the island.


"Yeah, you felt that didn't you?  Closed lined by a real man, you fuckin' dwarf!  Where's your buddy?  You got it.... now where around to save your ass now, is he?"


Picking up Fabian's bicycle he tossed it with ease into the alleyway and then picked up the still dazed and breathless Fabian up by his shirt collar.  Standing him up against a brick wall  Gabriel turned and faced him.


"I told you, you were goin' ta pay for givin' me the shiner in this eye, you midget!  You pipsqueak of a man don't get to take on or lay one on a real man like me.  No, you pay for that.  THIS!  IS! FOR! BLACKING!  MY! EYE! YOU! GNOMISH! MOTHER! FUCKER!"


With each word of his last sentence Gabriel gut punched Fabian, moving his fist on up to punch in the rib, chest, mouth, and finally eye area.  Being a main of decent size and muscle, his blows didn't cause and light marked bruising, but several large deep tissue black and purple marks, possible rib bruising or breaking, and lip busted in two places, bleeding nose, and a left eye so swollen, the right nearly joined in.


Spitting on Fabian, Gabriel cursed him and then questioned him.  "I hear they made you part of the tribe?  What makes you so special?  How come you get to be their man?  Are you actually man?  You size says you're more like a woman?  You one of those guys whose crossbred from a gerbil and a horse?  One of those....whadda your kind call them?  Twinks?  Let's see what you got?"


With that Gabriel yanked Fabians bike shorts down, then practically ripped his underwear off of him.


"Heh.... Look at that.   What is that thing?  A tiny water spigot?  Can you even go to the bathroom standing up?  I bet you need to use women's products just to use the can!  Look at that thing....I..... could jack that thing off just using my thumb and fore finger....the tips..... a pair of tweezers!"


Allowing Fabian to drop to the ground again, Gabriel unzipped his fly, fumbled around and pulled out his cock.


"Looky here....." and he began to stroke himself off a bit until he had achieved full erection.  "There is a man's dick for you."


Pulling up Fabian in a sitting up position, he squatted down a bit and began to smack Fabian's face and poke Fabian's blackened eye with his schlong.


"Eight and half inches..... yeah that's what a real man has.  You're just a pussy.... a woman with a man's name.  Well let me tell you something.  It ain't over yet.  As a pussy, you're gonna get fucked up real good.  I'm originally from New York.  I know where you work.  I know where you live.  My friends and I are gonna make you pay for not treating a real man with respect.  And they're all as big as I am....in various shapes and sizes, but still, they all can easily dominate you.  And we'll strike whenever your pal....what's his name?  Red?  Rod?  Rad? whatever the fuck his name is.  Hell we may collectively get together and take you out and then take him on sometime.  He's a big man, but he can't take eight of us on at once. ... .... .... Anyway.  I gotta go. You.... you have a nice day, shithead."


And laughing Gabriel just walked out of the alley way leaving Fabian alone in the cold autumn air.


... ... ...  It may have been a few minutes, it may have been a couple of hours that Fabian lie there in and out of consciousness.  Eventually he got up, got on his bike and made his way home.  Limping up the stairs and pulling his bike up them took twice maybe three times as long as usual before he finally unlocked the apartment door.


"Finally.... it's about time.  You're like an hour and half late.  Dinner is cold.  I was getting worried. You didn't call.  Did you take on another after hours delivery again?"


Reid walked into the hallway, just in time to see the bike fall over and Fabian collapse into a pile.




"Oh my gawd!  Fabe!"


Picking up the phone Reid dialed 9 1 1 and told the paramedics he'd meet the ambulance outside of the apartment building.  Grabbing a blanket he wrapped Fabian up in it and carried him all the way down the six floors of steps, not wanting to wait for the elevator in case a lot of folks were still arriving home.






The sound of heart monitor going off was what Fabian woke up to.  It took some time for his right eye to focus, his left held shut by a pad and bandage.  Turning his head he looked to his right to see the torso of Reid over flowing the visitor's chair next to him, the light spreading of auburn hair glistening over his granite carved abs and chest.  Reid's legs, one draped over the chair arm, bent at the knee his foot still touching the ground, while the other leg was extended out part of the shin and his foot well under the hospital bed.


Suddenly Reid moved, pulling his jacket shut, smiling and blushing, "Sorry.... you came in and collapsed, I just grabbed you by instinct and got you to a hospital.  I didn't think to grab myself a shirt, just the jacket."


"No worries."


"You just lie still.  Let the pain killers work and keep you asleep.  You've got several bruised ribs, one broken, busted lip, broken nose, broken eye socket, and one nasty concussion.  They're keeping you overnight and looking into seeing if any surgery is needed.  I called you work to let them know you might be out a couple of days still after this weekend and why.  I also called your parents.  They'll be here in the morning."




Fabian's company gave him until his eye was better to be off, and then got what information they could on Gabriel to help Fabian press charges, as well as charges from them for damage to their bicycle.  Fabian's parents came and stayed for about a week helping out with Fabian's care after he was released from the hospital, tidying up the apartment, making some good home cooked meals for the "boys" to have.


Fabian and Reid talked about the hospital stay, Reid commenting that he thought Fabian must have changed religion as he kept chanting a name in his sleep.  The name turned out to be Ke'atuka'ine, chief of the Gods of Ulpoo Island.  Fabian laughed it off saying it must have been something the islanders chanted during his ceremony as he didn't remember the name, the pair only knowing who it was after they looked at the missionary information pamphlet on the Island people and their faith.


The morning after Fabian's parents left, Fabian woke up and glanced out his window at the morning.  With an icy chill suddenly running down his spin, he backed up with fear in his wide eyes.


"Fabe, what's wrong, bro?  You look like you've seen a ghost."


"He's down there in the street."




And Reid went to the window to look just in time to catch the site of Gabriel leaving a spot across the street from their apartment building.


"It's ok... don't worry.  Even if he can get in the building and up here, he can't come through the door, and if he does, I'll be waiting for him."


Reid sat Fabian down on the bed, then sat next to him.  Giving Fabian a brotherly hug, he heard Fabian gasp slightly and kind of pull away.  Releasing Fabian, Reid looked at him and queried, "What?"  Only to see in a few second a tiny little bump in his pajama bottoms.


"I'm sorry." uttered Fabian and he ran to the bathroom and shut the door.


"Hey...Fabian.... it's okay.  Don't worry about it.  I know.  I understand you like big, built guys.  It's an involuntary reaction.  I'm not worried or insulted about it.  Just.... just ignore it.... I'll fix some breakfast, we can sit at the table and watch something.  No problem....If you really wanna know... that is.... I.... uhm.....you know.....I kind of.....well.... Fabe?....I'll be out here if you need anything."


Turning to walk into his bedroom, Reid instantly froze upon hearing the cry of pain coming from Fabian.  He had a terrible stomach ache now or mega proportions.  As though he had been kicked in the stomach.  Or he had a huge bowel blockage.   Or he hadn't eaten in like three days or more.

He was wincing and cramping in pain.  There must have been something still wrong, unhealed with him.  Staggering towards the toilet, he collapsed and fell into the bathtub, tearing down the shower curtain in the process.




Hearing only guttural groans from Fabian, Reid applied his shoulder harshly to the locked door, busting through to see Fabian crumpled at the side of the bath.


"It hurts, Reid.... it's like something is in my stomach.... like I've been punched by a demi-god....like I haven't cum in days..... ugh....months..... auuuugh...... YEARS!  OOOOOOOOOOOH!"


"Hold on.... I call the paramedics..."


But Reid never got the chance.  Suddenly the bathroom was full of the sound of drum beats.... first steady thuds keeping time and beat, then being overlapped by others pounding out various rhythms.  Fabian began to sit up and sit cross-legged beside the bath and began to chant.


" Ke'atuka'ine........ Ke'atuka'ine....... Ke'atuka'ine...... Ke'atuka'ine........ Ke'atuka'ine......."


"Fabian?  Fabian, what's wrong?  Why are you chanting?  What are you chanting that god's name?"


Reid went to go kneel by his friends side but suddenly the shower turned on.  Moving forward to reach for the spigot knobs a force repelled Reid easily and forcefully backward out of the bathroom, despite his large size.




Within mere moments the bath was filled with steam such that Reid couldn't see through it and see how Fabian was doing.  The next second Fabian wasn't sitting down and chanting, but standing, nude, under the shower, the water streaming down him from head to toe.  Reid tried and tried to break through the invisible barrier that had formed in the bathroom door way, but it held firm against the extra large man.  The drum pounding kept getting louder and louder, the name of Ke'atuka'ine was being chanted now by unseen singers.  Fabian now placed his small hands around his groin, thumbs just above his cock, finger tips around his ball sack.  He began to shout as if in pain, small staggering pant like utterances that became longer and longer until they were turning in huge elongated screams....




Looking down at himself, Fabian and Reid watched in surprise as Fabian's prick came to life and with each shout and moan, oozed out larger....longer.....thicker....than before.




3 inches....




4 inches....




5 inches.....




6 inches...




7 inches.....




8 inches.....




9 inches......



10 inches.....




11 inches.....




Now Fabian had rocked backwards, standing in a corner of the tub, his cock fully engorged, covered in thick veins, looking like a Pringles can with melted wax lines down the side, spewing rope and rope, ribbon upon ribbon, string after string of spoo out of a large purple head, until his tiny feet looked like glazed éclairs and tub sides had glue spread all over them.


Then Fabian stood straight and tall and spoke aloud, "I, Ke'atuka'ine have found the actions of this man worthy to call him my home, and have made him fitting and deserving for several other deities as well. Kali'iti'nui is thus honored and one day will change his name."


And with that Fabian calmly laid down in the bathtub, the stopper plugged the drain, warm water filled to just around Fabian's face, steam filled the bathroom again, and tropical flowers grew in vines around the tub.

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Whoa, I feel for Reid. I mean: His best friend and crush suddenly starts too chant uncontrollably and starts to change before a sporit of a tribe's god  possesses him and calls him body his home? I can understand him being freaked out to the max in the next part and wanting answers from Fabian if he still IS Fabian after that. ^^;

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