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Home of the Gods Part One by F_R_Eaky

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Home of the Gods Part One by F_R_Eaky

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There was a thud followed by a large crack and then water was soaking the sandy soil as it gushed from the broken pot.


"What on Earth!  Why did you stack it like that, Moses!"



The larger Caucasian male lightly smacked the young pacific islander across the face.


"Moses... MOSES!  Your name!  I want.....to know....why did you..... stack.... the water....jugs....?"

"Knock it off, Gabriel."

"Well, he doesn't pay attention.  He can't even tell when he's being spoken to."

"First off you shouldn't speak to or at him.  He's a fellow human being so you speak with him.  Second of all his name is Musele'teleopi or Musele for short, not Moses.  Try his actual name and maybe communications will improve."

"No one outside of this island will learn how to pronounce that.  He needs to get used to a decent, simple, name."

"No, folks will need to learn to pronounce his name gaaahbrahee-eel."

"You pronounce my name as it should be or...."

"Or what, you'll feel as bad and confused as Musele does?  And quick smacking people as though that helps with learning and retention."

"And what are you goin' to do about it?"

"Whatever I can to stand in your way.  Some missionary you are.  You're nothing but a huge bully that can't even act, let alone recite, the tenants of his faith."

"You lil' shiiit!"


With that Gabriel lunged at Fabian, a much smaller man than he was.  Gabriel was 6' 2" and pretty solid 240lbs or so of muscle with jet black hair and deep, dark hazel eyes whose waxed and shaved body, cause he wanted to show off his muscles, tanned easily in the hot, tropical conditions of Ulpoo Island.  Fabian on the other hand was a fair skinned, blonde with blue eyes, who was too lithe and thin, a little hairy, and only 5' 2" tall.  Gabriel feigned a punch to the face, which Fabian went to block, but then brought his fist down and up into Fabian's lower torso, sending Fabian back a couple of feet and gasping for breath.  Gabriel went for the face blow this time, leaning down towards Fabian, but Fabian knew it was coming and managed to send himself into a backwards flip, causing his right knee to meet Gabriel's right eye socket.


"You son of a!"


The wind knocked out of him, Fabian didn't execute his back flip as well as he should have and thus without a good, full, proper rotation, fell short of landing on his feet and wound up sprawled on the ground.  Gabriel would have used this to his advantage, but just as he reared his fist up and back it was caught.



"Let it drop, Gabriel!"

"You fuckin' let it drop!"

"Let it drop and walk away.... or don't,... if you think you can take me."


Gabriel stood there staring eye to eye with Reid, attempting to stare the larger man down.  Reid, a man of exceptional size standing 6' 7" around 270lbs, with Reddish-brown hair and dark green eyes.  He burned easily his first day out in a summer sun, but then with sunscreen bronzed into a nice tan, and his reddish chest and abdomen hair glistened giving him the appearance of having glitter on his body from afar.  The two men stood there chests heaving, in the stare down, most in the area waiting to see who was going to whip it out and start pissing to prove the dominance.


"Brother Gabriel, I really do not want to have to give you a lesson in Christian ethics like we did on the last missionary trip.  Stand down."

"But he!"

"He is protecting his friend, who in turn was correctly admonishing you, and I do not want further friction between us and another denomination of Christianity. Stand.... down...."


Gabriel turned his head to look at Father Tomas before giving a smirk to Reid and then backing off.  He still turned towards Fabian though and pointing to his right eye said, "You'll still pay for this later." and then walked away.


Father Tomas looked at the two, "Please give my regards and tell Reverend Johnson I hope this harbors no ill will.  Gabriel will be dealt with.  If either of you need anything, please, feel free to drop by my tent."


Fabian and Reid both solemnly said, "Thank you" before Father Tomas left.


Reid went to extend a hand to help Fabian up, but he was blocked by Musele who offered his hand out quickly.  The young boy easily pulled Fabian as even though he was only 11 years old he already stood six inches taller than Fabian and outweighed him by a goodly amount, a mixture of muscle and prepubescent fat.  Fabian reached up and tussled Musele's long ebony hair.  "Thanks, Musele."  Then Musele went to head back either to morning chores or school.


"C'mon on... to the infirmary."

"What? No... I'm fine."

"Don't make me carry you."

"Reid you wouldn't!"

"I would.  Gabriel fights to win.  You know that.  He's about as Christian or any faith as Lucifer and all the anti other faith people could be.  Not a decent bone in his body.  He punched your side to break a rib.... or two.... and has probably done it."
"No.... it doesn't hurt to move... just breathe..."
"Why do you do it, Fabian?"

"Because... ... someone has to.  No one else stands up to him, except you, but he goes out of his way to be where you aren't.  We're not even here on a real mission mission. We're here to help bring technology to this newly discovered island and help the people assimilate the education as fast as they want.  We're not supposed to be driving home faith and impose western culture on them.  He... ... he.... just considers them savages to be dealt with, beaten, and trained."
"Still... you need to call in your big friend. Not sure why I became this size, but become it I did.  Might as well use it to help keep people in check, or protect friends.  Get people to help back you before you pick the fight."


The two went on to finish their chores for the day and then they went to gather most of their things and pack them away.  This evening was their last on the island and they would return to their home and their regular lives in the Chicago suburbs.  Just before the time dinner was to be served there was a knock on the tent pole of Fabian and Reid's tent.  Opening the flap they saw the primary interpreter between them and the native people as well as King Ule'ikahale.  As the King spoke, the interpreter mentioned to them that they were both invited to a special royal dinner because of the respect and care shown towards his people and their customs, and afterwards Fabian was invited as part of a special ceremony because of his constant protection of Ule'ikahale's son, Musele.


Later that evening, Fabian and Reid headed over to the tribal lodge of the natives where there was all sorts of native dishes laid out along with garlands of flowers and dancers and drummers galore.  Fabian teased Reid with each of the dishes, some stranger looking than others, by diving straight into them before having the interpreter explain what it was.  Reid and Fabian exchanged many a glance though throughout the evening for the men of this group of indigenous people were all wearing excessively woven and artistic genitalia coverings, something like Renaissance codpieces, but they were much more rustic, native, and large.  Larger than what the Medieval men normally wore.   About three-fourths the way through the dinner, things began to get very quiet and eventually Fabian and Reid noticed that everyone was looking at them, or more specifically Fabian.


King Ule'ikahale approached Fabian with the primary interpreter behind him.  Smiling down at Fabian he said something which the interpreter stated it meant, "It is time."  With that two men took Fabian in a brotherly clasp by the arms, proceeded to escort him out of the tent, through a cave entrance, out another, and into a small glen surrounded by a mountainous volcanic ring of stones.  Turning to the right the party began to walk around the ring of stones as the ground beneath them began to slope lower and lower in a spiral.  Eventually coming back to the their starting point of the ring, but underneath the entrance, the two men placed Fabian in what looked like a small pool area, his back against an very tall, thick, stone, the top of which poked up and out of the ground above in the very center, but looking like a smooth round boulder with a crack in the top from the entrance point of view.

            Torches were lit everywhere within the cave, followed by bundles of local incense of some kind, very heady and very musky in aroma.  Members began to beat on drums and sing chants louder and louder.  They made sweeping motions with their feet upon the ground and urged Fabian to do the same.  Fabian thinking it was just a part of some congratulatory ritual, began to mimic the movement but soon felt as though his legs were rubber, stretching out instead of being moved in a sweeping motion.  His vision began to blur and his head swooned as the cave seemed to heave and undulate, warping, skewing in shape and form.

            Suddenly the ground beneath him began to feel warm, very warm.  Warm enough he began to hop dance instead of making the sweeping motion he had been instructed to perform.  At this the men of the tribe began to scream, but not in terror, more in ecstasy, as though moaning in orgasm, and in an orgasm so great they might just expel their own soul when cumming.  One by one the men all began to take off these baskets they wore in front of their genitals.  Fabian had thought they were all of decoration or boasting of some kind, the King's being the largest, and also worn as a respectful sign of modesty to the missionaries, the tribe usually walking around nude.  But as the baskets came off, Fabian could see this wasn't just mere decoration, and if any boasting was made by these baskets, the boasts were true.  When they all came off he could see the men of the tribe were endowed, and endowed very well.  All flaccid they hung from the smallest at maybe just 7 inches through and up to eleven inches, and who knew if they were all just show-ers or if they were growers as well when becoming erect.  And the largest of them all was King Ule'ikahale whose cock hung soft maybe 12 to 13 inches long, and thick, once released swaying like a great pendulum between his legs.

            Still hop dancing, his back and arms against the tall rock formation behind him, to help support him in his dance as his head began to swoon more and more, his eyes becoming heavy and tired, Fabian began to feel hot and extremely bothered.  For some reason he was being turned on.  Two men of the tribe came forward and removed his shirt, shorts, and underwear, his shoes having been removed just before entering the feast tent.  With his small, 2 inch, flaccid cock now flopping around free it began to grow and lengthen to its mighty and full erect status of 4.5 inches.  The heat was growing in him.  He felt the heat rising up his body, and felt the heat rising up the stone as well.  He thought he felt the air caressing his balls and tugging at his cock.  Warmer and warmer he and the rock became, and the hotter they got, the hornier Fabian  grew.  The feeling became so powerful Fabian was convulsing more than he was dancing or stomping, the shock waves of pleasure riding over him.

            Suddenly one by one all the men of the cavern let our groans and gasps of ecstasy their mighty cocks having grown even more incredibly long and thick, now spewing forth ribbons and ribbons of  cum into the small, wading pool in which Fabian was standing.  The men then all fell forward upon their knees, taking their hands and rubbing their seed into the ground, groping and massaging, as though fondling some massive muscle or body.  The heat kept building and building, everyone was sweating profusely.  Fabian thought he was getting burned on his feet and back as the temperature began to rise higher and higher in the pool floor and the stone.  Eventually the ground rumbled and a great gushing sound could be heard followed by a great torrent of water streaming over and down the great rock behind Fabian's back.  The men of the tribe all rose up and backed away as the water cascaded over Fabian, drenching him, coating him, and feeling up the small wading pool.  Striking the pool, part of the water began to hiss, evaporating into great clouds of steam, upon which Fabian's head snapped back, he jerked and convulsed, and felt as though someone, something, reached through his dick, into his balls, and pulled out his cum in great strands that felt large enough to be ropes for a sailing ship.

            Gasping for air, sinking to his knees, Fabian saw the King and interpreter approach, again with the King speaking and the other man translating.


            "We believe that the gods reside in our penis.  Since birth males are taught exercises and have weights hung to make their penis grow and grow in order to house more gods.  The largest of our men becoming kings, great warriors, or skilled performers.  You were not raised with us, so you will not have the great length of penis to house many gods, but for your acts of kindness we have made you one of the tribe, and thus at least one god will come to reside in your cock and grant you happiness and prosperity in some form, or so we hope.  We thank you.  Be blessed, you who have sought to teach us and protect our way of life and our people.  Your name in our tribe from now on shall be, Kali'iti'nui, meaning small giant, for all though you are short and small in stature, your courage and heart is as big as the men as large as mountains.  Welcome."


            With that they washed Fabian's genitals and groin area with some of the geyser water, and then placed a basket upon it, trying it around his waist.  Reid smiled somewhat punch-drunk like and attempted to say thank you, but fell unconscious into sleep and some of the best fantasy dreams of him and men he ever had of his life.

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1 hour ago, arpeejay said:

Great start! Do you have a continuity error in the very last paragraph?

YEs, I do!  Thanks for that catch.  I shall correct it.

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