The Intergalactic Adventures of Eero - Chapter 5 (Teaser)

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Hi There All!

Chapter 5 has just been uploaded on my Patreon!

Here's the teaser to give you a taste!

If you'd like to find out more on the series and enjoy

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Chapter 2

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The Intergalactic Adventures of Eero

Chapter 5 (TEASER) - Port Secretum


Location: Port Secretum, Kapteyn C, Kapteyn's Star, 1st Quadrant, Milky Way Galaxy

Year: 2135

(Eero arrives at a secretive facility aftergetting touch with a scientist who can help 

him put on some extra mass!)


The Musculus descended into the atmosphere of Kapteyn C, part of the
Kapteyn system a few light years away from Proxima Centauri. A frozen,
ancient planet, one of the oldest known in existence, probably containing
millions of years of secrets under its icy surface.

Eero struggled at the controls, the planets surface shrouded in
cloud cover, freezing snowstorm winds constantly battering the planets
mountainous surface and the Musculus. Luckily Argento was nearby,
navigating them to their destination through the solid white snowstorm

Hidden high up in a mountain range of the northern hemisphere was
the destination in question, Port Secretum. A research facility where
individuals to huge conglomerates could carry out "sensitive" research in
private, free from the watchful eye of governments.

The facility emerged from the snowstorm, nestled on the side of a
mountain, almost completely disguised into the rock thanks to its brutal
architecture of concrete and glass. Stepping up the side of the
mountain before tapering into a tower about 300ft high.

Argento had already described its operations in great detail to
Eero, familiar with such places as the company that had created him
operated in similar secretive locations, as some had voice concern that
engineering robots that were essentially glorified sex slaves to be
unethical. The talk had not imbued Eero with much confidence, now very
uneasy about what could be in store for him but still determined to meet
the scientist who could fulfil Eero’s desire to get huge!

Eero gently guided the Musculus into one of the hangers piercing the
mountainside. Docking clamps holding the ship in mid air.

"We have arrived, Sir," Argento announced getting up from the
navigation console,"Local temperature, minus ten degrees fahrenheit.”
Eero shivered at just the sound of such cold temperatures as he went
to get changed.

"Guess it's a good thing this jacket does have a built in heating
elements," Eero admitted, changing out of his workout clothes and
slipping on the silver leather and shearling bomber, sliding up his boots
over his bulging calves and meaty quads, hoping to make a good first
impression to the scientist.

————————————————————————————————- # ———————————————————————————————————
Eero stepped from the ship into the hanger. The freezing wind
rushing through the enormous space causing Eero to quickly seek out the
entrance, but not before turning to see Argento stood in the Airlock.

"Aren't you coming Argie?" Eero questioned.

"I'm afraid I cannot, Sir." Argento explained "My software has
received a geofence warning that robotic entities like myself are not
permitted in the facility for security reasons.”

"I will look after the Musculus for you, Sir.”

Eero nodded, trying to pull his jacket over his pecs and running for
the entrance.


The glass doors sliding open with a satisfying motion, and an even
more satisfying warmth radiating from within. Eero stepped into the
entrance, proceeding down a passageway as a robotic female voice was
heard overhead.

"Welcome to Port Secretum, eastern hanger entrance.”

"Please have identification ready for inspection at our security

"If you are a visitor, please ensure prior confirmation has been
made for your visit by your host."

"Please use main elevators beyond the security checkpoint for access
to the central concourse.”

"Thank You. And have a pleasant day.”

The fake pleasantries of the robotic voice didn't hide the very
serious nature of the facility, and neither did the security checkpoint a
few hundred meters down the large passageway. Eero could see two
security officers stationed there, ready to check his ID.

They watched Eero as he approached, one of them leaning over the
others shoulder, whispering something in his ear, the other nodding in
response, grinning. Then they faced each other and . . .

"Are they playing Rock, Paper, Scissors?" Eero asked himself, very

The first officer pulled paper on the other officers rock. The first
officer throwing his arms up in victory before they quickly returned to
their stations as Eero reached the checkpoint.

Eero looked at the two security officers before him.

The two men were very suitably muscled for their jobs. Big, but not
overly so that their movement and flexibility where compromised. Their
muscles both bulging perfectly in all the right places. Had it not been
for their different skin colours Eero would've sworn they were twins. It
didn't help that their uniforms were perfectly identical.

Shiny black boots and tight leather pants with belts storing the
officers' various equipment encased the mens' tightly muscled lower

With their torsos covered by tight, white, sleeveless button up
shirts, tucked into their pants and both with neckties, and leather
straps around each of their biceps.

Black leather gloves adorning their hands, and on their heads,
leather peaked caps. But the visor actually extended down in front of
their eyes, a tinted screen, displaying various information on the

Both the men had very manly faces though, Eero could tell from
beneath their visors. Their jawlines flared out slightly before shooting
back into meet sexy square chins. High cheekbones and concave cheeks made
for an intimating face.

In their tight uniforms, the men demanded respect.

Eero wasn't initially intimidated, having worked as a security guard
back home he was sure he could get on their good side.

Eero approached the officer on the left station, (coincidentally the
one who had won the rock off)

"How's it goin'," Eero asked casually. Noting the surname on the
officers badge, Kees.

"Identification, Sir,” Officer Kees demanded, Clearly Not up for

Eero pulled out his Slate, flashing his I.D card onto the screen,
the security officer swiping his hand over it, a scanner built into his
glove beeping as it detected the ID.

The same robotic voice as before emerged from the machine in front
of the Officer.

"Identification confirmed: Eero Ericson Solis.”

"Mr. Solis please stand still for the security scan," Officer Kees

A blue plane of holographic light emerged from the scanner overhead,
passing over Eero twice. Before letting out a positive DING noise.
But Kees wasn't done.

"Mr Solis you have been randomly selected for a thorough screening,"
the Officer declared.

Eero suddenly felt VERY nervous.

"Uhhh, O-Okay?" Eero responded slightly perplexed, looking at the
completely empty passageway behind.

Randomly selected. Sure.

"Please proceed into the screening room," Kees directing Eero to
small room off to the side.

As Eero entered the room he could've sworn he heard the two officers
behind him high five.

There was no disguising what the room Eero had just stepped into
was. It was an interrogation room.

"They don't seriously think I'm some kind of terrorist do they?"
Eero thought, yet again completely oblivious to what was really about to

"These are men of authority though, I best obey them," Eero not
wanting to have a run in with the law.

Officer Kees stepped into the room, the door sliding closed and
locking behind him.

Eero watched, confused as the Officer slowly began to remove his tie and
unbutton his top two buttons.


He then got straight to work.

————————————————————————————————- # ———————————————————————————————————

© Rekoobaz

Hope you enjoyed this little teaser of Chapter 5!


To see the full chapter and more, head on over to my Patreon page!


The Intergalactic Adventures of Eero will be an ongoing series on Patreon.

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Thanks, and again, feedback is appreciated!

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