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Machine influenced muscle growth(/age progession?)


I'm looking for a muscle growth story. In it a pair of boys transform into muscular guys using an invention by the other's father. The second boy comes into a basement where the invention is by the first boy's invitation. The second boy is dressed into bigger gym(?) clothes. The first boy is already transformed(?). The transformations are based on porn pics from the net. They have relations in the end.


I'm generally interested in stories of this theme.

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53 minutes ago, Milamber said:

I'm generally inrerested in stories of this theme.

I have a blurry memory of the story you describe, but I can't recollect its name. I hope someone else does.

As for other stories of this theme, one of my short stories belong to that particular category, but the protagonists in my story are probably about ten years older than the protagonists in the story you ask about.


All my army-themed stories use machines too, but constitute a sub-genre of their own.

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