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Advise on my workout plan

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Hi guys,

I would like to your advise on my workout routine. My goal right now is to get stronger and focus on developing my upper body. 

This is my workout plan and would like your thoughts on it. Also, I work long hours on weekday, hence I do not have much time to workout much on weekdays.



Barbell Bench Press  3 x 5
Chest plate hammer strength press 3 x 10
Back row 3 x 5
Lat Pull Down 3 x 5
DB shoulder press 3 x 8
Barbell curl 2 x 10
DB overhead tricep extension 2 x 10



Deadlift 3 x 5

Leg press 3 x 12

Leg curl 3 x 10

Barbell squats 3 x 12 or Leg extension 3 x 12

Either Tues/Wed/Thurs

Bench press/ Hammer strength 3 x 8-12
Cable fly 3 x 8-12
Back row 3 x 8-12
Pull up 3 x amap
Lateral raise 3 x 8-12
DB curls 3 x 8-12

Tricep pushdown 3 x 8-12


My limitations include:

1. Not much time to workout on weekdays. For the past few weeks, I have been working from 9am to 10pm on most days.

2. I would like to increase my strength levels on bench press, deadlift and squats. However, I read that generally you should  do squats first then deadlift on the same day. But given that I would like to focus on my upperbody, I have placed squats at the end of the workout (tho it will end up to be low weight.


I would appreciate your guidance on this! I am quite skinny and would like to get strong. 

Thank you! 











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What about this routine instead? 

Sat: Chest and Back

Sun: Legs

Tues: Shoulders and Arms



Bench press 3 x 3-5

Hammer strength bench press 3 x 6-12

Cable flies 2 x 40

Deadlift  2 x 3-5

Lat pull down 3 x 6-12

Seated cable row 2 x 40

DB Shrugs 2 x 6-12, 1 x 40



Squat 3 x 6 -12 

Leg press 3 x 6 -12

Leg curl 2 x 6 -12, 1 x 40

Leg extension 2 x 6-12, 1 x 40

Leg Press Calf Raise  2 x 6-12, 1 x 40

Throw in some abs exercises



Hammer strength shoulder press 3 x 6 -12

DB arnold press 3 x 6 -12

Lat raise 2 x 40

DB tricep extension 3 x 6 -12

Barbell curl 3 x 6 -12

Tricep pushdown 2 x 6 -12, 1 x 40

Hammer curl 2 x 6 -12, 1 x 40 

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I think the exercises you chose are fine, but I would organize them according to a Push/Pull dynamic if you are interesting in hitting more than 1 muscle group per session.  Doing a chest press and a back row in the same day engages opposing muscles -- while both upper body. Based off your routine, you'd be doing deadlifts the following day, which engages your entire posterior chain, even your upper back. You'd do best to rest up a bit here. 

You can separate this into a simple 3-day routine: Push/Pull/Accessory-Abs


Chest and shoulder presses 

Squats and leg exercises (i'd maybe try front squats since they engage your anterior chain)

Some ab work




Rows and latwork 



bicep and tricep work



I'm not gonna list out the exercises and reps, but definitely be cognizant of what muscle groups are being used in the exercise and that you'd be giving said groups proper rest. 

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Hey guys, i decided to switch it up again. Doing squat and deadlift on the same day has a taken a toll on my lower back. I have restructured the workout slightly differently, please let me know your thoughts. Thank you!



Smith bench press 3x6-8

ISO chest press 4x8-10

Cable cross over 2x20

DB tricep extension 3x8-10

Tricep cable pushdown 2x8-10, 1x20

Calve press on leg press machine 2x8-12, 1x20



Deadlift 3x6-8

Lat pull down 3x8-10

Cable row 2x20

Barbell curl 3x8-10

Hammer curl 2x8-10, 1x20

Pull up 1 x amap

DB shrug 2x8-10, 1x20



Squat/ leg press 3 x 8-10

Goblet squat 3x10-12

Leg curl 2x8-12, 1x20

ISO machine shoulder press 3x8-10

Arnold press 3x8-10

Cable lat raise 2x20

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If you are going to do a full body workout, you should try doing the same workout for at least 4 workouts in a row, and then start mixing it up once in a while, but a routine seems to work best for most people.  Routines have always worked better for me than a different workout every day.  Keeping it simple, it may be boring but you will notice your progress as you perform the same routine with greater intensity.

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