The Intergalactic Adventures of Eero - Chapter 2

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Hi There All!

Here is the second chapter of my ongoing sci-fi series.

This chapter has a little bit more "action" in it if you know what I mean.

Feedback is appreciated.

If you'd like to find out more on the series, hop on over to my Patreon page.



The Intergalactic Adventures of Eero

Chapter 2 - Suiting Up


Location: “Venditio", T-1e, Trappist system, 1st Quadrant, Milky Way Galaxy

Year: AD 2135

“Ugh!” Eero groaned, splashing some water over his face.

Eero had awoken a few hours later feeling worse than death,
everyone had told him his first jump using FTL drive would be
unpleasant, he just hadn't realised how unpleasant. It felt like
the worst hangover of his life.

The Distance of the jump, more than three hundred light years in
fact, didn't help matters either, he really should've tried a
shorter distance to get himself used to faster-than-light travel.
But Eero wasn't one for baby steps and as he saw it he had a busy
schedule to keep up.

Eero stepped into the compact shower room on the Musculus,
letting the cool water run over his body, hoping it would make him
feel better, cleaning every nook and cranny much more thoroughly
than the day before, before drying himself and grinning at his
reflection in the mirror.

“Time to get some new gear!” Eero Cheered

Eero had arrived in the Trappist-1 system, a mere 39 light years
from earth. As he entered the orbit of T-1e, Eero was simply
overwhelmed by the shear volume of other ships orbiting the
planet. It was already a dizzying hive of activity and he hadn't
even set foot on the surface yet!

Eero fought the urge to make a “not in Kansas anymore” joke as
he set the Musculus’ navigation to the spaceport in the city of
Venditio, the home of a massive Galleria supposedly able to “cater
to every whim,” or so it was claimed when Eero was reading up on

As Eero docked at the spaceport without too much hassle, aside
for having to wait for a berth. He took in the enormity of his
surroundings. T-1e's spaceport was easily 10 times the size of
the one back home. Completely undercover, with a seemingly
endless network of huge promenades, passageways, and catwalks
leading out to the docked ships. Had it not been clearly marked
with directions Eero would've been lost before even setting off.

Stepping outside into the sunlight for the first time, Eero
quickly slipped his sunglasses on in shock. The sunlight,
brighter, whiter than the sunlight of the small red dwarf back
home, assaulted his eyes.

“Maybe I'll get a nice tan from it though,” Eero Reasoned.

On his way to the galleria, Eero took in the sights, sounds,
smells and people all around him. Large holographic billboards,
the collective roar from the crowds shuffling from place to place,
the pleasant and sometimes not so pleasant aromas from food stalls
nearby. So many different faces passing him in a constant blur.

It was something new to him, but he noticed many people had
genetically altered themselves in some way whether in the pursuit
of beauty or perhaps some other reason. Back home he'd only ever
seen a few people like that. Now they were passing thick and

Eero stepped into the massive galleria feeling the cooling air,
a nice reprieve from the sweaty crowds outside. Taking off his
sunglasses and pulling out his Slate from the back pocket of his
coveralls, Eero pulled up the information about the store he was
looking for, it was listed under "Antique" store, whatever that
was. Run by a guy called “Samus,” Eero read on his Slate.

“Right, Now where are you?” Eero looked around, realising he could
be there a while.

————————————————————————————————- # ———————————————————————————————————

Some two hours later, sweaty and exhausted, Eero finally
stumbled across the store in question, Tucked away at the far end
of the Galleria. Eero pulled himself together, unbuttoning a few
buttons on the front of his coveralls to cool himself down,
completely shirtless underneath, Eero let out a sigh of relief and
entered the small store, “Samus' Militaria.”

Before him lay a huge range of wares, many of them not of
interest to him, but he was drawn to a rack full of old flight
jackets, black, tan, lined with shearling, the lot. Just like the
ones in his great granddads stories. He could do without the musty
smell offending his nostrils, but they were still interesting.

As Eero was transfixed by the garments in front of him, the
shopkeeper emerged from the back.

“Holy Shit! You're huge!” The guy exclaimed.

Eero spun around, surprised by the man’s sudden outburst.

“Whoa sorry 'bout that man” the guy said

Eero took in the man before him, dressed in sweats, he looked
young, certainly no older than Eero

“Are you . . . Samus?” Eero Questioned

“Me? Haha, no way! Samus is my Uncle. I just help out in the
store from time to time,” the guy explained.

“Im Ace,” the guy continued.

“Eero” introduced himself.

Eero went back to looking at the garments.

As Eero browsed, Ace secretly stole glances at him, taking in
what he could see from underneath the tight coveralls.

“Man this guy is hot!” Ace thought to himself.

Eero was looking at all he jackets and despite the variety,
they all had one thing common, an eye watering price.

As Eero turned, Ace got another peek of the bulging pecs Eero
had poking out from his coveralls.

“Ummm,” Eero said walking over to the desk where Ace sat.

“I don't suppose you have anything like this a bit cheaper?”
Eero asked, holding one of the jackets in is hand.

“Don't think so, why? Wanting to do a re-enactment on a budget
or something?” Ace questioned

“Re-enactment?” Eero repeated sounding confused.

“Yeah, or are you tryna do a cosplay or something?”

“Cos . . . play?” Eero repeated again.

“Well, yeah. The only people that buy those are history junkies
or some cosplayer tryna do some period character.” Ace explained.

“You're not wanting to actually USE it are you?”

“Well, sorta, yeah.”

The young shop assistant laughed. “Dude, these are so not
suitable for that. Especially if you're travelling interplanetary.
Most of this stuff is antique, ancient, thats why it's so

“Oh. I see.”

“Yep, Sorry about that dude,” Ace apologised.

“Well, Um, Thanks anyway.” Eero said, dejected.

“Damn!” Eero though to himself, stumped by something as simple
as clothes shopping. Maybe his mother was right. Perhaps he wasn't
cut out for travelling the big, bad galaxy.

As Eero turned to leave, Ace stole another quick look at Eero's
Pecs, and trailed his eyes down seeing all the way to the bottom
of Eeros’ Abdomen before his coveralls closed up to hide what lay
beneath. Ace was so enamoured by this muscly figure standing in
his uncles shop, he took a chance.

“Wait!” Ace yelled “I . . . um, I've got a friend who works in a
clothing store on the other side of the galleria. They might have
something you'd be interested in.”

“Really?!” Eero turned, excited.

“Yeah, I'll be closing up in about half an hour, I could take
you over there if you like.”

“That'd be awesome!” Not so stupid after all Eero thought to

As they waited for the time to pass Eero told Ace about his
plans, how he competed, how he had left his home planet in search
of adventure and Ace listened intently, no other customers around
to interrupt their conversation.

Ace told Eero about himself as well. Turns out Ace was in fact
younger than Eero at 19, and was into bodybuilding himself, but as
more of a spectator. Not to say Ace wasn't fit, he was a very
respectable 190lbs of ripped muscle on a 5'ft 9in frame.

As Eero talked, Ace had pulled out his Slate and was messaging
his friend that they were soon off to meet. Ace grinned wickedly
each time a response came through from the mystery friend.
“Wonder what thats all about,” Eero thought to himself as he
continued to talk.

————————————————————————————————- # ———————————————————————————————————

“Here we go!” Ace said excitedly. “My buddy Benz closed the
store a little bit earlier to help get you what you need.” Ace
tapped on the glass and waited.

“Gee, that was nice of him!”

Eero looked at the name of the store, "Magna Rimor" the sign

On the glass there was also holographic writing with the text
“Interplanetary wear for the BOLD”.

Eventually a figure emerged from the back of the store, opening
the entry for Eero and Ace and closing it behind them, being sure
to put the “Closed” hologram on and switching the glass of the
shopfront to opaque so they could have some privacy.

“Damn, I can see what you mean! This guy is packed with muscle!”
Exclaimed Benz, the shopkeeper, who wasn't too bad himself at 26
with about 210lbs, but lacking in good definition.

“Told ya Benz.”

“Heh, thanks,” Eero said somewhat awkwardly but still pleased at
the admiration of his hard earned mass.

Eero took in the sight of the man before him, trying not to
stare has he took in the man’s outfit. A tan full length fur coat
with knee high black boots and from what Eero could make out a
very tight pair of ripped black short shorts.

“Must be some sort of ‘look’ I'm not familiar with,” Eero

“Ace said you were in need of a new outfit, and he's right man,
can't have you going around in those coveralls, you gotta show off
the goods!” Benz declared, taking Eero by shoulder and leading him
to the changing area.

Eero was led into a well illuminated round room with changing
rooms on one side and a large mirror on the other, it sort of
reminded Eero of the posing room at his gym back home.
Benz, standing behind Eero leaned over his shoulder, “Why don't
you loose the coveralls, let me see what I'm working with.”

Ace Grinned.

“O-okay” Eero replied, a little weirded out. Sure he'd been on
stage in nothing but his posers before but this was a different

Eero pulled his bulging arms out of the sleeves and pulled the
top half of the coveralls down to his waist before tying the arms
around, not wanting to show himself off so indecently.
Eero saw Benz smirking behind him in the reflection of the
mirror. Ace taking a seat off to the side.

“Ace here said you were looking at those mouldy old things in
his uncles shop, I've got something better,” said Benz, almost
whispering into Eeros’ ear.

Benz disappeared for a second and returned with the coolest
jacket Eero had ever seen. It was just like the ones he'd seen in
his great grandfathers old comics. An amazing shearling bomber
jacket with white shearling tufting out of the cuffs, waist and
collar. The outside was a silver metallic effect leather with
belt like fasteners around the waist and cuffs. The garment
appeared to glow in the light.

“Wow! That's exactly what is was after!” Eero exclaimed

“It's specially designed with interplanetary travel in mind, it
even has a built in heating element for even the coldest
environments, you wouldn't have to wear anything underneath!” Benz
said winking.

Eero took the jacket in hands before putting his arms through
the sleeves, just verging on snug. His bulbous pecs spilling out
the front.

“Hmm, you sure it's the right size?”

“It's the largest we have,” Benz lied wickedly.

“But theres just one thing I need to fix,” Benz said, stepping
behind Eero and quickly yanking Eeros coveralls all the way down
to his feet.

“H-hey!” Eero Protested, standing there now in nothing but the
jacket, his jockstrap and his shoes caught up in his tangled

Ace laughed at the spectacle, knowing where it was going.

“Much better, jockstrap fan are we?” Benz questioned. “I think I
know just how to finish this outfit off then.”

Knowing he was already pushing his luck with Eeros’ nudity, Benz
ushered Eero into one of the changing rooms, but not before
discarding the coveralls and shoes Eero had kicked off.

Eero waited in the jacket and his jockstrap until Benz slid a
huge shoe box under the door, “They'll match the jacket
perfectly.” Inside was a pair of thigh high boots matched
perfectly to the jacket he was wearing, silver metallic leather on
the outside with shearling trim along the leg opening.

Eero had to admit to himself they looked good, but were they
even mens? They had an air of slutty-ness to them he thought.
Regardless he slid them on not wanting to be rude, they fit snugly
and Eero liked how they felt giving his quads and calf muscles a
slight squeeze.

“Mmm, these are pretty nice” he thought to himself “But I can’t
really wear just these!” he shouted from inside the changing room.

“Right you are!” Came Benz’s voice from the other side of the
door as a small package was slid underneath.

Eero opened the package and his heart stopped at what he saw
inside. A tiny, white, stretchy, THONG!

“Was he mad!?” Eero thought to himself “Hey, I can't wear this!”

“Sure you can, Ace said you're a bodybuilder, you should be used
to this kinda stuff.” Benz called from outside.

Eero reluctantly dropped his jockstrap and pulled the tight
little piece of fabric awkwardly over the new boots and stretched
it over his thighs. The thong sat snugly over his privates with
the string along the back nestling between his glutes.

Eero made a pained expression as he hesitated, and then turned
to face himself in the mirror.

But what he saw stunned him.

The whole ensemble, the jacket, the boots and the ludicrously
tiny thong thrilled Eero in the most unfamiliar way. He took in
his reflection, seeing his bulging pecs spilling out from the
jacket, the boots managed to capture every contour of his thickly
muscled legs, and the way the thong sat on his hips accentuating
his tightly packed slender waist. It all came together perfectly.
He almost couldn't describe it, the way he looked, it made him
think of himself in a way he never had before, sexy.

“Yes, thats it” Eero thought, “I look fucking sexy!”

Eeros self admiration was cut short by and knocking on the door.
“C'mon, we wanna see!” Ace yelled.

“C'mon, C'mon, C’mon,” the two of them starting chanting,
“C'mon, C'mon, C'mon, C'mon, C’mon” getting louder and faster.

Eero, suddenly not feeling quite so confident as he did moments
ago hesitated, then took a deep breath and slowly opened the
changing room door.

The two guys had stopped chanting as the door opened and Eero
slowly revealed himself. A collective gasp filled the room, the
two men suddenly hit with a wave of arousal seeing the bodybuilder
in his new revealing clothing.

Eero, slightly sauntered out of the changing room, still not
used to the new boots.

“Ooh,” Ace moaned, “thats fucking hot!” no longer bothering to
hold himself back.

“Agreed!” Laughed Benz.

“I-I don't think I can wear this out in public you guys, i’ll
get arrested!” Eero protested.

The two men laughed, “Maybe in the backwater you grew up in!”
Ace teased. “But in more established space things are a little
more relaxed.”

“Anyway, it looks perfect on you!” Benz declared, standing
behind Eero again.

“Besides,” Benz pulled in close behind Eero, definitely
whispering this time, “It’d more of a crime not to show off this
magnificent body”.

Benz slowly moved his hands down from Eeros shoulders along his
back, over his flared lats before slowly reaching around and
groping Eeros pecs.

Eero flinched at the cold touch of Benz hands, “N-No.” Eero

“Whats wrong? I thought you'd like someone admiring your
muscles? Or do you only allow it when they're a paid spectator and
you’re flexing on stage?” Benz joked, Pulling one of Eeros’ puffy
nipples between his fingers causing Eero to breathe in sharply.

Benz then pulled his arms around Eeros, locking him in a Nelson
hold. “Go on Ace, cop a feel of these beauties.”

Ace stood in front of Eero and began massage the large pecs,
running a finger between the two mounds, pinching the nipples.
Causing Eero to moan.

“St-Stooop, Please” Begged Eero, “Don't be silly” Benz replied,
"I think you're enjoying yourself.”

Eero was awash with feelings that he'd never felt before,
welling up from the very core of his being, this combined with the
assault on his body was leaving him feeling very confused. And
strangely aroused.

Ace moved lower, first tracing the underside of Eeros pecs
before running his hands down the tightly packed abs on Eeros midsection,
causing Eero to writhe and stretch.

Eeros’ resistance began to falter. Benz noticed and loosened his
grip, moving one of his hand down to feel one of Eeros firm
glutes, large and firm with just enough give.

Eero couldn't deny he could feel himself becoming quickly erect.
Ace knelt and began to feel the quads beneath Eeros’ new boots,
before his hand joined Benz’s on the other cheek, Pressing hard
just Benz gave the other cheek and firm smack.

“Unhh!” Eero let out again, starting to loose himself.

Ace pulled on one of the sides of Eeros thong before letting it
snap back into position, causing Eero to flinch once again. Ace
then decided to go in for the kill leaning in close around Eeros
navel and began to drag his tongue downwards.

Eero was panicking, perspiration beginning to form on his brow,
his faced scrunched up in anguish, a semi in his new thong.

Benz too had joined in on the tonguing, giving Eeros' left ear the
ride of its life, just as Ace moved lower and slowly began licking
on the base of Eeros’ . . .

“NO!” Eero shouted, breaking away from the two men and his

“Please, No more.”

Ace and Benz looked at Eero, who was clearly shaken.
“All right, All right, we've had our fun Ace. Lets give him a
minute to cool down.”

Eero leaned against a wall trying to relax, breathing heavily.

“Looks like another satisfied customer hey Benz” Ace joked.

“Nah not quite, he’s just flustered now” Benz replied grinning.

A few minutes later after Eero had “cooled down” and got his
composure back, he asked “Now, um, about payment I guess,” looking
down at this new outfit.

“Oh no, you EARNED it!” Benz replied

Eero just blinked

“Definitely,” Ace agreed, “just be sure to come back soon!” he

And without so much as a goodbye they shoved Eero out of the
store and back into the crowds of people bustling through the

Eero was instantly embarrassed, slipping his sunglasses back on
before even getting outside. Hurrying straight back to the refuge
of his ship the Musculus.

————————————————————————————————- # ———————————————————————————————————

Finally back on the musculus Eero headed straight for his cabin
and just collapsed on his bed, trying to make sense of the events
that had just transpired.

Eero was filled with mixed emotions as he stared at the ceiling,
thinking back to the feelings he had encountered whilst in the
changing room. Sure he'd always admired the hard work he had put
in to his physique but this was different, Bolder, and Cocky.
Then seeing himself in that outfit, there was that strange
feeling of sexiness he felt.

“What the hell did they do to me?” Eero thought, his emotions
out of control.

The way they had groped his muscles and almost groped other
“things” filled with and almost primal arousal for the briefest
moment. Not even his girlfriend had ever touched him like that.
And he couldn't deny it, that deep within, there was a part of
him that had enjoyed it.

“But, does that make me . . .? No, of course not, I've got a
girlfriend!” Eero reasoned. “Besides I wasn’t doing anything, it
was all them,” trying to justify everything that had happened.

“And then there’s this ridiculous outfit!” Eero said aloud,
getting up and looking at himself in the mirror.

But despite how frustrated and confused he was from the days
events Eero couldn't deny that when he saw himself in the mirror
he was impressed. His new Bomber jacket, Boots, and tiny thong
were a seemingly absurd ensemble but they showed of his body so
well! And now that he thought of it, no one that passed him in
the Galleria had even batted an eyelid on his the way back to the

"Maybe they were telling the truth, maybe it isn't THAT
outrageous,” Eero hoped.

Truth is, it was a little bit.

“I guess I have to wear it, I got it for free [more or less],
It'd be rude not to.”

Eero took in his reflection one last time, giving a timed flex
before heading back to his bed, exhausted.

“Here's hoping tomorrow won’t be so bizarre.”
————————————————————————————————- # ———————————————————————————————————

End of Chapter #2

© Rekoobaz

Hope You enjoyed the story so far.

The Intergalactic Adventures of Eero will be an ongoing series on Patreon.

Chapters 1 and 2 are free to view to give you a taste of the work to come.

I'll be starting out with two chapters every month with more exciting content to come in the future.

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Thanks and again, feedback is appreciated!


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cant wait for more;)

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