The Intergalactic Adventures of Eero - Chapter 1

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Hi There All!

This is my very first time posting on the forum.

I've been a lurker for some time and thought it was about time to share the beginnings of

a series I've been working on.

This first chapter is a little narrative heavy but there will be much more to enjoy in the coming chapters.

Chapter 2 is coming tomorrow

As this is my first written work, feedback is appreciated.


The Intergalactic Adventures of Eero

Chapter 1 - Setting Off

Location: 'Nulla Excitatione' Colony, K 186-f, Kepler 186 system, 1st quadrant, Milky Way Galaxy

Year: AD 2135

  Eero had finally done it, standing proud, covered in fake tan,
oil and wearing nothing but his pink poser and a winning smile.

  "Number 12, Eero Ericson Solis" The announcer bellowed into the
microphone.  The crowd cheering as the name of the undisputed star
of the contest was called out.

  After months of training Eero had finally taken First place in
the N.E.C (Nulla Excitatione Colony)amateur bodybuilding
competition, the biggest and, well, only bodybuilding competition
on the planet.

  Eero, ever humble was gracious in his victory even though he
knew the other competitors were never a major threat.  Aside from
a few other men, none of the competitors would be what you'd call
a proper bodybuilder.  As it was only really an amateur comp, Most
just did it as something to do on an otherwise uneventful planet.


  Eero grew up on Kepler 186-f, a fairly dry planet orbiting a
small red dwarf about 560 light years from earth.   Although roughly
the same size as earth, 186-f had a rather small population of
around 700,000 people.
  186-f was what people referred to as a “Middle Rung” planet. Not
on the frontier of human exploration but not fully established
either.  But now 40 years old, the atmosphere had changed from
frontier colony to almost normal small communities.  This meant
less of a military presence on this slowly burgeoning planet,
which led to problems, the threat of increased crime, but also
opportunities for certain people, like Eeros’ father.

  Eero, his mother and father first came to 186-f 20 years ago
just as the planet was approaching 'middle rung' status and Eeros
father cashed in on the boom by setting up his own securities
firm.  They lived a comfortable life, but Eero wanted more.
And now standing there, tanned, oiled, pumped and smiling, Eero
had the last piece of the puzzle to start on a new adventure, a
rather sizeable cheque! (And a pretty nice trophy too)

———————————————————————————————- # ———————————————————————————————————

  "Congratulations Son!" Eeros father said, beaming and giving
Eero a hard pat on the shoulder as they drove immediately from the
competition to the spaceport. "With a Physique like that it was
an easy victory for you!".

"Heh, Thanks old man!" Eero said grinning as his father looked
over, taking in his sons magnificent body.  At 21, Eero stood a
decent 5’ft 11in with his dirty blonde hair, almost permanent
playful grin and chiseled face, which had always made him popular
with the girls growing up.

  But Eeros father was paying less attention his sons face and
more to his musculature. Eero had weighed in earlier that day at
a very generous 240lbs, with his bulging 20 inch biceps, rounded
pecs completing a 47 inch chest, six pack abs tapering down to an
absurdly tight 27 inch waist before flaring back out again with
his rippling quads and beginnings of a rather nice bubble butt, it
was clear to his father why Eero had reigned supreme at the comp
that day.  Sure, there were bigger men than Eero in the
competition, some of them his dads own muscly employees. But no
one came close to Eero in definition and symmetry.

  Eeros father let his hand rest on his sons leg as they drove,
trying to cop a slight feel without being too obvious, feeling the
slight remains of oil and fake tan.  Eero had been a little too
quick to wash up after the comp and get over to the spaceport.
  His father continued giving subtle rubs to his sons quads, Eero
not really noticing, his father had always been sure to show his
support of his sons bodybuilding.  In fact if Eero could remember
correctly, his father was the one that got Eero into bodybuilding
in the first place.

———————————————————————————————- # ———————————————————————————————————


  When they arrived, Eeros second prize for the day was waiting
for him in the distance. They stepped out of the transporter, a
slight chill ran though air of the enormous hanger, Eero quickly
pulling on his oversized hoodie over his stringer tank he'd worn
atop his tight shorts.  And there it was, suspended in the air by
several docking clamps, Eeros' ship.

  Since graduating high school Eero had worked tirelessly as a
security guard for his fathers company, and with the occasional
comp each year, and a VERY generous amount from his parents. Eero
had finally afforded himself his very own ticket to freedom.   A
small spacefaring vessel about 55 metres long similar to a
military Corvette.

  Eero bought it off a merchant who his father had done a great
deal of business with over the years, getting Eero a good deal.
But it had still been very expensive, around 200,000 credits.
  Most of his sensible friends were spending that kind of money on
literally more grounded purchases like their first house.  But
that was exactly what Eero didn't want! Besides this was house
you could take anywhere in Eeros mind.

  "What a beauty!" said his father, whistling. "You sure you
wanna got through with this? I'll miss ya."

   "Positive." Replied Eero, "Besides, I've exhausted all the
competition here,” He Grinned.

  "Aleks! Eero!" came a gruff voice from behind them, the ship
merchant. "Come to collect the old girl?”

  "Hey now, you said it wasn't that old?" Eero replied laughing.

  "Right you are, only 10 ten years, its been a display model most
its life.”

  "Well, I believe I owe you this" Eero handing over a fresh new

  "And those must be mine" Eero gestured at the stack of manuals,
codes and key cards in the merchants hand.

  "And this too young fella." The merchant replied, handing Eero a
bottle of champagne.  "Been a display all its life, hasn't been
christened. Got a name in mind?”

  "Sure do, 'Musculus", the C.C.V Musculuuuus!" Eero shouted,
tossing the bottle at the ship and pulling an eye popping most

  "Heh, just like its owner hey?" Eeros father laughed. "Makes
sense considering what you've got in mind."

Eero dreamed of becoming a champion on the bodybuilding stage
across the galaxy, travelling from system to system to compete in
the all the biggest and best comps he could.  And he wanted to do
it all while seeing as much of the world that he could.  The
Musculus was his ticket there.

———————————————————————————————- # ———————————————————————————————————

  “It's huge!” Eeros mother exclaimed as it sat above the motor
pool at his fathers depot.

  “Just like its owner!” Eeros father joked, nudging his son

  Eero, screwing his face up at his fathers gross mention of his
sons bits replied,”It's not that big Mom, just enough.”

  “Are you sure you wanna do this?” Eero was getting sick of been
asked that today. "Yes, Mom, absolutely” Rolling his eyes.

  “Its just that, well, it's a big world out there and it doesn't
kindly to the . . . unfamiliar” His mother replied, choosing her
words carefully.

  Now Eero certainly wasn't stupid, he'd been a model student
throughout his school years and a hard working and vigilant
employee under his father.   He was however at times gullible,
unwary.   With an innocence that belied his big muscular physique.
He'd been exploited growing up by other kids and his somewhat
guarded upbringing had certainly been part of the problem, but he
was and adult now, his mother had to let go.

  And so did his girlfriend Chastity.   She was none too pleased
about Eeros plans.   Or as she saw it, "Pointless galavanting
around the galaxy,” when he should be getting down on one knee.
But eero was a free spirit and wouldn't be contained that that

  "Besides, it'll probably be only a couple of months at most
babe" Eero reassured, giving her as kiss on the forehead as she
stood there, arms crossed.

  “You better not try to relieve your ‘urges’ in the arms of
another chick whilst you are up there!” She spat.

  “No girls, I Promise.” Eero assured her.

———————————————————————————————- # ———————————————————————————————————

  As Eero hefted the last of the belongings he was taking with him
into the ships hold, he took one last chance to take in his
friends and family gathered to see him off

  “Hmm, not many." Eero thought, looking at his mother, father,
girlfriend (with her arms still crossed and a rotten expression)
and two of his buddies that had come by to see him off, as well as
a few of his old workmates who were milling about the motor pool
and had stopped to wish him well.

  "Guess there isn't too much keeping me here. At least they'll be
there for me if I cock this up." Eero mumbled.  But secretly
praying it wouldn't come to that.

  “No, I'll be fine." Thought Eero and he shouted his final
goodbyes through the holds closing hatch and the Musuclus ascended
into K-186f's orbit.

  Eero staring out the portholes in wonderment the whole time.

———————————————————————————————- # ———————————————————————————————————

  A few hours later, after the initial thrill of heading into
space for the first time since he was a baby had worn off, Eero
explored his new mobile home and tried to come to grips with many
of the ships systems.

  Most of the ships compartments where finished in either a white
or grey cladding, hiding the labyrinth of pipes and other
mechanical workings underneath.   Indirect lighting in ceiling and
some around the floor bathed the compartments in a soft glow.
Their overall effect meant the ships interior didn't feel too
severe and industrial.

  Eero shuffled down the central gangway, taking stock of all the
different spaces.  Aside from his Master cabin there were 4 more
cabins with 2 berths each.

 "Good for if I have party" Eero Joked.

  As well as the Bridge, there was the galley with a small mess
room attached, shower room, hold and a few other empty
compartments yet to be fitted out.

  "Hmm, I'll certainly need to find some more fittings." Eero
thought, sitting down and shuffling thought all the manuals and
paperwork the merchant had given him, remembering the guy saying
something about a list of spares locations around the galaxy that
eero should take advantage of.

  “Later" Eero grinned, "I've got some more important things to

  Eero stood and made a beeline for the large mirror against one
of the walls in his cabin.   Slipping out of the coveralls he'd put
on earlier and taking in his full 240lbs glory and gratuitously
re-enacting his routine from that morning.   Under the soft light
of his quarters, Eeros skin looked flawless, airbrushed.   Eero was
already pretty free of any imperfections, especially acne. One of
the advantages of building up his bulging muscles without the help
of substances.

  Eero shifted from pose to with an almost infectious enthusiasm,
taking in those bulging 20inch guns, repping them continuously,
trying to get a bit of pump going.   Going in for a lat spread,
watching his rounded, sizeable pecs bunch up, his nipples soon
erect from the cool air in the cabin.   Tracing his fingers down
his tight abs to rest on his hips.

  His other 8.5 inch "muscle" began to flex in the pink posing
strap Eero was still wearing since this morning.   He opted for the
briefest of posers show off as much as he could, including the
tight but verging on bubble butt glutes and to show of that
slender waist.

  Eero would never have indulged in such behaviour back home,
especially if his girlfriend was around, she was never too keen on
the bodybuilding stuff. But now Eero could do whatever the hell
he wanted. That realisation did nothing to stop his arousal
"Better control myself, I've got a lot to do."   And as Eero took
one last look at those perfect muscles he was reminded as to why
he wanted do this, Indulging a childhood fantasy.   "Yeah, you're a
space explorer now,” he laughed.

  Eero could remember in his early years when his family would
visit, his great grandfather would share with him amazing stories
about his life and how he was once a noted coloniser, instrumental
in the expansion of mankind into the stars in the mid 21st
century.   His grandfather would also share with him these
fascinating documents from even earlier called "Comics," from a
time when man could only dream of doing what Eero was.

  The comics of fantasy and fiction had inspired Eero monumentally
and he decided he need needed something all the best characters
had, A killer outfit.

  Eero had found a place on the local intranet about a place on a
planet in a nearby system that actually sold stuff from those
periods, like actual ex-military gear.

  “That'll give me an authentic look!" He'd thought to himself
back when he was planning.

  Eero had over a week before his next contest in another system.
Awfully soon for another competition for sure but Eero wanted to
get moving and get his name out there, and why shouldn't he give
another comp a try so soon?   He was high on success from his
latest win.   He couldn't possibly loose.

  In the meantime it was training, exploring, and most
importantly, getting some new gear.

  "Yeah!" Eero yelled, flexing his biceps. "Time to suit up!"
———————————————————————————————- # ———————————————————————————————————

End Chapter #1
© Rekoobaz


Hope You enjoyed the story so far.

There will much more to come in chapter 2!


The Intergalactic Adventures of Eero will be an ongoing series on Patreon.

Chapters 1 and 2 are free to view to give you a taste of the work to come.

I'll be starting out with two chapters every month with more exciting content to come in the future.

If you're interested you find out more at

By pledging just $1.00 per month you'll be able to enjoy further chapters

Thanks and again, feedback is appreciated!



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